The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Ah, What a Familiar Taste

The Tedramira River branched out into the sea. The fleet of Stardragon and Hesla ships formed a tight blockade, and the riverbed of the estuary was also planted with many mines.

Both countries knew the whereabouts of the Germinal Organization's evacuation troops. Stardragon and Hesla regarded this battle with high importance as it was an excellent opportunity to eliminate an army of the Germinal Organization.

The inescapable net had been laid. In the eyes of the two countries, Germinal was a trapped beast; even if it knew there was a hunter trap waiting, it would have no choice but to approach it.

The battlefield was divided into two areas, and each country was responsible for one of the two areas. Hesla was mainly responsible for the sea blockade, while Stardragon's forces were in charge of land interception. This method of cooperation split the responsibility and prevented command conflicts.

Considering the individual combat effectiveness of the Germinal executives, Division 13 also sent secret agents to act as an emergency team and an assault troop. They would take on special tactical tasks and were waiting at a small dock near the estuary to be dispatched by the army commander.

Zhang Wei's team was among them.

A row of boats meant for assault had docked neatly, and green military tents were hidden in the grove behind the dock.

Despite the two months, the team had not changed much. Zhang Wei was as serious as before, Li Yalin was as sexy as ever, Lin Yao still looked mistreated, and Lambert was as silent as a stone.

The only change was the addition of a young new face.

"Hou Yue, you've been with us for a month now and have been through enough training. This mission is really important, so do not make any mistakes," Zhang Wei instructed the newcomer Hou Yue in the team's tent.

Hou Yue was a thin young man. He had two guns around his waist. With long, flowing hair, he was quite handsome. He nodded and smiled arrogantly. "Leader, you worry too much! During this past month, which task have I not completed successfully?"

Zhang Wei nodded in agreement. Hou Yue was an agent trained in Division 13 and had filled the vacancy of Han Xiao by joining the team. He had been performing well and did not cause Zhang Wei any worry.

Li Yalin hugged her hands to her chest and sat one side with her legs folded. She was frowning and appeared to be in a bad mood.

The truth was, after Han Xiao had skipped town, the agents who had lost their deposits all came to get their money back, and since then, her mood had never been good.

Hou Yue came over and sat next to Li Yalin. He teased, "Beauty Li, what are you thinking about?"

Li Yalin glared at him and retorted, "Are you a curious baby? How is this any of your concern?"

Hou Yue wanted to get close to Li Yalin badly. When he first joined and laid eyes on Li Yalin, he was stunned by her beauty. It pleased him to no end that he was teammates with someone this beautiful. Hence, he frequently tried to strike up conversations with Li Yalin. However, after being fooled by Han Xiao, she had developed a strong dislike toward newcomers. Thus, whenever she saw Hou Yue she would think of Han Xiao, so naturally, she did not have a good impression of Hou Yue.

Li Yalin was so annoyed by Hou Yue that she suddenly smiled menacingly. "You love talking, right?"

While speaking, she clenched her fists and cracked her knuckles. One could almost see the anger fumes rising from within and forming in her fists.

Hou Yue recoiled immediately. He knew that once Li Yalin showed this expression, she meant to beat people up. When he first joined the team, he had experienced it first hand and spent three days in the medical department.

Lin Biao, who was watching from the side, shook his head and feigned maturity. "Little monkey, you are still too terrified. In terms of courage, I only admire Brother Xiao."

"Who exactly is Brother Xiao?"

Hou Yue was puzzled. Since joining the team, he had learned that this team's full strength was six, but there was always one person missing. It was reasonable to cross out those players who were missing, but in this team, the sixth spot was always kept.

Also, he always heard the team speak of 'Brother Xiao'. This made Hou Yue extremely curious about this sixth person.

Li Yalin exploded immediately and fumed, "Do not mention his name in front of me!"

"Do not forget that we still have a mission to complete. You can't punch me!" Lin Biao looked composed, but his legs were trembling.

Hou Yue felt that Li Yalin's reaction was slightly exaggerated. Based on his experience, this was exactly the reaction of a resentful woman who had been abandoned by her man.

On second thought, maybe a heavy debt could result in the same reaction as well.

Zhang Wei shook his head, let out a breath, and explained, "Han Xiao was originally our teammate. However, he left because of some special reasons."

"Special reasons?" Hou Yue used his imagination and probed, "Was he sent to carry out a special mission?"

Zhang Wei shook his head.

"Was he transferred to another team by the superior?"

Zhang Wei shook his head.

"Then where did he go?" Hou Yue was bewildered.

Li Yalin huffed. "He could be dead for all we know."

"Who are you kidding? Why keep his spot if he really is dead? You all speak as if you all hate him, but why do I feel like you all actually miss him a lot?"


After a long time, Li Yalin stood and smiled slightly.

"Choose a way to die."

Hou Yue scampered off.

Lambert shook his head and kept his sword sheathed.

Stardragon's infantry army was lying in ambush in the valley near the estuary. The goal was to intercept Germinal's infantry troops that had come to converge. Sleepy Winter, Twinkle Fried Rice, and Rainy Kim served as backline support.

The three had joined the Stardragon Army during Beta-testing but had since changed their professions. Twinkle Fried Rice and Rainy Kim were in the martial arts line while Sleepy Winter's character had exploded and awakened his ability using the store's DNA.

As recruits, they were also appointed to act as backline support in this battle. What pleased them was that they managed to spark a Camp-destroyer series quest, [The Battle of Tedramira River].

However, they soon became frustrated. This series had more than a dozen targets. They could only complete the few backline support targets in the series, which were the simplest and had the lowest rewards. Other tasks such as killing ten Germinal soldiers, assassinating a Germinal executive, or destroying transport vehicles were completely beyond their capabilities.

"This does not seem like our level of mission," Sleepy Winter grumbled.

Both Twinkle Fried Rice and Rainy Kim agreed. They had been drawn into a difficult mission that was totally beyond their current level. Looking at their novice level, it was simply none of their business.

The three of them had no idea that the Germinal Organization and the Six Nations had a head-on conflict that happened three months after the beta game. At that time, the players had a basic understanding of the world structure, and they also possessed some combat strength. The conflict between Germinal and the Six Nations started happening on a very small scale, and bit by bit, it enabled players to become involved and have a chance to show off.

However, Han Xiao had completely disrupted the whole process. He had brought forward the conflict between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization, leaving the current players totally incapable of participating. To be exact, the players had been cheated of their original main quest.

This benefited Han Xiao as it decreased the variables bought by the players.


Two heavy-duty transport helicopters bearing a Fabian logo landed slowly in a valley. The wind was so strong that the grass at the landing site swayed in all directions like a wave.

"Old Black, we've arrived," Pilot Antonio lazily called.

"I can see. Also, do not call me Old Black!" Han Xiao retorted. "Call Black Phantom if you mustfoolishly calling me Old Black will affect my luck."

Antonio removed his earmuffs and puffed out a cloud of smoke. "Forget it, you don't have much luck anyway."

"Get lost," Han Xiao said irritably.

In the past two months, Han Xiao had maintained a good working relationship with the Fabian Company, and Antonio was warming up to him day by day.

Frenzied Sword hid in a corner on the helicopter, shivering while he watched the two 'extremely deadly' godfathers talk and laugh merrily. Frenzied Sword had thought that Han Xiao would drive to their destination, but with just a phone call, two helicopters came to pick them up. At this moment, Frenzied Sword thought even higher of Han Xiao.

Employees from Fabian carried down the supplies from the helicopters, and most of the items were weapons that Han Xiao had deposited with Fabian. He thought that he could use these weapons for this mission. There was also a disassembled truck that Fabian's maintenance team was working on reassembling. All the while, Han Xiao and Antonio were chatting at one side.

Antonio had always thought that Han Xiao was only interested in the bounty and asked curiously, "I heard Stardragon and Hesla are planning to intersect the retreating Germinal Troops in the Tedramira River, but what bad blood do you have with Germinal?"

"How do you know which side I'll be helping?" Han Xiao chuckled.

Antonio held a cigar in one hand while the other tucked in his jeans pocket, and he frowned. "Are you thinking of helping Germinal instead?"

Although the Germinal Organization was big in the underground world, other forces always kept a respectful distance from them. Ultimately, the underground world preferred to coexist peacefully. After all, only a stable situation would lead to profits. The Germinal Organization was seen as a group of bandits who used hatred as motivation.

Han Xiao refused to comment and walked to one side. He took out his phone and dialed another number, and the voice of Blood Pact Society's personnel could be heard.

"Mr. Black Phantom, may I help you?"

Ever since Han Xiao made it to top ten of the killer list, the Blood Pact Society valued him greatly and gave him special treatment; there was someone on standby 24-hours to answer his calls and provide special services.

Yup, decent and proper services.

Part of the status came from his capabilities, and the other part was from his good relationship with Bennett, which was valued by the Dark Net Organization.

"I need the latest movement of both the retreating Germinal Troops as well as Stardragon and Hesla's troops.

"Sure, I'm accessing the documents now. The information will be sent to your computer shortly."

"Ok, I also need a helicopter on call at the small dock near the estuary of Tedramira River."

"As you wish."

Frenzied Sword, who was listening at one side, heard everything clearly. From his tone, he could really feel how powerful and strong Han Xiao was.

After hanging up, Han Xiao noticed Frenzied Sword, who was idling at one side. He thought for a bit and decided to give him a mission that he just came up with.


Mission: [Get High!]

Requirement: Dance sexily to brighten the mood."


Frenzied Sword's face was full of tears.

Ah, the familiar taste of evil pranks!