The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 90

Chapter 90
One more kiss.

Ling Xiao can no longer stand You XiaoMo's eager manner, so he takes him straight back to the room.

You XiaoMo doesn't know why he wants to stop him from telling Elder brother the good news. He sits angrily on the chair all in a huff looking at him.

Ling Xiao closes the door and walks back with his arms crossed and looks at him. He watches, with a hidden glint in his eyes, those eyes that are shooting flames. He continues watching as those flames get smaller and smaller, finally going out. Only then does he smile, "Little brother, are you in a hurry to see your Elder brother?"

You XiaoMo immediately shakes his head, "No."

Yes also must say no!

"Then why were you running so fast?"

Ling Xiao smiles as he asks.

"That, of course is so I can come back to my own room. Isn't there a saying that goes, 'Gold houses and silver houses are not as good as one own's doghouse'?"

You XiaoMo stammers, praying that he can deceive him this way.

Of course Ling Xiao is not going to admit that there is some sense in those words. He pulls a chair and sits by his side.

You XiaoMo immediately picks up the teapot and diligently pours a cup of water for him, "Elder brother Ling, drink a cup of water first before speaking."

Ling Xiao gives him face, taking a sip after taking the cup.

You XiaoMo takes advantage of this time to ask, "Elder brother Ling, your not allowing me to tell Elder brother and Second brother the good news, is it because there is something wrong?"

Ling Xiao's lips slowly curve upwards. Learning fast are we? He then says calmly, "It's no big deal. It's just that there is someone more anxious than you. Even if you don't go, in a bit, someone will come over to find you."

Someone is referring to a certain person. You XiaoMo is not so stupid that he wouldn't know this little bit. Other than his Master, there probably isn't a second choice.

After calming down, You XiaoMo no longer feels that impetus. Just like Ling Xiao said, Elder brother and Second brother will find out sooner or later. There's just no need for him to be worried. Thinking like this, he remembers that he himself has a lot of questions he wants to ask. Taking advantage of Ling Xiao's presence, he simply relates the whole process of his Heavenly Soul Scroll breakthrough.

Ling Xiao listens to him and then ponders for a bit, "Mages are not the same as martial artists. Mages train the soul force. In order to have a breakthrough, not only does the capacity have to accumulate, a key moment is also needed. But this key moment is not something that would happen to everyone. So, it's only when one finds the right way, that there would be the opportunity to have a breakthrough."

"What about the way?"

You XiaoMo asks.

"Putting pressure on your soul force is one of the ways. Like when you use up your soul force when refining magic pills. This is also a type of pressure placed on your soul force. But because you usually replenish it with magic water just in time, so this phenomenon is not clearly reflected on your body. But with the increase of your soul force, the result will get more and more obvious. As for why you didn't have a breakthrough when you didn't drink magic water before, it's most probably because you haven't reached the critical point required for a breakthrough."

Actually Ling Xiao is not speaking from his own knowledge. He is speaking while raiding Lin Xiao's memory.

The presence of a Junior sister that likes him so she tells him all she knows is a good thing. Although Lin Xiao is not a mage, but clearly because of ambition, he frequently asks Tang YunQi about matters regarding mages, making him very knowledgeable on these matters.

"So that's how it is!"

You XiaoMo says somewhat pensively.

Ling Xiao takes advantage of his inattentiveness and strokes his cheeks. The two cheeks are unimaginably soft and tender. He breathes out softly and says, "Since you already broke through the first level of Heavenly Soul Scroll, you should now be able to refine level two magic pills."

"I also think so."

You XiaoMo distractedly grips his hand. There's no need to say how excited he feels inside. He thought he would need two to three more months before breaking through to a level two mage. And the heavens suddenly gave him such a huge pleasant surprise. Now he has over three months of time, so the assessment will definitely not be a problem.

Ling Xiao looks at his cheeks and lips that have become slightly red from excitement. He can't help narrowing his eyes, and while You XiaoMo is looking at him in surprise, he leans over and licks him. Feeling that it is not enough, he takes the opportunity to lick him again. Then again and again.

A certain excited someone already turned into stone .......

Ling Xiao is also beyond excited. Too sweet. Why does it seem that it has been smeared with honey? So sweet that he is addicted. Completely not tired of it. In the end, he actually sticks his tongue between those partially closed lips, hooking up with the stiff tongue. Sucking over and over, eating with high spirits. Totally unwilling to let go. Only when he feels that You XiaoMo is out of breath, does he reluctantly let go.

You XiaoMo already came back to his senses when his tongue entered his mouth. But the reality is, this little virgin has no way of withstanding Ling Xiao's sucking technique. In a flash, his whole body was sucked powerless. There's no need to even talk about resisting.

When Ling Xiao lets go of his mouth, he takes a few deep breaths but is still unable to recover. His face is as red as fully ripe persimmons. Smoke is even rising from the top of his head. He flops weakly in Ling Xiao's arms.

Ling Xiao is afraid that he can't breathe. He strokes his back helping him to breathe smoothly, "Is it getting a little better?"

You XiaoMo shivers. He uses one of his hands to grip his shoulder, helping him to climb up. He glares at him with flames shooting out of both eyes, "Why would you kiss me on the lips?"

Ling Xiao smiles as he licks the corner of his mouth. Then he stretches out his finger and pokes his lips saying regretfully, "Because it is delicious. I still haven't asked you ne. Is there honey on your lips? They are so sweet that I can't bear to let go."

You XiaoMo sees his manner that seems to want to give him another kiss and quickly covers his mouth. But when he hears his last words, he unconsciously sticks out his tongue and gives it a lick. Bloody hell, it's actually all covered in saliva .......

You XiaoMo hastily wipes off the saliva on his lips. His lips quiver slightly when he speaks, "My lips are not the least bit sweet. Maybe it's your own lips that are sweet."

Worried that he would use this excuse to kiss him again, You XiaoMo quickly places the cause back on Ling Xiao's own body.

Ling Xiao looks at him, raising the corner his lips devilishly, "My lips are sweet? Why is it that I can't tell? How about you try and see if they are sweet, help me confirm it?"

Although it sounds like he is asking, his actions are not the least bit hesitant. He immediately hugs You XiaoMo who is trying to escape, and kisses him. This time, it is more intense than the last time because there is now a resisting tongue. But there is also added interest as the more You XiaoMo wants to hide, the more he wants to entangle them.

As if enlightened, You XiaoMo no longer resists and instead holds his breath. If you can do it, go ahead and suck me dead!

More or less aware of his plan, Ling Xiao finally lets go of his lips. Still unsatisfied, he licks his lips. It's really too bad. He still wanted to kiss a little longer.

You XiaoMo quivers in his arms wanting to climb out .......

Ling Xiao holds him down with his large hand, shocking him. Seeing that You XiaoMo is not content, he quickly hugs him tightly around the waist, saying, "Ok, let's talk about serious matters. Don't move or I'll execute you on the spot."

You XiaoMo finally stays completely still. But his whole face is black, bastard, what do you mean execute on the spot?

He is man. He really is a man!

"You you you ....... you say it. What do you mean serious business?"

You XiaoMo is quivering as he speaks.

"Regarding the auction house. HePing town only has a small-time auction house. If you really want to auction off magic pills and spiritual liquid, you can't do it in HePing town. You have to find a slightly larger town. Those auction houses will be more regulated. Also there won't be cheating and funny business. On top of that, the price will be higher."

Ling Xiao speaks with a satisfied expression.

"Really? Then which town is good? I don't know the way."

You XiaoMo is finally excited. In a flash he completely forgets about how he was messed around with just a moment ago.

"Of course it's somewhere further. But to go to that town and come back, and adding the auction time on top of that, it won't be done in a day. With your situation right now, you can only leave for one day ba?"

Ling Xiao is not certain but it seems they can't go after all.

"Then how?"

You XiaoMo thinks about how he still has two opportunities to go down the mountain this month. But each time he is only allowed one day. This is a rule that can't be moved even if struck by thunder. Unless .......

"After passing the assessment in three months, as long as you get through it, after that, you can go down the mountain for as long as you want."

Ling Xiao says with a serious expression.

You XiaoMo can't help feeling a little deflated. Looks like that is the only way!

"That's right, there is something else I have to warn you about."

Ling Xiao says suddenly. When You XiaoMo looks over, he continues, "The auction house in the big town is of a higher grade than the ones in small towns like HePing town. The information you got before regarding auctioning magic pills is probably not relevant. Level one magic pills, no matter how high the grade, is unlikely to be accepted in those auction houses."

"Then wouldn't that just leave the spiritual liquid? So much trouble, wouldn't it be better to just go to HePing town?"

You XiaoMo frowns.

Ling Xiao hugs him tight as he says, "It's not troublesome. The magic pills can't be auctioned but they can still be sold to the medicine shops in town. Furthermore, didn't you want to find level four to level six magic herb seeds? You can go ask about it in town."

"That's right oh."

Only then does You XiaoMo remember that there is still that matter.

Although HePing town has level four and above magic herb seeds, it's not much. Furthermore the quality of the seeds is not very good. Some are even dried up because they have been stored for a long time.

Level four to level six magic herbs require a relatively longer time to grow. On top of that, HePing town is a small town so very few mages would go there to buy mid-level magic herb seeds. So the magic herb seeds in the Orchid Pavilion, other than those from level one to level three, the rest have been there for a very long time.

"So for now you should concentrate on preparing for the test in three months. Leave the arrangements for the auction to me. When you pass the test, I will bring you there."

Ling Xiao uses his fingers to scratch both sides of You XiaoMo's cheeks, somewhat unwilling to let go. He cherishes the time he spent with You XiaoMo at the Central lineage more and more. Living together that time was so good. He could make a move whenever he wanted to.


You XiaoMo suddenly feels a lot more relaxed.

"Oh, now that we've finished talking about serious business, how about we go for one more round?"

Ling Xiao once again shows his indecent look, hooking up You XiaoMo's chin, wanting to plant a kiss.

You XiaoMo raises his hand and gives him a slap .......