The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 87

Chapter 87
Kong Wen's aim.

When they return to Earth peak, You XiaoMo immediately comes back to life, seizing Ling Xiao's collar and asking non-stop if what just happened isn't just him dreaming, bothering Ling Xiao until he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. In the end, he raps him a few times on the head making him come back to his senses.

You XiaoMo covers his head as he exclaims happily, "You're rapping my head so I'm obviously not dreaming."

Ling Xiao grinds his teeth. Obviously this blockhead is asking for a beating. If he had known earlier, he would have rapped him a few more times.

When he calms down from all the excitement, You XiaoMo finally realizes that he is being carried in Ling Xiao's arms. What is most vexing is that Ling Xiao is using the princess hold. So Ling Xiao carried him from Yun Shui peak back to Earth peak?

Ling Xiao understands the look on his face. He bares his teeth as he smiles, "Congratulations. You've guessed correctly. Just now, a lot of people witnessed me carrying you back. So let me congratulate you again. You've become famous yet again."


You XiaoMo's miserable shriek reverberates across the whole Earth peak in a split second.

Ling Xiao really wasn't lying. When he carried him back, a lot of people saw them, and not just disciples from Earth peak. There were already a lot of people waiting to see who he would give the three stalks of magic herbs to. After finding out that he is bringing You XiaoMo to Yun Shui peak today, they can already guess the outcome yet there are still a lot of people who refuse to believe it right up to the last moment.

And so, one spreads to ten, ten spreads to a hundred, a hundred spreads to a thousand. As a result, it's not just the mage division that knows. It even sweeps across the warrior division being spread by winds of nosiness. So when You XiaoMo is hiding in his room, there are already a lot of people talking about this matter.

So by now, You XiaoMo is finally firmly tied to this boat of Ling Xiao, never to be separated.

Not long after Ling Xiao left, You XiaoMo is once again summoned by Kong Wen.

This time it's not just Master and disciple having a chat. Rather, it is held at Earth peak's Assembly Hall. Besides the five big brothers and big sister NanGong Ying, Uncle Zhao, there are also two Uncles that You XiaoMo doesn't recognize.

You XiaoMo walks in trembling in fear. This lineup makes him feel as if he is facing the severity of the combined judgement of three courts. *ying ying ying* He is only a small potato, nothing more.

"Disciple greets Master."

"Young Seven, do you know why Master called you over?"

Kong Wen's pair of shining eyes fall on him with an expression of utmost seriousness. As if what he is going to say next is something extremely important.

You XiaoMo thinks and thinks but he really isn't clear. So he plays it safe and shakes his head, "Disciple doesn't know. Master please clarify."

Kong Wen suddenly raps his five fingers on the armrest. After a moment of silence, he says, "Master hears that Yun Shui peak's Uncle Ye wants to take you as an apprentice. Is this true?"

You XiaoMo's eyes open wide. This seems to have just happened four hours ago. He didn't expect it to get around so fast. He thought that Master called him over because of the three stalks of level six magic herbs, or because of Ling Xiao's strange behavior. Looks like he is mistaken. He hastily says, "Yes, Uncle Ye let me think it over."

Just as he finished speaking, he hears soft gasps of surprise coming from both sides.

"Tell us what happened when you went to Yun Shui peak. Make it crystal clear, understand?"

Kong Wen speaks coldly and sternly.

"Yes Master."

You XiaoMo lowers his head. There is really nothing to hide regarding this matter. Since Master already knows about this matter, he must have ways of getting the information. But he also knows that he can't tell everything. So, except for him only taking fifteen minutes to dig out the magic herbs, he relates everything else, not leaving out a single word.

After listening to his words, everyone is quiet.

Fang ChenLe didn't react much from the start until he hears the last words. The warm smile that You XiaoMo is familiar with appears again on his face, "Little brother, looks like you have not read those books in vain."

You XiaoMo's mouth twitches as he smiles uncomfortably.

Other people also have more or less heard Fang ChenLe speak about how You XiaoMo really likes to read. It is said that he would go to the library every few days to borrow books. He also went this morning ne.

Kong Wen sighs softly, "Catching Uncle Ye's eye is your good fortune. But did you consider that with your current strength, even if you go to Yun Shui peak, it won't do you much good. The lowest magic herb in Yun Shui peak is level four. And you are now only a level one mage. If it was your Elder brother or Second brother, then ....... "

Fang ChenLe's pupils expand a little, and just as he is going to speak, Kong Wen gives him a meaningful glare.

You XiaoMo thinks that he now knows the real reason why Kong Wen called him over. That burst of excited energy finally disappears. What Master says is not wrong. He is only a level one mage that can be found everywhere. Yun Shui peak is a rarefied place. For him to go would be wasting an opportunity.

Even though he feels that what Master says is right but hearing these words, he still feels a little hurt.

He is also Master's disciple. It's bad enough that he is not excited for him to get this opportunity. On top of that, he actually hints that he should give the opportunity to others. Seeing that the others appear to be in agreement, You XiaoMo's expression gets sadder and sadder. Fine, luckily the ones that Master suggested are Elder brother and Second brother. If they really are the ones to go, then he definitely won't object!

"What Master says is absolutely right. Disciple will tell Uncle Ye the next time disciple sees him."

You XiaoMo cups his hands and say somewhat dispiritedly.

Immediately Kong Wen and the other two Uncles reveal satisfied smiles. Only then do they make perfunctory enquiries about his well-being. Finally, Kong Wen brings up the matter about the three stalks of level six magic herbs.

You XiaoMo thinks that it will like those scenes on TV where one has to give up the good stuff as a form of respect for the elders. Unexpectedly, Kong Wen lets him hold on to them, actually giving him three jade boxes to store the three stalks of magic herbs. Supposedly it's for him to use when he becomes a level six mage in the future. It's essentially a disguised form of compensation ba!

As for why he didn't ask for the magic herbs, it's most probably because he gave up the opportunity ba.

Returning to his room, You XiaoMo isn't in the mood to do anything. He collapses on the bed, not able to climb up again.

He feels like he has been riding on a roller coaster the whole day today. His heart has been thrown violently up and down from morning until now. His limited brain cells are completely used up, sleeping *hu hu* for four whole hours, only crawling up when the sun sets.

Then he spends an hour to finally straighten out his chaotic train of thought. The first thing he does is to let all the swearwords that he has been holding in for the whole day explode out of his mouth. He feels much better after venting. Finally he takes stock of all that happened today.

Three major things happened today.

This first thing is that he got three stalks of level six magic herbs. Magic herbs of this level for him right now is only something to look up at.

The second this is that Yun Shui peak's Uncle Ye wants to accept him as his apprentice. It's too bad that his excitement only lasted a little while before Master made him give the opportunity to Elder brother and Second brother. Very depressing. But he is sincerely happy for Elder brother and Second brother because they are really very capable. He also admires them very much.

The third thing is that he again offended Tang YunQi. This time it's a deadly offense.

And that's the end of it. It's basically all these.

As for his own plans for today, not even one fart was completed.

You XiaoMo only remembers now that he wanted to talk to Ling Xiao about how he broke through the first level of the Heavenly Soul Scroll. Right up to the time he left, he still didn't think of this matter. Looks like he can only wait to tell him the next time.

You XiaoMo then takes out the three jade boxes that Master gave him from his storage bag. He has read about these boxes before. These jade boxes are made out of white jade. Feels especially cold but it won't freeze the hand. It's made specially to store high level magic herbs in order to prevent the loss of spiritual power from the magic herbs.

But there are also many types of jade boxes because there are many grades of white jade. The higher the grade, the higher the level of magic herbs that can be stored. Such as the one in his hand. By looking, one can tell that the quality of the white jade is no ordinary goods. Master actually said that it can be used to store high level magic herbs. That must mean level seven and above. He heard that these kinds of jade boxes are very hard to come by. And he actually gave him three all at once, really willing to let go of such valuables.

It's just too bad that he doesn't need jade boxes. The dimension in his chest is flooded with spiritual energy, the best place to store magic herbs. If he could exchange the jade boxes for level four to level six magic herb seeds, that would be good. You XiaoMo seems to be hoping the heavens would open as he does some wishful thinking.

Walking out from the fantasy world, You XiaoMo pats his stiff cheeks.

After keeping the jade boxes, he first checks to see that the room is locked properly. He then returns to the bed and with one thought in his heart, he appears in the dimension.

What greets him is a stretch of fresh green seedlings, all of which are a mix of level two magic herbs. He no longer plants level one magic herbs because he will soon use them up, and he also doesn't need too much. So the magic herbs in the field are mostly a mix of level two magic herbs. He doesn't plant them all since he doesn't have the strength to use them all. Planting too much is of no use.

You XiaoMo walks over there and ponders the approximate harvest date for the level two and level three magic herbs. Then he walks to the rack by the lake.

The ten or so stalks of magic herbs he discovered in the ice cave and the three stalks of magic herbs that Ling Xiao gave him are lying peacefully on it. You XiaoMo picks up a sieve and puts them on it. He then moves to the magic herb field and plants them one by one.

Even though there are still come impurities in them, it's alright, I can help them wash their insides da!

combined judgement of three courts - police, prosecutors and court of law
ying ying ying - sobbing