The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 71

Chapter 71
Jiang Liu.

The last match of the second stage ends when Chen Gao accidentally steps on the edge of the platform causing Gao Jun to press in and go for the win.

Finally Tang Fan stands up and says a few encouraging words before dismissing them. Everyone goes back to their own rooms but the hour is still early. Just three quarters through the Shen period. The sun has still not set.

Although the competition ended relatively early, You XiaoMo still found it very enjoyable. Watching his fellow disciples show such extraordinary skill, he feels even more longing to be as strong as them. This wish has always been there. It's just that it was thoroughly beat down by his being a mage. But now it's different after hearing Ling Xiao say that mages are not as weak as others say. For example when a mage advances until they are strong enough, their soul force will undergo a qualitative change allowing them to initiate attacks on other people. Although Ling Xiao said that only high level mages will be able to do this, there is always an exception to everything.

A little over a month ago, since he became Kong Wen's disciple, his status has risen accordingly. From then on, he is no longer a probationary disciple so his elevated status now allows him to go to the second level of the library.

The identity tablet is still the one the old man guarding the library gave him. But lately with the seclusion and other various things, he hasn't had the chance to use that tablet. Now is just the right time, so he decides to go to the library and look around to see if he can find some books on the soul force. On it should be written some things that he doesn't know. He firmly believes that heaven always leaves one door open!

Ling Xiao knows that he wants to go to the library so he wants to follow along. The library is not within the Central lineage so someone must follow him out. Otherwise, he will be stranded outside by the barrier.

"What kind of books to you want to borrow?" Ling Xiao asks after some consideration.

"Those related to the soul force. And also ancient books on magic pills and magic herbs. The library has multiple levels. I've only been to the first level so this time I want to go take a look at the second level."

You XiaoMo conceals his real reason, only saying seventy to eighty percent of the truth.

"Soul force? Aren't you currently training your soul force? Why do you need the books?"

Ling Xiao looks directly at You XiaoMo. Reading up on magic pills and magic herbs will definitely increase knowledge. But he doesn't think it is necessary for the soul force.

You XiaoMo looks away guiltily, "Uh, there are still a few things that I don't quite understand."

Ling Xiao raises his brows as he takes in his expression, a smile appearing on his lips. Not knowing to rein in his expression when telling a lie. Ling Xiao intentionally teases him saying, "If there is anything you don't understand, you can ask me now. After all, the hour is still early."

A few drops of cold sweat immediately form on his forehead. You XiaoMo didn't expect him to actually hit the nail on the head. He glances at him resentfully and lowers his head as if to let out his exasperation before revealing his real intention, "This morning you said that mages can also initiate attacks on other people but it's only possible for high level mages. You also know how poor my innate talent is. So I want to see if there are any shortcuts that can enable me to change the nature of my soul force."

"Are you an idiot?"

Ling Xiao raises his brows at his words.

"I'm not an idiot."

You XiaoMo doesn't know why he said that but he still refutes it in a soft voice.

"If you're not an idiot then why are you not practicing the alchemical techniques in front of you and yet insisting on going to the library to find some lousy shortcut?"

Ling Xiao had always thought that he is very stupid but he didn't think that he so stupid to such an extent.

You XiaoMo is momentarily stunned but soon realizes what he means. His eyes open wide as he exclaims in surprise, "Are you referring to the Heavenly Soul Scroll? Just by practicing it, the nature of the soul force can be changed?"

Ling Xiao raps him on his head, "Of course. Why else would it be called a top grade alchemical technique!" How stupid can he get?

"Wu ....... That time you didn't tell me that practicing the Heavenly Soul Scroll will have that effect. I thought that it will only increase my soul force."

You XiaoMo covers his head as he cries *wu wu*. What kind of thing is a top grade alchemical technique, he basically has no idea.

"So now you know?"

Ling Xiao looks at his pitiful expression and laughs inspite of his anger.

You XiaoMo hesitates a little before asking: "Then how long do I have to practice to get that effect?"

Ling Xiao thinks back to the time he translated the contents of the Heavenly Soul Scroll, "The Heavenly Soul Scroll has six levels altogether. The first three levels are relatively easy. But it is quite difficult to break through from the third level to the fourth level. But because of that, when you break through to the fourth level, your soul force will undergo some qualitative change."

"I understand. I will try my best to practice until the fourth level."

You XiaoMo looks forward to that day when he hears this and immediately resolves to achieve this second goal. The first goal is to try his best to earn money to buy magic herb seeds. And also there's the entrance exam a few months later. Although he is already a formal disciple of TianXin sect, he still has to go through this procedure.

"Idiot!" Ling Xiao sees the gleam in his eyes and can't help flicking him on his head, "So do you still want to go to the library?"

You XiaoMo turns red, feeling both vexed and embarrassed. He quickly shakes his head, "For now, there's no need. I'll just go when I go back. Since there is still a lot of time now, I'll go refine magic pills."

He immediately runs off after saying this.

Ling Xiao looks at his back running away. He suddenly feels that You XiaoMo would not be able to survive without him. So hopelessly stupid.

Thinking like this, his heart suddenly swells with satisfaction and happiness, almost to the point of bursting out of his chest. Ling Xiao has never felt like this before so he can't help but frown. He seems to be placing more and more importance on You XiaoMo but it's too bad that he can't figure out the reason no matter how much he thinks about it. So he just leaves the room and goes looking for Luo Xia and the others.

Originally he only trusts Zhou Peng alone because in Lin Xiao's memory, Zhou Peng is an absolutely loyal person. That's because he knows Lin Xiao's secret. As for yesterday's competition, Zhou Peng withdrew precisely because he didn't want his Elder brother to reveal his true strength. But Zhou Peng's increase in power is also related to Ling Xiao. In order to appear more genuine, Ling Xiao intentionally gave him a few pointers.

As for Luo Xia and Qin ShiYu, these two are still at the observation stage in Lin Xiao's memory. But seeing Luo Xia accept You XiaoMo's magic pill earlier, Ling Xiao feels that he can test this Luo Xia out. But before leaving, he weaves a barrier surrounding the room.

You XiaoMo doesn't care that Ling Xiao is leaving, taking out the equipment and materials needed to refine magic pills from his magic bag.

When everything is ready, a sudden knock is heard from the outside. At first, You XiaoMo thinks that it is Ling Xiao returning so he is just about to go open the door when he suddenly realizes that if it is Ling Xiao, there's no way he would be so polite, so the person outside is definitely not Ling Xiao. He immediately walks back and puts the magic herbs and cauldron back into his magic bag before going to open the door.

You XiaoMo opens the door and sees the person standing outside, seeming a little surprised, "You ....... "

He forgot his name.

That person sees him and smiles revealing two shallow dimples, "I'm Jiang Liu. Do you still remember me?"

When he says the name, You XiaoMo immediately remembers. This is the young man that supposedly came from the same village as him and was chosen to enter TianXin sect at the same time as him. And later was taken away by Heaven peak because of his high innate talent. Also when he first came to, this was the first person he saw so it left some impression on him.

"So it's you. Is there anything you need?"

You XiaoMo smiles as he asks. He left a pretty good impression on him from that time.

"Do you have time now?"

Jiang Liu laughs *ha ha* as he asks.

"Now ah? I guess so."

Although he was just about to refine magic pills, You XiaoMo feels that this is a rare opportunity to meet up with someone from his village. He can put off refining magic pills for now since he still wants to ask about his hometown the Peach Blossom Village to avoid being found out if he were to meet someone from there.

"Since it's like that, how about we go find some place to have a chat?"

Jiang Liu's smiling face looks straightforward and good-natured yet also a little silly.

This suggestion is just what You XiaoMo hoped for so he agrees without giving it much thought. He goes back into the room and leaves Ling Xiao a note before going off with Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu's situation is about the same as You XiaoMo. Although he only entered the sect for a few months, but since his talent is high, this time with the grand friendly competition, his master used this opportunity to let him come gain some experience and get acquainted with other disciples. His luck is not quite the same as You XiaoMo because he has a master that really thinks of him but of course that is because he has talent.

You XiaoMo doesn't know the paths because these few days he spent most of the time in the room refining magic pills so he is not familiar with the surroundings of the Central lineage. He has no idea where Jiang Liu is bringing him but the whole way they don't come across any other disciples from the warrior division. You XiaoMo feels that they don't have to go so far just to have a few words so he stops him.

"Junior brother Jiang Liu, where are you bringing me?"

Jiang Liu continues moving forward, as if failing to hear him.

You XiaoMo frowns and simply stops walking, standing at the same spot waiting for him to realize. It turns out to be an effective move. Jiang Liu finally stops and turns around because he no longer hears footsteps behind him. He thinks that You XiaoMo had left, panic flashing across his face but after catching sight of You XiaoMo standing a few meters away, he heaves a barely noticeable sigh of relief.

This is clearly noticed by You XiaoMo who was watching him to see when he would realize that he is no longer following him. And so, he can't help but become suspicious.

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