The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 57

Chapter 57
Mistakenly touched.

Ling Xiao doesn't bother with Tang YunQi that is looking at him expectantly, and simply walks up to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo sees that he isn't saying anything while continuing to look at him and Elder brother. He hesitates before laughing uncomfortably and asking cautiously: "Elder brother Ling, why are you here?"

"What's the matter? Am I being a bother to your tender and loving time with your Elder brother?"

Ling Xiao raises his brow slightly.

Seeing his expression, You XiaoMo knows that he is angry but he doesn't know why. So he can only explain: "No, you misunderstand. Because it's my first time here, so Elder brother is taking me around to familiarize myself with the surroundings."

"Little brother."

Ling Xiao suddenly smiles, walks over and intimately drapes his arm over his shoulder.

You XiaoMo feels a little terrified, surreptitiously glancing at Ling Xiao's arm that is draped over his shoulder. What is he up to?

Ling Xiao looks at him and says warmly, "Next time you feel like taking a walk, tell me beforehand. Elder brother will personally go with you. It doesn't matter where you want to go, understand?"

You XiaoMo immediately nods his head like a chick pecking rice. That last word was said in a threatening tone. If he were to shake his head, it would be tantamount to seeking his own death.

Ling Xiao nods in satisfaction, having no intention of removing the arm from his shoulder.

At this time, everyone is already shocked speechless by their intimate actions. It seems Elder brother Lin Xiao has never been so close to anyone before. Not even with his own disciples. What more a disciple from Earth peak.

Before this, some had thought that the rumors were partly false. But now, seeing with their own eyes, the reality is even more extreme than the rumors.

The ones that suffered the biggest shock is not the people from Heaven peak but rather the few disciples that came with Ling Xiao. Each one of their jaws fall to the ground, looking at this scene unfolding in front of their eyes with horror.

"Elder brother. This junior brother, can it be Earth peak's Uncle Kong's newest seventh disciple, You XiaoMo?"

A young man steps up from the crowd. It's Junior brother Zhou Peng that Ling Xiao met after returning to TianXin sect. The one that has absolute trust in Lin Xiao.

As for the rumors about Elder brother and You XiaoMo, Zhou Peng had heard a little about it. He was worried that the latter got closer to Elder brother harboring ulterior motives so he sent people to look into it. Later, when he found out that he was only a probationary disciple, he figured that this person probably wouldn't be able to stir up great winds or huge waves so he simply put it aside. Right up to the time he heard news about his being accepted as Uncle Kong's disciple.

Being accepted as the disciple by one of the three great mages of TianXin sect for no rhyme or reason, Zhou Peng feels that this You XiaoMo is most probably not an ordinary person. This rouses his suspicions again so he again asked around about him. But all the information he received is related to Elder brother. Thus Zhou Peng realizes that the way Elder brother treats him is not as simple as he imagined.

Seeing that one speaking is Zhou Peng, Ling Xiao smiles, "Such a rare meeting, let me introduce all of you."

The other two Junior brothers can't help looking at each other. Elder brother is actually introducing him to them. Looks like he really thinks a lot of You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao pulls You XiaoMo to his front and holds him from behind. He points to Zhou Peng and the others saying: "These are all my junior brothers. From right to left is Zhou Peng, Qin ShiYu, and Luo Xia. You can just call them Big brother."

"Big brother Zhou, Big brother Qin, Big brother Luo, pleased to meet you!" You XiaoMo greets them somewhat stiffly.

"Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Junior brother You!"

Zhou Peng and the others reply one after the other with no hint of contempt.

This brotherly scene seems to stab blind the eyes of Tang YunQi. Seeing Elder brother intimately hug You XiaoMo with her own eyes, she is so jealous to the point of losing her mind. She still can't understand what it is that You XiaoMo has to make Elder brother suddenly give him such special treatment.

Not wanting to stay any longer and be further humiliated, Tang YunQi glares hatefully at the uneasy You XiaoMo before turning around and running out of the South side.

You XiaoMo's smile is now fixed stiffly on his face. He thinks about the overlooked Fang ChenLe standing at his side.

Zhou Peng and the others have long ago heard of Fang ChenLe since he is Earth peak's Elder disciple. They also met him last year during the grand annual friendly competition. But they only exchanged a few words since the ones working with them have always been the people from Heaven peak.

After exchanging a few words of greetings, Ling Xiao leaves behind a 'I'll come look for you tomorrow' before leaving with his three junior brothers.

Seeing them walk further into the South side, Fang ChenLe withdraws his pensive gaze and looks over to You XiaoMo. The latter is right in the act of wiping the sweat of his brow, seeming to be very relieved, causing him to raise his brow.

"Little brother ......."

"Elder brother. Little brother."

A monotone voice comes from the front, cutting off what Fang ChenLe wants to say.

The two of them turn around and see Fu ZiLin that is standing just outside the South side gate. Tall and handsome but wrapped in cold detachment like wintry ice that remains unchanged throughout the year.

Fang ChenLe knows that this is not a chance encounter. He is eighty percent sure that Fu ZiLin is looking for them, and probably for some urgent matter. If not, with his nature, he won't leave the room of his own accord without someone urging him.

Talking while walking, Fang ChenLe finds out that it is Uncle Zhao that is looking for him, thus reminding him of something.

Most probably Uncle Zhao wants to discuss tomorrow's arrangements. Because there are many more disciples in the warrior division than the mage division, and also because all five warrior division lineages will be taking part, the mages must be evenly assigned beforehand to avoid chaos when the time comes.

You XiaoMo thinks that this has nothing to do with him so he is about to take his leave when he hears Elder brother say 'You will come along'.

There are five lineages in the Warrior division, with the Central lineage being the strongest. The Central lineage is different from the other four lineages. The younger generation with the highest strength are brought into the Central lineage. They are the cream of the crop chosen from the East, South, West, and North lineages. Ling Xiao is from the Central lineage, and also is the Central lineage's strongest 'disciple'. Zhou Peng and the other two are also the same.

But the competition for the Central lineage is different from the other four lineages. Because their strength is too high, the Central lineage competition is separate from that of the other four lineages.

What Uncle Zhao wants to discuss involves the Central lineage. The disciples of the Central lineage are the core disciples of TianXin sect. Each of them is a rare talent. TianXin sect is also prepared to nurture them wholeheartedly. So, their future status in TianXin sect will definitely be higher that the other four lineages.

But because they are the core disciples, information about them cannot be leaked out. So the assigned mages must be discreet.

Zhao Zhen's suggestion is to send Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin. They are the most senior, with spotless backgrounds, so they are the best choice.

Unexpectedly the first one to object is Fang ChenLe. On top of that, he wants to send You XiaoMo and Fu ZiLin together. This surprises not only Zhao Zhen. Even You XiaoMo feels that he is hearing things.

Zhao Zhen expected the first one to object would be Fu ZiLin, "Why?"

"Uncle, ChenLe as the Elder brother has the duty to look after the other brothers. If I were to go with Second brother, and something unexpected happens, you also won't be there, so what would happen? Of course, it's not that I don't trust Fourth sister but I'm afraid she won't be able to cope by herself."

"But, your Seventh brother just entered the sect two months ago."

Zhao Zhen knows that what he says is not wrong but he still has one doubt.

Fang ChenLe had long ago thought about this issue, "Uncle, if you are worried, you can let Seventh brother take a vow."

Zhao Zhen looks at the determined Fang ChenLe, and then looks at the shocked You XiaoMo, before finally sighing while nodding, "Alright, let's do it like you suggested, but ....... "

"Don't worry Uncle. If something happens, I will bear the responsibility myself."

Hearing his last word, Fang ChenLe knows what he wants to say. Without the slightest hesitation he takes on the responsibility.

Leaving Zhao Zhen's room, on the way back, You XiaoMo finally can't take it longer and asks the question in his heart, "Elder brother, why did you recommend that I go?"

"You seem to have a good relationship with Lin Xiao ba. But you seem to be afraid of him?"

Fang ChenLe doesn't give him a real answer, instead asking him one in return.

"Uh, it's not really like that ....... "

You XiaoMo has no way of explaining the reasons behind it.

Fang ChenLe doesn't pressure him further, just saying: "Tang YunQi is someone that would seek revenge over an angry look. This time, you have insulted her. She will definitely plan to hurt you from the shadows. Me and Uncle Zhao can't always be looking after you but it's different for Lin Xiao. His standing is even more stronger than Tang YunQi. With you right under his eyes, one would think that even Tang YunQi won't dare to go overboard."

"So Elder brother did that for me?"

You XiaoMo looks wide-eyed at Fang ChenLe.

Elder brother actually gave up this great opportunity of his own accord for him. Such magnanimity, such sense of brotherhood, it really makes him feel very touched.

"Of course not."

Seeing his face brimming with emotion, Fang ChenLe can guess what he is thinking. He laughs *pu chi*. This little brother is really too naive, "What I just said to Uncle Zhao is the truth. Before we set out, Master urged me to take good care of the group of disciples. So, even if you're not here, I would also suggest someone else."

You XiaoMo immediately . Fine, it seems he did read too much into it.

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