The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 58

Chapter 58
Top grade magic pills.

You XiaoMo opens the door of his room but when he sees the person outside, the corner of his eye suddenly twitches. Someone clearly said that he will look for him tomorrow morning. But now is obviously night time. Furthermore, it has only been six hours since they met during the day.

Ling Xiao couldn't care less about what he is thinking. He simply pushes open the other door and walks in. His overbearing manner makes people think that this is his room. After taking a seat, a pair of warm yet sharp eyes stare fixedly at You XiaoMo. This is simply a cudgel on top of sugarcoated bullets!

You XiaoMo's scalp start to feel numb from his stare. He quickly shuts the room door before walking up to him. He carefully steals a glance at his face and thinks back to what happened these few days. It doesn't seem as if he did anything to provoke him so he just asks, "Elder brother Ling, didn't you say that we will meet tomorrow? Why are you here now?"

"Listening to your tone of voice, are you not happy to see me?"

Ling Xiao raises his brow slightly but doesn't reveal what he is thinking.

You XiaoMo shivers, "No, you can come whenever you feel like it."

There's no way he dares to oppose. He is not yet bored of living. He has already somewhat figured out Ling Xiao's dictatorial character.

Ling Xiao stares at his face, as if he wants to dig out a hole. Only when You XiaoMo seems to can't bear it any longer, does he quietly withdraws his gaze, "I never imagined that you would make it on the list."

"List? What list?"

You XiaoMo is confused.

"What? Don't tell you don't know that every year for the friendly competition, the Mage division will draw up a list of people that will be responsible for the Central lineage?"

Thinking that he has yet to hear of it, Ling Xiao explains it to him.

You XiaoMo blinks a few times. He just discussed that this afternoon with Elder brother and Uncle Zhao. I didn't expect Ling Xiao to find out so quickly. He is really too well-informed. But thinking of his standing and status in the Warrior division, he feels that it is only to be expected.

"I know about that. Uncle Zhao looked for us this afternoon to talk about it. It was supposed to be Elder brother and Second brother. But Elder brother wants to take care of the other disciples so he let me take his place. This time it will me and Second brother going to the Central lineage."

You XiaoMo shakes his head while explaining the situation. After all, it is not a secret.

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes and looks at his slightly smiling face, "This Elder brother of yours, he seems to treat you a little too nicely ba?"

These words make You XiaoMo think of this afternoon's misunderstanding. His cheeks suddenly start to flush a pale pink. Really too embarrassing!

However this reaction, in the eyes of Ling Xiao, is a bashful expression. In a split second, a dense dark storm rages in his eyes but the other party doesn't notice, not even a little bit. He is still deeply lost in his own thoughts.

"Elder brother Ling, is there something else?"

You XiaoMo suddenly shivers remembering that there is someone else in the room. But by the time he looks at Ling Xiao, the latter's face is back to what it was before, so calm that it seems that the whole scene just now is just an illusion.

Ling Xiao looks somewhat meaningfully at You XiaoMo. That gaze is like a little dagger, seeming to cut from top to bottom. Slowly and carefully scraping over, not missing even a tiny bit. The latter feels goosebumps pop up following his gaze.

"There is still one more thing. Since you have things to do for the next few days, you can leave the magic pill matter for now ....... wait until you return to Earth peak then you can make up for it."

You XiaoMo suddenly feels touched. Ling Xiao is finally showing some consideration for him. This really is like red rain falling from heaven, snow in June .......

Although it is beyond his imagination, it really happened. This really surprised him beyond belief. But when he hears the rest of his words, all of his grateful emotions seems to have been blown away by a strong wind. After feeling touched, he again got the wrong idea!

"Did you hear me?"

Not hearing his reply, Ling Xiao raises his brow while looking at him.

You XiaoMo's shoulders shake a little, "I understand."

Ling Xiao stands up, "So be it, I will personally come pick you up tomorrow."

You XiaoMo cries out 'ah', "You mean you want to come here personally to pick me up?"

He had thought that Ling Xiao meant that they would meet during the competition. He didn't think that he would personally come here.

"If not ne?"

Ling Xiao asks him indifferently. Of course he is not going to tell You XiaoMo that his original intention was indeed to meet him during the competition but he changed his mind.

Since You XiaoMo likes Fang ChenLe so much, he purposely doesn't want to let them have the opportunity to spend time together. So he of course will come as early as possible to take him to avoid them interacting with each other where he can't see. He doesn't know why he doesn't like it when he sees You XiaoMo's reaction but since it is like that, he just does what he wants.

You XiaoMo shakes his head. He knows that Ling Xiao is getting angry. But he still can't figure out what he did to make Ling Xiao this angry. Thinking it over, it doesn't seem he did anything.

After Ling Xiao leaves, You XiaoMo still can't figure it out so he decides to forget about it.

Although Uncle Zhao allowed them to have a good rest tonight since they will have things to do tomorrow, You XiaoMo doesn't want to waste time.

This month, he had been busy with the magic herbs in the dimension. He hasn't refined magic pills for a long time. So he wants to take advantage of this time to use the magic herbs from the dimension to try refining a batch of magic pills to see what the quality would be like.

Acting out his thoughts, You XiaoMo immediately locks the room door and brings out the cauldron that is always stuck to his side from his magic bag. The cauldron is still the same one that Earth peak provided. Black and heavy, unattractive in outward appearance.

You XiaoMo did think of buying a better cauldron but he hasn't raised enough money. The other two times he sold magic pills, the money was basically used to buy magic herb seeds. The remaining funds is just not enough to buy good cauldron.

But that is only one reason. The most important reason is buying one will make people suspicious. He is a child from an impoverished family. Entering the sect for two months, how could he possibly have money to buy a good cauldron?

Considering all these, You XiaoMo has no choice but to give up on this idea.

You XiaoMo takes out twelve stalks of magic herbs from the dimension. He doesn't dare to take out too much. Although he had already locked the door, there is no guarantee that someone won't barge in.

The twelve stalks of magic herbs are materials for the Fasting magic pill. The last time he went down the mountain, he conveniently asked around and figured out that there is a considerable market for the Fasting magic pill.

Some martial artists can do away with eating and drinking once they reach a certain level. But not everyone has this ability. Such as normal people, three meals a day is a must. And then there are those lower level martial artists and even mages themselves.

Adding up all these people, amounts to a huge number. But as everyone knows, the Fasting magic pill is only available as low quality magic pills. Mid-grade and top-grade magic pills are very rare. Even if they exist, they would be taken by those with money and influence. It's clear how considerable the market for the Fasting magic pill is.

You XiaoMo takes a deep breath and picks up three stalks of magic herbs. These magic herbs are from the first harvest in his dimension. They contain a very high concentration of spiritual energy. Just by holding them in his hand, he can smell that clear freshness. His whole heart and soul seem to be cleansed, making him feel very refreshed.

You XiaoMo feels a little excited. He didn't expect that elevating the quality of the magic herbs will actually have such an effect. If he were to refine them into magic pills, what kind of quality would they be?

Putting the three stalks of magic herbs into the cauldron, You XiaoMo slowly releases his soul force. After over a month of training, his soul force is stronger than before, purer than before.

Very quickly, the silvery white spiritual energy permeates the cauldron. Under his skilled movements, the three stalks of magic herbs slowly transform into a pool of magic liquid. The next step is to remove the impurities. Although they are called high grade magic herbs, even high grade magic herbs will inevitably contain some residual impurities. What You XiaoMo wants to do is to eliminate each and every one of those impurities.

Although there is no guarantee, fortunately he has already practiced it over a thousand times. Going through the motions he doesn't feel it is especially difficult. But after refining it once, he feels like the will is there but the ability is not. It's not because his soul force is insufficient but the remaining impurities can't seem to be removed no matter what he does. In the end, he can only go ahead and start the blending step.

Because the quality of the magic herbs is not the same, in order to avoid failing, You XiaoMo proceeds with extreme concentration. Five simple steps. He doesn't dare to make any mistakes. Each step is carried out with utmost care. He seems to be more absorbed than ever. Even if someone were to knock at the door, he most probably won't hear it.

Half a joss stick later!

You XiaoMo looks at the magic pill lying in the palm of his hand while wiping off a handful of sweat. A very deep dark blue color.

This is what they call a top grade magic pill. The medicinal fragrance contained in the magic pill is stronger than any low grade magic pill he has ever smelled. The whole room seems to be flooded with this medicinal fragrance.

You XiaoMo looks at it contentedly. When he shows it to Ling Xiao tomorrow, he would definitely be very happy. When he's happy, he shouldn't be angry any more ba?