The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 89

Chapter 89
"Successful pitch."

Just like the last time, the one that comes to receive them is the child with the combed back hair.

The boy's body emits a noble air that forbids others from getting close. You XiaoMo is almost certain of his status. He should be one of the legendary guards of Yun Shui peak. It's just that this Elder's outer appearance is seriously different from the image he conjured up in his mind.

After taking them outside the estate, the boy once again disappears soundlessly.

You XiaoMo is already used to seeing strange things so he just walks inside with Ling Xiao, going according to the path they used the last time. Right in front of the large magic herb field is a small hut. At this moment, Ling Xiao who is walking in front stops suddenly. You XiaoMo doesn't notice and bumps his head right into his back. Rubbing his hurting nose, he is just about to open his mouth when Ling Xiao suddenly covers his mouth.

You XiaoMo raises his head and uses his eyes to ask, "What is it?"

"There's someone."

Ling Xiao mouths those words, not caring if You XiaoMo understands. He pricks up his ears listening to the movements in the small hut.

You XiaoMo looks over at the wooden hut that is still over thirty meters away. His lips twitch as he pouts.

After a while, Ling Xiao removes his hand from You XiaoMo's mouth and signals for him to continue walking.

You XiaoMo receives the message. Knowing that they can start talking, he quickly asks, "What happened just now? Don't tell me there was someone else in the wooden hut besides Uncle Ye? But no one came out ah?"

"That person has left. It's not strange that you didn't see him."

Ling Xiao doesn't hide it from him, continuing, "They were talking about you. That person was sent by Tang Fan. Tang Fan heard that Ye Han wanted to accept you as an apprentice so he sent someone to convince him not to take you."


You XiaoMo asks, a little upset.

Why is it that everyone doesn't want him to be Uncle Ye's apprentice? Although he knows in his heart, but hearing it from the mouth of others, he still feels very wronged.

"This you still have to ask?"

Ling Xiao glances at him and continues lightly, "Ye Han is someone that everyone in TianXin sect wants to get on their side. Even Tang Fan is no exception. The only peak that is closely linked to Tang Fan is Heaven peak. Although he is the Grand Master of TianXin sect, he still wishes for the person by Ye Han's side to be someone from Heaven peak. Furthermore, you're from Earth peak, for him to agree, that would be strange."

You XiaoMo pouts exaggeratedly, "Clearly I'm also a disciple of TianXin sect ....... "

Ling Xiao sneers coldly and says lightly, "Tang Fan isn't as fair and impartial as you imagine. He is only an ordinary person, with selfish motives and desires. On top of that, he has been on top for a long time. No matter how noble and lofty, one would still be reduced to some small selfish man. Furthermore, Tang Fan was never a saint. Wait until you've seen it a few more times, you'll slowly get used to it."

You XiaoMo pouts. He has absolutely no desire to get used to it. This world is too treacherous. He wants to go back to Earth!

"Did you hear what that person said to Uncle Ye?"

You XiaoMo asks.

Hearing these words, Ling Xiao can't help hooking his arm over You XiaoMo's shoulder, one finger tilting his jaw upwards, saying frivolously, "Of course. Although he put up a barrier outside, the level is nothing difficult for me. You want to know?"

You XiaoMo pouts and pouts. Why does he feel like he is being molested? It must be that he got up the wrong way from the bed this morning. Otherwise, why would he have this absurd misconception?

Ling Xiao sees that he doesn't respond but still doesn't feel put out, "Actually you can guess without me having to tell you. That person used the excuse that you only entered TianXin sect for less than two months so you don't have a service record. He wants Ye Han to forget about taking you in as an apprentice and let Tang YunQi take your place. But Ye Shan is also not someone that is easy to deal with. He insisted that other than you, no one else would do. That person received orders from Tang Fan so of course he wouldn't ease up. In the end, he said that your background is dubious and that you may be a spy. They spoke until they heard your footsteps, then that person left. That's pretty much it."

You XiaoMo can't help but pout three times over. Why does it seem like those last words is putting the blame on him? He is only a puny little mage. There's no need to add those amazing and fearsome things to his name.

"Come in ba."

Ye Han's voice comes from the hut.

Only then does You XiaoMo realize that he has unconsciously walked right up to the hut so he just pushes the door and walks in with Ling Xiao.

Ye Han stands in front of a rack of magic herbs, with his back facing them, as if he is putting the magic herbs in order. Hearing the door open, he turns around. His face is calm, just like how he appeared three days ago. As if he is not the least big angry with what just happened half a minute ago.

"So what do you think about it?"

Ye Han doesn't like to talk in a roundabout way, getting straight to the point after sitting down.

You XiaoMo glances at Ling Xiao who gives him a slight smile. He quickly shifts his gaze and hesitates for a bit before saying, "Uncle Ye, I am very happy that you appreciate a nobody like me but I have been granted your undeserved kindness. I think I'm not fit for this position. So, I think that it should be given to someone that needs it more than me.

Hearing these words, Ye Han isn't surprised. He only looks at him for a while before sighing softly, "Looks like you've already heard about it. Three days ago, I was indeed too rash. I didn't consider how this matter would cause problems for you."

"It's not like that Uncle Ye."

You XiaoMo hears those words bearing responsibility and is alarmed, "I never felt that this matter is troublesome, it's just that, it's just that ....... "

After racking his brains, You XiaoMo still can't figure out what he should say so he can only look at Ling Xiao at his side.

Ling Xiao sees his imploring gaze and is very happy that he immediately thinks of him. As for the possibility that it is because there are only the three of them here, so You XiaoMo has no other choice, Ling Xiao chooses to single-mindedly ignore that fact altogether.

"Uncle Ye, this matter, I trust you know more about it than the both of us. Your position is very unique. The person by your side, be it disciple or apprentice, they must be proven to be a hundred percent devoted to TianXin sect. But You XiaoMo is different. He still hasn't inherited the canons of TianXin sect, making it obvious that TianXin sect does not trust him. For this type of disciple to be able to come in and out of Yun Shui peak, it's not just the Grand Master that won't agree, even those old fogies up there would probably not agree."

Yun Shui peak is like the heart of TianXin sect. Touch one hair and it would affect the whole body.

"Yes ah, Uncle Ye, if you really need an apprentice, my Elder brother and Second brother can do. They are both level four mages. Their experience is richer than mine, definitely will do a better job than me. Really. If you don't believe, you can test them."

You XiaoMo quickly chimes in. He now understands Ling Xiao's analysis. Truthfully, it would be extremely difficult for him to walk this road of an apprentice. Rather than charging ahead obstinately, wouldn't it be better for him to give this opportunity to Elder brother and Second brother? This way, the opportunity wouldn't be wasted.

Ye Han doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. It's obviously such a serious topic but hearing him speak this way he can't maintain the seriousness. He actually feels that this little disciple is worried that he would compromise thus losing out on this good opportunity so he hurriedly pitched his Big brothers.

Ling Xiao hears him still constantly thinking about his Elder brother and is just about to flip out when he suddenly gets a flash of inspiration. He then gives a push before Ye Han starts to speak.

"Uncle Ye, what Little brother says is right. I have met those two brothers. Their characters are indeed pretty good when compared to others. Elder brother Fang ChenLe is a gentle and amiable person that is very approachable. His popularity is also quite high. Second brother Fu ZiLin although a little cold, he is very serious when it comes to doing things. If you were to accept the both of them, I can guarantee that you won't regret it."

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo stares wide-eyed in surprise at Ling Xiao.

It's hard to believe that Ling Xiao would speak on behalf of his Big brothers. He somehow remembers that Ling Xiao doesn't seem to like Elder brother very much. Furthermore, his understanding of those two is even deeper than his!

The ones surprised is not just You XiaoMo. There's also Ye Han.

But Ye Han is not like You XiaoMo, showing his inner thoughts on his face. He is only shocked in his heart.

Ling Xiao is actually recommending someone, and people from Earth peak on top of that. If Tang Fan finds out, he would most probably be angered to death by this disciple. But it must be said that this Ling Xiao is really more to his liking. If Tang Fan really gets angered, then wouldn't that be good!

"Uncle Ye, what do you think?"

You XiaoMo asks cautiously.

Ye Han almost can't keep a straight face. This is the first time a junior has dared to speak to him like that. On top of that, asking him what is his decision. It can't be that that one short moment is all the time he is given to consider?

Although the impression Ye Han has of the both of them is not bad, he can't decide on such a big thing in such a short time. If not, certain people would definitely get anxious.

I can't give you an answer on this matter right now. How about this ba. Find a time for them to come by and I will test them personally. If they can impress me, I will accept them as apprentices."

Ye Han says.

"Then I'm very grateful. I will let them know."

You XiaoMo says immediately, his face showing both happiness and surprise.

Ye Han shakes his head. He has not seen this type of pure happiness for the sake of his brothers getting an opportunity, actually beaming with happiness from the inside, for a long time now. It's a pity ....... it's a pity that he already has a Master. If not, taking him as a disciple is probably not a bad decision. Thinking of this, Ye Han is inwardly shocked. He has not thought about taking a disciple for a very long time. And now, this young man that he has only met twice can make him think this way, it's really very shocking!

The one that doesn't know that he just missed out on a gigantic opportunity, You XiaoMo, is currently pulling Ling Xiao along down the mountain, full of excitement, seeming as if he urgently wants to share the good news with his Big brothers.

lamp that doesn't burn much oil - someone that is easy to deal with
open door see mountain - get straight to the point