The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 93

Chapter 93
Master of magic herb cultivation.

"You're already a level two mage?"

Uncle Zhao asks in surprise.

"Right now I want to take some level two magic herbs and try it out. The assessment is in three days. I'm afraid I won't make it in time."

You XiaoMo tells a lie without looking away.

This is something he is forced to do. Everyone knows that he is now only a level one mage. If he suddenly becomes a level two mage three days later during the assessment, with no rhyme or reason, it would definitely make people suspect him.

So he must start to refine level two magic pills now. Then three days later it will be perfectly justifiable. If he passes the test, he can chalk it up to good luck, coincidence, and the like.

Uncle Zhao knows about this matter. Actually, he already thought about this before.

He was one of the first to come into contact with You XiaoMo. He also knows that this young man has always been very diligent so he hopes in his heart that he will be able to pass the test. Otherwise, not only will he lose face, Earth peak will also be embarrassed.

But it has been half a year and he has not seen him take level two magic herbs. A few days ago, he heard that he went into seclusion. So he is puzzled. Can staying in seclusion make someone able to refine level two magic pills? And then, a few days later, he comes out of seclusion and runs here to him asking for level two magic herbs.

"Your Elder brother must have told you that level two magic herbs is not the same as level one magic herbs. You can't just take whatever you want."

Zhao Zhen speaks in a businesslike manner. Regarding these things, he doesn't even make exceptions for his own son, Zhao DaZhou. But he will do his best to fulfill his duty as a father, that is to give him a chance to go fight for it. Although his son is sometimes lacking, he has never disappointed him before.

"Yes, Elder brother said that only a certain amount can be taken each day."

You XiaoMo replies immediately, nodding as he speaks.

Zhao Zhen continues speaking, "Let me explain it to you now. It takes a longer time to grow level two magic herbs compared to level one magic herbs. They are also not as easy to grow as level one magic herbs. So the harvest is relatively less, hence the need for limits. This bit can't be avoided by anyone. During their time, it was also the same for your Elder brother and Second brother. Since you are now a level two mage, you can now take take enough for ten magic pills each day. If you think it's too little, you can only go fight for yourself."

You XiaoMo thinks it over, and says, "Uncle Zhao, can I take the amount for one month?"

"Of course. But if you take the whole amount for one month now, the next time can only be one month later. You can only take one month in advance, nothing more. Also the rules for level two magic pills is the same as for level one magic pills. You have to hand in half."

Uncle Zhao says.

"I understand. Thank you Uncle Zhao."

You XiaoMo says happily.

"How much do you want now?"

Zhao Zhen sees that he truly understands so he doesn't explain any further.

"One month's worth. I want to make fifteen types of magic pills."

You XiaoMo speaks without any hesitation, just like he did before with the level one magic herbs.

Zhao Zhen also doesn't feel that it is strange, immediately allocating one month's worth for him.

Ten magic pills a day is thirty stalks of magic herbs. So a month will be nine hundred stalks of magic herbs. This quantity if you compare it to level one magic herbs is nothing much but if you add it up for multiple disciples, it amounts to one small fortune.

You XiaoMo got the nine hundred stalks of magic herbs easily and goes back directly to his room.

Returning to the room, he takes out a few stalks of magic herbs to take a look. Of course it's just like he thought. They are all low grade magic herbs mostly of low quality. Only this kind of magic herbs will given out to the disciples to use freely. Otherwise, this amount each month, TianXin sect will sooner or later be driven to poverty.

You XiaoMo suddenly feels sympathy for TianXin sect. In actual fact, it's not easy being TianXin sect. So many disciples to nurture, it's no wonder that they formed a business division to earn money.

Three days of time. Not long yet not short.

But this time You XiaoMo doesn't lock himself in his room and refine magic pills. Instead, he goes to find Fang ChenLe.

Although this road of a mage seems to be something he figured out from reading books and fumbling around, no matter how talented, it's still not something that can be done on one's own. So he decides to go to Elder brother and dig up some information. At the least, he has to keep up appearances. On top of that, the brother next door told him that Elder brother asked him to go look for him when he came out of seclusion.

Fang ChenLe is extremely happy that Little brother is here to see him. If it wasn't because this is a busy time, he would have gone to look for him again.

"Little brother, you're finally willing to come out of seclusion. You really kept Elder brother waiting."

Fang ChenLe walks up to You XiaoMo and can't help rubbing his head. He is already used to his full of life appearance and rosy cheeks. After all, everyone is a little different from others.

You XiaoMo knows that Elder brother has a lot of things that he wants to tell him so he simply says, "Elder brother, I have something to tell you."

"Looking at your expression, it must be something good. Can it be that you are already a level two mage?"

Fang ChenLe looks at him seriously, making a rough guess.

You XiaoMo stares at him in surprise, "How did you know?"

He hasn't said anything!

Fang ChenLe looks at his shocked expression and smiles warmly, "I just met your Second brother. He told me that you have come out of seclusion. Your assessment is in three days. Now looking at your very happy manner, I'm guessing that must be the reason."

This Elder brother is really smart. You XiaoMo sighs in his heart. He feels that everyone around him is not someone to be trifled with. Each one is not as they seem on the outside, like how still waters run deep.

Can it be that the reality is, he is too stupid so in comparison other people seem especially smart?

In order to thank You XiaoMo for ceding the opportunity to him, Fang ChenLe answers his questions in detail. Especially since he knows that he just became a level two mage and with the assessment three days later, he tells him all the necessary things that level two mages should focus on. Finally he tells him that if he doesn't have enough magic herbs, he can get some from him."

Although he knows that Elder brother has a magic herb field, You XiaoMo doesn't plan on using his magic herbs. He grows magic herbs himself so he knows how hard it is to grow magic herbs.

But Elder brother's manner is very firm so You XiaoMo can't refuse and so pretends to agree.

After this, You XiaoMo spends the whole morning interacting with Fang ChenLe.

Fang ChenLe, as a level four mage is much more knowledgable than You XiaoMo. Also he has plenty of experience. Sometimes with just a few words he clears up matters that perplex You XiaoMo. Such as using the soul force.

Before, he was completely didn't understand why the soul force can easily melt the ice sculptures made out of condensed spiritual energy. Now he understands.

A very long time a go, an Elder said that the soul of a mage is like a sea that receives a hundred rivers, just like a person's tolerance. The soul can sense the spiritual energy on heaven and earth, and by absorbing pure spiritual energy, the soul can put it to use. Since the ice sculptures in the ice cave is made up of condensed spiritual energy, the soul force emanating from the soul can naturally cut or melt it.

On top of that, the purer the soul force of the mage, the higher the affinity with magic herbs. So the quality of the magic herbs cultivated will also be better. It must be said that magic herbs are mostly spiritual entities.

Of course, this is what everyone knows. Only an outsider like You XiaoMo would be completely clueless. In other words, the purer the soul, the better.

One conversation later, the benefits You XiaoMo receives is not little, much more than he would have gotten from reading on his own.

Now he knows why Uncle Ye is the best mage in TianXin sect when it comes to cultivating magic herbs. That's because his soul is pure. Furthermore, he is very clear on good vs. evil and has very little desire for material gains. This type of person is indeed very suited to cultivating magic herbs.

"Little brother, you must remember one point. The higher the level of a mage doesn't mean that the soul will be purer. This has to do with the heart of the mage. If one can put one's heart at peace, not worrying about gains and losses, not caring about fame and wealth, then that person will be the best choice for cultivating magic herbs. Even if that person is a level one mage, he has a high chance of becoming an outstanding master of cultivating magic herbs."

Fang ChenLe says with a look of longing.

A Master of magic herb cultivation is another profession that is available to mages. One with a bright future at that.

It must be said that on this continent, to find a mage that is really able to grow high quality magic herbs, it is possible that one can't even be found in every ten thousand people. On top of that, most mages are concentrated on raising their ability in refining magic pills so it's even harder to find. But difficult to find doesn't mean this type of person doesn't exist.

Some mages, because of low innate talent, they have no way of becoming high level mages in this lifetime. So most of them would choose to become magic herb cultivators. LongXiao continent does not lack this kind of talent. But someone that is outstanding in both refining magic pills and cultivating magic herbs, like Uncle Ye who is both a high level mage and a high level magic herb cultivator, the are considered a rare once in a century talent.

Fang ChenLe has a secret that is only knows to Fu ZiLin. His goal is actually not to be like Master, but Uncle Ye Han.

He wants to be just like Uncle Ye Han. Become a high level mage as well as a high level magic herb cultivator. He has always been working hard toward this goal. In a moment of excitement, Fang ChenLe tells this secret to You XiaoMo and tells him to keep it a secret, especially from Master. Seeing that Fang ChenLe shares such an important secret with him, You XiaoMo immediately agrees to keep the secret secure.

After taking leave from Fang ChenLe, You XiaoMo goes back to his room.

His heart is in a constant state of excitement. A high level mage as well as a high level magic herb cultivator. That is such a mighty dream!

He also wants to be like Elder brother and pursue a mighty dream. But when he thinks about his innate talent, he feels that there is no hope for him to be a high level mage. But after talking with Elder brother, another door opens up for him.

That is to become a Master of magic herb cultivation!

He feels that since he can't become a high level mage, then becoming a high level magic herb cultivator is not a bad choice. Just like they say, 'There are three hundred and sixty walks of life. Each one produces its own number one scholar'. He only has to be willing to work hard!