The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 571

Chapter 571: Come Looking
Chapter 571: Come Looking
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
You XiaoMo spent the following period of time either refining pills or cultivating.

He had only refined five rainbow pills, and he used the rest of his time primarily on cultivating. Otherwise, by the time he found the Black Lotus Herb, he would only be able to look at it since his cultivation base wasnt strong enough.

Apart from that, You XiaoMo also began to practice the skill technique he had obtained before, Azure Palm.

He only had a short two months of time. If only each day was forty-eight hours long

Apart from helping him out with the lightning from refining pills, Ling Xiao spent most of his time resting. The clash between the four bloodlines had resulted in consequences more dire than expected. He had to find a way to integrate them.

Two months later, You XiaoMo stretched, walking out of the cave.

He focused on the power inside him. Though it had only been two short months, he had ingested several pills, and his cultivation base was only a little away from breaking through grade two pinnacle.

You XiaoMo knew that there were risks to advancing too fast, but he didnt care about that right now.

Ling Xiao walked out from the cave behind him.

You XiaoMo turned his head, saying, Its been two weeks since weve been to WuShan Town. I want to visit. Manager Li of the Magic Herb Hall mightve already found the Black Lotus Herb and is freaking out about not being able to find us.

Originally, they didnt have a set address, so You XiaoMo didnt tell Manager Li where to find them, just letting the other hold onto it temporarily. Theyd go down to check every now and then. Though this was troublesome, it was safer, too.

Thus, the two left after finishing the last of the meat.

In these two months, You XiaoMo had hunted quite a few low level demon beasts, and they had eaten so much roast meat that it was starting to become tasteless. He had used up most of his seasoning, too.

Apart from checking up on the Black Lotus Herb, he also wanted to buy some seasonings. The two maintained the look of one beautiful and one ugly.

However, two months was enough to use up Su Langs rather lacking patience. Thus, he didnt send anyone to check on their movements this time, so he didnt get the news of their arrival in WuShan Town immediately.

You XiaoMo first went to the general store to buy some necessities before finding a large magic pill store that seemed to have some background, exchanging a few grade ten pills for a chunk of spirit gems.

He did this because he wasnt sure if the Magic Herb Hall would be willing to take magic pills as payment. They might be like the Black Spider, refusing to trade goods and only accepting spirit gems. Afterwards, he headed to the Magic Herb Hall.

Manager Li of the Magic Herb Hall was already waiting for them since half a month ago, having found the Black Lotus Herb, thanks to Su Lang.

In order to lure out You XiaoMo and his companion, Su Lang had gone and helped Manager Li with this immense task, but didnt tell the other anything. He just had the Magic Herb Hall take the herb and sat to the side, waiting for the fish to bite.

Shidi, its already been half a month. Are you sure theyll come? Su Langs shixiong sat by the window. From this corner, they could easily see the entrance of the Magic Herb Hall and everyone who entered and exited.

To wait for their prey, they had wasted a lot of time here. The man was a little regretful. If he had known it would be so boring, he wouldnt have gotten involved, but now he couldnt just up and leave.

Of course, Su Lang said with absolute certainty. They were willing to spend tens of millions of spirit gems to obtain the Heart Flower Herb. They definitely wouldnt let any chance of obtaining the Black Lotus Herb slip by. Plus, the manager said that they didnt leave any contact information, so we can only wait for them to return.

The man casually glanced out of the window and stared in surprise. Look, down there.

Su Lang looked out of the window. Werent those two walking over slowly from the right the exact same people they had been looking for? They had just been talking about them, too.

Very good. My two months of waiting havent been wasted. A cold smile appeared on Su Langs face. His patience had long since run out. Now, it was time for payback.

Su Lang stood immediately.

The man suddenly reached out and held him in place, frowning as he asked, Are you going down to meet them now?

Su Lang turned his head, replying with impatience, Cant I?

The man said, Youre still as rash as ever. This is why our master never gives you any missions. Remember, recklessly meeting the enemy without confirming their strength will just end in an uglier death for you.

Plus, the two seemed somewhat familiar, like he had seen them before somewhere. Before they figured things out, it wouldnt be a good idea to act rashly.

He had struck Su Lang where it hurt, and the other immediately jumped up in rage. Yes, yes, yes, youre composed, youre powerful. Well if youre afraid of them then just leave! I dont need your help!

Then he slapped his hand away and charged downstairs.

The man couldnt stop him. He didnt like this Shidi of his, so weak and yet his master treated the other like a son. He knew Su Lang was jealous of him, yet the other didnt know how jealous he was of Su Lang. Who wanted to do such dangerous missions after all?

In Magic Herb Hall.

You XiaoMo originally went to simply check, not actually expecting that the manager would have the Black Lotus Herb for him, but the other did, much to his delight. Now all he had to do was work on his cultivation base.

The Black Lotus Herb was a low-grade magic herb, not of very good quality, but he could improve it by soaking it in spiritual water. Since the quality wasnt nearly as good as the Heart Flower Herb, the price was much cheaper.

You XiaoMo left the Magic Herb Hall with Ling Xiao after paying nine million spirit gems.

After this experience, he decided that this couldnt go on. High level magic herbs were far too expensive. Itd be much cheaper to just plant them himself. It seemed like they would have to contact Mo Jing sooner rather than later and obtain the remaining magic herbs.

Not long after they left the Magic Herb Hall, Ling Xiao suddenly grabbed his hand.

You XiaoMo was about to ask him what was wrong when he suddenly felt malicious gazes on him from all around. There were around four people hiding in the shadows, watching them.

What the hell? We only came to WuShan Town twice. We didnt offend anyone, did we? You XiaoMo felt depressed.

Who said? Ling Xiao replied, Dont forget, you snatched the Heart flower Herb from the hands of another. Though you spent spirit gems on it, that doesnt mean that person would relent. However, it seems like that person wont come after us here. Lets leave the town first.

They increased their pace, and Su Lang could guess that they had noticed, immediately telling the others to follow, only blocking their way after they had left WuShan Town.

Su Lang arrived not far in front of them, his gaze going back and forth between the two. He truly couldnt determine their cultivation level, but that didnt mean that they were stronger than him. However, some people enjoyed hiding their cultivation level; it wasnt anything new.

Hand over the Heart Flower Herb and Ill let you go. Su Lang didnt waste words on them. He just wanted the Heart Flower Herb. If they were willing to hand it over, then he wouldnt press them.

You XiaoMo was now certain that this young man was the one who had the misfortune of having the Heart Flower Herb taken from him. However, there was no way he was handing over the Heart Flower Herb. He had spent thirty million spirit gems on it. Who did he think he was? Plus, the it was the Magic Herb Hall that sold it willingly.

Take your men and get out of my sight, and Ill let you go. You XiaoMo looked at him coldly, emotionlessly, acting cool like an oscar-winning actor. He just didnt know how long he could keep this act up.

Then dont blame me for what I do. Everyone, get him! Seeing that he refused to take the easy way out, Su Lang didnt bother chatting with him. Luckily, he wasnt so dumb as to place himself in danger. His four minions unsheathed their swords and charged at You XiaoMo, bellowing.

Seeing that their cultivation level wasnt anything special, You XiaoMo didnt bother doing anything special. He simply waved his hand and sent out a wave of soul power, harshly slamming it into the four. The four were unable to take the impact and were sent flying, coughing up blood and eventually landing heavily at Su Langs feet.

Su Langs face darkened, remembering what his Da Shi Xiong had said. As expected, these two were no ordinary people. He didnt have a good chance of winning one to two.

You XiaoMo didnt care what he was thinking. Since he had come, then You XiaoMo wouldnt let him leave so easily. It was a perfect time to test out his newly learned Azure Palm. Azure Palm was a high grade skill. It wasnt peak level, but it wasnt weak.

You XiaoMo quickly formed ten or so hand seals and his palm began to change. The surface of his palm took on an emerald green sheen, a beautiful light radiating from it, and he pushed his palm out towards Su Lang.

Su Lang had never predicted that hed attack so abruptly, and floundered. Just as he was about to counterattack, a dark shadow appeared in front of him, grabbed his arm and fled with him. It was his Da Shi Xiong.

Without a target, the Pure Azure Palm hit a tree not far off, decimating everything in a ten meter radius, leaving only a massive hand behind.

You XiaoMo wasnt surprised at the power of the Azure Palm, yet he still wore an expression of shock. Though he only got a glance, he very clearly saw that the one who had rescued Su Lang was a familiar face.