The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 86

Chapter 86
Meat pie from heaven.

He Yan had known for a while that Lin Xiao was the winner of the grand friendly competition from someone sent over by Tang Fan.

Lin Xiao has won the number one place for the grand competition five years in a row. This is the fifth time. Even if he didn't know him before, now he is already familiar. It's just that before, Lin Xiao always came alone. This time he actually brought a skinny mage with him, really unexpected.

"Uncle Ye, I've come to get this year's prize."

Seeing Ye Han, Ling Xiao directly states the reason for his visit.

Ye Han looks in surprise at the Ling Xiao that is not quite like the image in his mind. The Lin Xiao before never used such a cheerful tone to speak to him. He also wouldn't be so ill-mannered, walking right in without knocking on the door. But at the bottom of his heart, he prefers this 'Lin Xiao'.

The Lin Xiao of before, even though he is the number one in the warrior division, his personality is rather cold. Adhering strictly to the roles of his duty, speaking straight to the point, each and every action abiding my rules and regulations. He doesn't treat people with warm-hearted affection nor does he seem too unfriendly. This type of just right feeling seems to be deliberately calculated, making him feel uncomfortable, so Ye Han really didn't feel much connection with the Lin Xiao from before.

But the current Lin Xiao gives a somewhat different feel. The smile on his face doesn't seem to be forced.

He Yan can't help moving his line of vision to the young one by his side. Pure glistening eyes, delicate and soft features, a very spiritual young one. Looks like the one that changed him is indeed this one. Thinking like this, he more less understands why Lin Xiao brought him.

You XiaoMo sees him look over, and somewhat overcautiously bows hastily in greeting, "Best wishes Uncle Ye!"

A light smile suddenly appears on the expressionless face of Ye Han. He nods slightly at him before turning to Ling Xiao saying, "I was told. Congratulations on getting first place again. This year's prize is three stalks of level six magic herbs. They're outside. Go and choose them yourself ba. Tell me when you have chosen."

"Then thank you very much Uncle Ye."

Ling Xiao cups his hands, saying with a vague smile.

After leaving the range of Ye Han's gaze, You XiaoMo can't help from heaving a sigh of relief. Although Ye Han is a mage, his aura is very imposing, worthy of him being a high level mage.

Ling Xiao laughs looking at his huge shock over a small matter expression, "What are you afraid of ya? In the future you will also be a great mage."

You XiaoMo takes his words as words of comfort because he himself is very clear. His innate talent is relatively poor, so he can at most be a mid-level mage in this lifetime. A high level mage is not something that he can achieve just because he wants it.

Level six magic herbs are at the center of the estate, also being the middle section of all the magic herb fields.

You XiaoMo doesn't know the reason why Uncle Ye arranged them like this. But thinking about it, it is probably beneficial for the magic herbs. Thinking further, when he goes back, should he also follow this method to grow the magic herbs in the dimension?

After they find the magic herb patch, Ling Xiao lets him go over and choose. The level six magic herbs cultivated by TianXin sect is very complete. Almost all the level six magic herbs that exist are in there.

You XiaoMo sees that Ling Xiao is watching from one side so he simply walks over feeling at ease.

Looking from up close of course is much clearer than looking from afar. But because the level is rather high, the number of mature magic herbs is not a lot. Seventy to eighty percent are seedlings, some have only just sprouted.

Looking greedily at these magic herbs, You XiaoMo walks enviously one round before coming back to the original spot. He more less remembers them all. He discovers that among these level six magic herbs, five types are identical to the ones he dug out from the ice cave. Because each type of level six magic herbs have some that are mature, he just has to compare to figure it out.

After eliminating the ones he already has, You XiaoMo selects three stalks of mature magic herbs, the names of which elude him for now. He had originally wanted to pick those at the seedling stage but if he were to choose those, where would he plant them?

Everyone knows that he is only a puny level one mage, simply not allowed to have magic herb gardens. So he can't take and plant them in his dimension, otherwise others would definitely question him. Master and his brothers would even curse him to death, if he lets go of the fully matured magic herbs and actually picks the seedlings. This is something only a fool would do!

So You XiaoMo can only restrain himself even though he really wants to try growing level six magic herbs.

After choosing the three stalks of magic herbs, You XiaoMo takes out the little spade he used before from his magic bag. He envelops the spade with his soul force and starts to dig out the magic herbs. This is the result he obtained after many rounds of experimentation!

Because the root of the magic herb is like the human body's eight extraordinary meridians, if it is harmed, the inner spiritual energy inside the magic herb would leak out. Like this, the quality of the magic herb will be negatively affected. He already experienced this phenomenon when he was picking magic herbs in his dimension. Ten over high grade magic herbs were irreversibly damaged by his actions turning them into mid-grade magic herbs.

Luckily he has many more, if not he would really want to cry to death.

From then on, You XiaoMo is more careful in order not to make any mistakes. He also found out from books that the soul force can be used to prevent the leaking of spiritual energy from the magic herbs. After that, he actually didn't damage a single magic herb.

Because he already practiced in the ice cave, You XiaoMo's speed in digging magic herbs is even faster than before. He dug them out under fifteen minutes. Three stalks of magic herbs lying neatly and tidily in his hand, roots completely intact, only with bits of soil clinging to them.

All three stalks of magic herbs are mid-grade magic herbs. He very much wanted to dig up top-grade magic herbs but after walking one round, he didn't see even one top-grade magic herb so he could only give up.

Holding the three stalks of magic herbs, You XiaoMo runs excitedly towards Ling Xiao.

After getting a clear look, he finds out that He Yan is now standing next to Ling Xiao from who knows when. He also doesn't know how long he has been standing there looking at him with what seems to be surprise.

You XiaoMo doesn't know the reason so he simply shows him the magic herbs he dug out, "Uncle Ye, I've chosen three stalks of magic herbs."

Ye Han had seen from afar the magic herbs in his hand but looking at them up close gives him an even bigger surprise. The three stalks of magic herbs do not have the slightest bit of damage, especially the root portion. He could actually manage to dig up not too much dirt and yet not damage them one bit. Most importantly, his hands are holding three level six magic herbs.

It must be said that the higher the level of the magic herb, the more careful one has to be. Otherwise, with just one slip of the hand, a healthy stalk of high level magic herb will be lost.

His original intention was to let them pick out the magic herbs and then he would personally dig them out because he was afraid that they would damage the root portion of the magic herb. Now, it seems that he was clearly worried for nothing.

"Have you helped your Master take care of magic herbs before?"

Ye Han asks suddenly.

You XiaoMo is momentarily stunned before reacting when he realizes that he was talking to him. He quickly shakes his head, "No, I haven't helped anyone take care of magic herbs."

Ye Han raises his brows, "Then how do you know to use the soul force to dig out magic herbs?"

Of course You XiaoMo can't tell him the truth so he simply says, "I read it in a book. The books said that the root of the magic herb is very important and also a hundred percent fragile. So when digging magic herbs, one has to pay attention and use the soul force and carefully cover it up. I just tried it out and managed to dig it out. Uncle Ye, did I do something wrong?"

A lot of people know he likes to read books so he isn't afraid of being found out.

Ye Han sees his cautious manner, and his heart can't help but soften. Hips lips start to form a slight smile, "It's nothing. You did very well. You're the smartest person I've seen. Looks like you have a lot of talent in this area."

You XiaoMo blushes. This is the first time someone has praised him for being smart. It must be said that ever since his rebirth until now, most of the time he hears Ling Xiao saying he's stupid. But what has more to do with it is that he is embarrassed because reading is only a part of it. Experience is the real reason behind it ah!

Ling Xiao hears these words and on the one side smiles slightly while on the other side looks at You XiaoMo meaningfully.

Of course You XiaoMo senses his gaze making him so ashamed that he wants to drill underground. If Ye Han had praised him when he wasn't around, he can still force himself to accept it. But just when he praises him, there is a certain someone who knows the real situation standing at his side. This kind of feeling, he can neither accept or reject it, really too vexing!

Ye Han only thinks that he is being shy, tossing out an invitation, "Would you be interested in coming here to be my apprentice?"

Ah? You XiaoMo raises his head in surprise.

Ling Xiao standing at the side is also very shocked. In the memory, Ye Han has never accepted an apprentice before. It's not that he doesn't want to accept, nor is it that he demands too much, but it's because his character is a little eccentric so very few people would catch his eye.

Yet many disciples from the mage division continue to vie to be his apprentice. Because if they were to become his apprentice, that would mean they can enter Yun Shui peak and spend time with high level magic herbs. This would only be beneficial for their future as a mage.

"But, but ....... I already have a Master."

You XiaoMo stammers with a depressed heart. Of course he wants to stay here. There are a lot of magic herbs here oh. Thinking of this, his face also reveals a little heartache.

Ye Han looks at his perturbed face that clearly shows that he doesn't want to refuse and yet is forced to refuse. In the end he can't help laughing, "Ah, you have misunderstood my meaning. I meant to let you come here and lend a helping hand. It wouldn't take up too much of your time. Furthermore, you can learn a lot of things from me here. Of course, I will also give you fifty merit points every day. How about it? Want to think it over for a bit?"

You XiaoMo feels dizzy. He is dizzy from being hit by the meat pie that fell from heaven.

When they leave, it's Ling Xiao that is holding him up as they walk away.

meat pie - golden goose