The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 88

Chapter 88
Wishing the heavens would open.

Although Master and those few people made him depressed for a bit, You XiaoMo very quickly forgets about it.

After returning to his own room, he becomes very busy.

Because it's rare for people to come and disturb him at night, You XiaoMo stays in the dimension until the morning of the next day with his mind at ease. During these short hours, he zealously put everything in order, and at the same time, taking stock of the things he needs to buy the next time he goes down the mountain.

On top of that, he decides to build a small hut of his own by the lake. Taking that into account, the things he needs to buy is too much. His expenses will be one big sum. With his current assets, it's far from enough. So he has to find some time to bring forward the matter regarding the auction.

The dimension gives him too much of the feeling of being at home. Here he can openly do whatever he wants without fear. No need to worry that others would find out. No need to be anxious and afraid. Although there is a wide expanse to be weeded, and he has to painstakingly water the magic herbs everyday, he feels that this type of living is very fulfilling.

No need to scheme. No need to be on guard against others. Everyday there are free of charge magic herbs for him to use. Really too awesome!

Coming out of the dimension, You XiaoMo stretches his body. Looking outside, he sees that the sun has risen. He smacks his lips.

Talking about that, it's been a long time since he ate some regular rice.

Ever since he refined the Fasting magic pills, he hasn't eaten real food. Although he hasn't been hungry but his tastebuds have been unstimulated. It basically feels strange, sometimes actually making him feel uncomfortable. After all, he lived as a normal person for eighteen years, eating three meals a day is only normal, almost instinctive.

So not eating for some time, he feels it's very unnatural. Once he is idle, he can't help recalling the feeling of chewing rice grains in his mouth.

You XiaoMo rubs his tummy. Looking outside at the height of the sun, he determines that breakfast time is not yet over. He tidies up the room before heading to the canteen.

The canteen is lively as usual. Even though the peak time for breakfast is over, there are quite a few tables occupied. Male and female all present. Quite a few of them are indulging in loud and empty talk. But closely following the entrance of You XiaoMo, the lively voices gradually start to quiet down. More and more stares start to fall on You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo takes one look around before lowering his head.

Very long ago, he figured out that he just can't keep a low profile, so he learned to ignore their stares.

After scooping out enough food, You XiaoMo carries his tray and sits down at an unoccupied table in a corner. No matter what kind of stares fall on him, however complicated, or filled with admiration, jealousy or hate, he ignores them all.

You all like to watch right? Then look all you want. I won't ask for money.

Maybe feeling that it's boring, everyone finally withdraw their gazes. But the volume of the conversation is a little less than before. From time to time, eyes would still glance over at You XiaoMo.

No matter how you put it, although You XiaoMo is not currently in favor, he is still Kong Wen's disciple. Based on this, no one would make irresponsible remarks to his face.

You XiaoMo is only too happy for the peace and quiet. Before, when he just became Kong Wen's disciple, those few brothers all look at him as if seeing a leader, all running up to him to get on his good side. Almost annoying him to death.

You XiaoMo has always disliked the atmosphere in the canteen. Somewhat stifling, especially when he appeared. He hurriedly finishes the food on his tray and is just about to stand up and clean up when a figure suddenly appears next to him. Not waiting for him to raise his head, that person starts speaking. The gentle voice, if it isn't Elder brother Fang ChenLe, who else can it be?

"Little brother, you let me have a hard time looking for you."

You XiaoMo laughs *hei hei*, "Elder brother, do you need something?"

Fang ChenLe doesn't take it to heart, simply pulling up a chair and sitting down. Looking at You XiaoMo sheepishly, he gets straight to the point, "Little brother, Elder brother has wronged you. I didn't expect that when Master called for you yesterday, it is actually with that kind of intention ....... "

"Wait wait. Elder brother."

You XiaoMo quickly stops him from blaming himself, saying somewhat helplessly, "I know that Elder brother and Second brother had nothing to do with it. I also don't blame the both of you. I know that Master said that for your benefit. What Master said is right, it's more beneficial for both of you to go than me."

"But, this way it is very unfair for you isn't it?"

Fang ChenLe says in a deep voice.

Although Yun Shui peak makes him very excited, he isn't the type that would step on his younger brother's back to get ahead. If it really has to be like that, he would rather refuse the opportunity. He also believes that ZiLin is of the same opinion as him.

You XiaoMo sees the slight change in his expression and knows that Elder brother is really angry. Having an Elder brother that really thinks about him, he feels that he is very lucky. So he feels that if the opportunity really goes to Elder brother, he definitely wouldn't be upset.

"Elder brother, I heard that it is very hard for mages to go past level four. You and Second brother have stayed as level four mages for a few years. If you get to go to Yun Shui peak, the chance of a breakthrough would be higher right? I really want to see the both of you become more powerful. Then Heaven peak will no longer be able to look down on us right?

You XiaoMo feels that he is somewhat clumsy with words, unable to come up with strong powerful words to convince Elder brother. So he can only use simple words to convey his thoughts.

"Little brother, you're too simpleminded."

Fang ChenLe sighs.

"What do you mean?"

You XiaoMo asks in surprise.

"Did you consider that the one Uncle Ye wants is actually you and not me and Second brother? This matter isn't as easy as you letting us have the opportunity and so be it. If Uncle Ye doesn't agree, do you think me and your Second brother will get to go?"

Fang ChenLe shakes his head, clearly showing that he doesn't know.


You XiaoMo is stunned. He really didn't think about this, "But from what Master said ....... "

Fang ChenLe really wants to pry open his head and take a look at what's inside, "You think that whatever Master says is law? If it really is like that, Master, that old man, would have found a way a long time ago to get me and Second brother sent into Yun Shui peak. That Uncle Ye. Don't be fooled by his outer amiable appearance. The fact is, the things that he doesn't want to do, even the Grand Master won't be able to force him to do."

"Then what is it that Master wants?"

You XiaoMo asks stupidly. He already can't cope with it.

Speaking of Master, Fang ChenLe shows some helplessness, "Most probably Master feels that since you managed to get Uncle Ye to like you, if you were to bring it up, it would have more chance of success ba!"

You XiaoMo is speechless .......

He didn't expect that Master being someone so shrewd, would actually think this way.

Looks like he really values Elder brother and Second brother. If not, he wouldn't have come up with his kind of method. If he himself has a Master that treats him like that ....... ai ya, what an unrealistic way of thinking!

"Elder brother, no matter how it is, when I go see Uncle Ye, I will still bring it up."

You XiaoMo says firmly.

Fang ChenLe sees his determined face, and having more or less an understanding of his character, he knows that it's no use persuading him. He can only say helplessly, "Little brother, I know you are doing this for Elder brother but you must still act within your means. You must absolutely not make Uncle Ye angry. Oh right, your Second brother asked me to tell you something."

"What is it?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously.

Fang ChenLe is all smiles, "He says for you to not mind other people's business."

You XiaoMo grins. This Second brother is really an awkward person. A softie with a gruff exterior!

You XiaoMo leaves the canteen together with Fang ChenLe. Everyone in the canteen witnessed it. Quite a few people look at each other in dismay. They thought that there would be big rift in the relationship between You XiaoMo and Elder brother. Looks like there is a big discrepancy between the reality and their imagination. And so, the speculation collapses of its own.

Three days later, Ling Xiao comes to look for You XiaoMo.

Before, Uncle Ye gave You XiaoMo some time to think it over, up to three days.

This time, the reason why Ling Xiao comes to see him, is because of this matter. Because Uncle Ye asked him to bring You XiaoMo back to see him three days later. But even if he didn't say so, Ling Xiao would still do it.

The matter regarding Kong Wen summoning him, Ling Xiao knows about it but definitely doesn't plan on bringing it up.

Just like what Fang ChenLe said, if Uncle Ye is someone so easy to convince, all these years, he would have been surrounded with people a long time ago. Why would he wait until now? Those intentions are nothing but wishing the heavens would open. Even if You XiaoMo agrees, one still needs to get past Uncle Ye. So he isn't worried at all.

Ling Xiao doesn't ask. You XiaoMo doesn't believe that he hasn't heard the rumors. Although he is a little surprised, he still heaves a sigh of relief. Otherwise, if he really has to tell him what he is thinking, he would definitely call him stupid. Why would he go looking for insults?!

On the way, You XiaoMo tells Ling Xiao the things he wants to do the next time he goes down the mountain. This time, there are a lot of things he wants to buy. Other than the building materials for the small hut, he wants to see if he can buy level four to level six magic herbs.

But this time he needs a large sum of money. So he needs to arrange the auction before considering these things. But he doesn't know if HePing town has an auction house. Ling Xiao should know better than him.

"We will soon arrive at Yun Shui peak. Wait until we return. I'll tell you then."

Ling Xiao deliberately raises his brows.

"Alright ba."

You XiaoMo looks at the soon approaching Yun Shui peak, starting to feel hesitant.

Ling Xiao sees his nervous expression from the corner of his eye and snorts *chi*, "Later, you must be cautious in speech and conduct. Your Uncle Ye is not someone with a good temper. If you were to make him angry, *ze ze ze*!"

You XiaoMo -_-|| . Already at the door and he still wants to scare him. Can't he see that he is already so nervous?

say three say four - make irresponsible remarks
ze ze ze - click tongue