The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 72

Chapter 72

"Big brother You, why are you not coming?"

Jiang Liu sees his doubtful expression and panic flashes across his eyes.

Although You XiaoMo will sometimes forget this and that and keep his head forward while not considering the back, but while in other people's domain, he still knows to be a little careful. This Jiang Liu seems a little odd making it impossible for him to follow along carelessly, especially since he is from Heaven peak.

"Junior brother Jiang, we are just going to have a little chat. There's no need for us to go so far ba?"

"This ....... the truth is, I have something to show you so I thought of bringing you straight there."

Jiang Liu stammers while looking for an excuse. In fact, he had already thought out the possibilities. From the beginning, he didn't think that You XiaoMo would follow him so easily so he had prepared an excuse which now comes in handy.

"If I'm not mistaken, this direction is towards the back of the mountain. The thing you're talking about can't possibly be at the back of the mountain?"

You XiaoMo says doubtfully. If he isn't wrong, this Jiang Liu should be like him, this being his first time in the Central lineage.

"Yes, yes it is."

Jiang Liu says somewhat anxiously.

You XiaoMo looks at him wordlessly. This person, telling a lie and yet doesn't know how to lie more brilliantly. Looking at nervous expression, it's obvious that there is something going on.

Although Ling Xiao always says that he is stupid, no matter how stupid he is, he still can see that something is wrong. Thinking of Jiang Liu's situation and how he came to look for him with no rhyme or reason, it's obvious that he must have been ordered by someone. As for the person that gave the order, it's most probably the one that hates him right down to her bones, Tang YunQi. If it is her, then all this will make sense.

"Junior brother Jiang, I think it is better not to go to the back of the mountain. After all, this is the Central lineage. It's better if we don't run around recklessly."

You XiaoMo knows that Jiang Liu could have been threatened by Tang YunQi. But even though he is sympathetic, he still won't just go along knowing full well that it would cause him harm. So he can only say it in a roundabout way hoping that he gets the hint.

Jiang Liu bites down on his thin lower lip, his eyes showing signs of struggle.

You XiaoMo sees his condition and feels a little uneasy saying, "I know that Tang YunQi asked you to get me. How about this ba. Go confess to Tang YunQi that I saw through your plan. I'll let her come look for me herself. This way, she should not give you trouble."

"Big brother You, it's no use."

Jiang Liu takes a glance at him as if wanting to cry and then hangs his head.

"If Big sister Tang knows that I failed in carrying out her order she would definitely not let it go. Although I am also a Heaven peak disciple, but since Big sister Tang knows that I am from the same village as you, she also detests me. Sometimes she would even bring some people along to give me trouble. She even threatened me not to tell Master."

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo frowns deeply. He didn't expect Tang YunQi to be this type of person. Because she hates him, she even hates someone just for being from the same village. And using her status as the Grand Master's daughter to bully Junior brother Jiang. This behavior is just too shameless. But even though he is sympathetic, there is nothing he can do. If not for Ling Xiao's protection, he would most probably be tormented to death by Tang YunQi long ago.

"Junior brother Jiang, I still feel that you should tell this to your Master. Your Master took a liking to your potential so he must value you. If you were to tell him, he will certainly look out for you."

You XiaoMo suggests earnestly and sincerely.

"Thank you. But she is the Grand Master's daughter. I ....... I can't win over her. My master can help me but he can't help me with everything."

Jiang Liu's eyes are full of tears but he still looks at You XiaoMo with gratitude.

Being looked at with this kind of expression, You XiaoMo suddenly feels a little guilty.

If you consider it all, the reason he is being mistreated is all because of him. If he didn't piss off Tang YunQi, Tang YunQi would not have shifted her rage onto him just because he is from the same village. He really did cause trouble for Jiang Liu.

"How about this ba, tell her this for me. Tell her that I will meet her at the fork in the road we just passed and I will explain it all."

Actually it's not as if You XiaoMo has such noble intentions. Meeting with Tang YunQi in private is a dangerous thing. But seeing that Jiang Liu is from the same village and also him being the first person he saw when he opened his eyes, it's all thanks to him that he was able to figure out what kind of world he had landed into. Now, seeing that Tang YunQi is venting her anger on him, he feels that he has to bear some of the responsibility.

"Is it ok like this?"

Jiang Liu asks with eyes full of tears.

"I say it's ok so it's ok. After all, if Tang YunQi doesn't succeed this time, she will still come and trouble me so I might as well get it over with."

You XiaoMo feels the corners of his eyes twitching. He had thought that Jiang Liu is a young man with a sunny and forthright character. Didn't expect him to be such a crybaby. His tear glands seem to more well-developed that a girl's, crying at the drop of a hat.

"Thank you!"

Jiang Liu finally stops crying, thanking him wearily.

"En, then you should hurry and go lest she gets angry while waiting and takes it out on you. I'll go ahead and wait there."

It's too bad he's not a girl, otherwise You XiaoMo may have even rest his hand on him and use a handkerchief to wipe his face.

"Then I'm going first, goodbye Big brother You."

Jiang Liu waves at You XiaoMo before running of to notify Tang YunQi.

After Jiang Liu disappears from view, You XiaoMo can't hold on any longer. Who asked him to act tough? Who asked him to be soft-hearted? Now he's in for it. Soon he will have to face that crafty and unreasonable princess Tang YunQi. Actually ....... he is a little terrified. Thinking it over, You XiaoMo suddenly feels that is is better if he calls Ling Xiao over. If Tang YunQi really is going to harm him, at least Ling Xiao would be there. As for Tang YunQi and company, expecting You XiaoMo to keep the appointment by himself, they completely won't expect that You XiaoMo would want to involve Ling Xiao. After deciding this, You XiaoMo hums a tune while retracing his steps.

Just not long after he leaves, a black figure appears wordlessly at the place where two of them just stood. The black figure looks expressionlessly at the direction You XiaoMo was heading, and in a flash disappears yet again. The afterimage can be seen heading in the same direction as You XiaoMo.

On the other side, Jiang Liu really brings You XiaoMo's words to Tang YunQi.

Hearing that You XiaoMo actually dares to meet up with her, a look of delight flashes across Tang YunQi's eyes, "Junior brother Jiang, is it really true? You XiaoMo is actually waiting for me up ahead? Is it possible that he knows my plan so he intentionally said that just to get rid of us?"

"No, he will be there."

Jiang Liu lowers his head so his expression is not readable.

"Fine, I'll believe you ba. I knew it would succeed if I sent you. You did very well. What comes next has nothing to do with you so you can leave first. Also, I don't want other people to know about this, so you know what to do ba?"

Tang YunQi pats his shoulder with satisfaction. Luckily she still has this Jiang Liu card to play. This time she would definitely teach You XiaoMo a lesson and let him know just who Elder brother belongs to.

"I understand, Big sister Tang."

Jiang Liu grimaces, showing a slight sneer. It's too bad no one notices.

And so Tang YunQi sets off in a grand fashion with her footmen in tow towards where You XiaoMo indicated. Although that spot usually has a lot of foot traffic, but at this time because of the grand competition, most people are already resting in order to reappear full of energy at the competition arena. So there just aren't many people passing through. This is a miscalculation on the part of You XiaoMo.

Feeling happy and carefree, Tang YunQi and company soon arrive at the meeting point.

But the image of You XiaoMo standing there waiting for them does not materialize.

"Didn't Junior brother Jiang say that You XiaoMo will be waiting for us here? There's just no sign of him. Can it be that we have been tricked?"

Lackey number one suddenly gets suspicious.

"I think Junior brother Jiang has been fooled by You XiaoMo."

Lackey number two voices out his thoughts.

Tang YunQi's expression flickers ambiguously, "What you have said is reasonable but according to Junior brother Jiang, You XiaoMo wouldn't deceive him. Now that there is no sign of him, could it be that there is some other reason?"

In the end, she is still unwilling to give up on this hard fought opportunity.

"How about we wait a while?"

Lackey number one asks cautiously.

"Let's do as you suggest."

Tang YunQi says coldly. If You XiaoMo really dares to deceive her, new hatred piled onto old, she most certainly would not let him die a peaceful death.

It's just that the three of them don't expect that the one they are waiting for, You XiaoMo won't appear but someone else comes instead.

Actually, Ling Xiao already sensed it when You XiaoMo left the room. The barrier he set up not only cuts the room off, it also has the ability to perceive. No matter who goes in and out of it, he will be able to sense it. So he knows that someone came over looking for You XiaoMo but the scent was not familiar to him. In any case, You XiaoMo followed that person of his own accord.

Thinking of that, Ling Xiao feels that it shouldn't be a problem so he doesn't pay much attention to it. But an hour later, Ling Xiao finally feels that something is off. You XiaoMo still hasn't returned and that is a little odd!

You XiaoMo doesn't know a lot of people especially in the Central lineage. The person he is familiar with is only Fu ZiLin. Their brothers from the same peak would also not come looking for him. Even if they did come find You XiaoMo and called him out, it is unlikely that Ling Xiao won't know who it is.

After realizing that something is not right, Ling Xiao says goodbye to his two Junior brothers and goes looking for You XiaoMo by following his scent.

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