The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 80

Chapter 80
Something substantive.

As expected, Ling Xiao wins the first place, just like Lin Xiao last year. This year, the prizes for the top three places is again given out personally by Tang Fan.

In third place is Tantai Miao Yin. This young woman lived up to expectations. During the match for the third place, she risked all in one final move to clench the victory, finally standing together with Ling Xiao in front of the Elders.

The other person is Du YunCai's disciple. From the start to the end of the competition, his performance was very steady, very commendable. This person's name is Huang Jie. Last year he was hovering around the number ten rank. This year, achieving such outstanding success, it's obvious that he tried very hard the whole year. As his master, Du YunCai is smiling so much that his eyes almost disappears.

Tang Fan first gives three magic pills to Tantai MiaoYin and then urges her to continue working hard. Next is Huang Jie, also receiving some encouraging words. Finally, it's Ling Xiao's turn.

"This year, letting you compete together with the other disciples is really making light of your abilities. Seeing your abilities, Master thinks you are really worthy of your rank as number one of the warrior division. It looks like the other disciples are no match for you. How about this ba. From now on, you don't have to participate in the grand friendly competitions. Give the other disciples a chance, how about it?"

Tang Fan is gratified as he pats Ling Xiao's shoulder. This disciple has never let him down before.

Ling Xiao cups his hands and smiles, "Master orders, how can your disciple not follow? It will be as Master says."

"Your words seem to indicate that Master is using his influence to pressure you?"

Tang Fan suddenly looks displeased but his tone is clearly not one of anger.

"Master, you have taught me before. One must be modest and guard against arrogance and rashness."

Ling Xiao says measuredly. The meaning is that if he simply accepts Tang Fan's words, that would mean he is just as cocky and self-important as Lei Ju.

Hearing these words, Tang Fan's rather serious expression suddenly disappears as he laughs out loud, "That's a good saying, one must be modest. You still remember Master's words. Looks like I have not taught you in vain. Alright, chitchat will have to wait for when we have free time ba. These are the three level six magic pills for you. Be sure to keep them well."

Ling Xiao takes the bottle and opens it. Three magic pills are lying inside, the medicinal fragrance overflowing to all sides. He then puts on a fake happy face.

Tang Fan restrains the smile on his face and says in a deep voice, "Because you are number one, so you can go over to your Uncle Ye and pick out three stalks of level six and below magic herbs. These three stalks of magic herbs, you can either keep for yourself or give to others."

"Thank you Master!"

Ling Xiao beams as he speaks.

As of now, the competition that lasted three days officially ends.

Because Ling Xiao receives an additional three stalks of level six magic herbs, while he received three stalks of level five magic herbs last year, so he immediately gets chased after by the other disciples. Even Tang YunQi on the opposite side cranes her neck and looks over here. Because when Lin Xiao won the first place last year, the reward was almost the same. When he got the three stalks of magic herbs, he gave two to Tang YunQi and the other one to another Heaven peak disciple with high potential.

Although Tang YunQi was not satisfied because Lin Xiao didn't give them all to her at that time, she was still extremely happy.

At that time she felt that Brother Xiao really does have her in his heart. Otherwise, he would not have given her two level five magic herbs.

This year she also believes that Brother Xiao will give her the magic herbs. But that was before the appearance of You XiaoMo. After the appearance of You XiaoMo, she feels more and more uncertain. She feels that Brother Xiao is treating You XiaoMo unusually well, making her have a sense of deep crisis. So her heart is very uncertain, not knowing if Brother Xiao will give a her a few stalks of magic herbs.

Although her father is the Grand Master of TianXin sect, and she is the Grand Master's daughter, this doesn't mean she can simply take TianXin sect's magic herbs. So the magic herbs that Lin Xiao gives her are very valuable.

"Brother Xiao."

Tang YunQi eventually can't take it anymore so she walks over.

Seeing her come over, the other people give way to her one after another. It's not because they are afraid of her, but everyone knows that Junior sister Tang has a very bad temper. This time, can't restrain herself from coming over, it must be to ask who the magic herbs will go to.

Ling Xiao smiles lightly, "What is it Junior sister Tang?"

Tang YunQi immediately chokes up almost unable to say anything. The rim of her eyes redden with pain. Before, Brother Xiao has always called her Little sister but now he actually calls her Junior sister Tang. All at once, it feels as if they are not as close as before. But in order to save face, and for the sake of the three stalks of level six magic herbs, she must say it out.

"Brother Xiao, you gave me two stalks of magic herbs last year. Will you also give me two stalks of magic herbs this year?"

Now, she no longer demands that Brother Xiao will give her three stalks of magic herbs, but she must at least get two. Otherwise she will no longer be able to raise her head among the other disciples.

"We'll talk about it when the time comes."

Ling Xiao gives her a profound look and grins, raising the corners of his lips to a light smile. Not giving a clear answer, he instead gives Tang YunQi a glimmer of hope.

Tang YunQi sees the slight smile on Ling Xiao's face and suddenly feels that she still has some hope. At least Brother Xiao didn't say that he would give them to You XiaoMo. Happiness flashes across her eyes but just as she was about to continue saying a few more words, Ling Xiao abruptly turns away.

"Little brother, we should be heading back."

Ling Xiao's face is overflowing with gentle smiles as he stretches his hands towards You XiaoMo who is at periphery of the crowd of people.

Seeing everyone turn around to look at him, You XiaoMo feels a little uncomfortable. Actually he really wanted to be the first person to congratulate Ling Xiao just now. Congratulate him for winning first place. Although he already knew much earlier that this would be the result, he still wants to congratulate him.

But before he could head over there, he was pushed to the outside by others. Seeing Ling Xiao surrounded by layers and layers or people and him pacing back and forth on the outside wondering how to squeeze in, this disparity, You XiaoMo for the first time feels absolutely helpless with regards to his thin body.

Just when he was about to go ahead and just shout it out and be done with it, the people in front of him suddenly give way.

Raising his head, he sees Ling Xiao stretching out his arm towards him, leaving him stunned. He feels that this scene is like those ....... those TV drama where the noble prince stretches out his hand towards to princess. What a scene ....... ah pei, he is not a woman! You XiaoMo is as if struck with thunder from his own thoughts. He must have fallen under a spell!

In the end, the two of them leave together in front of everyone. Ling Xiao wants to lead You XiaoMo by the hand but is properly refused by the latter. The reason he gives is that he is not a three year old child unable to walk without falling.

Ling Xiao knows that even though he is a weakling, he is still very stubborn when it comes to certain things, so he lets him have his way.

As for Fu ZiLin, although his aura seems very strong, but his appearance and disappearance is always very mysterious. When everyone was crowding around Ling Xiao, he already left on his own.

Behind them, all the disciples watch as Ling Xiao leaves with his Little brother. Losing interest, they start to disperse and leave Tang YunQi behind. Her expression is so distorted as she feels like dismembering someone by tying them to five horses. She looks hatefully at You XiaoMo's disappearing back.

By her side, other than the Big brother and Big sister from yesterday, not knowing how to appease her, is Jiang Liu, with an calm expression on his face.

When Ling Xiao walks into the room, You XiaoMo suddenly turns around and lowers his head saying somewhat awkwardly in a soft voice, "Elder brother Ling, congratulations on getting first place."

Although his head is lowered, Ling Xiao can still see the light pink on his cheeks. He can't help but raise the corners of his lips forming an ambiguous smile, "Little brother's intention, I have received. But this type of intention, I just received too much of it outside. Does Little brother have something more substantive to give? If yes, I will be even happier."

You XiaoMo immediately -_-||. More substantive? He was already rewarded with magic pills and magic herbs and he actually still wants something substantive from him? What thick skin!

But since he already put it like that, it's not good for him to refuse outright.

"Then, then what does Elder brother Ling want as something substantive?"

Ling Xiao looks him up and down, making him feel so uncomfortable, not knowing where to put his hands and feet. Suddenly a sinister smile appears on his face as he says flatly, "You will know tonight."

Tonight? You XiaoMo feels somewhat clueless.

But thinking about it, his only ability is refining magic pills. What he has, is also only magic pills. Normally Ling Xiao also loves to eat his magic pills. It must be that the something substantive is referring to magic pills. Furthermore, ever since he arrived here, he usually only refines magic pills at night. That must be why Ling Xiao said it like that.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo feels it's no big deal. At worst, he just has to give him an additional ten or so magic pills. After all, he usually also has to refine some magic pills for him.

But when night falls, when Ling Xiao tells him to get on the bed, only then does You XiaoMo find out what something substantive means.


You XiaoMo yells at Ling Xiao feeling ashamed and resentful. If he had known that this is what he meant, even if he were to get beaten to death, he still wouldn't have agreed to what dog shit something substantive. Looks like he was planning this all along.

"Because you promised me. Don't tell me you want to go back on your word?"

Ling Xiao leans lazily on the bed, his body propped up halfway. His jet black hair flows down in torrents over his shoulders, instantly adding to his inherent depraved aura.

Normal people when faced with this sight would have turned all starry-eyed with infatuation long ago. It's too bad that the one in front of him is You XiaoMo, at the moment fuming at his words, not giving any thought to how good he looks.

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo turns bright red, "That's because you didn't tell me it would be this. If I had known earlier, I would not have agreed ne!"

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes as he looks at him, spitting out, "Little brother, one must stay true to one's words!"

You XiaoMo vomits blood. If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have helped him yesterday morning.

four even, eight steady - very steady
God doesn't know, ghost doesn't feel - very mysterious