The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Bloodshed

"Oh My!"

"What's the matter?"

"How did my reputation drop!"

Players from the Kill-all Guild were all confused. They immediately turned back to look at Han Xiao, only to find him looking in their direction with a look of indifference. This time around, no matter how thickheaded they were, they could figure what was going on. They observed curiously and suspiciously from the side.

SliceYouUp was extremely troubled. How was he to know that such actions would cause Black Phantom's unhappiness? Wasn't it normal for guilds to hoard resources in the game? Why was this NPC so intelligent?

The reputation earned these few days was all gone, and it even dropped quite a bit!

The members around him gave him looks of disapproval. It was too late for regret for SliceYouUp. He could sense that his authority as a leader had decreased a level. He was stuck in a very difficult situation, and he could only quickly withdraw from the scene with his men.

The players around him were baffled. They did not know why or how the previously arrogant Kill-all Guild cowered in a matter of seconds.

Jade Green Sky thought that Kill-all was afraid of their Sky Territory.

What's happening? When did my Guild become this cool?

With no one blocking the way anymore, the players realized there was a Prize-Pool Mission. They finally realized Kill-all Guild's motive. They were filled with righteous indignation, for that was totally unfair.

"Look at them trying to claim the entire Prize-Pool!"


After crusading against Kill-all, the players then turned their focus to the Prize-Pool Mission, becoming increasingly attracted to it. Everyone accepted the quest, all wanting a slice of that huge cake.

The Prize-Pool slowly amounted to over 500,000 EXP, and to those players, it was simply an unthinkable sum, to the point that just thinking of it would make them stop breathing.

There were only five people that would be entitled to the Prize-Pool rewards. The ranking depended on the energy expended. Compared to the number of participants, five was undoubtedly a small number.

But the problem was that everyone thought they would be the lucky person. Even though it was almost as unlikely as winning the lottery, there was still that glimmer of hope that shone in their eyesif they were chosen, it would be like hitting the jackpot.

The players were not even at LV 10 yet. Their combat strength was extremely low, but the good thing about them was that they were not afraid of death. With a pistol, they could deal a bit of damage. At least with everyone around, they could combine their firepower. This was why Han Xiao thought of the quest.

The forest of Big Horn Village was vast, and the huge amount of information on the Dark Net helped mark the exact route of the Germinal Organization's evacuating troops.

Everyone arrived at the place where the trap was marked. Players teamed up and spread out to ambush. Among them, the players from the closed beta were obviously preferred as teammates. Of course, those with a guild would be the most advantageous.

Teaming was the best advantage one could have. Everyone knew that solely relying on one's efforts alone would never get one onto the list.

Maple Moon was a little down. Every player had a team. She was just a step slower and did not manage to find anyone to team up with.

Han Xiao noticed and called Maple Moon. He took out his modified sniper rifle, as well as several rounds of ammunition, and handed it to Maple Moon. "I'll lend you this gun, stay by my side."

Maple Moon clasped her two hands over her tiny mouth in surprise with a cute look of shock. She had thought that this was the benefit of triggering the secret quest. But upon seeing the traits of the sniper rifle, she was stuck in a difficult position. The sniper rifle required an attribute of at least Lv.1 in [Sniper].

Maple Moon pouted. "But I don't know how to use this."


Black Phantom has imparted the ability [Sniper] to you. Do you want to expend 2000 EXP to learn it?


Han Xiao had not taught the gamers about this sniper ability. Maple Moon was shocked and happy at the same time. She agreed without a second thought.

Since Maple Moon was worthy of training, Han Xiao naturally became biased toward her. Of course, this was a secret between them. If other players felt that it is unfair, what can they do but restrain their complaints? In this materialistic society, people without resources had no say!

A gust of wind whistled through the forest.

The ambushing players all had nervous yet excited faces. It was the first battle for many of them.

Jade Green Sky brought Sky Territory's members to camouflage themselves in the forest. It was a must for him to attain one of the top three prizes from the Prize-Pool Mission. He thought to himself, My biggest rival should be Kill-all. First place is bound to be either of us.

On the other hand, SliceYouUp was still extremely troubled by Han Xiao's extreme drop in reputation, but the quest still had to be done. He took a look at his dejected guild members. "Don't think too much. Just finish this quest first. We cannot let Sky Territory's members get ahead of us."

The passing time was like a sharp knife, killing any warmth in the atmosphere.

Han Xiao took out the report he had gotten from the Dark Net. He took one final look. There were two combat executives in the evacuating troops, Freire and Seiberre. The two of them had once been part of the same elite army squad, each over LV 30, but they were of no threat to him.

Woo woo

The sound of the engine came from far away. The sniper rifle's electromagnetic scanner showed the Germinal Organization's troops on its radar.

Han Xiao reoriented his vision, becoming extremely alert.

Maple Moon followed Han Xiao's every word and action, sprawling on the ground with the sniper rifle. Suddenly, Han Xiao seemed to have disappeared. He was clearly right in front of her; how could he have vanished from her vision? This made her very uncomfortable.


You have entered [Stealth] state. Agility stats +8%.

Your next strike will have a Sneak attack effect.

You have entered [Steady Aim] stat. Your next shot has +15% shooting power.


[Night Stalker] had bestowed Han Xiao with many hidden skills, and accompanied with his [Flaming Will], anybody shot was bound to be destroyed.

There was the Little Li Flying Dagger in the past. Today there is my deathly blow. Haha, this sounds so good!

This shot was specially prepared for the executives. Han Xiao held his breath and aimed steadily like a patient hunter awaiting his prey.

The Germinal Organization's evacuating troops entered the trap and were almost immediately caught off-guard by the many animal traps set up. But they were also puzzled by the animal traps. Was this really a trap?

If this was not a trap, how fierce was the beast in the area to require so many animal traps? And if this was a trap, who would be stupid enough to use animal traps to deal with an armed force? It was so obvious as well.

Freire, the conductor, felt something was amiss. He said in the intercom, "Be careful, there is a possibility of an ambush. Deploy minesweepers."

The troops slowed their advancement. Carrying the metal detectors, the minesweepers overtook them.

The Germinal Organization had been shifting their bases in massive operations, and many troops had been intercepted. Their enemies were not just from the Six Nations. There were other enemies looking for revenge taking advantage of their current situation. When Germinal was still strong, these enemies did not dare make any move. But now that they were met with such a good opportunity for revenge, they all got excited.

Freire and Seiberre had been caught in an ambush during their journey, and they had all raised their alertness greatly since.

Beep beep beep.

The metal detectors flashed in red, indicating that there were mines underground. At the same time, the scouts also found traces of human activity.

Freire's expression darkened. "Enemy ambush ahead!"

Just as the Germinal troops were sweeping the field for mines, the players who were hiding in the bushes spotted their enemy as well. The heavily armed Germinal soldiers and armored vehicles looked formidable. The players dared not anger them.

But at the slightest thought of the huge reward-pool, the players were unable to resist. Some jumped out of the bushes immediately, firing their pistols from afar.

The Germinal soldiers habitually wanted to sprawl down and hide, but they realized that the enemies' bullets were almost going into outer-space. Their aim was just so bad.


The Germinal troops returned fire without hesitation. The submachine guns fired away, the armored vehicles' machine guns roared, and some heavy firepower guns could be heard, too.

The fierce artillery instantly tore the players running toward them into pieces.