The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 69

Chapter 69

According to You XiaoMo, today is the most disastrous day since the day he entered TianXin sect. Because of this morning's force majeure, the both of them arrive just in time at the competition arena.

When the two of them enter the arena, they rightfully receive the attention of over eighty percent of the attendees. When they see Ling Xiao, everyone gets excited as usual. But when they see You XiaoMo, everyone gives him a look of disdain, and then ....... and then they can no longer tear their eyes away .......

In just one glance, the eyes of over seventy percent of the people at the competitor and audience seats almost pop out of their sockets. Each and every one of the wide eyes fix on the one walking out behind Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo. Oh no, to put it accurately, they are fixed on the clothes on his body.

A robe the color of the crescent moon. The edges are embroidered with black and gold silk thread. Simple yet resplendent. Resplendent yet elegant. It's obviously Elder brother's clothes!

And so, the busybodies start to fill their heads with thoughts of unspeakable secret events happening in Elder brother's room last night. Bursts of whispers that can't be restrained rise up.

Ling Xiao appears oblivious, an elegant and proper slight smile on his handsome face, walking towards the competitor seats.

However, the one behind him, You XiaoMo is not as thick-skinned as him. When everyone's penetrating gaze falls on his body, the scorching hot stares is impossible to ignore. He finally realizes what an idiotic decision he made.

Just when they are walking past the elders, Tang Fan who arrived just before them suddenly opens his half-closed eyes. His probing yet undecipherable gaze scrapes over them, finally resting on You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo's legs almost give out. If it wasn't for Ling Xiao catching him in time, he would have made a fool of himself right there.

It must be said that the stares of the Central lineage disciples already give You XiaoMo indigestion. So the gaze of Tang Fan is like a thousand catty gigantic boulder. Pressing on him making him almost unable to breathe. That feeling is too intense, as if cutting him open from inside out. As if nothing can be hidden from his eyes. If not for Ling Xiao propping him up, he almost feels that the secret teardrop on his chest will be discovered.

"So you're Master Kong's seventh disciple You XiaoMo?"

Just at this time, Tang Fan suddenly opens his mouth.

There's panic in You XiaoMo's eyes. The Grand Master actually recognizes him? And speaking to him? He recovers after a momentary daze, not daring to look at him, so he lowers his head and says, "Yes, Grand Master!"

"En, your Brother Ling is a very good disciple. If you have any issues, just look for him."

Tang Fan goes on to say. His serene expression looking as if he is inherently kind.

Of course the people who have had dealings with him will know, this is a fake appearance.

As a leader of a sect, Tang Fan has a ruthless heart and a harsh hand. He places the most importance on TianXin sect. If someone dares to endanger TianXin sect or his position, even if that person is his own direct disciple, he won't hesitate to eliminate that person. So when advertising one's closeness to him, one has to keep in mind not to touch his lower limit.

"Yes, Grand Master!"

You XiaoMo repeats himself again, except that there is and added quiver in his voice.

Ling Xiao who is supporting him discovers this immediately. He then pulls him closer and meets Tang Fan's eyes smiling, "Master, you don't have to worry. I will take good care of Brother XiaoMo."

"That's good then. The competition is about to start. You should go to your seats."

Tang Fan nods, and allows them to leave.

"Your disciple takes his leave!"

Ling Xiao says respectfully while bowing with hands cupped before dragging the weak-kneed You XiaoMo to the competitor seats.

Tang Fan looks indifferently at the retreating backs and after a moment of silence, suddenly turns towards Elder Jiang at his side, saying softly, "Elder Jiang, what do you think of the relationship between Young Xiao and that mage You XiaoMo?"

Being called upon, Elder Jiang is composed, "Answering Grand Master, I think it is very good. Young Lin has never paid so much attention to any other disciple. So their relationship is a little unusual. But last night, when I was out on patrol, they had gone to sleep very early. I definitely didn't find anything unusual."

Tang Fan says seemingly offhandedly, "Young Xiao ever since he came back from that trip down the mountain, his character seems to have changed a lot ah!"

Elder Jiang's eyes gleam but he doesn't make any comments on this.

After returning to the competitor seats, You XiaoMo finally heaves a sigh of relief. He says with an anxious heart, "Grand Master is really terrifying!"

Ling Xiao hears these words and quietly raises the corners of his mouth, "He's only but a wily old fox. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Of course you're not afraid."

You XiaoMo pouts. The problem is he is not him. He doesn't have that strong of a resistance.

Not long after the two of them take their seats, the time for the competition arrives. The one in charge is again Elder Jiang. After a few familiar opening remarks, it's time to draw lots. After drawing lots, Elder Jiang starts to read out the names of the chosen. Luckily, this time it's not Ling Xiao for the first match. It's two brother disciples of similar strengths.

One of them is the one that challenged Ling Xiao yesterday, Lei Ju. The other one is ranked ninth on the list, Luo Xia, the one that is always together with Zhou Peng.

Lei Ju is sitting in the first row. Hearing his name, he stands up but doesn't immediately get on stage. Instead he turns towards Ling Xiao and gives him a challenging look, as arrogant as ever.

You XiaoMo feels that right from the beginning, this Lei Ju has always been targeting Ling Xiao. Especially when everyone was looking at the clothes on his body, only him was insistently staring at Ling Xiao. That look carries a feeling of disgust. He can't help but look over at Ling Xiao only to find his handsome face is still smiling indifferently.

Qie, pretentious bastard. Go ahead and put on an act!

Not longer after the start of the match, Lei Ju adopts a fight a quick battle to force a quick win method.

Lei Ju and Zhou Peng are both of the strength class of martial artists. But Lei Ju's explosive force and stamina is stronger than Zhou Peng. On top of that, his speed is also not bad so he is someone that is not easily dealt with. Even Zhou Peng would be at a disadvantage going up against him, what more Luo Xia who is weaker than Zhou Peng. Even less of a chance at winning.

The two of them exchange over a hundred blows when Luo Xia slowly starts to lose ground. The right hand holding the sword starts to shake from the blows.

"Luo Xia has lost."

Ling Xiao says softly.

Just when he uttered those words, You XiaoMo sees Lei Ju hammer his fist on Luo Xia's sword. A clear sound rings out and the sword actually breaks into two, with the other piece falling onto the stage. As for the body that receives the blow on the chest, that momentum causes him to fly off the stage again heading straight towards You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Just when Luo Xia was about to hit the ground, Ling Xiao suddenly reaches out and pulls him down.

Luo Xia holds his chest and wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth. He turns towards Ling Xiao and says gratefully, "Thank you Elder brother."

Ling Xiao chuckles and nods, withdrawing his hand that is supporting his back. Right then, You XiaoMo squeezes in. Seeing that Luo Xia is injured, he quickly takes out a magic pill from his magic bag and puts it in front of him saying, "Big brother Luo, this magic pill can treat inner injuries. Try and see."

Luo Xia looks up in surprise and sees a young man looking at him with concern.

Actually he himself has healing magic pills. It's unavoidable that this competition would result in injuries so most of the disciples have more or less prepared some healing medications. But he rarely sees someone showing such pure concern for him so Luo Xia only hesitates a little before taking the magic pill and swallowing it down in front of him.

You XiaoMo sees him take it then starts to smile happily.

But he doesn't know that Luo Xia taking his magic pill is in itself a sign of trust towards him.

This is something that is very hard to obtain. Because many martial artists will not trust mages without reason. Mages will also not trust martial artists without reason. Even though they have a mutually dependent existence, they can also become enemies. Of course, the quality of the magic pills is also an issue.

You XiaoMo doesn't realize this but Ling Xiao takes notice causing him to take another look at Luo Xia.

On the stage, Lei Ju doesn't say anything, and again looks challengingly at Ling Xiao as if saying 'I'm waiting for you', such a look of bromance ah!

After Elder Jiang proclaims the winner, the next round begins. The second match is between two sister disciples that have entered the sect for some time. Women of natural beauty. Although their looks cannot be compared to Tang YunQi, they still enjoy considerable popularity in TianXin sect. Their supporters are also not few.

One of them is Liu LiQing. The one is Tantai MiaoYin. Both are outstanding fresh-faced beauties. But Liu LiQing's character is stronger than Tantai MiaoYin.

Right after the two of them get on stage, the brother disciples below start cheering loudly, each with their own camps.

A competition can only be called a competition with this kind of atmosphere. Like when Lei Ju was competing, the audience was basically silent. It's obvious that image is also very important.

Both of the beautiful women bow towards each other and then accompanied by shouts of encouragement, start to compete.

One pink and one white, two exquisite figures entangling with each other. The *keng qiang* sounds of swords clashing continuously falling on the ears. The graceful figures seem to be dancing, causing the hot-blooded men below the stage to seethe in excitement. Both camps cheering until their voices turn hoarse and lungs start to crack.

You XiaoMo is also very excited. This is exactly the type of adorable girl in his heart. Not just beautiful, but also strong.

Just when You XiaoMo's eyes are glued to the women, Ling Xiao at his side is feeling especially bored.

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