The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 63

Chapter 63

You XiaoMo reflexively looks over at Ling Xiao. The latter is not the least surprised. A smile like the spring breeze is still hanging on his face, elegant and dignified. Just like a noble prince. Looking over, You XiaoMo's mouth twitches as he sees the junior sisters over to the side acting like maidens shyly peeking at Ling Xiao with what can only be described as extremely bashful expressions. You XiaoMo has never understood why girls like this type of men.

The called upon Zhou Peng is the first to enter the arena. Standing at 1.8-1.9 meters, his figure is very imposing. He has a strong, sturdy, tall and straight figure with the tension in his muscles vaguely visible. Especially the muscles on his arm, under a layer of clothing, one can almost feel the energy. On his back is a five hundred catty heavy double-edged sword, the heaviest sword there has ever been in TianXin sect. From this, one can infer that Zhou Peng should be the strength class martial artist.

Standing on the stage, Zhou Peng doesn't wait for Ling Xiao to join him. Instead, he cups his hands saying: "I didn't expect that my first fight will be with Elder brother. Truthfully, I, Zhou Peng is very happy. After all, there are not many times when I can spar with Elder brother. But I know my own strength. The me now is not able to defeat Elder brother."

Everyone is looking at him in surprise. These words, can it be he's going to give up this fight?

In the elders area, a light flashes in Elder Jiang's eyes. He suddenly darkens his face saying, "Zhou Peng, even if you are no match for Lin Xiao, there is no harm in trying. Furthermore, just from one fight you can find out how big is the gap between you and Lin Xiao. Blindly chasing will do you no good."

Zhou Peng laughs heartily, "Thank you Elder Jiang for your advice. Unfortunately, yesterday when Elder brother was giving me some pointers, I had an enlightening experience. My training is showing signs of a breakthrough so I am going to go into seclusion for a few days."

"Since it's like that, you can get down ba!"

The Grand Master Tang Fan's serious face finally shows a hint of a satisfied smile. Zhou Peng is his direct disciple. When he got onto the stage Tang Fan could already tell that is almost at the point of a breakthrough. After not seeing him for a few days Zhou Peng's training is again one step higher, making him feel a little surprised. Now, hearing his words, he learns that it is the work of his Elder disciple. This makes him feel at ease. As their Master, he is the one that is most clear about the relationship between those two.

Seeing that the Grand Master has already decreed, Elder Jiang says, "So I'll declare that Zhou Peng withdraws from the first fight. The winner is Lin Xiao."

That said, an enthusiastic applause breaks out under the platform. Among them, the one clapping most loudly is actually Tang YunQi, her pretty face flushed bright red in excitement.

You XiaoMo also applauds, but not strongly. Listening to the applause, he feels that his palms hurt just from listening to it. Is it really necessary to clap so strongly? It's not as if a leading celebrity has arrived.

Everyone had thought that they would be able to witness a tiger vs. dragon match. But no one expected that before the fight even started, Zhou Peng already withdraws.

For some people, it would be wrong to say they are not disappointed. These few months there have been very few chances to see Lin Xiao's power. Although the number one position in the Warrior division is still his, there are certain disciples of overweening ambition that are not willing to accept being weaker than Lin Xiao.

The saying is right. Know yourself and know your enemy. Then you can fight a hundred battles and win a hundred battles.

If Lin Xiao's strength were to be revealed a little, the later opponents of Lin Xiao will have a higher chance of winning. So there are quite a few disciples, and even certain elders that wish to know how powerful Lin Xiao is. It's too bad that this good opportunity disappeared when Zhou Peng withdrew. Although unexpected, it is still quite reasonable.

Following that, is the second fight. Elder Jiang is again the one to pick names.

This time, there is no unexpected withdrawal. The opponents are one male and one female. Because it is a mixed draw, this result is very normal. Of course no one will say that it is unfair. In Long Xiao continent, it is also equally important for women to increase their power. If not, they will end up as playthings to be trifled with.

The both of them are in the top twenty rank of the Central lineage. There is not a huge gap in between them, so their strength is well-matched. Giving and taking, an all out fight. Everyone looks on full of interest. No one is still talking about the first fight. No winner is determined after one hour of fighting but in the eyes of the higher level martial artists, the winner is already clear.

Just a little bit later, the woman falls from the stage. The reason is insufficient strength.

The man standing on the stage cups his hand towards the woman and says politely, "Big sister Yang, you've let me win!"

Elder Jiang again stands out and announces the winner. Right after that is the third fight. This time it is a fight between two men.

As a man, You XiaoMo also had dreams of becoming a top notch warrior. Flying over masts and walking on walls, smashing rocks with one strike, he feels that this is especially manly. Most importantly, delicate girls love this kind of strong men.

But dreams are just dreams. Its relation to reality is just like how North is to South.

Of course, it's not as if he has never gone to the gym or signed up for karate and taekwondo classes. It's just that he has no talent for martial arts, because from head to tail he is a complete dunce when it comes to sports. His sense of balance can't be any worse. The simplest physical education test, the high jump, he has never gone above half a meter. He still remembers a physical education test, precisely the high jump. The result was he was the worst in the class. Even the fattest girl in the class did better than him. This became the biggest shame in his life.

But it can't be helped. He really has no talent for sports. So seeing other people display their powerful style, he feels from the bottom of his heart, admiration, jealousy and hate. Why does he not have the talent for martial arts? He had thought that by crossing over, his new body would be able to change his previous situation. But he ends up as a mage, lacking in fighting ability, delicate and weak.

Ling Xiao looks over at You XiaoMo looking at the stage with a complicated expression. He raises his brows, "What are you thinking of ne?"

You XiaoMo returns to his senses and glances resentfully at him. He lowers his head dispiritedly, "Why can't mages cultivate super powers?"

Ling Xiao gets what he is thinking. Looks like he got upset looking at the fight happening on stage. He laughs freely, "There are ten thousand beings on heaven and earth. Some have, some have not. Heaven has given you a great power so some other things must be taken away. Although it is true that mages can't cultivate super powers, the magic pills they refine are very important to martial artists. Martial artists are also the same. Although they are strong, they need to face many dangers. The two can be said to have an interdependent existence."

"I heard that martial artists have very long lives. If the mage dies, wouldn't they have to look for another one?"

You XiaoMo also knows that what he says is reasonable. No matter which world, there can't be a person that is perfect in every way. Just like the person in front of him. On the outside he looks perfect. But deep inside he really loves to make fun him, extremely evil.

Saying that, You XiaoMo sees Ling Xiao looking at him strangely.

"Who told you that mages have short lives?"

"Can it be I'm wrong? But isn't it true that mages can't cultivate special powers? Then how can the lifespan be lengthened?"

You XiaoMo exclaims in surprise. He had always thought that to be the case.

Ling Xiao looks at him as if looking at a complete idiot. He lifts his hand and raps him on the head saying angrily, "Who says you're not cultivating special powers? Your usual refining magic pills, isn't that cultivating special powers? The book I gave you, don't tell me you're not practicing? How can there be someone as stupid as you? Didn't your master and brothers tell you?"

You XiaoMo holds his head as his tears start to swim. They really didn't ma! If he wants to know, he still has to ask.

"But, that book, isn't it for cultivating that ....... soul force?"

Speaking those last words, You XiaoMo purposefully lowers his voice. After all, Ling Xiao already said that alchemical techniques to cultivate the soul force is very rare. Although he is now a disciple of Kong Wen, he still is not allowed to practice the alchemical techniques from TianXin sect because he has not been in sect long enough.

What he doesn't know is that Ling Xiao had long ago set up an illusion around them. What the others see is not two people talking but two people looking earnestly at the competition.

A smile seeps into Ling Xiao's eyes as he looks at You XiaoMo and elegantly spits out one word, "Idiot!"

You XiaoMo pouts and looks at him miserably.

This is not his fault. He came to this life late. How would he know so much? Although he had borrowed quite a few books from the library, the books do not record these things. He also didn't hear the other disciples talking about it so he assumed the others also don't know. So he had always thought that mages have very short lifespans.

But he also can't tell Ling Xiao that he was transported over from Earth. Even given ten times the courage, he still won't dare to say that.

Ling Xiao likes to see his resentful appearance. Although this habit is abnormal, he doesn't mind being abnormal. Satisfied with bullying him, Ling Xiao finally magnanimously tells him all about the lifespans of mages.

"Mages and martial artists are the same. Although the way they cultivate special powers and the type of special powers they cultivate are not the same, the lifespan is comparable. Furthermore, mages usually have more secure lives. That's because they don't have inner demons and such things. They also won't accidentally fall into the dark side because of improper practices."