The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 60

Chapter 60
Share a room.

Personally picked up by Ling Xiao, it must be said that this is an extreme honor. After the news got out, practically everyone wants to see what that little brother who was personally picked up by Ling Xiao looks like.

Lin Xiao is an extremely talented person envied by all. Although he can be insolent and reckless or cold and aloof, it still doesn't change his place in the hearts of his brothers. Especially now that he has changed a little.

Ever since that time he came back from his trip down the mountain, his character has changed. Before, Lin Xiao only had one expression on his face - indifferent. No matter if he is concerned about you or alienating you.

But the current Lin Xiao is no longer the same. A warm smile often hangs on his handsome face. His voice sounds more pleasing to the ear. A thread of mischief and wickedness runs through his gentle and unrestrained nature. Bursting with magnetism, one cannot deny that under the allure of his gentle like jade voice and smiling face, more and more brothers are captivated by his charm.

It's not as if nobody doubts this change in Lin Xiao. The fact is, the first day Ling Xiao returned to TianXin sect, he already caught the attention of a few wily old foxes. When the two of them met, Tang Fan already probed Ling Xiao but he failed to find anything questionable. As for the others, they only found out about the change in 'Lin Xiao' later on. TianXin sect, as a major sect needs to exercise caution in every respect. So other people also probed Ling Xiao but just like Tang Fan, they failed to find anything questionable. That's because the current Ling Xiao knows about the various secrets of TianXin sect. But what they never expected is that it is actually from Lin Xiao's memory.

But compared to Lin Xiao from before, the current Ling Xiao's personality is much more likable, so many more brothers want to get closer to him. In just one short month, most of the brothers and sisters in the Warrior division have been won over by him. Even those that could not be won over by Lin Xiao are now firmly in Ling Xiao's camp. The current Ling Xiao's standing in the Warrior division is much higher than that of original Lin Xiao. So, when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao show up together, it immediately attracts a large crowd of onlookers.

"Elder brother, this is the little brother. He looks ....... not bad ma!"

"Oh, not bad, it's the type I like."

"Turns out the person that Elder brother personally went to pick up his him ah. I've seen him before. It's Earth peak's outstanding talent Fu ZiLin, the famous poker face?"

You XiaoMo, "......."

Fu ZiLin, "......."

Ling Xiao, "haha!!"

With all of them talking on top of each other, it's completely different from what has been said about the Central lineage disciples, described by outsiders as mysterious and elitist. They are unexpectedly ....... chatty. It's only that their attention is focused on the wrong target.

Zhou Peng supports his forehead with his hand, "You are all wrong. It's not him."

The discussion immediately dies down. Then You XiaoMo walks out hesitatingly from behind Fu ZiLin. In an instant, pairs of eyes shoot at him like X-rays. Shrinking his neck, he wonders if he can step back from this battlefield.

"What a cute little fella. Not even eighteen ba?"

"Phew, that's more like it ma. How can Elder brother like a poker face?" Big sigh of relief.

"Looks like Elder brother likes the small and weak type. No wonder he didn't accept his previous pursuers. If I had known, I would not have learned the QingGang sword technique."

"Gross, it wouldn't change anything even if you didn't learn it. Look at your bear-like nature." says a junior brother in disgust.

"Impudent brat, how can you speak to your big sister like that? How am I like a bear?"

You XiaoMo blushes beet red from their words. Ling Xiao likes him? Not possible. Although Ling Xiao did help him out a lot, it's all in exchange for his hard work. On top of that, he had also agreed to many unfair agreements on his part.

Ling Xiao is relatively thick-skinned. Seemingly unfazed by their words. After saying a few words, he lets them go handle the preparations for the competition. He then takes You XiaoMo and Fu ZiLin to their rooms.

It's just that the Central lineage is not the same as the other four lineages. The Central lineage is a forbidden place for people that don't have business here. So usually, there are no visitors. Because of that, there are no guest rooms, so they will have to cram in and share rooms with others.

But after Ling Xiao explains this, the one with the biggest reaction is actually You XiaoMo.

"You you you ....... you mean, I have to sleep in the same room with you?"

You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao in disbelief.

"Central lineage has no guest rooms. All the previous competitions also have multiple people sharing one room. It can't be that your Elder brother didn't tell you about it ma?"

Ling Xiao beams as he speaks. From the tone of his voice, he seems to be in a good mood.

You XiaoMo's mouth hangs slightly open. He really didn't hear anything about this from Elder brother. He always thought that everyone will have their own room.

"Where is my room?"

Fu ZiLin who hasn't said a word the whole time finally opens his mouth. He accepts the reality much more readily than You XiaoMo. This is also his first time in the Central lineage but his mental toughness is much more resilient than You XiaoMo's. On top of that, there is his cold as ice nature, making it unthinkable that he would bother to squabble about trivial things. That's because there is really only one outcome, that is to accept it!

Ling Xiao smiles as he points to the neighboring room, "Next door is Junior brother Zhou's room. You will have to stay with him for the next few days."

Fu ZiLin nods his head indifferently. He then walks right over, pushes the door open and *peng* shuts it again. The whole process is straight to the point, not the tiniest bit of hesitation, as if he has done it many times before.

You XiaoMo looks at him with eyes wide open and mouth agape. But thinking of his own situation he simply can't take it. If he has to share a room with someone else, he can still accept it. But the person he has to share a room with is Ling Xiao that loves to make fun of him. Such an extremely mean person!

"Elder brother Ling, was this assigned beforehand?"

You XiaoMo suspects that Ling Xiao is abusing his power.

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes as a flash of wickedness seems to emerge. A devilish hint appears in his eyes but he maintains his gentle and amiable smile. A relaxed drawl can be heard, "Do you mean to say that you would rather room with someone else than share a room with me?"

"No no ....... "

You XiaoMo's head shakes like a drum-shaped rattle. He feels that his eyes are getting blurry.

"Don't forget, with the situation you're in, you can only stay with me. If someone were to find out about the secrets on you, do you think that other than me, there is someone else that would help you conceal the secret of your magic water dimension?

You XiaoMo can't help but feel guilty. He really only now just thought about this issue.

Ling Xiao is right. He holds such a huge secret on his chest. If someone were to discover his secret, it would most probably spell the end of this life. So he is left with no other choice but to stay together with Ling Xiao.

Seeing his lowered crestfallen face, accepting his fate, Ling Xiao gleefully puts his arm around his shoulder. He beams as he says: "Let's go ba little brother. I'll let you take a look at Lin Xiao's room. Do you know that you are the lucky first one? None of your other brothers have had the pleasure.

You XiaoMo pouts. He himself doesn't wish the be the lucky one.

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