The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 68

Chapter 68
Help one another.

You XiaoMo squats in the corner, his eyes flickering evasively, "Elder brother Ling, can you change the conditions?"

"Who told you it is an option? You're the one who caused it to stand up so you have to make it go down. This is your responsibility."

Ling Xiao says it casually, his expression seems to show that the matter is solved, looking from above, as if it has nothing to do with him.

You XiaoMo almost chokes to death on his own saliva. Morning vigor is also his fault? But, it really seems to be his fault.

"But, but ....... the competition will start soon. I'm afraid we won't be in time."

You XiaoMo can only go all out looking for excuses.

Ling Xiao sits up and leans on the bedpost, saying leisurely, "You don't have to worry about the competition. Even if we are late, I have a way to make sure no one suspects us. Furthermore, if I were to be disqualified, that would be even better. I'll avoid raising the suspicion of Tang Fan that wily old fox."

This reason is perfectly logical. Unable to refute it, You XiaoMo can only try his best to find an excuse.

"After all this talk, are you going to do it or not?" Ling Xiao says impatiently.

He doesn't want to continue wasting time like this. If someone were to come knock on the door, wouldn't that mean his carefully laid out plans would go to waste?

You XiaoMo jumps in fright at this bluff. He wails pitifully explaining, "I I I ....... I can't ....... "

This is not a lie. Although You XiaoMo lived up to eighteen years in his past life, he is still a pure and innocent little virgin. The things that guys usually do, like watch gay porn, masturbate and such, all these things he has not done before. This is probably related to his upbringing, so for most things, this is his first time.

Listening to this, Ling Xiao narrows his eyes slightly, "Don't tell me you've never consoled yourself?"

"Con ...... console myself?"

You XiaoMo almost spits out his tongue. This term seems familiar. Seems like something his male classmates whisper among themselves.

Ling Xiao looks at him with suspicion and suddenly pulls him over.

You XiaoMo didn't expect him to act so suddenly. Unable to react, he is pulled into his arms and sprawls on top of his body. Before he can start to struggle, Ling Xiao stretches out a hand and very accurately grips that between his two legs ....... his little brother.

The pure and innocent little virgin immediately turns into stone!

Ling Xiao doesn't seem to sense the change. He only feels that the thing in his hand is very soft. He can't help but rub the little brother. The first time for a virgin is very sensitive. With his rubbing and kneading, the little brother finally starts to change. Slowly stiffening. Feeling this change, Ling Xiao finally starts to smile. He raises his head and looks at the red-faced You XiaoMo, saying jokingly, "This here ....... is really small!"

You XiaoMo is breathing heavily with a flushed face. He feels shame but he feels even more anger. Actually saying that his thing is small. Fine, although it is small compared to his, but that's because he is still small. If he were to grow up as big as him, it definitely won't be smaller than his. But now is not the time to think about these things. His very life is still in the hands of another person ne.

"You, you let go now ....... "

Ling Xiao smiles at him suggestively. He scoops him up into his arms, "Since you can't, let me teach you ba. Believe me, you only need to be taught once and you will get it. This is after all every man's innate ability. It's not hard to learn."

Saying this, Ling Xiao simply lifts his green robe to one side revealing the white pants under the robe. Giving him no chance to object, he takes off his pants. The half erect little brother eagerly jumps out.

Seeing this with his own eyes, You XiaoMo is so anxious that his eyes start to redden. He desperately tries to break free of Ling Xiao's restraints but the latter's strength is not something he can budge.

It must be known that this half-naked disorderly appearance in the eyes of Ling Xiao is indescribably seductive. Especially the little plaything in his hands. Because it is still not fully developed, so it is like he mentioned, a little small. But the appearance is still very pretty. Fair and tender like a jade pillar, very adorable when it stands up. There's also not a lot of hair. He now believes that this little fellow is really inexperienced. For some reason, when he thinks of this, he feels very happy.

Under his expert technique, the little guy quickly releases. The pure and innocent little virgin's first time shoots into his hand. The musk scented thick and creamy milky white liquid appears very alluring in Ling Xiao's eyes.

The one that was forced to ejaculate for the first time, You XiaoMo doesn't actually feel that much pleasure. Because it is his first time, so his endurance is very bad. Ling Xiao only teased him a little and he already shoots his load. The whole person falls into his embrace as if having lost all his strength.

The cheeks are flushed red. To a little virgin, that pleasurable feeling just now made him feel so free that he almost cried out. He had never known that holding his own jade pillar will give him such an intense feeling. Causing his whole body to heat up as if being burned by a flame.

"How is it? Was it very good?"

Ling Xiao strokes his head in satisfaction, beaming as he speaks.

You XiaoMo buries his head in his chest. Not daring to lift his head for now. After a long long time, he says in a weak mosquito-like voice, "En ....... "

"Then, it's now my turn ba!"

Ling Xiao leans close to his ear smiling suggestively. At the same time, he pulls one of his hands downwards. That hard like iron stick did not soften even a little bit with time. Its stiffness and temperature is even higher than before. Separated by a layer of cloth it already feels like burning his hand. What more if it is direct contact.

The heat burns You XiaoMo such that he almost withdraws his hand but his wrist is still being held by Ling Xiao.

But You XiaoMo discovers one thing. His one hand is unable to encircle Ling Xiao's stick. Shocked, he opens his eyes and looks over. This one look and he can't help but let out a gasp. This is really too big. Then he looks at his own and immediately feels inferior. No wonder he said that his is very small. Comparing the two, his is basically a bean sprout ma!

The inferior You XiaoMo is somewhat lacking in general knowledge. Because if had seen other people's stick, he would know that Ling Xiao's stick is really bigger than normal people's. For normal people, no matter how big it is, there's no way it can get as big as his.

"Hurry up!"

Ling Xiao breathes heavily and urges the dumbfounded You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo is startled. Red-faced, he looks at the ferocious stick in his hands. Although Ling Xiao had helped him out once, but the time was too short. He basically didn't get the gist of jerking off. He can only place both his hands on that stick, close his eyes and try to recall the steps Ling Xiao used to help him.

As expected, a man's ability to learn these things is very strong indeed!

So, the good student You XiaoMo goes all out lying in between Ling Xiao's legs. Struggling with the stick until his whole head is covered in sweat. But with the passing of time, the time for the competition gets closer and closer. You XiaoMo's hands start to ache but Ling Xiao has not ejaculated. The stick is still engorged but without any signs of release.

You XiaoMo wants to take a break but looking up at Ling Xiao, whose face is bright red and breathing heavily with desire, he feels that this is not really a good time to stop. So he can only endure the pain in his hands and pick up the speed.

Right at this time, Ling Xiao opens his eyes and says tightly, "Do the top."

Top? You XiaoMo is momentarily at a loss, his vision moving to the stick in his hands. He finally realizes that there is a clear sparkling liquid at the top of the stick. He immediately gets embarrassed, isn't that where the pee comes out?

Looking up he sees the red-faced Ling Xiao with tensed muscles. You XiaoMo hesitates a moment before pushing down his resentment and feeling of unease. He uses one of his hands to rub the tip of the stick. As a result that crystal clear liquid actually increases. He suddenly finds it quite fascinating. You XiaoMo's playful nature bursts forth and he fiddles with it repeatedly actually using his nails to lightly scrape it a few times. Never did he think ........

Ling Xiao suddenly lets out a low growl and the stick explodes in a shudder. The thick and creamy essence that had not been released for many years sprays out from the tip in bursts. The quantity is really considerable .......

You XiaoMo is scared senseless by this unexpected event so he basically has no time to get out of the way. So he his whole body is covered in that thick and creamy essence. Even his face is not spared.

When Ling Xiao calms down, he sees the dumbfounded You XiaoMo completely covered in sperm. He can't help but raise the corners of his mouth. After ejaculating, Ling Xiao is very elated. He uses his sleeve to wipe You XiaoMo's face and goes as far as to personally take off the soiled robe from his body. Luckily only the outer robe was soiled.

"Oh, do have any more clothes?"

Ling Xiao saw him lay out his clothes that morning. But it was only one set.

You XiaoMo shakes his head in a daze. He still hasn't recovered from the blow.

Ling Xiao frowns, seemingly displeased, saying, "Don't tell me you only have two sets of clothes?"

You XiaoMo nods. He definitely didn't buy clothes when he went down the mountain. It's not because he has no money but because he feels that two sets of clothes is enough. So he didn't buy any the two times he went down the mountain.

Ling Xiao looks at him with a complicated expression. He then gets down from the bed and takes out a white robe from his wardrobe, "Wear this first. The next time we go down the mountain, we'll go buy a few sets."

Saying this, he flings it at him.

You XiaoMo finally recovers. But before he could process being sprayed all over, his head is covered by the clothes that Ling Xiao threw at him. After pulling it down, he stammers: "This robe ....... isn't it too big?"

"Even if it's too big, you still have to put it on. Unless you want to go out in your inner clothes?"

Ling Xiao says as he takes off his clothes. He then takes out an outer robe from his wardrobe and puts it on.

"Then ....... I'll wear it ba."

You XiaoMo hangs down his head.

If You XiaoMo knew what kind of commotion he would cause when he goes out wearing Ling Xiao's clothes, he definitely wouldn't have chosen to wear it at that time.