The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 78

Chapter 78

You XiaoMo is still asleep when *peng* the door is kicked open.

By the time he climbs out of the quilt in fright, in a daze, he sees a strong and swarthy middle aged man with a black beard stride into the room like a meteor cutting through no man's land.

"May I ask who you ....... "

"Are you that You XiaoMo?"

Before You XiaoMo could finish his question, the middle aged man reaches out and grips the collar on his chest, pulling him up, saying in a coarse voice like dull thunder in winter, somewhat grating to listen to.

Just waking up, his mind still in a daze, You XiaoMo's reaction is off by half a beat, simply nodding his head.

Elder Xiao sees his weak reaction and knows that he is no threat. He laughs coldly, "Let me ask you, yesterday from the Xu period to the Hai period, who were you with and what were you doing?"

"You ....... I can't breathe."

You XiaoMo's face is bright red. This person's strength is too much. He almost can no longer breathe before Elder Xiao snorts and lets him go.

Speaking of Elder Xiao, his full name is Xiao Shan, someone that is quite deserving of mention in TianXin sect.

Xiao Shan's has a very short fuse. His 'regards everyone beneath him' attitude is even worse than Lei Ju. When he speaks, he often carelessly offends people. The reason why he can carry on merrily until now is because he has a good master. His master is the junior brother of Tang Fan's master. The seniors are not people that even Tang Fan dares to offend.

The presence of this important backer is also why Lei Ju dares to oppose Ling Xiao. Now that Ling Xiao is listed as one of the suspects, Xiao Shan of course will not let go of this opportunity.

You XiaoMo coughs drily a few times and hears the person next to him repeat his question impatiently. Only then does he remember that he just asked him a question. Actually, when Ling Xiao was called away earlier, he vaguely remembers that it seemed to be related to the matter with Elder Jiang. But they concealed tightly what they did yesterday so if Ling Xiao doesn't reveal it to them, these people should not know that he has something to do to with Elder Jiang's situation.

Ling Xiao just left for over half an hour and already this person is here looking for him. So it's very likely that Ling Xiao told them about him.

Although he and Ling Xiao did not discuss this beforehand, You XiaoMo is still not that stupid to reveal any weak points to him. Thinking of what they usually do, he simply says, "I was with Elder brother Ling yesterday. I was refining magic pills. He was meditating."

This was what they did the night before. He guesses that Ling Xiao must have said the same thing.

Xiao Shan's expression is unreadable as he looks at him with a piercing look, as if trying to see if he is lying. In the end, he fails to detect it and sneers coldly, turning around, "Come with me."

You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief when he turns around. He quickly takes a set of clothes from the wardrobe and puts it on while walking. By the time they reach the Great Hall, he is properly dressed.

He gingerly follows Xiao Shan inside. You XiaoMo steals a look around and sees Ling Xiao as is expected. He carefully observes his expression. It is still the usual slightly smiling mask. Looks like he still hasn't been found out.

"Grand Master, I have brought You XiaoMo."

After saying this, Xiao Shan returns to his seat.

You XiaoMo then notices that Jiang Liu is also in the Great Hall. It's just that his head is looking downwards so his expression is unclear. He seems to have also just arrived but he doesn't know why he was called here.

"You XiaoMo, your Elder brother Lin said that you were with him the whole of last night. Is this the case?"

Seeing that everyone has arrived, Tang Fan at the head seat starts with the questions. His voice seems remote and indifferent but still maintains its majesty. He is clearly speaking in a measured tone but to You XiaoMo's ears, it feels like it could shock the deaf.

You XiaoMo immediately cups his hands and says, "Replying to Grand Master, I was indeed with Elder brother Lin last night."

"Oh, what were the both of you doing last night?"

Tang Fan's voice is flat, not revealing any of his thoughts.

"Replying to Grand Master, yesterday your disciple was refining magic pills. Elder brother Lin was meditating."

You XiaoMo repeats what he said to Xiao Shan. This time he speaks with more confidence because if something is wrong, Ling Xiao would have certainly found a way to let him know.

"All the way here and you're still working so hard. No wonder Junior brother Kong took you as a disciple. Not bad. What magic pills did you refine yesterday, bring them out and let me see."

Tang Fan's serious expression abruptly reveals a light smile as if he is an amiable elderly fellow.

"Yes, Grand Master!"

You XiaoMo's heart suddenly gets cold but he doesn't dare to show it. Then he somewhat nervously takes out a white bottle from his magic bag and respectfully brings it forward and hands it to him.

Tang Fan takes the bottle, opens the stopper and pours out a magic pill. The medicinal fragrance is not very strong. It's an ordinary level one Fasting magic pill. Definitely nothing special about it. After a rough glance, he puts it back, "Not bad, keep working hard. Strive to be an outstanding mage so you can be of service to TianXin sect. Step down ba!"

You XiaoMo takes a step forward and takes back the bottle. He says respectfully, "I will try my best. I will definitely not fail to meet Grand Master's expectations."

Saying this, he withdraws to one side thinking that what comes next would probably have nothing to do with him.

"This matter will end here for today. Elder Jiang coming to harm, I will send people to figure it out. Everyone can leave ba."

Tang Fan waves away everyone present, unwilling to let the matter drag on. In a bit, the third stage of the competition will commence.

Xiao Shan and Lei Ju, master and disciple as if communicating by magic horn, turn to look at Ling Xiao before leaving the Great Hall, one after another.

Ling Xiao walks up to You XiaoMo and leaves the Great Hall with him. The other disciples also leave one after another leaving Jiang Liu to follow behind by himself. Everyone seems to have forgotten about him.

When they reach the living quarters, You XiaoMo immediately runs into the room. He holds his chest as if holding down his shock, "Scared me to death. Grand Master's eyes are very piercing. Just now, I almost thought that he had seen through me."

Ling Xiao walks to his side and picks up the teapot and pours a cup of tea for him, "Tang Fan that wily old fox. Up till now he still suspects me. With you being close to me, questioning you is to be expected."

"Luckily I refined a bottle of level one Fasting magic pills before this. Otherwise, if I really didn't have any magic pills to give him, then he would have really seen through my lie."

You XiaoMo almost wants to applaud his own ingenuity. Speaking with the Grand Master is really too stressful for his heart.

"Before, when Xiao Shan came to call you, did he do anything to you?"

Ling Xiao sits in front of him, his eyes shining as he stares at You XiaoMo's cheeks that are dyed a light pink, as if wanting to see through to his skull.

You XiaoMo shakes his head, "No, but he is very rude. Without knocking, he simply kicks in the door and comes in. Not the least bit like an Elder. On top of that, he didn't even wait for me to put on clothes. He actually ran straight in and seized my collar. Luckily I wasn't dead asleep so I quickly woke up."

Hearing this, Ling Xiao calmly narrows his eyes, ice-cold rays are hidden at the bottom of his eyes. That old man actually dared to touch his man. Since they themselves are so persistent, then don't blame him for not being polite.

Elder Jiang's come to harm was not leaked out so a lot of disciples are unaware of this issue.

The competition starts on schedule with the presider changing to Xiao Shan. He is not as smooth as Elder Jiang but everyone doesn't pay much attention. After listening to the familiar opening remarks, he starts to draw lots.

After going through two rounds of eliminations, there now remains only thirteen people. If nothing unexpected happens, today, the final winner will be determined.

Xiao Shan takes out two pieces of paper from the box. Opening them up, his eyes can't help but widen a little, as if he can't believe what he is seeing. But under everyone's watchful eyes, there is nothing he can do. He can only toughen his scalp saying, "The competitors for the first match are Ling Xiao and Lei Ju, please come on stage."

The audience and the competitors suddenly quiet down considerably.

This circumstance is similar to the first stage of the competition. It's just that the one picking the names is now Xiao Shan, and on top that, he is the one that picked Lei Ju to compete with Ling Xiao. This means that one of them will be eliminated, with no chance of advancing into the top seven.

Everyone's expression suddenly becomes very excited, it's going to be one helluva show.

Ling Xiao playfully raises the corners of his lips. It's really 'if one wishes for it, it will come'. He was just thinking of a way to teach Lei Ju a lesson, not expecting it to be presented on his doorstep. It would be wrong not to make full use of this opportunity from Xiao Shan.

Thinking of this, Ling Xiao stands up and is about to get on stage when he suddenly feels a tug on his clothes. Looking down he sees You XiaoMo pulling on his clothes.

"Elder brother Ling, you have to be careful. That Lei Ju looks very strong."

You XiaoMo urges softly.

A flash of warmth appears in Ling Xiao's eyes. He can't help but pat his head, "Don't worry, I don't have to be careful. It's only one Lei Ju."

Saying this, he picks up the sword Luo Xia hands to him.

The real Lin Xiao uses a sword!

Seeing him turn around, You XiaoMo pouts. This megalomaniac. But he really has what it takes. Lei Ju indeed looks very strong but he is definitely not as strong as Elder Jiang. Ling Xiao can even kill off Elder Jiang so one Lei Ju is really not something to be concerned about.

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