The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 73

Chapter 73

The further he goes, the more surprised Ling Xiao gets. He actually doesn't come across anyone in the Central lineage. Furthermore, the cold air is increasing. That direction is actually towards the back of the Central lineage mountain.

The five ranges of WuShuang mountain are enveloped in clouds. Also the steepest one is the Central lineage, especially the back of the mountain. Covered in dense forest with hundred year old trees, a rugged terrain with bizarre jagged rocks, and frequented by wild animals. Therefore, disciples are usually not allowed to casually enter the back of the mountain.

You XiaoMo is so weak. If he were to enter the back of the mountain, wouldn't he simply have no chance of survival?

Thinking of this, Ling Xiao can't help but feel a little irritated. He immediately picks up his speed and flies towards the back of the mountain. Just when he is almost reaching the back of the mountain, at the intersection with other roads, he sees a few familiar figures from afar. Among them is the one that pesters him day in and day out, Tang YunQi.

Tang YunQi could be anywhere else and yet she appears precisely on the road where You XiaoMo goes missing. Is there anything that coincidental in this world?

Ling Xiao's face darkens, enveloped in piercingly cold air. He appears in front of Tang YunQi.

Tang YunQi only feels a rush of cold air brushing across her face and reflexively closes her eyes. When she opens them up again she sees the Brother Xiao that she has been longing for actually appearing in front of her since who knows when. Right then, she forgets what she is here for, her face lighting up as she runs towards him, "Brother Xiao, why are you here?"

The two footmen behind her not only do not show any signs of delight, their face instead undergo a huge change, looking at the suddenly appearing Ling Xiao with deathly pale faces.

"You're asking me why I'm here? That's what I want to ask you, Little sister. Can you tell me? What are you doing here?"

Cold glinting eyes sweep over her, seeing her act as if it is all a coincidence, he feels even more nauseated towards her.

Hearing these words, the smile on Tang YunQi's face immediately disappears as she remembers what she is here for.

Turns out the one they are waiting for, You XiaoMo, doesn't appear, instead Ling Xiao appears. What is the meaning of this? If this was under normal circumstances, Tang YunQi would definitely be very happy to have this 'chance encounter' with Ling Xiao. But right at this moment, if he finds out that she was intending to harm You XiaoMo, the consequences ....... she doesn't even dare to imagine, "This ....... I was taking a walk with my fellow disciples, and unexpectedly we ended up walking all the way here."

Tang YunQi explains nervously. The ten fingers under her sleeves are already balled up tightly and turning white, deathly afraid that she would be found out.

A barely perceptible violent look flashes across Ling Xiao's eyes and immediately fades away. In an instant, he resumes his gentle and refined demeanor, "Little sister really came out for a walk? This is the forbidden area behind the mountain. You all actually strolled all the way to the back of the mountain. Can it be that something happened that can only be dealt with behind the mountain?"

"No, no, Brother Xiao, you're worrying too much. We really just came out for a walk."

Tang YunQi quickly denies, then lowers her head not daring to look at Ling Xiao anymore.

Ling Xiao smiles gently but his eyes are as cold as ice, "Since it's like that, then did Little sister see You XiaoMo? I just came across someone on the way here. He told me You XiaoMo was following someone unfamiliar heading in this direction. Could it be that Little sister came across them?"

"You XiaoMo?"

Tang YunQi immediately acts as if she has no idea, "Don't have ah, we didn't see him at all on the way here. If Brother Xiao doesn't believe it, you can ask Big brother and Big sister. We were together all this time."

"Elder brother Lin, Junior sister Tang is telling the truth. We were together all along and definitely did not come across Junior brother You."

Not waiting for Ling Xiao to ask, the two footmen immediately back up Tang YunQi's words.

"Brother Xiao, I remembered that I still have some things to take care of. If you have nothing else, then I'll leave first."

Tang YunQi is worried that if they were to stay any longer, You XiaoMo would suddenly appear. If the two sides were to meet, then their words would be exposed. So she can't wait to leave this place, even starting to take a step when she finished speaking.

"Not so fast."

Ling Xiao suddenly orders loudly.

Tang YunQi jumps in fright. Standing rooted on the spot, she stammers while looking at Ling Xiao, "Brother Xiao, is there anything else?"

"You all are sure you don't know where You XiaoMo is?"

Ling Xiao turns and fixes his eyes on her wavering eyes, stressing each and every word.

The three of them uniformly shake their heads. You XiaoMo told them to meet up here. But from the time they arrived until now, they didn't even catch a glimpse of him. So they really didn't see You XiaoMo, not to mention know where he is, although Jiang Liu might know.

Ling Xiao assumes that they wouldn't dare to lie to him, so he can only let them leave.

Tang YunQi and company immediately run away in a panic as if having received a huge pardon, terrified that they will be called back by Ling Xiao as they run.

You XiaoMo's scent definitely has not disappeared. Ling Xiao looks down the road towards the back of the mountain. If he is not mistaken, You XiaoMo and that person should have headed further in. What makes him surprised is that other than the scent of Tang YunQi and the other two, there is actually a scent from another person.

Ling Xiao stands on the spot pondering for a moment with an unreadable expression. He suddenly leaps into the air and with fluttering sleeves disappears down the small road in the direction of the back of the mountain.

At the same time, in the pitch black and full of sinister energy back of the mountain, a black figure runs quickly through the forest, carrying a person on his shoulder. His speed is very fast, occasionally scaring out some wild beasts, but in a flash, they are all left far behind, right until an endless wall of dense vines appear in front of them. The black figure stops and parts the entangled wall of vines revealing a pitch black cave opening, walking right in without any hesitation.

At first it is dark everywhere, but as they gradually head inside, the surroundings get brighter.

You XiaoMo opens his eyes and immediately the brightness stabs his eyes causing to him to close them again to get used to the light. When he reopens them, he feels as if he has gone up to heaven .......

The vast white world seems to be like work of the gods. Exquisite ice sculptures are everywhere. Sculptures of beautiful women, landscapes, plants, animals, as if anything you can think of is here. Each piece seems to have been meticulously carved. Such a colossal project, if it wasn't done by over hundreds or thousands of people, it probably couldn't have been completed in a short time.

This is a very huge mountain cave. A thousand zhang in width, a hundred zhang in height. There are no openings at the top, as if the whole mountain cave is set inside a mountain.

This ice carving world seems to have existed for a very long time. The refreshingly cold air is not bone-penetrating. Although You XiaoMo can feel the whooshing cold, he can still bear it.

The black figure walks forward a few steps and not caring if You XiaoMo has awakened, just suddenly throws him down.

An 'ai yo' cry is heard. You XiaoMo didn't expect to be suddenly thrown down so he is too late to stop himself from falling on his butt. The floor is a hard piece of ice. Falling on it almost causes his butt to break into four pieces.

You XiaoMo rubs his butt while grimacing as he looks up.

The black figure is a man. His whole body is wrapped up in black clothes like a ninja, including his hair. So he can only see the cold dark eyes of the black figure, cold dark eyes that are looking at him.

You XiaoMo shudders, who can this person be?

In the whole TianXin sect, other than Tang YunQi that is always causing trouble for him, he has not offended anyone else. He had thought that this person could have been sent by Tang YunQi but upon further consideration, it doesn't add up. If Tang YunQi had already prepared this move, she wouldn't have needed to send Jiang Liu to lure him out to meet her.

But if it's not Tang YunQi, he really can't think of anyone else that would want to harm him.

"This ....... Elder, I don't seem to know you. Why do you want to capture me?"

You XiaoMo swallows and swallows. This person doesn't look like someone easy to deal with. From before until now, those eyes have looked at him coldly, as if wanting to peel off a layer of his skin.

"Wait here. If you dare to run, I will cut off your legs."

The black-clothed person says with sinister and cold eyes. Saying that, he turns around and leaves. You XiaoMo waits for him to disappear before crawling up, patting his still painful butt.

Of course he won't do as the black-clothed person says and obediently stay there waiting to die. It is obvious from the look in his eyes, that person is treating him as a dead man. He guesses that the black-clothed person is probably capable of killing him at any time. Only a fool would stay waiting.

Turning around he sees that the whole mountain cave is full of ice sculptures. This is his first time seeing something so beautiful. It's too bad that he has no time to appreciate it.

You XiaoMo sighs. He walks lightly like cat to the cave opening. It has already been a while so that black-clothed person should have already left ba.

Trusting to luck, You XiaoMo lifts his leg wanting to go out. He suddenly feels an electric shock. A jolt of electricity flows from his toe spreading to his whole body. This familiar feeling scares You XiaoMo causing him to quickly withdraw his leg, standing trembling at the cave opening for a moment.

Bloody hell, there's actually a barrier?

This feeling is definitely not unfamiliar to You XiaoMo. When he went to the library for the first time, because he didn't know a thing, he jumped in fright when he touched the barrier on the bookshelves.

But because of this, he gets an important piece of information. That black-clothed person can actually set up a barrier. That means his power is not low. Thinking of that pair of piercing eyes sharpened by age, it must be an elder from TianXin sect. It definitely must be!

If this is the case, wouldn't his chance for escape be even more distant and improbable?

Just when You XiaoMo was going round and round in panic, a set of hurried footsteps can be heard drawing near.

zhang - 3.3m