The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Black figure outside the window.

You XiaoMo is very absorbed when he refines magic pills so much so that he wouldn't even realize if someone were to stand right next to him.

When Ling Xiao walks, he doesn't make a sound. But that is when no outsiders are around. Because in front of others, he is Lin Xiao, and not Ling Xiao. But when he sees You XiaoMo using the tea table as a stone platform to refine magic pills, his lips twitch. He raises his hand and simply spreads a barrier that cuts off smells.

Although he is not a mage, he still knows that when mages refine magic pills, the magic herbs will give off a medicinal fragrance. Especially when it comes to higher level magic herbs, when the magic pill is formed successfully, that medicinal fragrance will be even stronger. Furthermore, this is the Central lineage where high level masters are as many as there are clouds. Any slight movement will be discovered immediately. If he didn't wake up in time from his meditation, he would have been in trouble.

Seeing that You XiaoMo doesn't realize his presence, Ling Xiao walks over to the tea table and glances at the magic herbs. They are all high grade magic herbs, about thirty stalks. He soon thinks about the magic herb garden in the dimension. It looks like magic herbs watered with magic water is not quite the same.

Ling Xiao pulls a chair and sits opposite You XiaoMo. Thinking about it, this is the first time he sees You XiaoMo refining magic pills. Seeing that fair and clear face flushed red, Ling Xiao thinks about the time they first met.

At that time, You XiaoMo was far from how he is now, able to calmly face him. It's as if from the first look, he wanted to avoid him. That's right, avoid him but not terrified of him. This made him feel very intrigued, not only because he and Lin Xiao were from different divisions.

He is someone that is used to being above everyone. A ....... person that is used to everyone fearing him. So, towards the person who is hell-bent on avoiding him, You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao was very intrigued. That's why he threatened him to give up half his soul.

Of course that was just to scare him. The soul is an intact entity. If one were to give up half, that would mean death.

After that, the more time he spent with him, the more he wanted to make fun of him. Looking at his furious but not daring to say a word expression delights him to no end. Just like that, it became only natural with time .......

If You XiaoMo knows what Ling Xiao is thinking in his heart, he might take the cauldron in his hands and throw it at him.

But he is already entering the last stage so his mind is even more concentrated. So he basically doesn't know that Ling Xiao has been staring at him for quite a while.

A quarter of an hour later and You XiaoMo finally succeeds in refining a Spiritual energy magic pill. The whole room is flooded with medicinal fragrance and spiritual energy. The time he used this time is one third of what he used last time. The speed has increased significantly. He only needs to practice a little more and he should be able to catch up to the speed he uses for low grade magic pills.

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, You XiaoMo raises his head and jumps in fright from the enlarged face before him, "You you you, how come you're awake?"

Ling Xiao glances at the magic pill in his hand.

You XiaoMo notices his glance and thinks that since this magic pill was for him anyway, he is just about to hand it over when he sees Ling Xiao frown and look out the window. Following his gaze, he looks over ....... and sees absolutely nothing.

"Elder brother Ling, is there anything outside?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously.

"There's someone outside."

Ling Xiao answers indifferently.


The magic pill in You XiaoMo's hand almost slips out. Terrified, he quickly uses his other hand to hold it firmly and says anxiously, "There there there ....... there's someone? How can there be someone, can that person find out that I'm refining magic pills? If I get found out, should I run away? But I don't know the way. And I don't know where to go ei."

When You XiaoMo gets anxious, the words would unconsciously come out non-stop.

Ling Xiao's serious expression changes into amusement when he sees his over the top nervous behavior. How can this person be so interesting ne!

"With me here, what are you afraid of? I had already put down a barrier a long time ago. Even if it was the Grand Master of TianXin sect himself that comes over, he wouldn't be able to see through it. What more that mouse outside whose power is only so so. Even if he were to plaster himself to the wall and try to listen, he would only think that we have already gone to sleep."

"Barrier? When, how come I didn't know?"

You XiaoMo calms down but is still very curious.

"When you were refining magic pills."

Ling Xiao glares at him.

You XiaoMo lets out an 'oh', no wonder he didn't know. At that time, he was fully concentrating on the insides of the cauldron so it's only natural that he didn't realize, "Who is that person outside? Why is he spying on us?"

"That person is the one who presided over the arena today, Elder Jiang. He also presided over last year's competition. But nothing in particular happened. Elder Jiang is a very low profile person but his relationship with the other elders is not bad. But before today, he didn't do anything strange."

"Then, what now?"

You XiaoMo swallows repeatedly. It's actually Elder Jiang. Thank goodness he wasn't discovered.

"What else can we do? Of course just wait and see. Or, would you prefer that I kill him right now to avoid any future trouble?"

Ling Xiao looks at him and somewhat playfully licks the corners of his lips. It almost seems that if You XiaoMo is to nod his head, he would immediately go and do it.

A drop of sweat rolls off You XiaoMo's forehead, "How can I like killing people? You don't misunderstand. Elder Jiang is after all TianXin sect's senior. It maybe that, that's right, it maybe that he was just passing by and accidentally bumped into your barrier."

"No need to be so nervous. I wasn't serious about killing him. This is after all TianXin sect. Killing him would only bring trouble."

Looking at his nervous behavior, Ling Xiao can't help but laugh out loud.

You XiaoMo ignores his jab and lets out a sigh of relief. He had thought it would be like that. After calming himself, he realizes that he is still holding the Spiritual energy magic pill in his hand. He immediately hands it over looking for praise, "Elder brother Ling, look at this magic pill. It's a high grade magic pill refined by me."

Ling Xiao had long ago noticed it. Seeing him handing it over, he immediately reaches out and takes it. He looks and looks, sniffs and sniffs. This is really excellent, much more fragrant than the flawed low grade magic pills. Thus he impatiently throws it into his mouth.

Every time You XiaoMo sees this action, he can't help feeling his heart ache. It's just too wasteful!

He has never seen such a person. Eating magic pills like eating jellybeans. Furthermore, it doesn't matter what grade of magic pills. It can't be that he isn't afraid that eating too many magic pills will cause the spiritual energy in his body to wreak havoc, causing his meridians to go in reverse? Even as he is, he knows that eating too many magic pills is not a good thing.

After finishing the magic pill, Ling Xiao appears unsatisfied as he looks at You XiaoMo. Such a tasty magic pill, he really wants to have his fill.

In one glance, You XiaoMo knows that he still wants more. Thinking of the magic pills that he refined yesterday in his magic bag, he simply takes them out saying, "This is a bottle of Fasting magic pills. There are ten inside. I refined them last night. Make do with these first ba."

Unexpectedly, Ling Xiao only looks at the bottle in his hand, "Why did you refine Fasting magic pills for no reason?"

You XiaoMo rubs his head while speaking, "The cauldron I'm currently using has a small crack on the bottom. I'm afraid that it may split open at any time so I'm planning on buying a slightly better cauldron. But I don't have enough money, so I'm planning to refine Fasting magic pills to sell. I've already asked around. High grade Fasting magic pills are in relative short supply. Fifty or more pills can be sold by auction. At that time, the price should be high. These ten pills are my practice pills. If you want, you can just take them. I will just refine some more."

Ling Xiao stares at him with an expressionless face. His mouth suddenly twitches and says as if slighted: "No need. It's the same if you give them to me tomorrow. Don't think of sending me away with your practice pills."

You XiaoMo pouts. He actually thinks I'm trying to pawn them off. Even though they are practice pills, they are still top grade magic pills okay. Furthermore, he had never heard him belittle his magic pills before. And those were low grade magic pills. Furthermore, at that time he was still a novice. Don't talk about quality, his skills were also nothing to shout about. Really can't understand what he is actually thinking!

But since he already said he doesn't want it, he won't insist and ask to be snubbed. His refusal also suits him just fine ba!

Thinking like that, You XiaoMo simply puts the magic pills back into his magic bag and starts on the second magic pill.

Because of the presence of Ling Xiao's barrier, You XiaoMo is more at ease this time. He once again neglects Ling Xiao's existence and starts refining magic pills as if there is no one beside him.

Seeing that he is ignoring him, Ling Xiao doesn't feel the least bit angry. He sits back on the chair and looks at him with an even more complicated expression than before. Just before, when he heard You XiaoMo saying those words, he felt irritated and displeased. Soon after an inexplicable feeling arose in his heart.

It must be known that he is someone that can be said to be even more heartless than demons!

Even so, Ling Xiao doesn't feel disgust. This 'inexplicable feeling' for the first time is not something he especially detests. It looks like from the time he started to get together with You XiaoMo, he has become more and more 'kind hearted'!

If You XiaoMo knows what he is thinking in his heart, he would definitely ridicule him silently in his heart. Really embarrassing!

Even though they have not known each other for long, but from the time Ling Xiao conveniently wiped out the original Lin Xiao, You XiaoMo had known that he can't be a good person.

This point, You XiaoMo really takes as the truth!