The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Heat
Chapter 575: Heat
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Normal aphrodisiac magic pills werent very high leveled unless there were some special effects. However, this sort of thing was considered something of a dirty tool, so there were very few mages who refined aphrodisiac pills.

You XiaoMo flipped through the recipes in the jade drive and managed to find quite a few of these. From low level magic pills to high level magic pills, there were several different kinds of each level.

You XiaoMo started the refining aphrodisiac the next morning.

However, the materials needed to refine aphrodisiacs were relatively obscure. He hadnt gone to gather any in particular, and made do do with what he already had, managing to scrape up the materials for a mid-grade magic pill.

Since Ping and Pongs mouth and body were too small, You XiaoMo only refined one.

Afterwards, he split the pill in two and fed it to them before settling beside the bed and observing their reaction. He had never seen bugs mate before. What he wouldnt give for a magnifying glass right now.

Not long after ingesting the aphrodisiac, the two golden winged insects seem to begin to have a reaction to it. A hint of pink creeped up their golden bodies, their eyes turning a little red, as if they had been controlled by desire. However, they still didnt act after three minutes, even moving away from each other.

You XiaoMo was disappointed. Was the aphrodisiac not enough?

Ling Xiao walked over to him and glanced at the insects. Their eyes have reddened; theyre already in heat.

Then why havent they moved? You XiaoMo couldnt help but reach other and poke one of them. The insect scurried away. Xiao Ping, youre a man, you gotta take the initiative, got it?

Ling Xiao picked him up, walking outside as he said, It has nothing to do with taking initiative. You kept staying there and watching them. Theyre shy. Little demon beasts have dignity too.

You XiaoMo just wanted to ask what there was to be shy about before stifling himself at that sentence about dignity. How stingy. He didnt believe that Ping Pong hadnt peeped on him. As little demon beasts, there was nothing to look at, what was there to be shy about?

In the end, his objections were vetoed and You XiaoMo was dragged out of the room by Ling Xiao.

Two hours later, they returned to the room. You XiaoMo made a beeline for his bed, but Ling Xiao stopped him by the collar.

What? You XiaoMo asked.

Ling Xiao gestured for him to keep quiet and look inside.

You XiaoMo peeked out from behind the screen. On the white bed, he noticed the two golden winged insects, entangled with one another. Xiao Ping was being held down under Xiao Pongs body. Using his impressive eyesight, he could see the minuscule movements the two were making.

You XiaoMos mouth spasmed. He had prepared himself to witness this mating, but their stamina was eye-opening. It had been two hours already and they were still doing it?

Ling Xiao informed him, Once the golden winged insects enter heat, theyll continue for three days and three nights.

You XiaoMo,

Thus, Ping Pong became the very first golden winged insects who had a room to themselves for mating. Since You XiaoMo didnt want to interrupt, he had the innkeeper give them another room next door, leaving the original room to Ping Pong.

On the first day, You XiaoMo was in awe over their stamina.

If they were humans, they wouldnt be able to last at all.

On the second day, You XiaoMo sneaked a peek through the window. They were still doing it, and he felt that Xiao Pings movements were wilder than the day before.

On the third day, the Metal Swallowing Beast ran back to report, but with You XiaoMo taking him to watch Ping Pong have sex, the Metal Swallowing Beast was enraptured, even drooling non stop.

Thus, You XiaoMo successfully took his Xiao Jin down the wrong path.

After three days, the aphrodisiacs effect wore off and You XiaoMo immediately ran into their room before almost going blind from the shining gold stuff on the bed.

It wasnt just one thread of golden silk, but a pile. Each thread was ten meters long, with nine in total. This was truly quite shockingly impressive.

Can nine golden threads make a set of armor? You XiaoMo excitedly ran to Ling Xiao with the nine golden threads. This came from Xiao Pongs mouth, and not chrysanthemum like he had thought before.

Ling Xiao took one of the golden threads and yanked on it a few times. See that? Not only has tenacity increased, but its very elastic as well. Generally speaking, two golden threads can make a set of armor, but with these, youd only need one.

You XiaoMo almost jumped with joy. He thought for a moment and asked, Then if I have Ping Pong go into heat again, will they make as many gold threads?

Impossible. Ling Xiao didnt even need to think or hesitate, flicking You XiaoMo on the forehead. They dont have the ability to produce this golden thread whenever. Normal golden winged insects would use up all of their energy just producing one gold thread. Everything has its limit. Your Ping Pong was only able to produce nine gold threads because they have never produced any before. However, this probably used up all the energy they had. This probably wont occur again for another hundred years.

You XiaoMo cupped his head and discarded the idea. He had wanted to give his ball team each a set of armor. Looks like that wasnt possible anymore.

After mating for three days and three nights, Ping Pong didnt want to face anyone, hiding in You XiaoMos clothes. As their owner, he really couldnt tell that they would be so shy, they were usually so thick skinned.

Oh yeah, Xiao Jin, what do you have to report about the two you followed? After dealing with Ping Pongs heat, You XiaoMo finally remembered this and set the Metal Swallowing Beast on the table.

The Metal Swallowing Beasts expression twisted.

You XiaoMo felt that his expression was very similar to how Xiao Ping looked when shy, and his mouth twitched. It cant be that your heat is approaching too?

Metal Swallowing Beast nodded shyly. He wanted to have a heat too.

Ling Xiao almost spat out his tea, choking.

What? You XiaoMo noticed his uncharacteristic behavior.

Ling Xiao wiped his mouth and said, calmly, Theres only one one Metal Swallowing Beast in the entire world. He cant change shape, so a heat is impossible, unless hes willing to mate with different demon beasts.

You XiaoMo suddenly stopped.

Ling Xiao asked him what was wrong.

You XiaoMo turned the Metal Swallowing Beast around, revealing his round belly and soft member. He couldnt help but poke it with his finger. It was even smaller than his thumb. If he doesnt have a heat, can this thing even stand up?

Metal Swallowing Beast struggled to get back on his feet.

Ling Xiaos gaze slid down from the Metal Swallowing Beasts little dick. It doesnt matter if it can stand up or not.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded. Why?

Ling Xiaos gaze didnt move. So long as the backdoor works, everythings fine.

You XiaoMo and the Metal Swallowing Beast clenched their butt cheeks. That was too harsh.

Scared out of his skin, the Metal Swallowing Beast didnt dare randomly go into heat anymore and informed Ling Xiao of everything he had heard in the manor. Ling Xiao then repeated it to You XiaoMo. This language barrier was a permanent thing. Not even contracting could fix it.

After Yan Hui had given Su Lang a good wake up call, Su Lang hid inside the cultivation room, refusing to come out. It seemed that it had really struck him hard, and now he was cultivating like crazy, completely throwing his mentors words onto the backburner. Yan Hui didnt bother reminding him.

As for Yan Hui, he was constantly waiting for their master to contact them. These few days, he rarely left the manor. The two disciples seemed to put their master first. There were rarely any outsiders whod visit them, so they lived like hermits

You XiaoMo contemplated for a while before deciding to continue to monitor them.

In the end, the golden winged insects finally got over their embarrassment and he sent them to the manor to keep an eye on a person each. If anything happened, they could inform the other. It was very convenient.

That day, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left WuShan Town and prepared to return to their cave.

When they left the cave, they didnt set any restriction barriers. It was located in a rather hard to find area, so normal people wouldnt be able to find it, or so You XiaoMo thought. However, reality rarely went as hoped.

They hadnt even neared the cave when they sensed that there were people inside, and not just one person. You XiaoMo exchanged a look with Ling Xiao.

When they approached, they could smell a faint scent of blood.

You XiaoMo volunteered himself to check the situation in the cave. Yet, just as he arrived at the entrance, a cold light flashed towards him. The attacker acted ruthlessly and had calculated their angle. If it hit, his entire face would get slashed open.

You XiaoMo swiftly stepped backwards to dodge, throwing a kick without hesitation. Immediately, a grunt and the sound of heavy objects falling could be heard, as well as several whooshing sounds.

You XiaoMo darted inside the cave. There were no light pearls to light up the cave, but he could still see three figures in the dim light. They wore pitch black clothing, almost melting into the darkness. The one lying on the ground was the one to ambush him.

The scent of blood came from them. None of them were masked, but You XiaoMo didnt recognize them at all.

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