The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 85

Chapter 85
Really no improvement.

Think you can shut yourself outside the room? Don't even think about it!

Just when he shuts the door, Ling Xiao is one step faster, picking him up and carrying him in. Then he turns around and kicks the door *peng*, just like the sound of You XiaoMo's heart's sudden jump.

"Run what run ah. Little brother, don't tell you you don't want to see me?"

Ling Xiao smiles as he looks at him. His smiling face is so dazzling like the early morning first rays of sunlight.

You XiaoMo really feels that the way Ling Xiao treated him three days ago, carefully protecting him, is all an illusion. Now, this domineering Ling Xiao is the real one. The evil smile is so familiar ah. Every time he sees it, his heart will shiver, making him worry that he will again come out with whatever to torment him. But he must absolutely never tell him this.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo ponders a bit before smiling meekly, "How can that be? It's not that I don't want to see you. I just suddenly remembered that I forgot a book."

Ling Xiao glares at him up and down for a good while, as if trying to see if he is lying.

You XiaoMo keeps smiling until the corners of his mouth start to stiffen.

"I'll believe you for now."

Ling Xiao raises the corners of his mouth, finally no longer staring at his face.

You XiaoMo immediately heaves a sigh of relief. Being stared at by those eyes of his is really not just some regular heavy pressure. Luckily he already got his face ready before then, "Elder brother Ling, is there something you need?"

"Can't I come if there's nothing?"

Ling Xiao casts a sidelong glance at him and sees his expression immediately wither, as if he feels extremely wronged. Seeing this, a faint gleaming layer appears in his jet-black eyes. He says warmly, "Ok, I won't tease you anymore. There really is something. In a bit, I will be going over to Yun Shui peak. Are you interested in going with me?"

"Why are you going to Yun Shui peak?"

You XiaoMo asks in surprise.

"Of course it is to pick up the three stalks of level six magic herbs. You can't have forgotten about it ba?"

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes slightly, managing to squeeze out a devilish and forbidding aura on his bright handsome face. One could say it looks out of place yet it is somewhat fitting, as if it is only natural.

Speaking of Yun Shui peak, although You XiaoMo rarely leaves his room, he has still heard of the famous Yun Shui peak.

Yun Shui peak is located behind Earth peak, Heaven peak and Flying peak. It is a place that is even more restricted than the library because it is specially used to cultivate mid and high level magic herbs for TianXin sect. A formidable protective barrier encloses the place and it is guarded by ten powerful Elders. One can call it an impregnable fortress!

The Uncle Ye that Tang Fan mentioned before is one of the Elders taking care of the magic herbs in Yun Shui peak. His power is probably not as strong as Kong Wen or Mo Gu and people of that level but when it comes to his ability in cultivating magic herbs, he can be called the number one in TianXin sect.

Ling Xiao's first place win, other than the three level six magic pills, also includes three stalks of level six magic herbs. He already has the magic pills in his hand but he has to get the magic herbs from that Uncle Ye. That's because only the magic herbs cultivated by Uncle Ye is considered as belonging to the whole TianXin sect. As for the magic herbs from the three different peaks, they are taken care of by their own disciples so strictly speaking, they are considered the private property of the respective peaks.

But, You XiaoMo swallows, "You going to get the magic herbs doesn't seem to have anything to do with me ba?"

"Who says it has nothing to do with you? I have no use for those three stalks of level six magic herbs. If I don't give them to you, then who?"

Ling Xiao waves his large hand, speaking matter of factly as if this is how is should be.

You XiaoMo is stunned, saying, "But ....... didn't that Sister Tang come looking for you asking for it?"


Ling Xiao frowns, finally reminded of that annoying Little sister. He then says in a fed up voice, "Why should I give them to her? The one who wants to give magic herbs to her is Lin Xiao, not me."

You XiaoMo can't help but sympathize with Tang YunQi for a bit, but what Ling Xiao says is not wrong.

But, even though it is like this, he still can't take them. He believes that a lot of the disciples are definitely looking on, waiting to see how Ling Xiao would distribute the three stalks of magic herbs. If he were to take the three stalks of magic herbs that Ling Xiao gives him, what would those people think of his relationship with Ling Xiao?

Of course this is only one of the problems. More importantly, he is only an Earth peak disciple. And Tang YunQi is the direct disciple of the leader of Heaven peak. She is also the daughter of the Grand Master, a status that can't get any higher. For Ling Xiao to give the magic herbs to whomever, is to declare his position on whichever side. Even though this would be advantageous for Earth peak, You XiaoMo still doesn't want to be the fuse between Heaven peak and Earth peak.

He is only a small fry. Standing in the limelight is definitely not something he can endure right now.

"Elder brother Ling, I still have things to do. How about you go first and when I'm done with my things, then I will go over and look for you?"

You XiaoMo asks cautiously. Refusing blankly may make Ling Xiao angry. If that happens, he would definitely just drag him over by force.

Ling Xiao hears these words and immediately starts to laugh. He grips his shoulder and says softly into his ear, "Little brother, let me ask you now. Going or not?"

You XiaoMo sees his smiling face and suffers a fierce shudder, " ....... going."

Ling Xiao is very pleased with this answer. He takes advantage of this opportunity to lightly pat his white tender cheeks, "Ah, wouldn't it be better if you answer like this right from the beginning? You still need me to threaten you every time. Really no improvement!"


You XiaoMo even wishes he could die. This type of improvement is definitely not something he wants!

After feeling restless the whole way, You XiaoMo is finally dragged by Ling Xiao to Yun Shui peak. From far it appears short and stout. From near it is a wide gigantic mound that gives off a relaxing feeling. Completely different from the mountain peaks You XiaoMo has seen before.

Yun Shui peak when compared to WuShuang peak, and the other three peaks is rather short and small. Not poking through the clouds, not able to give rise to mountains and rivers. Definitely not wrapped in clouds and mist. Instead, lush green dense trees grow on all sides. From far far away, a large patch of green can be seen.

You XiaoMo looks as if entranced when Ling Xiao brushes against the barrier.

A wave of ripples spread out and disappears in an instant. But not long after, a child of seven or eight years wearing a blue robe appears looking seventy to eighty percent like an immortal. He looks serious, even appearing rather dignified. Seeing them, he shows no signs of surprise, as if he had known that they would come.

The boy's eyes sweep past You XiaoMo and looks straight at Ling Xiao, his eyes lightly probing, "Are you Young Lin Xiao?"

"It is Lin Xiao."

Ling Xiao cups his hands respectfully as he speaks.

"Come with me ba."

The boy nods lightly and turns around walking into the barrier.

You XiaoMo standing at the side hangs his mouth open slightly, not believing the scene he just witnessed. Can it be that he is still dreaming?"

Ling Xiao doesn't explain anything to him, leading him into the barrier by the hand after the boy. The barrier no longer impedes them, letting them pass through smoothly. The sight in front of their eyes immediately takes on a whole new look. Turning into something completely different from what it appears on the outside. The spiritual energy inside the barrier is twice as much as outside.

You XiaoMo is now very sensitive to spiritual energy. Just one breath and he can tell that the spiritual energy inside the barrier if flooded with a faint scent of magic herbs, evident even at the periphery. Clearly there must be many magic herb fields in Yun Shui peak.

The boy that You XiaoMo thinks is a little strange takes them outside an estate and tells them Ye Han is inside before leaving. Hearing the tone of his voice, it's as if Ye Han is lower than him. Of course in this whole wide universe, there must be all kinds of weird people.

You XiaoMo strongly forces down his wish to question Ling Xiao about what is really going on, and follows Ling Xiao into the estate.

The estate is very large. Walking in, one immediately sees a tall and large building. It is not magnificent like those glittering in jade and gold. It doesn't gladden the heart nor pleases the eye. Rather, it's simple and unadorned with a practical feel. The building is made up of long blocks of blue stone stacked together, a completely straightforward method of construction. The true look of the estate is only revealed after walking past the building.

Fields of magic herbs. Clusters of bright and beautiful flowers and lush greens distributed evenly. One look and it is obvious that someone is taking meticulous care. Some of the magic herbs are already mature, swaying in the wind. So satisfying. Some have just sprouted, fresh and green, delighting hearts and eyes.

The thing that is most shocking to You XiaoMo is that most of the magic herbs are mid-grade, followed by low grade. Top grade is the least, only one in a hundred. Looking out as far as the eye can see, it's basically level four to level six magic herbs. When they came in there was a sign saying so on one side. Level seven and above should be in some other estate.

You XiaoMo stares wide-eyed at these magic herbs, flames erupting periodically in his eyes.

He suddenly rejoices that he came along. If not, he would not have the chance to see so many magic herbs. Add just when he was preparing the familiarize himself with all sorts of mid-level magic herbs. Although they are recorded in the books, it's not as intense as seeing them with his own eyes. Furthermore, among these magic herbs, he also sees a few familiar magic herbs.

Ling Xiao smiles in satisfaction as he sees that he is unable to hide his excitement.

This morning, when he found out that You XiaoMo headed straight to the library after coming out of seclusion, he knew what he was thinking. Remembering that he himself has not yet gone to get the three stalks of magic herbs, he thinks of bringing him along to let him widen his knowledge. Now, looking at his excited expression, he knows that his guess was right.

"Let's go ba. Let's go look for Uncle Ye. When the time comes, I'll let you have the opportunity to go to the magic herb fields and personally pick out three stalks."

Ling Xiao grabs his hand and pulls him inside.

You XiaoMo firmly restrains the excitement in his heart. He allows himself to be pulled along with a flushed face. After hearing these words he feels that he has falsely accused Ling Xiao. Turns out, this was the reason why he insisted that he came over. He measured the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men. Thinking like this, he glances guiltily and uneasily at Ling Xiao.

Although Ling Xiao is not looking at him, his smile gets even more brilliant after that guilty glance. This is exactly what he wants!

ya4li4shan1da4 is transliterated as Alexander so I assume the author is just twisting her words and means ya1li4shan1da4 which means pressure mountain big. The shan1da4 are the same characters for both phrases. Or maybe she means facing Alexander the Great instead of just some ordinary Alexander.
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