The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 84

Chapter 84
Breakthrough to the second level.

On the way back, You XiaoMo stops by at the Hall of Enchanted Herbs and picks up a new cauldron along with three hundred stalks of magic herbs.

The new cauldron is quite a bit better than the previous one. But it is still one of low quality so You XiaoMo doesn't give up on the idea of buying an even better one. Still, he can make do with this cauldron for now.

The cauldron he buys must definitely not appear in front of other people otherwise everyone would definitely ask where the money came from. Although he can explain that the money came from him selling magic pills but everyone knows that low grade level magic pills can't be sold for much money. He doesn't have to expose his secrets in front of others just for the sake of a cauldron.

Upon returning to Earth peak, time is now all his own.

You XiaoMo locks himself in his room and first uses the magic herbs he picked up to try refining a magic pill. He discovers that when he introduces his soul force into the cauldron, the feeling is smoother and easier than it was with the previous cauldron. He no longer has to be like before, worried that the cauldron won't be able to take too much soul force causing it to explode.

After making this discovery, You XiaoMo refines one hundred magic pills in one go in five hours. His speed is much faster than before. He actually only bolstered himself once with magic water during this time. This means that his current soul force is sufficient to refine fifty magic pills in one go.

Before, he wouldn't have dared to imagine this because he could only refine twenty magic pills at one go before. Sometimes, not even twenty. Now it's more than double. He is super excited!

You XiaoMo tries to restrain his heart from jumping for joy endlessly and takes out one hundred stalks of magic herbs from the dimension.

They are rock jasmine, winter ice herb, and korean mint. These three magic herbs are used to refine the Accumulate energy magic pill. You XiaoMo had refined and sold several tens of Accumulate energy magic pills before but those were all low grade magic pills. As far as he knows, if a top grade Accumulate energy magic pill is used to open up the body's meridians, the meridians would expand, benefiting any subsequent training.

That's why many rich and powerful families would prepare a high grade Accumulate energy magic pill for their disciples before they start training. Although the market for the Accumulate energy pill is not as large as that for the Fasting magic pill, it is still in demand. And just like the Fasting magic pill, a bottle of fifty pills is enough to be sold at auction.

So he decides to refine fifty Accumulate energy magic pills.

Fifty magic pills can't be considered a lot nor can it be considered little. It would take at least twenty hours.

In order to get ready the things for auction as soon as possible, You XiaoMo decides to stay up the whole night. Without the presence of the one that loves to harass him, Ling Xiao, he is a hundred percent confident, inspite of the effect that the magic water would have on him. This shows that You XiaoMo has now accepted it!

Just like Ling Xiao said, since his body has already changed as much as it can, there probably won't be any additional side effects if he continued drinking magic water. So it would be a waste not to continue drinking it bei.

You XiaoMo goes into seclusion once again!

When Fang ChenLe hears about this, he can't help but shake his head. He feels that this Little brother really likes to go into seclusion. At this time, other people would usually go visit one another and get to know the other disciples or try to seek connections in higher places. It's only him that when nothing is going on, he hides in his room, when something is going on, he also hides in his room.

Although he knows that Little brother would have to undergo the assessment in a few months, he still doesn't have to go all out like this. Refining magic pills is basically something that should be done slowly. Step by step with feet on solid ground is the correct way to proceed.

But that is his own decision so it's not good for him to say anything.

This news naturally also spreads to Ling Xiao's ears. But his reaction is not like Fang ChenLe's since he knows You XiaoMo's secret. With the presence of Fasting magic pills and with magic water to replenish his soul force and physical strength, he can even go into seclusion for a few months without any problems. So he just asks people to take notice of when he comes out and notify him.

But unexpectedly, on the second day, something big happens to You XiaoMo's body.

Twenty hours later is already the next morning. Because he drank magic water, You XiaoMo doesn't feel tired out so he toughs it out and refines forty Fasting magic pills. Including the previous ten pills, he amassed fifty pills. His soul force is also just depleted. Because he is too tired, You XiaoMo doesn't manage to drink magic water before passing out on the table .......

This sleep goes on for two days and two nights. When he wakes up, he finds that there has been a huge change in his body. The previously on the point of depletion soul force, after resting for two days and two nights, is now fully charged. But the amount is twice the amount of two days ago. That is to say, his soul force suddenly doubled in the course of two days.

You XiaoMo is pleasantly surprised to discover that he has broken through the first level of the Heavenly Soul Scroll.

He wants to pinch his own cheeks to check if he is dreaming but his hands are numb!

His hands served as his pillow for two days so there was no way for blood to flow causing them to lose all feeling. He wants to drink magic water but can't. Luckily his body has already been transformed by magic water. If not, it could possibly have become disabled. After half an hour, both his hands slowly regain their feeling. The first thing You XiaoMo does is to drink magic water.

Just when the magic water was about to roll down his throat, he suddenly thinks of something. It seems he forgot to drink magic water two days ago, that's why he passed out on the table. But when he wakes up he discovers that he has broken through the Heavenly Soul Scroll.

Does that mean that not drinking magic water has something to do with his breakthrough?

But ....... a few days ago when he was over at Ling Xiao's, there was once when he didn't drink magic water. At that time, it didn't seem as if his soul force underwent any changes. He would have known if it did.

You XiaoMo's brain with its limited capacity immediately crashes.

Looks like he will have to go to the library to check up on this. If there are materials on this aspect then of course that would be good. But if there isn't, he would just wait until he sees Ling Xiao again. Since he's so awesome, he must know what this is all about.

At this time, You XiaoMo has no idea that he is slowly moving towards relying on Ling Xiao. By the time he realizes this, he and Ling Xiao would have already 'joined together'!

In seclusion for three and a half days, actually, after sleeping for two days, You XiaoMo finally comes out of seclusion.

The first thing he does after coming out of seclusion is to head to the library.

When Fang ChenLe finds out about this, he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Unable to take it any longer, he decides to catch him at the library. If it were to go on like this, he is afraid that Little brother's body won't be able to take it. But when he catches sight of Little brother's rosy cheeks, he chokes back all the unsaid words brewing in chest.

You XiaoMo's condition is not the least bit like someone that has just come out from three and a half days of seclusion. His cheeks are rosy as if he has just received some nourishment. His outward appearance is not haggard like other disciples when they emerge from seclusion. Instead he looks like someone that has just come back from a resort area, fresh like the spring breeze.

Fang ChenLe can't help thinking of something. Little brother had gone into seclusion for over one month before. That time, his condition was also like now. Normal people most probably won't be like this ba? Thinking like this, Fang ChenLe can't help getting suspicious.

"Little brother, I heard that you went into seclusion. This time for three and a half days. How is it you ....... "

Before he could finish his questioning words, You XiaoMo hastily cuts him off. Putting both palms together, with a bashful face, he says, "I'm sorry Elder brother. I didn't mean to do it. It's just that I accidentally fell asleep for two days, and overslept ....... "

Fang ChenLe " ....... "

So the truth is he overslept?

Seeing that he is not saying a word, You XiaoMo doesn't stop apologizing. In the end, he even promises to let him know before he goes into seclusion again. Making a fuss until Fang ChenLe doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Why would he be mad because he didn't tell him? He is mad because he goes into seclusion without taking care of his body but he can't tell him that. But the most important point is that it is too deceitful. He never expected that he could have overslept. Looks like the one month of seclusion the last time must have gone something like this.

You XiaoMo has no idea that what he carelessly said defused a whole lot of trouble for him.

"Ok, ok, Elder brother also doesn't want to criticize you. Elder brother also isn't angry. As long as you pay more attention the next time and not only care about refining magic pills while forgetting about your limits. You have to know ....... "

Fang ChenLe is just like a nanny, once he starts, he can go on for most of the day. But this is also one of his big part of his character. If not, his popularity wouldn't be as high as it is.

You XiaoMo can't get a word in so he can only nod awkwardly at his side.

After an hour, Fang ChenLe finally lets him go. You XiaoMo runs like fleeing for his life into the library. He no longer dares to provoke Elder brother. Too formidable. Speaking until he almost suffered another system crash.

You XiaoMo often goes to the library to borrow books so the old man is very familiar with him. Not waiting for him to walk up to him, he simply takes the second level tablet and flings it at him.

You XiaoMo hurriedly catches the tablet. Upon seeing that the tablet is not like the ones he got before, he is surprised making him blurt out, "Uncle Yang, how did you know I wanted to go to the second level?"

Old man Yang looks at him expressionlessly, not saying a word.

You XiaoMo clenches the tablet in his hand tightly. Fine ba. He knows he is being belittled. He knows that he often comes to borrow books, basically all the books on the first level that is related to mages have been read by him. So this question is pointless. Even he wants to belittle himself.

The second level of the library is just like he imagined, an advanced version of the first level. He finds the books he is looking for on the bookshelves, alchemy manuals and magic herb compendiums. There were four books on these two topics alone. Among them, three books are magic herb compendiums of one anthology. In them, magic herbs from level four to level six are presented in detail. Other than listing their usefulness and characteristics, even the places where they grow on LongXiao continent is also clearly recorded.

As for books on the soul force, he couldn't find any even after searching the entire second level of the East and West pavilions.

After taking the books, You XiaoMo bids farewell to Old man Yang.

As a result, when he happily pushes open the door to his room, and sees the seated figure of a certain impudent person inside his room, his first response is to shut the door, shutting himself outside .......

rock jasmine - Androsace Umbellata
winter ice herb - Rabdosia Rubescens
korean mint - Agastache Rugosa