The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 75

Chapter 75
First awakening of love?

Able to magically adopt other people's appearance. Eating magic pills like eating jellybeans. Able to change into evil wind. Extraordinary strength. Most importantly, he can actually eat people!

Although he doesn't know how he did it, You XiaoMo is sure that the suck up memories he was talking about definitely includes sucking up the the person that holds those memories. He feels that he is very very close to understanding the what really happened but no matter how much he thinks, he can't push through that last barrier.

After completely digesting Elder Jiang's memories, a memory chip-like thing emerges floating in some corner of Ling Xiao's consciousness. Elder Jiang's memories is recorded on that chip.

This is also one of his abilities. After absorbing other people's memories, he will store them independently to avoid letting them get mixed up with his own memories. Lin Xiao's memories was also handled this way. When he has need for it, he only needs to have the intention and he will be able to see those memories.

Ling Xiao opens his eyes and looks askance at the stunned You XiaoMo. The corners of his lips rise slightly, "Terrified?"


You XiaoMo's soul was floating beyond the highest heavens when he suddenly hears someone talking to him. He comes back to his senses and sees Ling Xiao looking at him, his dark eyes hiding unreadable rays of light. He can't help but ask, "Just now, what was that?"

Ling Xiao sees his puzzled face and restrains the glint in his eyes, suddenly smiling, "It's nothing. Just one of my innate abilities, that's all."

Innate ability? You XiaoMo thinks that this way of saying things is a little strange.

"Oh right, is Elder Jiang like that demon Luo Shan? Also sent by demons to lie low in TianXin sect and act as a spy?"

"En, Elder Jiang has already lay hidden in TianXin sect for a hundred years. In the beginning there indeed was a young man with the surname Jiang. But before that person could develop his fighting skills, he was already replaced by the current Elder Jiang. For a hundred years, he did not step beyond his bounds, not revealing a single clue. This time, if not for an order from the higher ups, he would not have taken the risk to eliminate me."

Ling Xiao says offhandedly.

"Why do they want to get rid of you?"

You XiaoMo is very curious.

The demons actually risked exposing their valuable set piece in order to take out Ling Xiao. It only goes to show how they view Ling Xiao as a nail in the eye that must be pulled out.

Ling Xiao raises the corners of his mouth and smiles at him, "Take a guess."

You XiaoMo immediately loses his smile, glancing at him and says hesitatingly, "Can it be because you killed that Luo Shan?"


Ling Xiao smiles and nods slightly. His unparalleled radiant handsome face looming at him.

Close? You XiaoMo thinks back carefully. At that time, Ling Xiao really did kill that demon Luo Shan in front of a lot of people. And later, because of that incident, it was exposed that the demons sent spies to lie low in other sects. It was said that quite a few spies were dragged out. Can it be because of that? You XiaoMo says uncertainly, "Can it be because you destroyed their grand plan?"


Ling Xiao continues to nod his head but still doesn't give him the real answer.

"Then I don't know."

Already guessed up to this point and it is still not right. You XiaoMo really can't figure it out.

"Idiot! Giving up so easily."

Ling Xiao rebukes him lightly but the expression on his face is one of absolute delight, "The reason the demons sent Elder Jiang to kill me is because they think I have a way of discerning half demons. So they want to get rid of me as soon as possible."

Talking about his, You XiaoMo suddenly remembers.

Indeed, at that time, Ling Xiao seems to know beforehand that Luo Shan is a demon. Furthermore, usually half demons won't reveal their true appearance unless they themselves intend to. And with Luo Shan's identity, he definitely wouldn't reveal his true form in front of so many people. So the demon commander must think that Ling Xiao forced Luo Shan to transform. If that's the case, Ling Xiao really has the ability to see through half demons. No wonder the demons want to get rid of him.

"Elder brother Ling, what are we going to do now? Although Elder Jiang is a half demon, but if we were to reveal his identity, we will also fall under suspicion."

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo can't help but be worried for Ling Xiao. Elder Jiang is the chair of the competition. If he doesn't show up tomorrow, the Grand Master will definitely send people to look for him. If it is discovered that he died here, it doesn't matter if his identity is revealed, everyone will still be suspicious.

"You don't have to worry about this matter. I know what to do."

Ling Xiao says, the least bit affected.

You XiaoMo stares at him for a while and then suddenly cries out in alarm, "Don't tell me you're going to let someone else pretend to be Elder Jiang?"

Hearing these words, Ling Xiao examines him carefully for a while, his bright handsome eyes showing surprise. He then laughs, "Little brother, this method of yours is not bad, but ....... where are you going to find someone to pretend to be Elder Jiang?"

Hearing the first part, You XiaoMo is about to smile when he hears the mocking words that follow. He immediately holds back his smile, "Then what is Elder brother Ling planning?"

"You know during yesterday's first stage competition, why was it that I and Zhou Peng were chosen for the first round?"

Ling Xiao doesn't answer his question. He walks around Elder Jiang's ninja clothes. Suddenly he uses his toe to push lightly at one corner of the ninja clothes. Immediately what sound likes identification jade tablets can be heard.

"Can it be ....... he wants to test out your strength?"

You XiaoMo's eyes suddenly light up.

"That's right."

Ling Xiao squats down and picks up that jade tablet, "Lin Xiao is the Grand disciple of the warrior division. Quite a bit of prestige. But these two years, he has been concealing his true strength. Elder Jiang has very little contact with him so in order to ensure that he can kill Lin Xiao, he planned to use the grand friendly competition to test out his strength. He didn't expect Zhou Peng to ruin his plans so he can only look for another opportunity to make his move."

You XiaoMo didn't expect things to actually be so complicated. Thinking back he feels that something is not quite right, "Elder Jiang wants to kill you. What has that got to do with me? Also how did he know that I would go out with Jiang Liu this afternoon?"

Ling Xiao suddenly rubs his nose, shifting his gaze away from his face.

"Elder Jiang heard Tang YunQi and the others talking two days ago. He knows that they were planning to deal with you so he based his plan on theirs. He'll wait for Tang YunQi's people to lure you out, follow behind and then kidnap you ....... then try to frame your disappearance on Tang YunQi, oh, something like that."

"No way ba. You mean I was dragged in?"

You XiaoMo says in shock. He had thought that he had somehow offended someone.

"More of less ba."

Ling Xiao says these words somewhat guiltily but You XiaoMo doesn't notice.

"Looks like the Central lineage really doesn't agree with me!"

Ling Xiao actually leaves out a few things. That includes Elder Jiang seeing that they share the same room, and furthermore, You XiaoMo wearing his clothes, so he had guessed that they could be lovers. So he thought that if You XiaoMo would to go missing, he would definitely be in complete chaos, and that would be the perfect time to make his move. That is the real reason!

The reason why he doesn't tell You XiaoMo is because of that one word, 'lovers'.

It must be said that this word makes him feel as if enlightened. The hazy feelings he has towards You XiaoMo these few days becomes clear in an instant. Turns out the reason why he is always teasing You XiaoMo is because he likes him?

The great Ling Xiao can't figure it out since he has never been in love. Who knows what a person in love is like?!

But because of the thoughts of Elder Jiang, the look Ling Xiao gives You XiaoMo is no longer purely a teasing or joking one. Instead there is an added thread of something inexplicable and complicated. He thinks that he might have fallen under a spell!

"Let's discuss this after we leave ba."

Ling Xiao keeps the jade tablet.

This jade tablet is only given to the Elders of TianXin sect. Because it is used as a form of identification, they are usually unique. On top is carved Elder Jiang's name. He only needs to engineer some fake evidence of his coming to harm and make sure that the timeline doesn't line up with theirs. In this way, the suspicions won't fall on them.

"Fine. Ai no. I just discovered something. Wait for me a bit."

You XiaoMo also wants to leave here as soon as possible, but when he was hiding behind the ice sculpture, he seems to have seen something he wasn't supposed to see.

Ling Xiao turns around and sees You XiaoMo run towards the ice sculpture he was hiding behind just now. He raises his brow and follows him. He finds that You XiaoMo is squinting, looking absorbedly at that ice sculpture. But it's only an ice-cold ice sculpture. What's there to see?

"Elder brother Ling, help me take a look. What is frozen inside this ice sculpture?"

You XiaoMo notices that Ling Xiao is standing at his side. He hurriedly waves at him his eyes bursting with excitement.

Ling Xiao glances at his face that is flushed with excitement. He suddenly feels that this face that usually seems ordinary suddenly starts to move him. He quickly shifts his line of sight, "It actually looks like a magic herb. But this ice cave is a little strange. It seems to have some kind of contraption that can cut off the super perceptive powers of human martial artists. This magic herb is also buried right at the core of the ice sculpture making it hard to discover if not studied carefully."

"Is there a way to take the magic herb out?"

You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao, his heart full or hopeful wings.

Caught off guard, their eyes meet. Ling Xiao looks away abruptly, his heart can't help but fill with curses. Why is this fellow becoming more and more lovable every time I look at him?