The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 79

Chapter 79
The most vicious way to win.

Two figures on the huge stage, one white, one black.

The white one is of course Ling Xiao. White seems to be his trademark these days. Ever since You XiaoMo got to know him, he has not seen him wear clothes of any other color. The black one is therefore Lei Ju.

This Lei Ju is very arrogant. Although he has been ranked number two for an eternity, he is rather peculiar. He never gets discouraged. Instead, he gets braver with each fight. Every time Ling Xiao beats him down, he will always get right back up again and continue with his arrogant challenging manner. Simply just like a cockroach that can't be killed!

This competition, in the eyes of others, Lei Ju is probably not a match for Ling Xiao. But he himself doesn't think so.

"Lin Xiao, I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. This time I'll let you get acquainted with my strength to avenge for the last time."

Lei Ju holds a wolf fang spiked club over his shoulder. This is his weapon of choice. It's just that his strength is pretty good so he rarely carries it around. But this time with Ling Xiao, he doesn't have enough confidence that he would be able to beat him without a weapon. So from the start, he brings along the wolf fang club. Such a huge wolf fang club, thicker than his arm, if one really receives a direct hit, at best, the bones will crack, the worst, totally disabled.

Ling Xiao swings the sword in his hand, smiling at Lei Ju's provocative look, "I believe I will get acquainted."

Below the stage, You XiaoMo covers his face. Looking at the brilliant smile on Ling Xiao's face, he feels that the real meaning of his words is 'I believe you will die a miserable death'.

The sword technique that Lin Xiao practices is the same as Elder Jiang's, Unwavering Imperial Sword.

Unwavering Imperial Sword is one of the best if not the best attack technique in TianXin sect. Although it is a mid-level attack technique, it is a top grade mid-level technique. A lot of the core disciples and elders practice this attack technique. But there also those like Lei Ju who practice a club technique. Whichever suits one better.

As soon as Xiao Shan declares the start of the match, Lei Ju brandishes his wolf fang club and rushes at Ling Xiao. Running at maximum horsepower, even the people below the stage can feel the effects. A gust of strong wind rushes at their faces, alarming everyone causing them to flinch and almost jump from their seats.


A loud colliding sound rings out. Lei Ju's wolf fang club is easily stopped by Ling Xiao's sword. Seeing that the situation is not good, Lei Ju immediately moves his hulking strong frame backwards two meters, only stopping when he feels that he is at a safe distance. A set of sinister ruthless eyes fix on Ling Xiao, as if trying to seek out his weakness.

Compared to the cautious actions of Lei Ju, Ling Xiao appears much calmer. His sword is pointing at Lei Ju. His face is expressionless, as if he is really taking this battle very seriously.

Seeing this expression of Ling Xiao, Lei Ju snorts coldly.

Others may not be able to tell, but he knows that when Ling Xiao stopped his blow just know, he seems to have used up eighty percent of his energy. Don't think he can't tell, his hand was clearly shaking just now. So seeing his look now, he simply thinks that he is putting on airs.

Ling Xiao's back is towards Tang Fan and the elders. A look of playfulness flashes across his eyes. He bends his body slightly and just when Lei Ju is preparing to launch his second wave of attack, his feet seem to grow wings as he rushes towards Lei Ju. The speed can't be considered slow, as if only taking a blink of an eye to reach in front Lei Ju. The sword in his hand streaks across the air cutting a curved arc.

Lei Ju turns pale in fright. Right now it is too late to get out of the way so he quickly uses the wolf fang club in his hand to ward him off.

*Qiang* rings out, the clashing sound reverberates. A hint of delight flashes across Lei Ju's eyes.

Ling Xiao's lips suddenly arc upwards. This is not lost on Lei Ju who is only inches away. He inwardly curses 'not good', and the next second, a strong leg kicks him on his completely exposed waist. Because he used the wolf fang club to ward off the blow, this causes his whole right side to be completely defenseless. So Ling Xiao seizes this opportunity and gives him a hard kick. The waist is already the weakest part of the human body. On top of that, Ling Xiao was not merciful with his kick.

Lei Ju staggers to his left. The dull pain washes over his body in waves. If not for his extraordinary endurance, he most probably wouldn't even be able to remain standing. By the time he turns his head around, the tip of Ling Xiao's long sword is right between his eyes.

Lei Ju widens his eyes fiercely, looking at Ling Xiao with eyes that are bursting with fury.

He finally realizes why these moves are so familiar. Before, the last time he fought against Lin Xiao, he was defeated by Lin Xiao with these few moves. At that time he felt that it was the most humiliating time of his entire life. He swore that there will come a day when he would wash off the humiliation. Never did he expect that Lin Xiao would actually use the very same moves once again to defeat him!

"The match is over. Lin Xiao wins."

Xiao Shan is worried that Ling Xiao would harm Lei Ju so he hastily announces the winner.

Ling Xiao puts back his long sword. He raises the corners of his mouth at Lei Ju, revealing a delighted smile. He then cups his hands towards the enraged Lei Ju and says elegantly, "Junior brother Lei, I am now well acquainted with your strength!"

Lei Ju's rough and brutish face immediately turns a purplish green.

In the Elder seats, Xiao Shan's face is also very unsightly. This Lin Xiao is too vicious. The match is already over and he still says those words. He clearly wants to drive them mad!

With those words, Ling Xiao beams as he gets off the stage, walking back to You XiaoMo.

Seeing the situation, You XiaoMo immediately goes up to him saying cautiously, "Elder brother Ling, you defeated him so quickly. Wouldn't it be suspicious?"

In his eyes, the two of them only exchanged a few blows.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and looks at You XiaoMo's cautious actions. His lips curve up into a slight smile, "No need to worry, when Lei Ju sparred with Lin Xiao the last time, Lin Xiao used these same moves to defeat Lei Ju."

You XiaoMo's mouth falls open, this move is really too vicious!

For one, this would make people not suspect that he is not the real Lin Xiao. Second, he can make use of this opportunity to deal a huge blow to Lei Ju. Losing to the same moves, even if Lei Ju is psychologically strong, he would still be driven half mad with anger. On top of that, he said those boastful opening remarks and was defeated not long after making it all the more humiliating.

Pitiful Lei Ju. This incident would probably haunt him for a long time.

But who would have thought that Ling Xiao would actually use the very same moves that Lin Xiao used to defeat Lei Ju? It didn't even cross Lei Ju's mind. If not, he would not have only realized it after being defeated. Vicious. Especially that last sentence. Vicious upon vicious!

When Lei Ju gets off the stage, his injured waist is treated by the one rooming with him, Jiang Liu. Jiang Liu asks him to take of his top in order to determine the extent of his injury. Lei Ju didn't want to do it in front of so many people but that place is really too painful. After hesitating, he takes of his top.

With one look, Jiang Liu immediately gasps.

Lei Ju hears him gasp and looks down. His face turns even blacker than before.

He didn't expect Lin Xiao to be so ruthless. That one kick, how much spiritual energy was used? His waist is a big patch of dark blue. Jiang Liu touches it lightly and Lei Ju immediately breathes in sharply, his face so distorted that he no longer appears human. In the end, he forces down that rage of his. He restrains his voice and says softly and hatefully, "Lin Xiao, you're really something. There will be a day when I will get my revenge!"

Jiang Liu who was close to him hears this uncontrollable hateful words clearly, causing him to lower his eyes.

After Lei Ju's loss, the competition starts up again.

The other disciples are also quite strong. The last person receives the bye, and that is Tantai MiaoYin, the only woman among the thirteen.

Martial artists have always been mostly male. Although women can train, their progress is generally much slower than men. This may be because women have too much to consider so their training progress also slows down. It may also have to do with talent.

And so seven competitors are promoted to the fourth round.

Tang Fan and the other elders talk it over and finally decide unanimously that the one who receives the bye this time would be Ling Xiao. The gap between him and the other disciples is rather big so he would definitely get through this stage. So, in order to give others a chance, they just give the slot to him. Tantai MiaoYin and the others also have no objection. For them, giving the slot to Ling Xiao means they won't have to go up against Elder brother.

In order to avoid a long night fraught with dreams, and with the incident of Elder Jiang coming to harm, Tang Fan decides to determine the final winner today. Although with the current situation, it is iron-clad that the ultimate winner will be Ling Xiao.

In order to win the top three prizes, the six disciples go all out. Among them, the most prominent one is again Tantai MiaoYin. Although Tantai MiaoYin received the bye the last round, this doesn't mean that she is weak. Instead, she is the dark horse of this grand competition, charging into the semi-finals. Although she finally loses to her opponent and can't advance to the final match, top four is already a great honor. Furthermore, if she can defeat the other loser in the next match, she would be in third place.

The prizes TianXin sect gives the top three winners are very generous. The third place winner will get a level four magic pill and two level five magic pills. The second place winner will get two level five magic pills and a level six magic pill. The first place winner will get three level six magic pills. On top of that, the first place winner will get three stalks of level six and below magic herbs. As for why would one give a martial artists three stalks of magic herbs, there is quite a lot to be learned.