The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 64

Chapter 64
Lei Ju's provocation.

You XiaoMo's eyeballs spin one round, finally discovering a crucial point, "Can it be that the lifespans of mages is tied to cultivating the soul force?"

"That's right."

Ling Xiao finally feels that he is not beyond redemption, actually able to figure this out. At least he is a teeny bit better than an idiot, "When mages refine magic pills, they have to stimulate the soul force in their body. So while refining magic pills, the body is also being cleansed. This soul force comes from your soul. Furthermore, the soul is the foundation of the body. As long as the soul survives, the body will also survive, understand?"

"Elder brother Ling, you're so awesome. You even know these things."

You XiaoMo looks starry-eyed, in adoration at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao seems to be affected by his expression but immediately looks away calmly. He then haughtily ridicules him, "That's just because you're too stupid."

You XiaoMo immediately puts away his foolish smile. He now realizes that this person can't be flattered. He won't even feel grateful after being flattered, "Elder brother Ling, as long as mages keep on refining magic pills and keep on training their body through their soul force, they would have an eternal life?"

Ling Xiao smiles slightly at him.

You XiaoMo wants to smile back at him unconsciously but he suddenly remembers that every time he smiles, it is not a good thing. So he immediately holds it back. Of course, a second later, he hears a haughty voice ridiculing him.

"Idiot! Of course not!"

You XiaoMo humbly asks for clarification, "Then what does it mean?"

Ling Xiao says seriously, "Not all mages can live forever and never grow old. This has to do with inborn talent. The higher the level, the longer the lifespan of the mage. The soul will also be stronger. When the soul gets strong enough, they can even attack other people."

Hearing the last part, You XiaoMo's eyes light up. He has always thought that mages are weak people without any fighting power.

"Elder brother Ling, is what you said true? As long as the mage's soul is strong enough, it can be used to initiate attacks on others? There is no need to wait for attack from others before striking back?"

You XiaoMo says excitedly. He feels as if all the blood in his body is boiling.

"Of course, but it is only possible for high level mages."

Ling Xiao reveals a row of spotlessly white teeth towards him. He then looks on smugly as You XiaoMo looks as if he had just been splashed with a bucket of cold water. *ze ze ze* This excites him every time.

You XiaoMo was indeed splashed with water, not cold water, but ice water. It's really too damned unfair. His soul is green. His innate talent restricts him to a mid-level mage. A high level mage unfortunately would only remain a wishful dream for this lifetime. After all this talk, he finally found out that mages can have some fighting power but he does not qualify. If he were to become a mid-level mage, he should already by burning incense and worshipping Buddha. After all, green souls are really not much of anything.

The battered You XiaoMo finally loses all interest in watching the competition on stage. It would only cause him to be envious.

Actually by the time he finished his talk with Ling Xiao, the competition could be considered fully underway. Other than the second fight where the opponents were closely matched, the others are quite far apart in ability. For example, the fifth ranked on the Central lineage list vs. the fifteenth ranked. This disparity is too wide so the winner and loser are quickly revealed.

From morning to the afternoon when the sun is almost setting, a total of twenty five fights were completed while You XiaoMo was in a daze.

Just when he is rapped on the head by Ling Xiao, he raises his head just in time to see something flying towards him. Immediately a cold sweat breaks out all over his body. Just when he is trying to figure out what is going on, Ling Xiao sitting next to him grips his collar and pulls him slightly to his side.

As for that unlucky fellow caught by no one, he flies straight into the chair that You XiaoMo was sitting on.

Looking at the painful expression on the unlucky fellow, and the chair that is now in pieces, You XiaoMo is really grateful that Ling Xiao pulled him away in time. If not, suffering a blow like this, all the bones in his body would be broken, but .......

You XiaoMo looks over to the arena. A competitor is standing on the edge of the platform. A gigantic body. His shoulders are almost twice the width of his. Not only that, the muscles on his exposed arm are super-exaggerated. This person is also a strength type competitor, and one that seems even stronger than Zhou Peng. A square face with thick bushy eyebrows that look as if they have been drawn with a brush. This is not a handsome man but rather an extremely manly man!

It's just that his expression makes You XiaoMo uncomfortable. A cold expression without any trace of emotion. It's as if he purposely threw his opponent at him, looking provocatively at Ling Xiao.

"Lin Xiao, I look forward to the day I get to fight you."

Lei Ju speaks slowly, raising the corners of his thick lips.

Ling Xiao adjusts his sleeves, raising his head to look at the giant from the corner of his eyes. The corner of his mouth rise slightly but his eyes remain indifferent. The target is standing on the platform and also much taller than Ling Xiao but he still gives off a sense of inferiority. Just like a ground beetle in the imperial palace. Even if it were to put on dragon robes, it would still remain only a ground beetle.

"Junior brother Lei. Then I sincerely hope that you would be able to last till the end. It would be bad if you were pushed out halfway by someone else."

"I will wish the same for you. I hope that you won't be crossed out halfway. I really look forward to fighting with you."

Lei Ju smiles coldly. Incomparably self-confident. Other than Lin Xiao, he is the strongest man. But he is the perennial number two. Because each them they meet in competition, Lin Xiao would always crush him.

After this, Elder Jiang stands out and announces the results of the competition. The next round of the competition will be held the next morning.

The sun starts to set. The fiery red sun dyes half the sky red. WuShuang mountain has always had a lot of clouds and as they are dyed red, the sky simply becomes a magnificent sight. Much more beautiful that the sights on Earth. You XiaoMo raises his head and can't help letting out a gasp in admiration. Such a spectacular sight most probably have never been seen on Earth.

Ling Xiao looks back at him who is looking up at the sky stupidly. His hands start to itch and he almost raps him on the forehead, "Little brother, still not leaving? Are you going to spend the night here?"

Spend the night? You XiaoMo unconsciously looks over towards Tang YunQi. There is an ominous glint in the latter's eyes, scaring him and causing him to immediately look away.

He would want to stay here overnight only if his head were slammed in between doors. Furthermore he has an intuition that Tang YunQi is looking for an opportunity to deal with him. If he were to stay behind, he can guarantee that what appears in front of everyone tomorrow would be You XiaoMo's corpse!

On the way back, the other disciples bid goodbye to Ling Xiao one after another. In the end, the one remaining on the road with them, is the cold as ice Fu ZiLin. As for the one that should also be with them, Zhou Peng, not even a shadow can be seen. After asking Ling Xiao, he finds out that Zhou Peng had earlier rushed off to go into seclusion.

"Yi, doesn't that mean that Second brother will be staying by himself?"

You XiaoMo nods his head and suddenly realizes an important matter. If that is the case, then is it possible for him to .......

"Don't even think about it."

The great Ling Xiao that sees through what he is thinking immediately dismisses his wishful thinking.

"Why not?"

You XiaoMo grips his fists and says indignantly.

Ling Xiao looks at his puffed up cheeks and smiles slightly, "Because your Second brother won't share a room with you."

Just as he says this, the door next door shuts with a *peng*.

You XiaoMo, "......."

With this, You XiaoMo loses all hope after being soundlessly and ruthlessly rejected by Fu ZiLin.

The first day in the Central lineage passes very smoothly for You XiaoMo. There aren't many people that were injured in the first day of competition at the Central lineage. Most of them were light injuries so You XiaoMo's talent was not put to use. Even if there was a chance, it would be taken away by disciples from Heaven and Flying peak. Everyone also wants to leave a good impression on the disciples of the Warrior division. So compared to others, You XiaoMo is more lively tonight.

Because he already took the Fasting magic pill, You XiaoMo doesn't have to go out to eat. Ling Xiao already has no need to eat so he also doesn't go out.

You XiaoMo sees that Ling Xiao is meditating and has no time to bother with him. Thinking that he did not take a bath yesterday, he takes out a set of clothes from his magic bag and enters his dimension. Before taking a bath, he plucks the mature magic herbs and places them on the rack. He busies himself for over an hour. Because he is worried that Ling Xiao would wake from his meditation and upon finding him not there would think that he had gone out, You XiaoMo hurriedly takes a bath and immediately leaves the dimension.

Once out of the dimension, You XiaoMo looks into the inner room. Unexpectedly, Ling Xiao is still meditating. You XiaoMo thinks that since it's still early, he takes out his cauldron. After all, Ling Xiao already knows his secret so it doesn't matter that he sees it. After that he takes out tens of stalks of magic herbs from the dimension. This time, it is material for the Spiritual energy magic pill.

Even for level one magic pills, high grade magic pills require twice the amount of soul force during the refining process when compared to low-grade magic pills. The last time, You XiaoMo already tried it out. When his soul force is full, he can refine three pieces of high grade magic pills in one go. Less than twice when compared to the amount of low grade magic pills. Even though the ratio is very different, as long as he diligently practices, he would be able to refine more in the future.

Just when You XiaoMo is preparing to throw himself into refining magic pills, Ling Xiao opens his eyes in the inner room.

ze ze ze - clicks tongue
ground beetle - narrow minded
dragon robes - emperor's court dress