The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 92

Chapter 92
Awkward feelings.

Time rushes by like flowing water .......

The one who was supposed to be in seclusion for ten days to half a month, You XiaoMo, under the hopeful watch of certain people, finally comes out.

One must know that during these three months, Fang ChenLe came to his room off and on, and moan and groan for a bit outside his door. The few disciples next door will rush out at that time to come talk to him.

Fu ZiLin also came around. This Second brother is more brusque and direct. He goes right up to You XiaoMo's door, glares at it, lets out a burst of cold air and then leaves. It is said that the neighboring disciples stayed inside the whole day then.

Ling Xiao also came over but he only came one time .......

"Little brother, if all the disciples of TianXin sect are like you, TianXin sect wouldn't need to worry about becoming stronger ya!"

Ling Xiao smiles as he hugs the collapsing You XiaoMo, really warm and gentle like jade.

You XiaoMo looks jumpy, looking guiltily to the door that had been kicked open. Because a certain someone used too much force, one of the doors was sent flying, now lying pitifully all alone on the floor.

That's right, Ling Xiao's 'one time' refers to this one time.

This fellow is even more direct than Fu ZiLin, lifting up his foot and kicking down the door that had been closed tightly for three months. *Peng* rings out loudly, frightening the neighbors. But no one dares to come out. Each visitor freakier than the other, it would be strange if they dared to come out.

After Ling Xiao barged in, he saw You XiaoMo collapsing backwards, making him jump in fright. He ran over to catch him and found out that it's because he used up his soul force. Because he didn't manage to drink magic water in time, he lost the strength to remain standing.

Ling Xiao is so angry that his teeth start to itch, dying to take a bite of his face.

"This time, this time it is not intentional. Actually ....... I also didn't think it would be so long ....... "

You XiaoMo explains somewhat lacking in confidence.

"Not intentional?"

Ling Xiao raises his brows, "When was it ever intentional?"

"I ....... "

You XiaoMo wants to disagree, this is the only time it was accidental ok? But looking at Ling Xiao's expression, he feels that it is better not to say it. If he makes him angry, that would give Ling Xiao another hold on him, so he changes the topic.

"How come you're here? Have you sorted out the things regarding the auction?"

Speaking about matters regarding the auction, his eyes also light up.

The corner of Ling Xiao's eye twitches. He narrows his eyes darkly, "You XiaoMo, could have forgotten about the assessment in a few days time?"

You XiaoMo's face stiffens. He really did forget about it!

With one look at his face, Ling Xiao knows that he guessed correctly. He snorts and raises his chin saying, "If I didn't kick down your door in time, you most probably would continue on cluelessly for one or two months. Tell me, how are you going to thank me?"

You XiaoMo wants to pound on the ground. He tried to be on guard over here and over there but now he still owes him a favor. But kicking down other people's door yet speaking so boldly with justification, this is the first he comes across someone like this.

In the end, You XiaoMo promises to fulfill a few conditions before Ling Xiao lets him go.

Knowing that he probably has no clue about what happened outside these three months, Ling Xiao tells him the major things that happened. The matter regarding Tang YunQi happened three months ago. Although very few people talk about it these days, Ling Xiao still tells him the gist of it.

After listening to it all, You XiaoMo covers his cheeks thanking his lucky stars. Thankful that he himself didn't mouth off at that time.

The other matter has to do with the demons.

Because Ling Xiao exposed the identity of the demon Luo Shan, the spies in the other sects were also rooted out. After the secret agents were killed, the demons suffered a huge loss. One of their commanders was shamed into anger. He put together a group that disguised themselves as humans and made a surprise attack on human mystics. Although the move was very despicable, the number of human mystics that died by their hand is really not just a few. Among them was an Elder from ChongShan sect.

ChongShan sect's size is not like TianXin sect and QingCheng sect but their strength can't be underestimated. The number of strong hands in that sect is already not like QingCheng sect and TianXin sect. Now with one dead, their power is diminished, throwing the whole ChongShan sect into chaos.

QingCheng sect also has a blood feud with demons making them enemies that can't live under the same sky. So the two sects decide to join forces against the demons. But before they move against the demons, they are determined to pull TianXin sect along.

TianXin sect as the number one sect can't shirk this responsibility. Tang Fan discussed with the Elders and finally decides to send Ling Xiao over.

Ling Xiao is the Grand disciple of the warrior division. For one, his strength is outstanding. Two, he can use this opportunity to raise the prestige of TianXin sect. Most importantly, Tang Fan got the news that QingCheng sect's Luo ShuHe will personally show his face for this attack to wipe out the demons.

And so, this is the real reason why Ling Xiao did not come to find You XiaoMo these three months.

The attack wasn't successful. The demon commander received news about it so he removed his subordinates in advance. So in the end, the combined three sects only managed to catch a few shrimp soldiers and crab generals. The rest all managed to get away.

Everyone set out in high spirits but returned disappointed.

But because of this attack, all the big sects finally got to know Luo ShuHe's strength. Because the one that outwitted the few shrimp soldiers and crab generals was him. If not for him, they probably wouldn't even be able to get any shrimp soldiers and crab generals. This campaign formally confirmed Luo ShuHe's standing as an outstanding talent.

As for Ling Xiao, during this campaign, his performance was so so.

After coming back, Tang Fan actually called him over to talk for a day. The contents are unknown except to themselves.

You XiaoMo can guess why Ling Xiao didn't go all out. Most probably it's because he didn't want to expose himself. But it is also possible that he just didn't feel like helping. For someone that can easily beat the strong Elder Jiang dead in one strike, he doesn't believe that he can't catch a single demon.

"Elder brother Ling, is that Luo ShuHe really that powerful?"

You XiaoMo asks full of curiosity.

Ling Xiao looks at him from the corner of his eye, "Why do you want to know?"

You XiaoMo quickly shakes his head, "I'm only curious. According to what you said, he gained a lot of attention during that campaign. Everyone would definitely praise him. But, some narrow-minded people ah, they would definitely compare you to him, belittling you to raise up Luo ShuHe. It's usually like that."

Ling Xiao laughs in amusement at his phrase 'narrow-minded'.

"Little brother, if Luo ShuHe has to depend on belittling others to raise himself up and make a name for himself, then the people that boost him higher would only cause him to fall harder. In this world, people with such good hearts don't exist. Even if they did, it won't be that group of fools."

Ling Xiao's voice is very languid and somewhat hypnotizing. Neither hurried nor slow. Neither cold nor warm. Gentle and indolent yet making it hard for others to understand. He is clearly speaking words of condemnation yet he is speaking as if he is reciting poetry.

You XiaoMo pouts exaggeratedly. This person is actually condemning people in such an elegant way, "But your reputation was really harmed, was it not?"

Although he didn't hear it with his own ears, he can imagine what those people said. It must have been some hurtful words.


Ling Xiao smiles devilishly, beaming as he says, "Little brother. Are you sure that it is my reputation that suffered?"

You XiaoMo's mouth hangs open and he is tongue-tied. Of course. This person is pretending to be Lin Xiao. Yet, he has never taken anything regarding Lin Xiao seriously. If it continues going this way, all that Lin Xiao worked for would be completely lost.

You XiaoMo mourns silently for Lin Xiao for three seconds.

"Alright, you should also prepare yourself. The assessment is in three days. At that time, it won't just be Earth peak disciples. The Heaven peak and Flying peak disciples that entered half a year ago will also be taking part. There will be quite a lot of people. You have to prepare yourself mentally to avoid making me lose face when the time comes."

Ling Xiao stands up and pats his shoulder speaking earnestly.

You XiamoMo immediately glares at him. What do you mean let you lose face? Whether or not I lose face has nothing to do with you!

Of course, he only dares to roar these words in his heart.

After talking for over two hours, Ling Xiao conveniently takes two bottles of magic pills with him as he leaves. They are all level two magic pills. In seclusion for three months, You XiaoMo refined a lot of magic pills. He refined an extra two bottles in addition to those for auction. There are still quite a lot left.

After he leaves, You XiaoMo picks up a few bottles of level one magic pills that he already refined and heads to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs.

Before he went into seclusion, he frequently went to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs to pick up thousand over level one magic herbs. Although he now has magic herbs from his dimension, if he doesn't go to pick up magic herbs from the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, it would easily raise the suspicions of others.

Just when he is about to enter the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, You XiaoMo runs into the one that always appears and disappears mysteriously, Fu ZiLin.

When he sees him, You XiaoMo remembers what the neighboring disciple told him. Supposedly this Second brother came to look for him and let out a burst of cold air. Imagining that scene, he can't bring himself to smile. Seeing him now, that feeling becomes even more intense.

"Second brother. Is there something you need?"

You XiaoMo blinks while looking at the expressionless Fu ZiLin walking up to him.

Fu ZiLin stares at him for a good while before saying, "I owe you one."

He then leaves.

You XiaoMo thinks that this Second brother is really awkward. But so adorably awkward!

Walking into the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, You XiaoMo immediately walks up to Uncle Zhao at the counter, "Uncle Zhao, here are two hundred magic pills. Give them a count. They are all here."

Uncle Zhao takes them and puts them away without so much as a second look. He raises his pen and says, "Four hundred magic pills in three months. This number is rather little compared to what you refined before. Do you want to take more magic herbs?"

"Yes. But this time I want to take level two magic herbs."

You XiaoMo speaks with a little embarrassment. After all, he can't say that he has his own magic herbs ba.

Uncle Zhao finally looks up in surprise.

shrimp soldiers and crab generals - minor players