The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 83

Chapter 83
Kong Wen's questions.

The next day, Fu ZiLin comes to knock on Ling Xiao's door early in the morning.

Because the Central lineage competition ended ahead of time, they can also leave ahead of time.

The reason Fu ZiLin is here is precisely regarding the matter of leaving. Because he is You XiaoMo's Second brother, and the both of them came over together, so he must ensure that the both of them also leave together. Otherwise Master and Elder brother would question him.

Last night, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao went at it for who knows how long. When Fu ZiLin knocks at the door, he is still inside the quilt dead asleep. How could he possibly hear the sound of knocking? The one who goes out to open the door is Ling Xiao. It's also not clear what he says to Fu ZiLin but in the end, Fu ZiLin leaves by himself. You XiaoMo has no knowledge of this matter.

When he wakes up, the sun is already three poles high. You XiaoMo tunnels out of the quilt, rubbing his still asleep eyes. He cranes his neck looking outside but doesn't see any sign of Ling Xiao. It's relatively quiet today. The past two days, at this time, it was already as noisy as a boiling cauldron outside.

Remembering that the competition is over, You XiaoMo feels relieved. He gets up and washes up. Seeing that Ling Xiao has not returned, You XiaoMo opens the door and walks next door. He knocks on Zhou Peng's door, "Second brother, Second brother, are you in there?"

After calling repeatedly a few times without getting any answer, You XiaoMo thinks that Fu ZiLin must have gone out because he had something to do. He was just about to return to the room when he hears the door opening from the room next to Zhou Peng's. A normal looking yet amiable guy walks out. Seeing him, he says, "You are Junior brother You ba. You're looking for your Big brother? He already left."

You XiaoMo had just turned away. When he hears these words he immediately turns back around and throws out a string of questions *pi li pa la*, "What did you say? Big brother Fu already left? When?"

"Yes ah. I remember it was the Chen period. When I left my room I saw your big brother knocking on Elder brother's door."

Seeing the look of astonishment on his face, the man doesn't understand why.

You XiaoMo remembers tragically that at that time he seemed to have been sleeping like a dead pig.

The man sees that his face is so twisted, almost forming a ball, probably worried because he is left here by himself, so he consoles him, "You don't have to worry. Elder brother will send you back."

It's because of him that I'm worried OK! You XiaoMo grumbles inwardly. That person must have not woken him up on purpose. For sure he has some evil intentions. Before returning to the room, he thanks the man. If he didn't tell him, he would still be thinking that Second brother is still here.

Returning to the room, he starts to pack his things. No matter when Ling Xiao takes him back, he is determined to leave today before the sun goes down. If not, there would definitely be talk confirming that he and Ling Xiao have some secret relationship, some scarlet news.

Ling Xiao did not let him wait long. He comes back just when he finishes packing his things. He's not surprised when he sees that the room no longer has anything belonging to him.

You XiaoMo is worried that he isn't willing to bring him back today so he quickly blurts out, "The competition has ended. I want to leave today. When are you planning to bring me back? Or am I going back by myself?"

"You can leave whenever you want."

Ling Xiao is somewhat amused looking at his nervous expression. Can it be, he thinks that I will keep detaining him here? Even if he wanted to, it would still require the approval of Tang Fan but he doesn't think that wily old fox would approve. After all, Central lineage is not just any old place, for anyone to come and go as they please, even though You XiaoMo already swore an oath. Also there's the matter of Elder Jiang coming to harm that is not yet resolved so he doesn't want You XiaoMo to stay on here.

You XiaoMo obviously didn't expect him to answer so frankly. After being stunned for a moment, he can't help but feel a little ashamed of his pettiness. Seems like he has misjudged Ling Xiao. He simply didn't have those intentions he imagined.

That afternoon, Ling Xiao brings him back just as he said he would.

Because the competition of the other four lineages have not concluded, he simply brings him back to Fang ChenLe.

Fang ChenLe learned earlier from Fu ZiLin that Ling Xiao was the one taking care of You XiaoMo these few days. So he isn't surprised to see them appear together, only thanking him politely for taking care of You XiaoMo.

Although Ling Xiao is not happy that You XiaoMo is too close to Fang ChenLe, he still wouldn't express it in front of everyone, so he leaves after exchanging a few words.

"Little brother, seeing your energy, you must have had it easy these few days. But we will soon be busy. The competition of the four lineages is not like Central lineage because injuries are very common, so we may soon get very busy."

After sending off Ling Xiao with his eyes, Fang ChenLe speaks warmly to You XiaoMo by his side.

You XiaoMo resists the look of envy from others and says awkwardly, "I understand, Elder brother."

That afternoon, You XiaoMo finally finds out to what extent Elder brother's 'very busy' actually means.

The twenty over people from Earth peak are so busy that their feet don't even touch the ground. First, someone gets hurt in ring number one. Then someone gets hurt in ring number two and number three, making them hurry over. Running back and forth, You XiaoMo feels it's too much to bear for the whole afternoon.

This situation carried on until the afternoon two days later. That afternoon, Uncle Zhao lets them pack up their own things and return to Earth peak. Everyone is lifeless not even bothering to eat or bathe. Other than Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin, the others sleep until the sun is three poles high.

The next day, not long after You XiaoMo wakes up, someone tells him that he is to go over to see his Master.

You XiaoMo thinks that Master must want to talk about matters regarding the Central lineage so he doesn't dare to dawdle. Fifteen minutes later, he sets out for Kong Wen's compound. On the way, he repeatedly looks at the magic herb garden. Sure enough, he catches sight of several familiar looking magic herbs, roughly the same as those he dug out from the ice cave.

Thinking of that he feels even more impatient towards going to the second level of the library.

"Come in ba."

Just as he is thinking that, Kong Wen's voice calls out from inside.

You XiaoMo puts away his unnecessary thoughts, pushes the door and steps in. This is his first time in Kong Wen's study. The last time, it was the backyard. Studies usually have lots of books. Kong Wen's study is no exception but You XiaoMo smells a faint delicate fragrance. Subconsciously he looks around the inside of the study and sure enough, on the window sill, there are a few pots of blooming magic herbs, red as fire. Under the illumination of sunlight, the magnificent blooms are bursting with colorful rays of light.

This is again a magic herb that he doesn't recognize!

But You XiaoMo can still tell that this magic herb is better than any of the magic herbs outside. The concentration of the spiritual energy and the way it is growing is all top grade. It shouldn't be an ordinary high level magic herb. Otherwise, Kong Wen would not have purposely put them in the study to take care of them. He also notices that the earth in the pots are red in color, not black like the soil in his dimension.

Kong Wen turns around and catches sight of him unable to stop looking in time. A faint look of amusement appears on his face as he says, "Do you know what magic herb this is?"

You XiaoMo is a little surprised, hastily shaking his head, cupping his hands saying, "Disciple doesn't know."

Kong Wen stretches out his slender fingers and lightly strokes the petals of the magic herb, saying softly, "This is the level eight magic herb Flame flower. It is not the same as low level magic herbs. It's real essence is contained in the eight flower petals. Extremely precious. You only need to pluck one of the petals when refining magic pills. But if the Flame flower is low grade, the four petals are required."

You XiaoMo's eyes open wide. Truly enlightening.

This thing is actually a level eight magic herb. One really can't tell. But the difference between high grade and low grade is really too great.

Kong Wen sees his face full of curiosity and envy. He can't keep his serious face from turning into a light smile, "You don't have to be envious. Wait until you're a level four mage. Then you can also have your own magic herb garden. At that time you can plant whatever you want."

You XiaoMo is a little embarrassed. By the time he becomes a level four mage, who knows what year what month it will be ne!

"Master heard that ....... when you went to the Central lineage, you stayed together with Lin Xiao. The relationship between the two of you seems to be very good?"

Kong Wen looks at his face, launching into the topic without any warning.

When You XiaoMo hears the word 'heard' he raises his guard. Sure enough, this is the real reason why Master called him over. Finally he hears him raise the matter between him and Ling Xiao. Luckily he prepared himself before coming over so he is rather calm, but he still pretends to be surprised.

"Elder brother Lin is a good big brother. Knowing that it is my first time going, he let me stay with him. Our relationship is pretty good ba. But most of the time Elder brother Lin is the one taking care of me."

Kong Wen taps his fingers lightly on the desk, giving out a *dong dong dong* clear crisp sound.

You XiaoMo cautiously swallows. He feels his heartbeat being pulled along by that sound, scaring him so that he doesn't dare to take deep breaths.

"Ah, your luck is really much better than other disciples. Lin Xiao is indeed quite a fine person. Looking at this strength and his ability to rally supporters, it is clear why he is the number one person in the warrior division. No one can tell what the future holds, you should seize it properly."

Kong Wen gets up and walks up to him, patting him lightly on his shoulder, advising him in his capacity as his senior and master. His tone is very warm.

"Disciple will definitely remember Master's words."

You XiaoMo lowers his head as he speaks.

"It's good if you keep it in mind. Oh right, I heard Elder brother say that your cauldron is broken. Later, go the Hall of Enchanted Herbs and get a good one from your Uncle Zhao. Alright, you can go ba. Master is tired."

Saying this, Kong Wen rubs his eyes, waving his hands sending him away. Maybe he refined magic pills the whole night so he feels fatigued in the morning.

"Then disciple will take his leave. Have a good rest, Master."

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo is a little surprised inside. He only brought this up to Elder brother yesterday. He didn't expect Elder brother to immediately inform Master. Of course Elder brother is better, unlike a certain someone.

Of course this opinion cannot be let known to Ling Xiao.

That fellow will definitely find some excuse to make him do things he isn't willing to do. No matter how he forces him to do those type of shameful things, he will no longer give him the opportunity!

sun is already three poles high - late morning
Chen period = 07:00-09:00
scarlet news - sex scandal