The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 99

Chapter 99
Blood pact seed.

If the void can be defeated so easily, there won't be so many martial artists afraid of it.

But the people that know about the existence of the void, if you were to count on one's fingers, you may not even find five people in the whole Long Xiao continent. That's why what Ling Xiao says is completely different from what Kong Wen told You XiaoMo. His words are one level deeper.

Although Kong Wen has a deep understanding of oaths, he doesn't know about the existence of the void. That's why he can only tell You XiaoMo the superficial things, the things that a lot of people also know.

Ling Xiao stares at his face for a while until You XiaoMo becomes embarrassed before he stops teasing him.

"Although there are people that have defeated the void, this type of person is as rare as the feather of the phoenix or the horn of the unicorn. You may not even find one in ten million people. So you shouldn't place your hopes on defeating the void by some stroke of luck."

"Then ....... how am I going to get past the void?"

You XiaoMo whispers his question.

"There is no way to escape from the void."

Ling Xiao says calmly.

"No way to escape? Then wouldn't I be caught up in it?"

You XiaoMo is no longer calm. He feels that Ling Xiao is always playing with him, not coming to the point after all this talk.

Ling Xiao suddenly shows what can be called a warm and gentle smile.

You XiaoMo jumps in fright, immediately not daring to complain anymore, shrinking into himself.

A devilish gleam flashes in Ling Xiao's eyes. He grabs his arm and pulls him to his side. He hooks one arm firmly around his waist and very intimately rubs himself against his neck, before saying softly, "With me here, how can I let you get caught up in it?"

These words are said very lightly, without the arrogance of something said with utmost self-confidence. But it still has an unshakable certainty that can't be matched by the words self-confidence.

For some unknown reason, when You XiaoMo hears these words, an indescribable heroic spirit emerges deep inside his heart. But this heroic spirit is not his .......

"Then ....... what should I do?"

You XiaoMo swallows repeatedly.

Ling Xiao hugs him, both of his hands running all over his body while he laughs freely as he speaks, "That would depend on whether you trust me. The method is not difficult. You only have to let me plant a blood pact seed in your body, let the seed stay deep in your mind, close to the soul. When you swear an oath, the moment when the void drills into your soul, the blood pact seed will automatically gobble it up and destroy it."

You XiaoMo feels that this method is really miraculous, so he asks cautiously, "What is the blood pact seed?"

"Oh, the blood pact seed is basically the seed of my spirit. As long as the person is planted with my seed, he will be controlled by me."

Ling Xiao smiles slightly as he speaks slowly. Feeling the person in his arms stiffen slightly, he smiles saying, "But it's not the same as a puppet. As long as you don't betray me, my blood pact seed won't devour your soul."

"De ....... devour the soul?"

You XiaoMo's eyes open wide, this is too terrifying ne!

"Little brother, this is not just a form of intimidation."

Ling Xiao whispers softly in his ear.

You XiaoMo pouts. This is a good solution? It's clearly jumping from one fiery pit into another. Although the one controlling him is different, in the end he will still be controlled by others.

Ling Xiao laughs *he he* saying, "So how? Have you decided which one you want?"

You XiaoMo rolls his eyes uncertainly. Suddenly he gets a flash of inspiration, quickly turning around and clutching Ling Xiao's robe, saying full of hope, "Elder brother Ling, that blood pact seed can be withdrawn ba. Since you can plant it, you should also be able to take it back, right?"

Ling Xiao looks at his collar that is being held tightly by him. His lips start to curve upwards, revealing a teasing smile, "Little brother, how unexpected. Not seeing you for three days and you've actually become smarter."

This statement means that he agrees with what he said ba?

You XiaoMo laughs *hei hei*. This is something he suddenly thought about all on his own.
It's not something seen on TV. Furthermore, he was always a very smart person OK!

Ling Xiao starts to laugh. There is an added hint of treachery and craftiness in his eyes. He is absolutely not going to tell him that he basically has no intention of taking back the blood pact seed after everything is settled.

Although it really is as he said, he can control the person that is planted with the blood pact seed whenever and wherever he wants, but as long as he doesn't deliberately activate the blood pact seed, the target won't be affected at all. Furthermore, what he said does not describe the blood pact seed completely. It actually has another very useful function. That is to protect You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo is too weak. He can't be by his side at all times. So if by chance something happens when he is not by his side, the blood pact seed can save him. It can also call out to him whenever and from wherever, and let him know that You XiaoMo is in danger.

As for why he is so concerned about You XiaoMo, to the extent of planting the blood pact seed in his body, it can be attributed to his selfish motives. He can't stay in TianXin sect forever. So if he were to leave in the future, he will also take You XiaoMo with him. Since it is already certain that he will have to 'betray' TianXin sect, he doesn't want You XiaoMo to be restricted by TianXin sect, making him unable to leave. So, even if You XiaoMo didn't come to look for him, he would come over himself anyway.

"Elder brother Ling, then when should we start?"

You XiaoMo looks expectantly at him when he speaks.

He can't say for sure when Master will ask him to go over again. So it's better to take care of this matter as soon as possible.

Hearing these words, an unmistakable smile appears on Ling Xiao's face, faintly carrying a tinge of expectation. He licks his lips saying, "Right now ....... we'll start now ba. First, close your eyes."

Although You XiaoMo feels that it's strange, he still obediently closes his eyes.

Ling Xiao stretches out his slender jade-like finger and slowly strokes along his white jade-like cheeks. His lips start to curve upwards slightly. Little guy, actually letting the great me give you a blood pact seed that has what is equivalent to one tenth of my power. In the end, is this your good luck or my good luck? I hope you won't let me down *he he* .......

Ling Xiao snaps his finger and sets up a barrier outside. When that is done, he closes his eyes. Suddenly a captivating bright colored flame appears between his brows and eyes, about the size of a fingernail. Appearing and disappearing between his brows, extremely bewitching.

After a while, Ling Xiao suddenly opens his eyes.

The eyes that were originally black like the night sky sudden turn a brilliant red like blood gems. A bewitching red, occasionally radiating gold rays. His beautiful lips curve up devilishly. The sharp pointed nail of his forefinger raises slightly the chin of the person in his arms. He slowly lowers his head. The scorching bright red lips slowly cover the lightly quivering lips of the other party. His slick wet tongue drills in forcefully hooking onto that tongue that is constantly retreating, entangling together, mixing their saliva together until they can no longer be distinguished, flooding You XiaoMo's oral cavity. In the end, it becomes too much to bear, overflowing out of the corner of his lips obscenely.

You XiaoMo feels that he is quickly losing the ability to breathe. This time it is for real. Not something he is doing on purpose.

When You XiaoMo can't take it any longer and is about to start struggling, Ling Xiao suddenly stops his rather forceful kiss. Right after, it seems that something cold crosses over from the other mouth. Not waiting for him to react, that thing just slides down his throat.

The ice cold feeling makes You XiaoMo shiver involuntarily. Just when he wants to say something, the arm hugging him suddenly tightens. That force sharply decreases the distance between him and Ling Xiao. The bodies stick tightly together, almost making him feel the other's scorching hot body temperature.

Then his lips are sealed again. With no way of containing the flood of saliva, the front of his clothes get completely soaked.

Ling Xiao's kiss is neither gentle nor lingering. He pushes and shoves straight in much like his character, forceful and overbearing. Giving You XiaoMo's tongue no choice but to dance together with his, flirtatiously nibbling and sucking, the blazing hot temperature scalding his lips until they are unbearably swollen and red.

The endless deep probing of the tongue makes him feel as if a hole is going to be burned through his throat .......

You XiaoMo suddenly comes to his senses, using all his strength to push him away. He only succeeds in moving his body a tiny bit but luckily that is enough to let him gasp for breath. After calming down his breathing, he realizes -_-|| that, who knows when, Ling Xiao already untied his clothes and has both hands stroking inside.

One of the hands is on his chest while the other is at his abdomen, touching here and there. Seeing that it is about to go further downwards, You XiaoMo panics and quickly pulls his hands out and pull his clothes close wanting to escape from his arms.

Just when he raises himself up, Ling Xiao holds him back down, laughing ambiguously.

"Little brother. It can't be that you're thinking of running after taking advantage of me ba?"

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Bloody hell, who is actually the one being taken advantage of? Clearly he is one that is being taken advantage of and yet he is not allowed to run?

Ling Xiao lifts the hair that is hanging down on his chest. He licks his lips as if not having had his fill. He laughs softly saying, "Little brother. The blood pact seed is already inside your mind. If Kong Wen comes to find you, you can just swear the oath."

Alright then. Even though he was taken advantage of, at least the most serious matter has been resolved.

That kiss, he'll just treat is as his payment. You XiaoMo is thinking somewhat naively .......