The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 62

Chapter 62
Sit on my lap.

It takes almost two hours before You XiaoMo accepts the reality that he has to share the same room and the same bed with Ling Xiao. But because the time for the competition is fast approaching, he has no time to restore his traumatized mind.

Although two people will be sharing one room and one bed, the Warrior division didn't provide them with beddings and such. Items needed for washing up are also not provided. All these are up to the Mage disciples to bring their own. Luckily they all have a magic bag. Although not huge, it is more than enough to carry these things. By the time You XiaoMo takes out and arranges his things, the time for the competition arrives.

Although the Central lineage has fewer people, when a big group of people descend on one spot, it is still a sizable number. A dense mass of people sit spread out in various areas. One of the areas is for the elders of TianXin sect. It is located right in front of the arena, fifteen chairs in a row. Ten of them are already occupied by elders, the ones that have not arrived are probably the big shots, so they would show up last.

Another area is for the participants. The participating disciples seem to have all arrived. Some have their eyes closed, resting their mind to properly prepare for today's competition. Some are chatting with their brothers. On the whole, the atmosphere is pretty good. There's definitely none of the cold attitudes just because they might be facing each other later.

The last area is for the mages. Although not many, most of them are already in attendance, including the one that hates You XiaoMo right to her bones, Tang YunQi.

When the two of them appear, the looks could almost be felt physically. The most lethal one is the one from Tang YunQi.

You XiaoMo had long expected that the princess would turn up at the Central lineage so he had prepared himself mentally. But it still shocks him. There must be an unbelievable amount of hate condensed into that glare. He has no doubts that if looks could kill, he would not only be dead but also without an intact corpse.

Butting against the pressure, You XiaoMo lifts his foot wanting to head to the mage area but his arm is suddenly seized.

Ling Xiao frowns at him, "Where do you think you're going?"

You XiaoMo freezes for a moment before pointing at the mage area saying, "Go there ah. That is our area. I just saw that Second brother is also there."

"There are too few people over there. You can just follow me to the competitor seats."

Ling Xiao glances at the mage disciples that are continuously looking over at them. He doesn't like how Tang YunQi and company are looking at You XiaoMo.

"Ah? Is that alright?"

You XiaoMo didn't expect that Ling Xiao would say that.

"I say it is so it is."

Ling Xiao says that and doesn't ask his opinion again before dragging him by the arm to the competitor seats.

You XiaoMo quickly adjusts his steps to avoid falling over in front of everyone. It's a while before he says: "But, the competitor seats seem to be fully occupied. Where am I going to sit if I go over there?"

Ling Xiao turns around and glances at him with a slight smile, "Even if there isn't a seat, I will make it so there is. If not, you can also sit on my lap. I don't mind."

You XiaoMo slips and almost falls. Luckily his arm is being held by Ling Xiao. After getting over the shock he gnashes his teeth saying: "But I mind!"

What 'sit on my lap'? He is a man, not a girl. If that were to happen, not only will he completely lose face, he will most probably also drown in other people's spittle. At that time, even if he were to jump into Huang river, he won't be able to get clean!

Ling Xiao shrugs indifferently.

Just when You XiaoMo is being led by Ling Xiao to the competitor seats, flames of rage almost shoot out from the eyes of Tang YunQi who is seated with the mages.

The extreme jealousy is even more intense than the time she heard that they would be sharing the same room. She had thought that once he comes over, she would definitely give him a dressing down. But he didn't even give her the chance. If Tang YunQi had a handkerchief in her hand, it most probably would have been torn to bits.

"Junior sister, could it be that Elder brother Lin knows about our plan?"

"Probably not."

Tang YunQi says with a dark face. They came up with the plan on the spot. At that time, there was no one else around so they couldn't have been overheard. Furthermore, with her status as the daughter of the Grand Master there are only a few that dare to offend her.

"Then it most probably is just a coincidence."

The person speaking suddenly lowers his voice.

"Looks like I can only use that method."

Tang YunQi says gloomily. Actually she doesn't want to use that pawn so quickly. It's only that seeing how Brother Xiao is protecting You XiaoMo at every turn, she feels that if she were to endure it any further, she would soon explode.

When every one is lost in their own thoughts, they forget that sitting among them is a disciple from the same peak as You XiaoMo, Fu ZiLin. Most probably because he is too quiet, Tang YunQi and company completely forget that he exists.

On the opposite side, You XiaoMo is being pulled by Ling Xiao into his camp. There are five rows of competitor seats. Each row has ten spots. Ling Xiao's seat is in the middle of the first row. A very good position. To the left and right are Zhou Peng and Qin ShiYu. The both of them arrived long ago. Zhou Peng sees Ling Xiao dragging You XiaoMo over and immediately stands up and gives up his seat voluntarily. The junior brother by his side also stands up and readily gives up his seat to him, running to the back seats.

Seeing this scene, You XiaoMo is at a loss for words. These people are too nice. No wonder Ling Xiao was so confident.

With the passing of time, the Grand Master Tang Fan finally shows up. He brings along a few high level seniors. The Central lineage disciples are core disciples so it is only right for them to receive all the attention. After that, Tang Fan as before starts by saying some encouraging words. Since this is a friendly competition, the fights will only go so far.

After saying a few opening remarks, Tang Fan retreats back to the seats giving way to the judge, an elder named Jiang.

"This year's friendly competition will be held by drawing lots, just like last year. The people who are chosen will get on the arena. The first one to fall from the stage will be the loser. The one who voluntarily admits defeat will also be the loser. I hope you all will act according to your abilities. Now we will begin drawing lots."

After Elder Jiang says this, a junior brings up a square box. In order to prove that there is no funny business, Elder Jiang shakes the box forcefully in front of everyone. He then puts his hand inside and takes out two pieces of paper.

Opening the pieces of paper, Elder Jiang says forcefully: "The first one is Zhou Peng. The second one is Lin Xiao. Please get into the ring!"

Immediately a huge commotion erupts under the stage. This is only the first first fight and already the two of them are chosen. Really too much of a joke.

Everyone knows that the relationship between Zhou Peng and Lin Xiao is very good. Furthermore, even though Zhou Peng is not as strong as Lin Xiao, he is still among the top ten. Looks like one of the two will have to be eliminated.

show of strength after getting off the horse - severity shown by newly appointed official