The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 74

Chapter 74
Eating people?

You XiaoMo immediately thinks that the black-clothed person is back so he quickly runs to hide behind the closest ice sculpture.

Because the ice sculpture is very large, and You XiaoMo is relatively thin, his whole figure is concealed when he hides behind it.

The hurried steps do belong to the one You XiaoMo expected, the returning black-clothed person. It's just that his expression is more nervous now than it was before he left. After rushing in, his face darkens when he doesn't see any sign of You XiaoMo. Now he realizes that not tying him up was a miscalculation.

The ice cave is very large. Furthermore all along there is this strange atmosphere that cuts off martial artists' perceptive power. If You XiaoMo really wants to go into hiding, he wouldn't be able to find him easily.

The black-clothed person stamps his foot. What a miscalculation!

Feeling that the wind behind him is getting stronger and stronger, the black-clothed person has no time to run in and look for You XiaoMo. He takes out the sword that is always be his side and runs to hide next to the cave opening as the sound of the whistling wind draws near.

When it appears to reach the cave opening, the black-clothed person cries out loudly and with a swift and violent motion brings down the sword in his hand. A 'qiang' sound is heard. The sword misses its mark, hitting the ice floor. The strange thing is, the ice floor that received that powerful blow actually shows no trace of it. But the black-clothed person has no time to think about these things.

The strange wind enters the ice cave and turns into a person. This person is none other that the one chasing after You XiaoMo's scent, Ling Xiao.

Hiding behind the ice sculpture, You XiaoMo stealthily pops his head out and sees Ling Xiao appear out of thin air with his own eyes. He is immediately stunned. What is the meaning of this? Isn't Ling Xiao a man? How can he appear out of thin air?

As if answering his question, the black-clothed person shouts in a grave voice, "You are not Lin Xiao!"

The tone is one of a hundred percent certainty.

"You say I'm not Lin Xiao. How are you so sure?"

There is not the least bit of alarm on Ling Xiao's face. A slight smile appears on his lips as he looks at the black-clothed person, as if they are just chatting about trivial things, and not hostile adversaries.

The black-clothed person snorts, knowing that he is putting on airs, "No matter how great Lin Xiao is, he is not someone that can understand these underhanded moves. On top of that, these days, all your strange actions do not match up with Lin Xiao. In fact, you're just not Lin Xiao!"

"Brilliant! A really brilliant explanation!"

Ling Xiao claps his hands in delight. His manner is like the spring breeze in March, so gentle that is almost makes people want to drown in it. His slightly open red lips casually tosses out an explosive statement, "Then you ne, Elder Jiang? In fact, you are also not the real Elder Jiang ba?"

The pupils of the black-clothed person suddenly contracts. Seeing his confident look, it's obvious that just like himself, this person is also certain that the other is a fake. But his identity is very important so before he kills them, he can't admit it. So he says in a cold voice, "Letting me see through you and now you want to pull me underwater with you? This move of yours is quite impressive but too bad it's of no use!"

"Haha, a man that is about to die, is there any need for me to drag him underwater?"

Bright laughter overflows from Ling Xiao's mouth.

The black-clothed person fiercely widens his eyes, both eyes reflecting flames of bone penetrating hatred, "Who dies is yet to be determined!"

If You XiaoMo were standing in front of him, he would definitely warn Elder Jiang in a gentle whisper not to provoke Ling Xiao at this time. That's because his smile is getting more and more brilliant.

But right now, You XiaoMo is unavailable. Personally witnessing Ling Xiao angering Elder Jiang to the point of death with just a few words, it's obvious that he won't have any problems dealing with Elder Jiang. He decides to wisely protect himself to avoid being used as a hostage. If that were to happen, he would only be a burden for Ling Xiao.

Elder Jiang is intent on killing off Ling Xiao while desperately wanting to preserve his hidden identity. He launches a series of swift and fierce moves at Ling Xiao.

The attack techniques that Elder Jiang practices can control the wind. As a mid-level attack technique, he has practiced this set of moves since childhood. And now after hundreds of years, he can easily manipulate the air and launch a wind-based attack. And if you add a sword on top of that, it can change to blades of piercing wind, like knives covering every inch. If they were to cut a vital point in a moment of carelessness, it would cause death.

Elder Jiang is very confident of his own abilities because he doesn't just practice the wind attack, he still has another killing move. It's just that he won't use it unless the time is right.

You XiaoMo hiding behind the ice sculpture watches with his heart beating furiously thinking that he is really powerful. But when he just finishes gasping in awe, he is stunned by the scene in front of him. When Elder Jiang launches his attack at him, Ling Xiao still doesn't move.

The long sword rings and vibrates as it stabs towards the unmoving Ling Xiao. Then a shocking scene unfolds. When the long sword and wind blades come within one meter of Ling Xiao, they suddenly freeze in mid-air. No matter how Elder Jiang tries to force them in, they don't move a single inch.

Ling Xiao smiles as he raises his hand, "Elder Jiang, wind can also be used this way."

Right after saying this, a fierce strong wind rushes out from Ling Xiao's palm, flipping Elder Jiang backwards. Immediately, the motionless Ling Xiao suddenly rushes towards the falling Elder Jiang, appearing close to Elder Jiang in an instant. He raises his strong slender leg up high and cuts across the air causing an invisible wind to strike Elder Jiang at his vulnerable abdomen. The whole person immediately becomes like a piece of rag, flying and crashing into the ice sculptures under the wall .......

A heavy blow, almost making Elder Jiang unable to get back on his feet.

You XiaoMo's mouth hangs wide open, stunned at the sight. This is only a short exchange of blows and Elder Jiang is actually defeated so soundly?

After finishing off Elder Jiang, Ling Xiao suddenly turns towards where You XiaoMo is hiding, calling out, "The show is over. Aren't you going to come out?"

Li Ning says anything is possible. You XiaoMo did not believe that before but now he does. He silently walks out. Ling Xiao is standing not far away, his lips raised as if smiling while looking at him. You XiaoMo pauses before running up to him, "Elder brother Ling, how did you find me?"

Ling Xiao looks at him up and down deep in thought as if looking to see if he is hurt. He then says, "Of course I followed the smell on your body."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Your real body is that of a dog ba?

"Now, what are we going to do with Elder Jiang?"

You XiaoMo looks at the faraway Elder Jiang. Because the actions before were too violent, the cloth is no longer covering his face. Even though the face is covered in blood, he can still recognize him. It really is Elder Jiang. Thinking back, that time when Elder Jiang was spying on them outside the room, he must have had another motive ba.

"Knowing my secret, of course it's death."

Ling Xiao says without a care. To him, killing is easier than eating.

"Yi, don't you want to ask him why he wants to kill you?"

You XiaoMo asks in surprise.

Ling Xiao's pretty bright eyes suddenly flash wickedly towards Elder Jiang. He says extremely confidently, "I don't need him to tell me. I can figure it out myself."

You XiaoMo is just about to ask when he remembers something. Since he has a complete hold on Lin Xiao's memory, he must have a way of getting hold of Elder Jiang's memories. Although he doesn't know how he does it, he can't help but think that this ability is really too awesome. Why doesn't he have it ne?!

Just at this moment, Elder Jiang that was lying as if dead on the ground suddenly arches up and roars upwards. Then a frightening transformation unfolds. Just like that time in HePing town when they saw the demon Luo Shan. His outer shell suddenly bursts open, lifting high his four limbs, with bulging flesh, the yellow skin gradually turns to the distinctive black of demons. The red blood vessels expand suddenly under the skin, twitching sharply, especially terrifying.

Before the time it takes for five breaths, Elder Jiang's transformation is complete. He's actually just like Luo Shan, a half demon.

The bodies of demons are stronger than that of humans. After transforming, although it won't eliminate the inner injuries that were incurred earlier, it is much better than before. The scarlet dot in the middle of the black eyes slowly shift until they fall on Ling Xiao who is standing a few meters away. A burst of bloodthirsty killing aura fills the air.

In a flash, Elder Jiang's transformed demon body disappears from that spot and in the next instant, the demon appears to the right side of Ling Xiao. A fist three times the size of a human fist booms towards Ling Xiao's face.

"Asking for death."

Ling Xiao snorts coldly. In a flash, he seizes his wrist and forcefully twists it. The bones go *ka cha* and the right hand is immediately useless. But the demon seems impervious, raising up his other hand. Ling Xiao raises his palm towards his head and attacks. Not sure if it was because the strength was too great but it actually snaps off the head. The terrifying demon head suddenly hangs backwards lifelessly.

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

And so the seemingly super strong demon is crushed by Ling Xiao in just a few moves.

Ling Xiao casually throws down the dead and done with Elder Jiang. He turns towards the stunned You XiaoMo and says, "Next, I'm going to suck up his memories. You can choose to close your eyes."

You XiaoMo swallows and swallows. He hesitates before shaking his head. He wants to know.

Ling Xiao doesn't try to convince him. He raises his left palm. A round seal suddenly appears on his before flawless palm. He sees him place his palm on Elder Jiang's forehead. His lips move as if chanting a spell. Then the demon's body starts to shrivel up bit by bit. Slowly getting smaller. In the end, the whole body disappears. Only the black ninja clothes remain on the floor.

You XiaoMo turns into stone. Did he eat up Elder Jiang?

Li Ning says anything is possible - Li Ning is a Chinese sportswear brand. Anything is possible is their old slogan.