The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Fair white skin tinged with rosy red. Like a piece of highest grade fine jade, sparkling and translucent. White and flawless, even more so than the most beautiful suet white jade. Although the body is very thin, not appearing to have more than one ounce of flesh, but when the clothes are taken off, those pieces of flesh are evenly distributed all over as if according to an exquisite master plan. Not an ounce in excess, not lacking an ounce.

Such a beautiful body, Ling Xiao doesn't seem to be able to tear his eyes away.

He had known long ago when he touched his body that You XiaoMo's body can't be too shabby, but looking at it with his own eyes still leaves him speechless.

Although the four limbs are slender like a woman's, it is actually much better. Soft, yielding and supple. No wonder he was so reluctant to let go.

Ling Xiao has always disliked the weak and slender appearance of women. He would get annoyed each time he sees it. But You XiaoMo's softness comes with a hint of manliness. Especially his temperament. When he gets stubborn, even ten oxen won't be able to turn him around. This point is what separates him from the hesitant and indecisive women.

Seeing the barefaced look of Ling Xiao, tinged with vaguely apparent desire, You XiaoMo shrinks into himself.

Ling Xiao's words are a little too convincing. Before, he was really worried that he had contracted some illness. In the end he comes to terms with it. Actually in his heart, two men facing each other openly is nothing to be ashamed of. Like when he was younger, he bathed and slept with his elder and younger brothers. There were even times when he changed clothes in front of them.

These things are really nothing but ever since Ling Xiao started to make his moves on him, he feels that his view of the world has been turned upside down.

So this time, facing each other openly, he has no way of staying composed as he was with his elder and younger brothers.

"Have you seen enough already?"

You XiaoMo yells in embarrassment. He has already stared for half a day.

Ling Xiao returns to his senses. His gaze shifts reluctantly from his body to his face. Soft and white, making him wish even more to pounce on him and take a bite. But he is afraid that it would scare him away so he can only restrain himself, "There is really no major problems with your body, but ....... "

"But what?"

You XiaoMo asks nervously. He is delighted when he hears the first part. But the twist in the last part scares him.

Ling Xiao sighs. He pinches his cheeks over and over only letting go just before he gets mad. He picks up his hand saying, "Little brother, don't tell me you don't think your skin is even more delicate than a woman's?"

You XiaoMo looks dumbly at his own arm. He suddenly remembers that his skin seems to be much better now than how it was two months ago.

Two months ago, the skin of his arms was only a little white. A far way from the fairness of congealed fat. At most, it was a little better than others of the same age. No way was it like it is now. His whole arm is sparkling, translucent and lustrous. It seems as if with just one puff or tap, it would shatter like the most delicate porcelain. Because he sees it everyday, he doesn't realize that his skin has been changing little by little. Changing so much that it is now on a completely different level than what is was two months ago.

Looking at the rest of his body, it is all soft and white, sparkling and translucent with a touch of pink. Even newborn babies wouldn't have skin like this ba.

You XiaoMo's eyes fall to the ground. With a body like his, still wanting to be a big strong man? In his wildest dreams ba!

Ling Xiao grins as he catches his drooping body. Just the time for him to take advantage. He knows that You XiaoMo's biggest dream is to be an awe-inspiring man. But this weak body is clearly too different from the big and tall, brave and fierce man in his imagination. As different as the sky and the ground. It would be strange if it isn't a huge blow to him!

"Why is it like that? wuwu ....... "

You XiaoMo sobs in Ling Xiao's arms.

Ling Xiao quickly pats him lightly on the back, helping to alleviate his frustration, afraid that he would choke if he cries too forcefully. His movements are careful so as to not leave any trace on his body, "Be good. Don't cry. Actually, this is really not something bad ....... "

Before he could finish his words, You XiaoMo suddenly sits up, both his eyes big wide orbs, glaring at Ling Xiao, "What do you mean by that?"

"No, don't misunderstand. That's not what I mean. Listen to me explain bit by bit."

Ling Xiao feels that the You XiaoMo now is especially cute. Looking at that face fuming with anger, along with that pout. One could possibly hang two catties of pork on that little mouth. He really wants to plant his lips on him but he is now still angry so he can only restrain himself for the sake of his future happiness.

You XiaoMo huffs, a complete reversal of roles.

Usually he would be secretly extremely delighted at this but now he doesn't even have the opportunity to grieve, so where would he find time to notice these things.

Ling Xiao is perfectly satisfied as he hugs him, both hands wreaking havoc all over his body while he uses his words to distract him, "Little brother, let me first ask you this. When did you start bathing in the magic water in the dimension?"

You XiaoMo grimaces as he counts, "About two months ago. Because Earth peak rules dictate that we can only take water once every three days so I decided to bathe in the dimension."

"I think I've found the answer."

Ling Xiao sighs on the surface but is secretly extremely delighted.

"You can't be saying that this has something to do with the magic water in the dimension ba?"

He hopes that he would hear words of denial from his mouth.

"This, really has to do with the magic water. The magic water in the dimension is the most pure water on heaven and earth. It was formed bit by bit from accumulated spiritual energy. Furthermore, magic water, from time immemorial, has always had the ability to transform. You're bathing in magic water everyday and drinking quite a bit of it when you're refining magic pills. After two months, it would be strange if there is no change in your body."

Ling Xiao taps his nose. His eyes gleams as he thinks that it must be fate for this person to belong to him since he was the one that found him.

You XiaoMo wants to throw up blood. After all this time, it was all caused by his own cleverness. Now he deeply understands that there is no free lunch in this world. God gave him a gold finger but forcibly stripped him of his dreams. Within this misery, he can only swallow it down and slowly mull over it.

"I will no longer use the magic water to bathe, nor drink anymore magic water."

You XiaoMo hammers his chest fiercely, gritting his teeth as he swears.

Ling Xiao hastily catches his hand and consoles him saying, "Little brother, it doesn't have to be like that. Even if you continue to use magic water, there won't be any change. Two months is enough to cleanse your body of all impurities. Furthermore, a body like this is not without advantages."

"What advantages?"

You XiaoMo glares at him. He doesn't believe that he can come up with any advantages. He has now changed to such an extent. The happiest one most likely is also him and that is the truth!

Ling Xiao leans back on the bed post, his hair scattered over his chest. Looking at him, he slowly raises the corner of his mouth saying, "Don't tell me you don't feel that you are now more efficient when refining magic pills? And when you practice that Heavenly Soul Scroll, it goes more smoothly each time?"

You XiaoMo blinks. He really did feel it. Actually, he felt it over a month ago.

His current soul force, when compared to how it was before, is more than twice as strong. Furthermore, he feels that he will soon breakthrough the first level of the Heavenly Soul Scroll. As for refining magic pills, he feels that he is getting more and more proficient. Especially when it comes to forming the magic pill. It's getting easier and easier. But ....... he always thought that it is because of his ability .......

But now Ling Xiao is telling him that it is all due to the magic water.

"That, it seems it really is so ....... "

You XiaoMo stammers, his eyes rolling here and there, anywhere except at Ling Xiao.

Seeing him suddenly retract his claws, and instead looking left and right, Ling Xiao reveals a crafty smile when he isn't looking. How could he not know what he is thinking? But this is better than that sobbing and depressed manner from a little while ago.

Thinking like this, Ling Xiao moves in next to his ear, saying, "Little brother. If you think about it carefully, regarding this matter, the good you got out of this is much more than the bad. Although your body is much more sensitive than before, but at the same time, your refining magic pills capability also increased. I remember what you said before. In a few more months you will have to undergo the assessment. If you are unable to refine a level two magic pill, not only will you lose face, your Master and brothers will also be made fun of by others. Do you wish to let Heaven peak and Flying peak make fun of you all?"

"Of course not."

You XiaoMo grips his fists tightly, saying indignantly. This matter is buried deep inside his heart. Although he has the Heavenly Soul Scroll, he still lacks confidence in his heart. So he has always been very uncertain.

"That's good. Even though the you now can't refine a level two magic pill, I think that day should not be too far away."

Ling Xiao nods as he says with a smile.

You XiaoMo's eyes sparkle as his heart starts to surge from his words. He feels even more eager for that day to come.

Ling Xiao lifts the hair that is draped naturally over his shoulder. Soft and supple, shiny like lustrous silk. Setting of his fair like jade skin. The corners of his mouth suddenly lift up to reveal a devilish smile, "Little brother. You're no longer heartbroken ba?"

You XiaoMo turns around to see Ling Xiao inches from him. His expression is a little uneasy as he clears his throat saying, "Barely ....... but I can manage ba."

"Then we can now continue with what we were doing earlier ba?"

Ling Xiao grips his arm, pulling the two of them extremely close together.

The fine hairs on You XiaoMo's body suddenly stand on end. He had completely forgotten about this matter.

Ling Xiao beams. It's finally time to get down to it.

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