The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 91

Chapter 91
Level two magic pills.

After Ling Xiao leaves, just like he said, Kong Wen sends someone over not long after to ask him to go over.

Because You XiaoMo prepared himself mentally, he is ready. He tells Master that Uncle Ye already agreed to test out Elder brother and Second brother and take them as apprentices if they pass the test.

Two at one go. And they are his own disciples that he is most proud of. There is no need to mention how delighted Kong Wen is in his heart. So he promises to grant You XiaoMo one request if Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin pass Uncle Ye's test.

You XiaoMo curses endlessly in his heart but on the outside he appears deeply grateful. He had already known long ago that Master wouldn't do something that would cost him, giving him a empty check while making it seem as if it is the real thing. Still he must force out an extremely happy expression. Of course it's not possible that he doesn't feel wronged.

But because of this, he now knows the true face of his Master. Maybe, in his heart, other than Elder brother and Second brother, the other disciples are just there to make them shine in comparison. If not, why has he never seen him take great pains for the other disciples?

You XiaoMo still remembers that ever since he entered the sect until now, Master never led him by the hand and taught him anything. He feels that he isn't a person that holds grudges but he admits that he is still a teeny bit petty. If it isn't because the people concerned are Elder brother and Second brother, that little bit of pettiness would definitely not allow him to be so magnanimous.

But the reason why he can give way so completely is also because it also benefits him. Right now, his days are very free and relaxed. He does what he wants. It wouldn't be the same in Yun Shui peak. Over there, there are ten powerful Elders on guard. Under their watchful eyes, everything he does will be under their surveillance. Would he dare to refine magic pills? Would he dare to enter the dimension?

For others, it is a hundred advantages and not a single disadvantage, leading to a bright future. But for him, going to Yun Shui peak means there is a high probability that his secret will be exposed.

Comparing these things, he would rather let go of this opportunity, so he can't agree to go there and be Uncle Ye's apprentice. This is the real reason for his refusal. The rest is just like pushing a boat along with the current.

After thinking it through, You XiaoMo is no longer hung up over Kong Wen's favoritism. Right now, he can't wait to try and see if he can refine level two magic pills. If he can, the next time he goes down the mountain, he can sell level two magic pills to earn money.

And so, less than two days after the last time, You XiaoMo goes into seclusion once again.

Not long after he entered into seclusion, Fang ChenLe comes to find him. He already learned of that matter so he wants to thank him. Unexpectedly, he learns from the disciple next door that You XiaoMo is in seclusion again, this time, he supposedly won't come out for ten days to half a month.

Fang ChenLe can't help but pout in great disappointment. This seclusion maniac. Even more maniacal than ZiLin. Left with no choice, he can only let that disciple tell You XiaoMo that he came to visit when You XiaoMo comes out from seclusion.

At the same time, the one in seclusion, You XiaoMo doesn't immediately start to refine magic pills.

After locking the door securely, he appears in the dimension. After a few days, the level two magic pills in the dimension are already mature. Ten types of magic herbs appear to be thriving. In order to differentiate the ten types of magic herbs, You XiaoMo purposely divided them into ten magic herb fields. Just like the fields of peasants, each field has one type of magic herb. One hundred stalks of each type. The magic herbs that he uses more, he sprinkles them with relatively more magic water. A glorious profusion of colors, an extremely magnificent sight.

You XiaoMo takes a good look at everything. He finds that the way the magic herbs are growing is quite alright. The magic herbs are bursting with spiritual power and energy. It's clear that there are sufficient nutrients, nothing to do with the way they are grown. But a few days ago, he observed the magic herbs that Uncle Ye grew in Yun Shui peak. He discovered that over there the magic herb fields are distributed in circular formations of approximately the same size.

For example, in one magic herb field, there are rings from the middle spreading outwards in a circular shape up to eight meters in diameter. With this type of arrangement, the magic herbs close to the middle grow better. Almost all the magic herb fields are planted that way. Although he doesn't know how this benefits the magic herbs, You XiaoMo feels that it has something to do with the concentration of the spiritual energy inside the barrier of Yun Shui peak, giving rise to such an effect. After making the comparison, You XiaoMo starts to dig up magic herbs.

Usually it takes six to eight hours to clear a huge magic herb field. But ever since his soul force broke through level one, his ability to use the soul force also increased. This time, he only used one hour to clear all the level two magic herbs, completely filling up the shelves marked for level two magic herbs. The shelves he bought for this purpose are now all completely used up.

After picking out three types of level two magic herbs used to refine a certain magic pill, You XiaoMo leaves the dimension leisurely.

On the table is the second cauldron he got from Uncle Zhao. Although it is of good quality, it can only accept the soul force of a level two mage. If he wants to refine level three magic pills, he would have to buy a better one.

You XiaoMo took a few types of magic herbs and placed them on the table. Then he chooses three stalks. Today, he wants to refine a level two magic pill called Bitter magic pill. It is made up of three magic herbs - bitter ginseng, slender stalk fragrant herb, and silkweed.

Bitter ginseng looks about the same as regular ginseng but the flavor of bitter ginseng is especially bitter. So, a lot of people are unable to withstand the taste of bitter ginseng. Even if it is turned into a magic pill, the bitter taste is not the least bit reduced. So slender stalk fragrant herb has to be added.

Slender stalk fragrant herb is just like its name. The flower stem gives out a very strong fragrance. The flower stem also has a sweet taste that can neutralize the flavor of the bitter ginseng, enabling the medicinal qualities to come into play.

Bitter magic pill is used to solidify the state of martial artists after a breakthrough. But it is only effective for relatively low level martial artists. As for higher level martial artists, they have to take other high level magic pills.

After throwing the three stalks of magic herbs into the cauldron, You XiaoMo starts to manipulate his soul force into the cauldron to start the first round of distillation.

Level two magic herbs contain twice the energy of level one magic herbs. Just melting them takes twice the amount of time needed for level one magic herbs. Then it's time to distill. Because level two magic herbs is higher than level one magic herbs, the distillation difficulty is greater than for level one magic herbs. On top of that, the magic herbs is from his dimension, of high quality, so it's even more difficult to distill.

After fully concentrating and carrying out one round of distillation, You XiaoMo can't remove any more impurities. Of course, not able to remove any more does not mean there are no more impurities in the magic herbs. It just means he is not strong enough to take it further.

You XiaoMo does not feel discouraged. This situation is just like when he was refining level one magic pills. As long as he goes slow and takes his time, there will come the day when he can do better. Then he simply goes on to the final step, blending.

Blending goes relatively smoothly. It's not long before a level two magic pill comes out fresh from the oven. Furthermore, it's a top grade magic pill.

You XiaoMo smiles at his own achievement. He takes it and puts it into a bottle and starts on the second magic pill .......

After going into seclusion, You XiaoMo seems to be cut off from the outside world. He doesn't know that after he went into seclusion, something big happened in Earth peak. Ye Han made an exception and accepted Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin as apprentices. Furthermore, it's the both of them together.

This matter shocked the whole of TianXin sect. In the end, Tang Fan couldn't take it any longer and decided to go talk it over with Ye Han.

What Tang Fan wants is, since Ye Han is planning on taking on apprentices, his daughter is also a mage, so he should also take her in. But Ye Han says that he already has enough people so he refuses to accept Tang YunQi.

Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin are not the same as You XiaoMo. They have already entered TianXin sect for many years and established a few connections in the mage division. Most importantly, the two of them have already received the alchemical techniques meaning they are core disciples. Tang Fan can't use the excuse he used against You XiaoMo to stop Ye Han from receiving them as apprentices. But there's no way he would happily sit back and let Earth peak shine and take the upper hand.

In the end, Ye Han has no choice but to say that if Tang YunQi can pass the test, he will accept her as an apprentice. But the dramatic thing is that not only did Tang YunQi not pass the test, she also caused a big fuss.

Tang YunQi is a very arrogant person, always looking down at people of lower status than her. But what Ye Han needs is someone that is careful and patient. She obviously lacks these qualities. She fails to pass even the first hurdle and thus is thrown out after three strikes.

Although Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin are very different, they share one characteristic. That's being careful and patient, especially when it comes to handling magic herbs. They are both very attentive.

Although Fu ZiLin appears to hate being a mage, his actions are very different from his appearance. It gives off a mouth says yes but heart says no kind of feeling. Just like You XiaoMo said, Fu ZiLin is a very awkward person. Ye Han definitely does not hate this kind of person.

So like this, Tang Fan has nothing left to say. His own daughter fails to live up to expectations so who can he blame? People already gave her the chance. If you don't treasure the chance, it is your own fault. It can't be blamed on others.

But Tang YunQi is not happy. She feels that Ye Han purposely made it difficult for her, so she caused a fuss. Every two to three days, she and her gang of footmen gathered outside the barrier of Yun Shui peak and yell loudly that Ye Han is biased, unfair, and so on.

Yun Shui peak is protected by a barrier. Even if Tang YunQi shouts louder, Ye Han wouldn't be able to hear it.

But unluckily, that boy that came down the mountain twice to receive Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo suddenly appeared outside the barrier. Tang YunQi just happened to see him and used the status of Ye Han's assistant to ask him to lead the way. The boy ignores her so Tang YunQi flares up and threatens him. According to witnesses, the boy then gives her a tight slap. Junior sister Tang's pretty face immediately swells up into a pig's head. After that, she no longer dares to go out and so the whole TianXin sect becomes peaceful again.

After Tang Fan found out about this he confined Tang YunQi for one month. After that, he personally went to Yun Shui peak to apologize and admit fault to that boy. Only then does everyone find out that the boy is actually one of the topmost Elders of TianXin sect.

Tang YunQi also for some reason whether it is too afraid or too ashamed to show her face, she is not seen again for a few months after that.

The one that gets the most peace and quiet is none other than Ling Xiao. Finally he no longer has to deal with that princess that comes to see him everyday. If not, he is really worried that some day he wouldn't be able to take it any longer, causing him to wring her neck.

pushing a boat along with the current - swim with the current
slender stalk fragrant herb - Lysimachia capillipes Hemsl
bitter ginseng - Sophora flavescens