The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 70

Chapter 70
Pretentious bastard.

In Ling Xiao's eyes, Liu LiQing and Tantai MiaoYin are really just dancing, floating around without any power at all. This kind of strength, if they were to take it outside, they would be cut dead by others in only a few days. Their looks are also so-so. So instead of looking at the two of them, it would be better to look at You XiaoMo.

Thinking like this, Ling Xiao can't help but move his line of sight from the two of them to You XiaoMo. Unexpectedly, he finds him staring with sparkling eyes at the two women on the stage, seemingly unable to tear his eyes away. For no apparent reason, a surge of fury rises in Ling Xiao's heart.

You XiaoMo doesn't realize that the person next to him is already in a bad mood, still staring with rapt attention.

Ling Xiao restrains his anger and says gently, "Little brother, are you enjoying the sight?"

You XiaoMo nods happily, answering without even turning his head, "It's awesome, the two big sisters are really something."

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes dangerously, "Oh, is it their fighting skills that's awesome, or their looks that's awesome?"

You XiaoMo finally reacts, hearing those words, he somewhat shyly lowers his head, saying in a soft voice, "Both are awesome. Don't tell me you don't think ....... "

He says as he raises his head and glances over at him. As a result, that last word remains stuck in his throat.

"Don't think what?"

Ling Xiao smiles widely as he looks at him.

"Nothing ....... "

You XiaoMo shudders. He is very familiar with this expression. So familiar that he can't but shiver involuntarily each time he sees it. Aiya ma, what has happened? This uncle, why is he angry now? He only knows that every time Ling Xiao gets angry, he's the one that's in trouble.

"Nothing ma, then what were you looking at with such rapt attention just now?

Ling Xiao continues to smile slightly.

"Uh, look ....... looking at them fight ....... "

You XiaoMo continues to shake.

"What's so great about a fight?"

Ling Xiao says sweetly.

"Actually ....... actually there's really nothing great about it ....... "

Hearing his saccharine voice, You XiaoMo drops goosebumps all over the floor.

These words satisfies Ling Xiao. The sweet yet sinister smile on his face immediately disappears, replaced with 'brotherly affection' as he rubs You XiaoMo's head. He smiles as he says, "Since it's nothing to look at, so we'll just not look."

You XiaoMo nods his head over and over, but he's silently crying inside. Elder brother Ling is really terrifying!

At this time, the competition on the stage is entering the final stages. Unexpectedly, the winner is actually Tantai MiaoYin.

On the stage, the white chiffon dress is fluttering loosely, enhancing the elegance and gracefulness of Tantai MiaoYin, with smooth glossy skin, standing high on the platform like a goddess that has descended from heaven. Because she just went through a fierce fight, that goose egg-like melon face is stained with two flushed cheeks, like fresh pink flowers of delicate beauty. The refreshing gracefulness appears even more charming and moving. This kind of seemingly gentle and soft beauty, actually winning over the relatively stronger Liu LiQing.

Liu LiQing who was driven off the stage also clearly did not expect this outcome, staring dumbfounded at Tantai MiaoYin on the stage with eyes of utmost disbelief. Maybe she was over-confident. But it can't be denied that TanTai MiaoYin concealed her power.

From the start she cleverly reserved twenty percent of her strength, pretending to be evenly matched with Liu LiQing right up to the point when she exhausted her strength. Then taking advantage of her thinking that both of them are at their breaking point, lowering her guard, at this time, she suddenly showed her strength. This was how she pulled off her surprise attack!

This is a lesson but also a clear show of Tantai MiaoYin's real strength for all to see.

"Big sister Liu, you let me win!"

Tantai MiaoYin cups her hands towards Liu LiQing that is below the stage. Her clear crisp voice is earnest, unaffected and sincere, immediately winning the hearts of most people. Then she glances as if by chance at Ling Xiao.

This glance is coincidentally noticed by You XiaoMo who is furtively looking over there.

But You XiaoMo is not so narcissistic that he would think that Tantai MiaoYin is looking at him. Although she is indeed looking in their direction, at his side there is still the 'super awesome' Ling Xiao.

This causes You XiaoMo to lower his head somewhat dejectedly. He doesn't have what it takes to attract women, especially when he is together with Ling Xiao. You XiaoMo has no idea that this action of his unintentionally puts him in Ling Xiao's good graces.

Ling Xiao also noticed Tantai MiaoYin's glance. But because they are sitting together, he thought that Tantai MiaoYin may be looking at You XiaoMo, becoming immediately displeased. But when he sees You XiaoMo lowering his head and not looking at Tantai MiaoYin, that bit of displeasure is immediately kicked to the corner.

"Little brother, don't be so mournful. It's now only the second match, there are still a few more after this. Take your time and watch."

Ling Xiao beams while consoling him.

You XiaoMo pouts. Who was it that just forbid him to watch the competition?

On the other side, seeing that Ling Xiao's attention is not focused on her, Tantai MiaoYin gets off the stage feeling somewhat disappointed. She had thought that she would be able to use this competition to let Elder brother take more notice of her. This way she would have the chance to show more of her good points to Elder brother.

On the opposite side, taking in her every move, Tang YunQi snorts derisively. Dare to go up against her for Elder brother? Not a chance in hell!

Tang YunQi knows that her Brother Xiao is very outstanding. There are many sisters of TianXin sect that like her Brother Xiao, one of them is Tantai MiaoYin. Other people may not be able to tell that she is interested in her Brother Xiao but, she as a woman, can see it as clear as day. But in her eyes, this rival is of no consequence. She nows that her biggest obstacle right now is the one sitting by Brother Xiao, You XiaoMo.

Thinking of this, Tang YunQi glares hatefully at You XiaoMo. She had wanted to wait until the final stage but seeing You XiaoMo actually wearing Brother Xiao's clothes, she feels so jealous that she could die, making her unable to wait any longer.

After a brief interval, the competition starts up again.

The third round, the fourth round ....... the eleventh round, everyone keeps raising their head in expectation, raising to the point that their necks have grown longer. The first eleven rounds actually did not result in Ling Xiao being chosen. One round after another of disappointment, right up to the last round with only three pieces of paper remaining in the drawing box.

Because there are twenty five people competing in the second stage, one to one is twelve fights. This way, one will be left over. So the next draw will be for the the last fight. As for the last remaining piece in the box, that person will be the lucky one that receives the bye and proceed to the next round.

Everyone is looking closely at Elder Jiang's every move, full of anticipation. But the ones that are most anxious are the two brother disciples that have yet to compete. Thinking that it is highly likely that they will have to face Ling Xiao, they both lose hope. So the both of them are praying in their hearts. Please don't let them fight Elder brother. Let them get the bye or let Elder brother get the bye.

Elder Jiang's face is as calm as water, not the least bit ruffled. Under the weight of everyone's eyes, he calmly reaches into the box and slowly takes out two pieces of paper. Opening them up, he glances at the names. With a barely noticeable frown, he says, "The contestants for the twelfth fight are Chen Yang and Gao Jun."

This outcome really leaves some disappointed and the rest celebrating!

The disappointing part is that Elder brother won't be fighting for two days in a row. This leaves the people that have been eagerly waiting to see Ling Xiao fight extremely disappointed. The happy people feel that Elder brother has really good luck. The first stage, Brother Zhou Peng withdrew. The second stage, he receives the bye. His luck is really extraordinary.

But there are also those that are both happy and sad - Chen Yang and Gao Jun. Happy because they don't have to fight Elder brother. Sad because they are not the ones that received the bye. A really uncomfortable feeling that one rarely experiences in a lifetime.

"Elder brother Ling, your luck is really too good."

You XiaoMo earnestly gasps in admiration. If only his own luck is as good as this.

"Sometimes good luck is not necessarily a good thing."

Ling Xiao smiles with an unreadable expression.


You XiaoMo asks in astonishment.

This time, Ling Xiao didn't put up a barrier, so the disciples around him heard what he said. All of them perk up their big ears in an attempt to listen in. They are also very curious as to why Elder brother would say these words. Isn't receiving the bye something that is worth celebrating?

Ling Xiao slowly raises the corners of his mouth, "I already waited so long. I had thought that soon I would be able to get on stage and practice my moves, but ....... "

The rest doesn't have to be said. Everyone can come to the conclusion that he is disappointed that he wasn't chosen and that he still really wants to get on stage and go for one round.

Hearing these words Chen Yang and Gao Jun immediately thank their lucky stars. Thank goodness they didn't have to go up against Elder brother. If by chance Elder brother gets overly excited, wouldn't they be beaten until they are half dead? Looks like they are the lucky ones. Thinking of this, the two of them immediately feel their spirits rising.

The only one not tricked is You XiaoMo. He is the only one that knows that Ling Xiao doesn't want to compete.

Rather than fighting for others to see, he would rather watch others fighting. That expression is definitely one that is acted out for the benefit of others. Ling Xiao is essentially an extremely devious person. It's only that the impression he gives the other disciples is too good. Especially since he stopped being so ice-cold with the other disciples. The men seem to have made him someone to model themselves on. The women seem to have fallen for his fake gentle demeanor. That's why no one is the least bit suspicious. But as someone who suffers heavily from his maltreatment, You XiaoMo is fully awakened.

You XiaoMo exclaims inwardly, you're such a poser ba!

congealed fat - smooth, soft and glossy
melon face - oval face