The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Did Too Much Work, So I Couldn't Think of a Title

Han Xiao looked up from the scope, surprised. He was also shocked by the power of the three shots. The second shot was a critical shot, greatly weakening Bai Yu's attributes. It was as if the actual damage had doubled. The first two shots were so impactful. Han Xiao roughly estimated that a player like Bai Yu, who was at LV 48, was likely strong in offense yet weak in defense. Therefore, his HP would roughly be at around 2,500 after the second shot. Thus, he fired the third shot as the last fatal blow, killing Bai Yu in just mere seconds!

The key blow was the very first shot, which inflicted explosive damage on Bai Yu, causing him to crumble at once. He became an easy target.


You have gained 64,000 experience points by slaying Bai Yu (LV 48).

You surmounted the fourteen-level difference. You will get 360% additional XP bonus, bringing the total to 230,400 XP.

Your personal contribution rate was 100%!

You've gained an extra 230,400 (100%) experience points!


Han Xiao himself did not even think that he could successfully complete the leap-level killing. 300,000 XP in a matter of seconds made up for the XP that he had used up to for the fusion of blueprints to manufacture the Ghost sniper rifle. There was in fact an excess of XP.

He looked at the manor again and realized that it was all quiet outside.

Everyone stood rooted to the ground. They had originally thought that there would be an impending bitter fight and had braced themselves for it. Yet, things had happened in just a flash, leaving everyone stunned.


Footsteps could be heard creaking through the forest, and everyone's eyes immediately veered toward the sound, full of curiosity, awe, and fear.

At that very moment, dark clouds gradually began covering the moonlight, and the silver moonlight faded into the clouds. Han Xiao, who was in a black suit, walked out of the forest with the moonlight shining on the bottom half of his face. The moonlight seemingly backed away as he advanced, and darkness was following his every step. It was as if he was bringing about nightmares with the darkness. He was a spirit concealed in the night.

This scene made him look ever so cool and led everyone to hold their breath for that moment. This very moment was deeply ingrained into everyone's memories.

"Mr. Black!"

"It's him"

Everyone gasped in shock, for they knew Mr. Black was extremely strong, but little did they know he was this powerful.

Bennett was surprised. He did not expect himself to be dazed by Han Xiao as well. Judging by the explosive destructive power of Han Xiao, it was more than sufficient to threaten him. And as Han Xiao walked closer, Bennett could not help but praised him. "Well done."

"It wasn't much," Han Xiao replied, modest as always.

Looking around him, there mercenaries who gathered around were staring at him in silence. Han Xiao said sternly, "Don't just stand there. Go do what you're supposed to be doing."

The mercenaries came back to reality as though waking up from a dream, and they hurriedly began to repair the fortifications of the manor. All of them accepted Han Xiao's command without much thought.

Bai Yu's body was then moved in, covered casually with a cloth. Nobody would forget that this was a supreme fighter, and every time they saw it, their respect for Han Xiao would grow even deeper.

The corpse of an enemy was a medal of accomplishment.

Han Xiao walked into the manor, and Wang Yuan came over. This time, his smile did not mean just a welcome invitation but also full of appreciation and sincerity. "Stunning three shots! This old man here was shocked by you as well."

"You're too polite." Han Xiao waved his hand and glanced at Bennett next to him. "With him around, you won't even be in any risk."

Wang Yuan smiled. "I've checked the file. The Rothschild Family introduced you to this mission. Your strength widely exceeds the level of Dark. I will raise your level directly to Ghost."

This was an obvious act to gain his favor. An immediate promotion to Ghost made Han Xiao surprised. He nodded, accepting Wang Yuan's kindness.

In the woods, Di Su Su had solemnness written all over her face. She reported on Han Xiao's performance.

"Mr. Black possesses immense sniping ability, and his lethality is hard to behold. I suggest that we add him to the extreme threats target file."

"Permission granted," Mo Ran responded.

Division 13 had a database for all extremely dangerous targets, and this was also called the extreme threats file. Han Xiao's performance had already attracted their attention, especially the fact that he was a sniper.

Early the next morning, Wang Yuan summoned all the mercenaries and declared that all guard duties were to end that instant. All the gains from the task would be directly credited to their accounts.

The traitors in the organization had already been captured. Wang Yuan's goal was completed.

As for the Invisible Demon, the owner had died, so it naturally stopped attacking.

Han Xiao checked the deposittwo million dollars, twice the initial agreement. This was likely Wang Yuan deliberately compensating him extra due to the performance of his last three shots, which was well worth the price.


The fifth round has been completed. You gained 30,000 EXP points.

The hidden request to ensure that Bennett did not join the battle has been completed. You gained 300,000 EXP points.


This time there was not an additional mission segment, which meant that the chain mission had ended. The level of EXP he had accumulated so far broke the one million mark! This mission's reward was way too fruitful.

Finally completed this mission.

Han Xiao felt more relaxed. He went on to find Bennett and gave him the Lock HOC sniper rifle.

"You're giving me another present?" Bennett was bewildered. Noting that this present was to his liking yet again, he could not help but ask, "What request do you have?"

"I would like to learn the art of combat."

Why is he saying this again?

Bennett's head hurt. After thinking for a while, he decided to teach a set of skills suitable for Han Xiao's sniper ability and began to explain.

"In my early years, I was once an assassin known for my stealth. Perhaps these skills can help you a little"

After hearing Bennett's explanation for over an hour, Han Xiao was awarded with a new mission.


You have triggered level D mission [Night Stalker (Class Change)].

Task Summary: You have learned some special skills from Bennett's explanation, but you still need practice them to perfect them.

Mission Requirements: Complete 5 assassination missions in the dark (No limit on level).

Reward: [Night Stalker] Class


Night Stalkerthis was a class that Han Xiao had long wanted to attain from Bennett to be able to learn stealth skills, critical strike bonuses from stealth hits, and other skills. Coupled with his Flaming Will and Ghost sniper rifle, he could perfect the art of stealth battles. Moreover, this would give him the chance to enable the [Fatal Shot] specialty.

This class was already extremely rare in version 1.0, and the attribute bonuses were not low. The experience needed to level up was less than the main profession, yet the sub-profession was able to be used for improving his combat skills.

After explaining, Bennett paused and said, "I can tell that your energy is not strong, but your lethality is unfathomable. Here's my number; you can find me anytime you need me. Who knows, I may need your help in the future as well, what do you think?"


Han Xiao blinked, promptly recalling one of Bennett's main story missions. Since he had no objection to this, they exchanged numbers.

On a side note, the phone that Han Xiao was currently using was no longer the black brick machine that Division 13 had given him.

The defense mission had finally ended. The mercenaries all heaved a sigh of relief. They proceeded to pack up, and as they were about to leave, Han Xiao walked around to collect the phone numbers of the assassins and mercenary leaders. Who knew, maybe they would be of use some day?

Golden Fox took the initiative to give Han Xiao her number. She promptly left afterward, fearing the strength of Han Xiao. Furthermore, she could not stand his strange taste.

The manor became much calmer now with the crowd having dispersed. Han Xiao drove back to Seagull City airport and departed on Farian Company's plane.

Having levelled up through two highly rewarding missions, Han Xiao had accumulated tons of experience. The big action plan that was about to start before the public testing began would likely be following the trend of reward-based missions.

I have already become a Ghost-level assassin with priorities in receiving tasks, commissions, and intelligence. Now that I have paved the way, I can definitely become a Legend if it all goes according to plan. All I'll have to do is complete this final goal

Screw Germinal!

I hope that you all can withstand the violent love I'll be showering upon you.

Han Xiao laughed devilishly and rather coldly at the same time.

In the Intelligence Headquarters of Division 13, the Intelligence Minister had received a file about the application for the transfer of Mr. Black into the extreme threats target file.

"Mr. Black, of unknown source and unknown origin, is currently a serial killer. Only completed two missions, smashed the Rose Militant mercenary gang of the Somar Desert, displayed extraordinary sniping ability when guarding the valley of Manor, caused the Invisible Demon to retreat, killed Bai Yu with just three shots.

"He possesses extreme alertness and excellent stealth ability (NB: He shook off the stalker of Division 13). He is also a mechanic, has high speed boots with sliding ability, and possesses shocking killing ability. He uses a special sniper rifle.

"Requires special attention."

After reading the information sent by Seagull City, the Intelligence Minister felt a sense of looming imminent danger.

"Seems like another amazing player has appeared."

He took out his stamp and stamped firmly onto the footer of the document.

"Entry file approved!"

Something big had happened in the underworld. The list of killers in the Dark Net had a shocking major change. An unknown killer by the name of Mr. Black was added, and among the thousand names, he skyrocketed to number 23 on the killer list.

"I've never heard of this name before, where did he come from?"

"The Dark Net's list has always been fair. It was impossible that this is in any way untoward. Quickly, go ask around about this Mr. Black guy."

People of various strongholds were on the phone, calling each other about Mr. Black. The underworld intelligence network began to collaborate with one another to find information about him. Some mercenaries and killers who had once fought aside one another at River Valley Manor spoke up about it.

Han Xiao's extraordinary feat of killing Bai Yu in three shots sparked a commotion in the underworld.

Those who knew Bai Yu thought the news was fake when they first heard it, but the hard evidence of Bai Yu's horrible death captured by the mercenaries proved them wrong. It was those three shots that caused his death.

The killers who knew about it were shocked. Even though Bai Yu was strong at attacking and weak at defense, he was still a high-level individual on Planet Aquamarine. He was not afraid of bullets. How could he have been killed in a matter of seconds?

More and more people went to investigate the origins of Mr. Black, only to realize that this person had simply appeared out of thin air. No one knew his identity. He was like a ghost, appearing out of the blue, floating around in the underworld.

Mysterious and powerful, Mr. Black's codename became known by everyone in the underworld. It entered the list of people to take note of for many forces.

Many old-schoolers would say that the killer should be hidden in the darknessbecoming famous was equivalent to failure. However, to the Blood Pact Society, with fame came greetings, and it was also a form of deterrence. Any enemy who threatened the Dark Net organization needed to take precautionary measurescould they withstand the continuous attacks from the killer alliance?

The Blood Pact Society had been weakening as the elder killers died, those who wanted to leave had left, and those who wanted to retire did so. Ever since then, the killer alliance's days had been numbered. With Mr. Black's new fame, Blood Pact Society was out to make Mr. Black their poster boy.