The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Removing Its Intelligence Translated By Crystal Of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Chapter 596: Removing its intelligence
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Once he returned to the small wood cabin, Ling Xiao was still inside recuperating.

You XiaoMo took a look inside and the Metal Swallowing Beast, who he left behind to take care of the house, leaped into his lap with its four stubby legs. The life without his stupid owner was way too boring.

Ever since the Water Elemental Essence had been tamed by You XiaoMo, he let out the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects. In this past month or so, they had been having the feasts of their lives, and became picky as a result. Every time he came back from hunting, theyre mouths started to water.

You XiaoMo threw out the Metal Swallowing Beast from his lap. The latter, as if as light as a feather, made a mid-air turn and landed gracefully on the floor. That was the result of the past two weeks of training.

The two Golden Winged Insects flew around the Metal Swallowing Beast, as they chuckled at his misfortune. Metal Swallowing Beast simply shook his head pridefully.

You XiaoMo was too tired to deal with them and carried his Red-Crowned Turkey to make food.

The Red-Crowned Turkey was bigger than a normal turkey, so it was harder to deal with, but it was filling, as much as three normal turkeys. Ever since his beasts joined their dinner table, they fell in love with the dish, Beggars Chicken. He had to make two or three each time for them to eat.

That was the real reason for the quickly depleting turkeys in the forest.

With proficiency, You XiaoMo killed the Red-Crowned Turkey, took out its insides and even used his spiritual water to clean it. With that, the dish would taste even better and it had a healing effect, which he discovered later.

Once he cleaned it, he stuffed it with all kinds of spices. Other than the ones in his dimension, he also found some in the forest. Luckily he was able to find replacements for most of the ingredients he didnt have before. With the preparations completed, he calculated the time and buried the turkey into the ground.

Once he turned to the cabin, You XiaoMo told the Metal Swallowing Beast and Ping Pong to take at look outside. After that, he took the Metal Swallowing Beast and started his daily cultivation.

The energies left in Xing Qis Life Crystal had all been absorbed by him. He hadnt just been cooking dinner and catching turkeys, he had also been cultivating with the energies in the Life Crystal.

However, the energy required to go from three stars to four stars was more than he had imagined.

Like a bucket that could fill a ton of water, the energies left in that Life Crystal couldnt even fill a tenth of it. If it wasnt for the fact that the Wolf of Greed was LanQius brother, he would have really lost to the temptation of absorbing it as well.

Although, he figured that LanQiu wouldnt blame him for it, whenever he the thought crossed his mind, he felt like he had no face to see LanQiu. So, he held his temptation in check and threw his Life Crystal to a corner of his dimension.

But, ever since they came to this island, You XiaoMo wasnt in nearly a rush as before.

They had stayed here for over a month, there wasnt a shadow, not even a ghost of a shadow here. From that, one could tell how remote this island was. Since that was the case, they could easily wait until Ling Xiaos wounds healed before leaving. They had the time. Thus, with that thought in mind, You XiaoMo felt free to stay here.

Unbeknown to him, although he wasnt in any rush, the others were.

Two hours later, the Metal Swallowing Beast came running back.

The Red-Crowned Turkey was huge and its meat was tougher than a normal turkey, so it wasnt easily cooked over flame, at least doubled the time of a normal turkey. With his orders, the Metal Swallowing Beast came running to him when the time was right, highly energetic.

You XiaoMo dug out the Beggars Chicken from the ground. Even with a layer of mud, one could still smell that rich fragrance as it was carried away by the wind into the forest. By the feel of it, even from afar one would still be able to smell it.

The size of the turkey was quite impressive, so he didnt plan on making any other dishes. They were running out of certain spices so he was taking care using them.

Whats this chicken? The moment You XiaoMo heard that, he knew Ling Xiao was also lured here by the fragrance of the turkey. Now, he didnt even need to call them, as long as there was the Beggars Chicken, one big, three small would all automatically sit by the dinner table. Sometimes he wondered who was the foodie here.

Red-Crowned Turkey, I just caught it today. You XiaoMo said without turning.

Ling Xiao squatted down beside him and watched on as You XiaoMo stripped away the outer layer of mud with ease. Out from it revealed a turkey covered in leaves, with an even stronger scent than before.

You XiaoMo placed the Beggars Chicken onto the table and used a huge knife to slice the turkeys belly open. The spices came pouring out onto the plate, making their mouths water.

Before he had a chance to say Bon Appetit, the four started eating. They devoured the turkey at a even faster speed than before. Just because he was a bit slower, that massive turkey was already eaten by half.

You XiaoMo glanced at Ling Xiao, something had been bothering him for a long time. Even though Ling Xiao ate fast, to give a comparison, his one bite was Ling Xiaos three, but even with that, he eat elegantly.

Now looking at him, he was also from a wealthy family with a mother that cared deeply about table manners. More or less he had been in that environment for fifteen or so years, so why couldnt he be fast and elegant? As he recalled, You Bo and You Lu were also like Ling Xiao. Was this really a matter of talent?

Of course a certain problem was purposefully left out by You XiaoMo.

Once they finished the turkey, the gods returned.

You XiaoMo hesitated for a bit but still decided to tell Ling Xiao, euphemistically, about the situation with the turkeys.

With the massive death of turkeys, now it was difficult for them to even eat it one every two days. Before he understood he situation in the forest, they were going to have trouble eating the Beggars Chicken.

After Ling Xiao heard that, he said, If we dont have the Beggars Chicken then make something else. After that, he went back into the cabin.

You XiaoMo suddenly had a feeling that he had been worried over a month for nothing? By the looks of things, even if he didnt have the turkey, it was okay?

He must be over thinking things.

The next day, You XiaoMo didnt go the forest to hunt for turkeys as Ling Xiao needed him for something.

Here, take this. Ling Xiao said as he tossed a bottle with a few drops of shining golden blood. This was the Life Blood he extracted from the White Tigers corpse. Like the Four Ancient Beast Clan, the white tigers didnt have a Life Crystal, thus their Life Blood contained a massive amount of energy, directly connected to their cultivation levels.

You XiaoMo knew that other than tending to his wounds, Ling Xiao had been extracting from the white tigers corpse. Since they werent in a hurry like in the palace, they were proceeding at slower place, just finishing two days ago. In total, he extracted seven drops of Life Blood with three of them given to You XiaoMo.

Why are you giving this to me? You XiaoMo asked in confusion.

In the beginning, the one who was interested in the white tigers corpse was Life Blood. He had thought that it was somehow really useful to him. But now, he gave him three drops, which was almost half.

Ling Xiao replied, I just need four drops. As for the rest, didnt you want to level up? Every drop of Life Blood contained more energy than Xing Qis Life Crystal. Absorbing it is good for you and it can strengthen the tenacity () of your body. But be careful, the energy contained in the Life Blood is a bit violent, its better if you take magic pills when you absorb it.

You XiaoMo took the bottle. Lately he had been worried about the speed of his cultivation. Given the speed he was progressing at, he may not be at four stars even after a year. Just yesterday he was wondering if he should take a magic pill that increases ones levels.

Give me the Water Elemental Essence. Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo immediately took out the jade box containing the Water Elemental Essence. Even through the box, he could still see the Elemental Essence hitting against it in discontentment. However, that was useless as the jade box was prepared by Ling Xiao and it had a layer of restrictions around it, not matter how intelligent it was, it wouldnt break it.

Ling Xiao opened the box and immediately the Water Elemental Essence darted out, but it wasnt even free for two seconds before it was captured by a giant hand.

It probably sensed that Ling Xiao was even harder to deal with than You XiaoMo so it struggled even more violently, as if frightened.

You XiaoMo was confused at first, why was it so afraid?

It shook like no tomorrow and Ling Xiaos next move explained You XiaoMos confusion.

Suddenly his finger moved and the once struggling Water Elemental Essence calmed down. When Ling Xiao opened his palms again, he didnt escape either, rather calmly floated on top. That reminded You XiaoMo of the other four Elemental Essences.

You wiped away its intelligence? With a flash of brilliance, You XiaoMo asked.

Ling Xiao confirmed, It doesnt need intelligence, otherwise, it would be thinking of escaping all day. Thats going to be a hindrance when we use it.

No wonder the Water Elemental Essence was so afraid, it was afraid of being wiped of its intelligence.

Compared to the ignorant Wood Elemental Essence, the Water Elemental Essence had the intelligence of an adult, so it knew the outcome of being captured. It took hundreds of millions of years to form an intelligence, and it was ambitious in wanting to shape shift. Of course it didnt want to be wipe of his intelligence, but too bad it met Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo didnt pity it as he wasnt a saint. Compared with Ling Xiao, even with ones butthole, youll know who he would side with.