The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 61

Chapter 61
Sleep with me.

The arena for the Central lineage's competition is the large piece of empty land to the left of the temple gate. This is also where the Central lineage disciples regularly practice. After being chosen as the location for the competition, a large enclosed arena was erected. Because the number of Central lineage disciples is not as many as the other four lineages and because they are core disciples of extraordinary talent, the competition will be single one to one rounds.

Although the time for the competition has not arrived, there are still a lot of people gathered here. In the past, the brothers and sisters would be talking about matters concerning the competition. Like if there's a dark horse or results of the rankings but this year it's a little different. What everyone is talking about seems to be all about You XiaoMo. Especially a certain jealous to the point of death young girl.

"You're saying that brother Xiao is really staying in the same room with that You XiaoMo?"

Tang YunQi's heart is seized with jealousy to point of insanity. Heaven knows that when she heard this news, how much she wanted to rush over to Lin Xiao's room and drag You XiaoMo out even if it costs her life. She has not even stayed in brother Xiao's room for over an hour and You XiaoMo actually will be living there!

The few disciples from the same peak who regularly hang out with Tang YunQi glance at each other. When they first heard about it, they also didn't believe it.

Among them, a delicate and pretty young girl nods her head, saying with certainty, "Junior sister Tang, this is really the case. I saw the list yesterday. You XiaoMo's name is listed behind Elder brother."


Tang YunQi complains bitterly.

The young girl hesitates before saying, "It seems as if Elder brother personally requested that You XiaoMo stays with him."

Tang YunQi grips her five fingers into tight fists, squeezing to the point that her knuckles turn white and give out clear *pi pa* sounds. Raging flames flare up in her eyes as if they could shoot out at any time. She had thought that brother Xiao's interest in You XiaoMo would not last too long. But now that they are living in the same room, the relationship between those two are most probably not as simple as she had imagined.

"No way, this must not be allowed to continue. Brother Xiao can only be mine."

Tang YunQi grits her teeth and says darkly.

"Junior sister Tang, he is now staying together with Elder brother. I'm afraid it won't be easy to lay a hand on him."

One of the brothers says awkwardly. Even though he really wants to harm You XiaoMo, if they were discovered, it would not go well. So, even though he wants to pander to Tang YunQi, he still has doubts.

"So what, it's not as if Elder brother can be always by his side."

The young girl glances at that brother with a hint of contempt and disdain. Call yourself a man and yet you don't even have an ounce of courage.

"That's right, they can't always be together. Brother Xiao also has to compete. At that time, You XiaoMo will definitely be by himself, the perfect time for us to act. Anyway, I have another option."

The hesitation in Tang YunQi's eyes is immediately replaced with viciousness. She has to make You XiaoMo pay or else the future would not be smooth.

Looking at the ice-cold expression in her eyes, that brother can't help but shiver. Thinking it over, he still says hesitantly, "Junior sister Tang, I think it's enough if we just teach him a lesson ba. He is after all Master Kong's personal disciple. If something were to happen and it gets traced back to us, what will we do?"

The young girl glances at him and says with a smile, "Brother Liang, you seem to be lacking in courage ba."

Brother Liang knits his brow saying: "Junior sister Liu, this has nothing to do with courage. I only feel that even if you want to teach him a lesson, it has to be within limits. If something serious happens, who will take the blame? Don't tell me you will?"

The young girl's face darkens. She glares at him but doesn't say a word.

No matter what, Tang YunQi already made up her mind to take advantage of this opportunity to teach You XiaoMo a good lesson and warn him to stay away from Lin Xiao.

At the same time, under a big tree not far behind them, a black figure stands. It's not certain how long he has been standing there. What is certain, is that he heard everything Tang YunQi and company were discussing. A flash of light appears in those dark black eyes when he hears a certain name.

Right now, You XiaoMo is forced by Ling Xiao to take a tour of Lin Xiao's room. There is really nothing to see in Lin Xiao's room. If Lin Xiao was a girl, then there might be something worth seeing. It might also arouse some interest in You XiaoMo. After all, no matter if it's this lifetime or the last lifetime, he never had the opportunity to visit a girl's room.

In his previous life, he had an older brother and a younger brother. What was lacking was an older or younger sister. He was the second oldest and didn't receive much attention at home. His family didn't really bother about him so when the time came to take the high school exam, he purposely chose an elevator school that would allow him to go straight to university and is also far from his home. He didn't want to stay in the dorms so he rented a room outside. As a result the tragic him dropped dead before he could experience university life.

Wiping away imaginary tears, You XiaoMo's thoughts finally drift back to the present. Looking around Ling Xiao's room, You XiaoMo still feels a little envious. Even though there is nothing worth seeing in a man's room, the quality of the room is not bad.

Compared to his bare room that can't be any more bare, Ling Xiao's room can undoubtedly be described as high class and luxurious. The wood is not the ordinary red birch wood but thousand year white wood. Continuously emitting a light fragrance. It not only calms the heart and bolsters spirits, it also has excellent protective properties. It is said that only the seniors get to enjoy this privilege. So the fact that Lin Xiao was given this room shows clearly his superior status.

At this time, You XiaoMo whose heart is bursting with envious bubbles has no idea that Tang YunQi and company are quietly plotting against him.

"Why is there only one bed?"

You XiaoMo comes out from the inner room, finally feeling something is off. When he was looking around, he was trying to figure out what feels not quite right. The room has a bed, a table, a tea set, a wardrobe, all the usual things. But he feels that something is off. Only when he walks out and sees Ling Xiao sitting by the table and drinking tea does a sudden flash of realization dawn on him.

Ling Xiao puts down the tea cup and raises the corners of his mouth, "It's a room for one person, how many beds do you think is needed?"

You XiaoMo points to himself and says dryly, "What about me ne? Where am I going to sleep?"

Ling Xiao reveals a what would be considered a wicked smile in You XiaoMo's eyes, and says frivolously, "Of course you will be sleeping with me ah!"

If a fan were to appear in his hand, he would definitely look just like a local tyrant forcefully abducting a maiden, smiling lewdly at the small white rabbit in front of him.

You XiaoMo immediately turns into stone!