The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Electromagnetic Weapon

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You have been mildly poisoned.

You will lose 3 HP per second for a minute.

You will remain in the poisoned state for as long as you are within the range of the poisonous gas, and the degree of damage will continue to increase.


If the Invisible Demon attacked, he would be injured by the poisonous gas as well.

Han Xiao was fearless as he had brought along with him a low-level health potions. With his HP over 2,000, he turned the battlefield to his advantage and managed to defeat the opponent’s invisibility ability.

The situation was in a stalemate. The Invisible Demon was unable to deal with him, nor could Han Xiao shoot down the Invisible Demon.

Even though I will not be defeated, I am also incapable of defeating this demon. If this continues, he will definitely retreat, and that will just be a draw in the end.

Han Xiao was determined to kill the demon who could threaten his life. Upon second thought, he decided to abandon on the comfortable situation he had created. He activated his hover-boots and fled from the battlefield. As expected, the demon chased after him.

He pretended to control the armor slowly, showing his flaws to the demon. Unsurprisingly, it then scratched him forcefully on his back. Despite being racked with pain from the demon’s claws, Han Xiao maintained a straight face. This was all to test the impact of the demon’s attack on his body.


You have been attacked by Invisible Demon (LV 44).

You have lost 37 HP.


Just one attack and I’ve lost almost forty health points. Furthermore, the attack frequency is extremely high. Lucky, I am wearing my magnetically controlled armor, or else my blood level would have depleted within ten seconds.

Han Xiao had never been more serious when he realized that the Invisible Demon was the strong opponent for the fifth mission. There were likely other challengers that had already encountered the demon before him and perished.

After numerous trials and tests using different speeds of the hover-boots, he finally estimated the speed of the demon.

If I keep the hover-boots at a medium speed, it will be the right speed for the demon to catch up, but it won’t be too easy. Worth a try!

With the new plan in mind, Han Xiao instantly turned and skated toward the airport. The Invisible Demon was close behind.

Fortunately, it was dawn, and the streets were empty. If it had been rush hour, Han Xiao’s path would have been full of obstructions.

Han Xiao fished out his phone and called Antonio to bring the Second-Generation Rover over. After putting down the phone, he then concentrated on ‘baiting’ the demon.

Baiting was not an easy technique. The key was to ensure that the enemy never realized that he had a trump card, or else it would be hard for the enemy to fall for the trick. Just like playing MOBA games, if someone suddenly became too aggressive, the enemy would know that there was backup somewhere.

The game of chase lasted for a few minutes. Suddenly, Han Xiao’s sensed that he was no longer in crisis. He came to a stop before surveying the environment, when he realized that the Invisible Demon had not fallen for the trick and fled moments ago.

The Invisible Demon was always on his feet. Initially, when Han Xiao released the poisonous gas, the demon had already planned to retreat. However, Han Xiao gave up on his favorable environment and acted as though he was unable to withstand the damage caused by the gas. As a result, the demon took the bait and caught up quickly.

Even though there were no loopholes, the Invisible Demon noticed something was amiss almost instantly. This made him feel threatened, so he decided to retreat, giving up on the target decisively.

He’s too alert,Han Xiao thought disappointedly, but he soon mocked himself for such a thought. If the Invisible Demon was so easy to deal with, he would not have been ranked as one of the hardest to kill.

A few problems had arisen as the ferocious battle proceeded. Facing an enemy higher than LV 40, regardless of whether the enemy was more an agility or tank type, the gun seemed powerless. The main problem was that Han Xiao lacked the skills to be a shooter. He was always missing his shots.

The problem that Han Xiao was thinking about was also a dilemma in Version 1.0 of the game. The lethality of ordinary gunpowder weapons was limited when a player was facing an enemy above LV 50. Despite being powerful, most guns were still relatively weak against the super demons unless the player had set up traps beforehand.

An electromagnetic gun was the next generation weapon. Many improvements on fire power and shooting speed had been made to the weapon. These improvements met Han Xiao’s needs. With the speed of the bullets improved, it would be more difficult for the enemies to dodge them.

To build proper, complete, and stable electromagnetic weapons, one required full knowledge on the magnetism theory. Planet Aquamarine’s advanced knowledge on the magnetism theory was strictly controlled.

Han Xiao frowned.If I want to create my own electromagnetic gun, I will need to construct my own blueprints. The theory behind portable electromagnetic guns is not that difficult to understand or hard to control if my basic electromagnetism theory is upgraded to Lv.5.

However, it will be difficult if I want to make it into a real weapon as there will be a lot of details to take note of. To reduce the experimental time, it is best to have a direction to work toward, such as having blueprints of existing weapons and then making further enhancements to them.

After some time, Antonio arrived with his van. He looked left and right, then asked, “Where’s the enemy?”

“Ran away.”

Han Xiao hopped onto the van and simply said, “Let’s return to the plane. I need to fix the equipment first and then think of a new plan.”

“Do you really take me for your driver?”

Antonio had no choice but to drive Han Xiao to the airport.

The battle between Han Xiao and the Invisible Demon created a great commotion. Division 13 investigated and discovered traces of the battle.

“A sniper, not afraid of being killed by the Invisible Demon, and even managed to force the demon to flee?”

Di Su Su was surprised as she thought of how threatening this Mr. Black had made her feel in River Valley Manor with his extraordinary strength.

Bennett’s eyes shone with surprise. “Where is he now?”

“He is related to Farian Company. He is on that company’s aircraft at the moment.”

“He should be preparing and fixing his equipment now,” Wang Yuan replied. “Let’s not alert him yet. Mo Ran, can I trouble you to have someone send a message to ask Mr. Black to come to River Valley Manor tomorrow morning?”

“Alright.” Mo Ran nodded.

Standing at the side was Golden Fox, who had been invited over previously. At that point, her face was pale like a sheet of paper. Mr. Black was the fourth target of the Invisible Demon while she was the fifth. Fortunately, Mr. Black had forced the Invisible Demon to retreat and allowed her to escape.

Golden Fox doubted if she would have been able to survive the attack by the Invisible Demon.

He saved my life.

Golden Fox bit her lip. Mr. Black was mysterious and good at everything. The only issue was that his preferences were a little too strange.

Inside the aircraft, Han Xiao was busy fixing the magnetic armor. At the same time, he thought about the construction of the magnetic gun. The most suitable type of gun would be a sniper as it could complement his movement ability and maximize the gun power at the same time.

With seven talent points, Han Xiao spent five points to upgrade [Basic Electromagnetism Theory], [Basic Weapon Theory], and [Basic Energy Theory] to the maximum of Lv.5.

Han Xiao selected [Basic Electromagnetism Theory] as the core skill and came up with various skill set combinations. He then constructed many magnetism related blueprints as he penned down his ideas, regardless of their viability. Each skill set would be incorporated at least twice.

With tons of blueprints in his hands, his brain juices were finally used up. He massaged his temples and sighed. “I think that’s enough, time to construct.”

Farian Company had no contacts through which to acquire materials in Seagull City. The electromagnetic materials that Han Xiao had brought along with him were limited, yet it would be enough if he removed and reused the parts from his failed products. However, some of the parts might become worn out when the products failed. With that, the recycling rate was approximately 80%.

Han Xiao predicted that it would be hard to construct a stable electromagnetic gun without failing more than ten times when he tried to build the basic structure of the gun.

If I want to succeed, I have to lower my expectations and create the prototype first with the specifications adjusted.

Han Xiao hesitated and finally decided he would first create the test product, then the prototype, and not to be too ambitious.