The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 97

Chapter 97
In the limelight.

Blue spirit pill is a magic pill used to amplify the power of martial artists. This magic pill is what You XiaoMo refined the most during his three month seclusion. He refined about one hundred and fifty pills. Its difficulty is only second to the Reserve energy pill, also a level two magic pill that there can not be enough of. That's because it can increase the power of a martial artist in a very short time. Its side effect is the loss of power for one hour. Although there is a side effect, it still causes martial artists to rush after it like a flock of ducks.

You XiaoMo refined so many Blue spirit pills because he is preparing to go down the mountain and sell them for money.

But he still admires Jiang Liu. He already knew long ago that he is an outstanding talent, becoming a level two mage in a short half a year, even able to refine a Blue spirit magic pill. Clearly he is much stronger than the other disciples.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo smiles and nods at him before handing over the magic pill to the Senior in front of him.

The Senior takes the magic pill. Its light pink color and luster is very vivid. Used to looking at magic pills with an indifferent look, he is suddenly stunned. His half-closed eyes also widen a little looking in amazement at the young man, saying, "This Reserve energy magic pill was really refined by you?"

You XiaoMo is stupefied by the question. If not me then who? Of course he doesn't dare to answer this way. After being stunned for a moment, he nods his head, "Replying to Elder. It's me who refined it."

The Senior strokes his mottled black and white beard. A satisfied smile appears on his serious face. This smile is quite obvious, appearing on the wrinkled Senior's face, making him suddenly appear lively. One look and it's clear that it is a smile from the inside.

Jiang Liu who is standing at the side and even all those watching this scene all feel very surprised.

Although the assessment only started not long ago and there are still many disciples that have yet to do the test, it is the first time they see the Senior showing such a happy expression. Doesn't this mean that that disciple called You XiaoMo refined an extraordinary magic pill?

Jiang Liu bites his lips, looking guardedly at You XiaoMo whose expression remains the same from the beginning to now.

"Reserve energy magic pill. Distilled twice. Low grade magic pill of medium quality. I declare that Earth peak's disciple You XiaoMo passes the test."

After the Senior says this, he returns the magic pill to You XiaoMo and at the same time commends him with a nod saying, "Not bad, continue giving it your best effort. Be sure to guard against rashness and arrogance."

You XiaoMo restrains his excitement, and happily takes the magic pill, "Thank you Elder. Disciple will try his best and definitely live up to your expectations."

"Alright, you all can go back down. Next is the fourth round of assessment. Those numbers that are called, step up."

The Senior waves his hand lightly. His face becomes serious once again, calling out calmly and expressionlessly.

You XiaoMo turns around and is about to walk away when Jiang Liu suddenly says somewhat cynically, "Congratulations Big brother You."

You XiaoMo turns around and sees Jiang Liu smiling brilliantly, as if what he felt just now was only his misconception. So he happily says, "I also have to congratulate you Junior brother Jiang. Then I'll leave first."

Jiang Liu looks at his retreating back and slowly loses his brilliant smile. He then turns around and walks back the Heaven peak disciples.

Returning to the group of people, You XiaoMo is immediately congratulated warmly by all the disciples. Even Kong Wen with his constant serious face, praises him generously with a few words, the smile on his face getting a little deeper making him seem more approachable.

This disciple did not let him down. It's not in vain that he made an exception and accepted him as a disciple.

"Junior brother You, I didn't expect you to be so awesome. Even refining a Reserve energy magic pill. And distilled twice at that. Even stronger than that disciple Jiang Liu. Really making Earth peak proud."

"That's right, that's right. But it's really unexpected that you actually got the Reserve energy magic pill. I remember that the Reserve energy magic pill is the most difficult level two magic pill."

"Heaven's peak Jiang Liu got the Blue spirit magic pill. Blue spirit magic pill is hard to refine but he took a longer time to refine than Junior brother You. The difficulty is also easier than Junior brother You's. The both of them finished at about the same time. Looking at it like this, Junior brother You is still the stronger one."

"We Earth peak finally have this day to walk with our heads held high."

"Hey, you see. Heaven peak people have very black faces yo."

All sorts of excitable and gloating voices rise up one after another. Usually Kong Wen would definitely not allow them to be so bad mannered. But now, there is no reaction from him at all, as if he can't hear the voices behind him. This tacit manner causes the disciples to get very worked up, as if having been injected with chicken blood.

But the more excited they get, the more unsightly the faces of the Heaven peak disciples get on the other side. This is what is called the reversal of the Wheel of fortune!

You XiaoMo smiles helplessly. He didn't think that he would be pushed into the limelight like this. At first, he was worried that his speed in refining magic pills is too fast, attracting suspicion. So he deliberately slowed down. That's why he only finished when the time was almost up.

As for distilling twice, he thought that the disciples undergoing the assessment will also do this many times. That's why he gave up on distilling three times. Only now does he realize that he forgot to factor in the time.

For this assessment, the only requirement is that the disciples refine a live magic pill. As for the quality of the pill, that is only secondary. In other words, no many how times you distill, you will pass as long as it is not a dead magic pill. That's why most of the disciples would chose to only distill once whether it's because they are afraid of failing or afraid that they won't have enough time.

Jiang Liu chose to distill twice because of his over self-confidence. That's why he almost ran out of time. But he also actually got a little big of fame for that. If it wasn't for a certain You XiaoMo, he would definitely have been the most outstanding one for this assessment.

At the entrance, seeing that You XiaoMo is surrounded by his brothers, Ling Xiao curves his lips slightly, turns around, and leaves the Hall of Mages.

Zhou Peng thought he would go congratulate Little brother. Seeing him turn around and leave, he rushes to catch up, "Elder brother, you're leaving just like that? You're not going to say a few words to Little brother? I feel that if you were to show up, he would be very happy."

Ling Xiao turns to his side and looks at him ambiguously. He doesn't think that You XiaoMo would be very happy. That fellow will definitely think that he is there to make him do things that he doesn't want to do.

But it doesn't matter. After all ....... there will be plenty of time for that ah!

After Ling Xiao leaves, You XiaoMo finally looks up from everyone's congratulations towards the door. But he doesn't see the one he wants to see the most. He can't help but feel a little disappointment bubbling up. Although there are times when he really loathes Ling Xiao, there are also a lot of times when he really wants to share with him the happy times.

Three hours later, the assessment if finally over.

You XiaoMo takes a quick look, fifteen of the twenty four Earth peak disciples pass the test. This number must be pretty good since the smile on Master's face does not decrease one bit.

As for Heaven peak and Flying peak, they have nineteen and fourteen respectively. Three peaks have forty eight disciples passing the test altogether.

This number is a little less than last year's. But it can't be helped because budding mages are hard to come by these days. The competition between the large sects are getting fiercer and fiercer. Slow one step and the promising budding mages would be snatched clean.

But from this You XiaoMo can see the gap between Heaven peak when compared to Flying peak and Earth peak. On the surface, Earth peak and Flying peak are only down by four or five disciples but this also reflects the strength of the three major peaks. Heaven peak is clearly a step above.

If Heaven peak were to receive the same proportion of disciples each year, then it won't even take a few years before the number of people in Heaven peak will surpass that of Earth peak and Flying peak by quite a lot. Luckily TianXin sect doesn't restrict the Elders from going down the mountain and taking in their own disciples. It's most probably because of this that the three major peaks have somewhat even number of people.

Upon returning to Earth peak, Kong Wen asks the nine disciples that failed the test to pack up their things and go find Uncle Xiao. Uncle Xiao will make the arrangements for what comes next. Then he lets the rest of the people go except for You XiaoMo.

"Little Seven ah. Looks like Master has underestimated you."

Kong Wen paced around the same spot before suddenly stopping and staring fixedly at You XiaoMo while saying these words.

You XiaoMo immediately starts to drip with cold sweat. These words after all are ....... "Actually ....... Master's teaching is good."

Kong Wen waves his hand, "There's no need to say these flattering words to Master. Master is very clear in his heart. After receiving you as a disciple, I tossed you to Elder brother. Master really didn't undertake any responsibility of being a Master. But Master also has complicated difficulties. Hopefully you will understand. Now that you are an official and rightful disciple, there are a few things that can now be said to you."

"Master, I understand." I wonder if .......

Kong Wen continues speaking, "Several thousand years ago, TianXin sect's size was much much smaller than what it is now. At that time, the strongest one in the whole Mage division was a level four mage, that is the founder of the Mage division. The founder always wanted to expand the Mage division but had no way of doing so. Right until the founder by chance and good luck came across a volume of alchemical techniques."

"What alchemical techniques?"

You XiaoMo pretends to be curious. Actually he already guessed it.

"Martial artists require special techniques when training. Mages are no exception. What the founder found was a volume of techniques that train the soul force ....... "

The rest of it is pretty much the same as what Ling Xiao told You XiaoMo before. In the end, getting to the heart of the matter, Kong Wen finally decides to pass on that volume of alchemical techniques to him. But he must swear an oath to be loyal to TianXin sect forever. And he also can't tell the contents of the alchemical techniques to anyone, not even those that are closest to him.

"Master ....... if the oath is violated in the future, what would happen?"

You XiaoMo asks cautiously. Regarding oaths, he always wondered, are they really effective?

It must be said that before, he was an atheist. But right now, that is no longer the case .......