The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 136

Chapter 136: On the Verge of a Battle

Tedramira River divided into branches flowing through Cloud Valley and eventually reaching the sea.

The location where Han Xiao had landed was on the edge of Cloud Valley. According to the information from the Dark Net Organization, Germinal's evacuating land troops would converge with their maritime troops after passing through the valley.

Han Xiao's target was to intercept the land troops. He was clear that the two countries would have planted their land troops in ambush; it was highly possible that the troops were placed within Cloud Valley. If he got any closer, he would be discovered. At this juncture, he did not wish to be in contact with the two countries.

Looks like I'll have to choose a good spot.

With that thought in his mind, Han Xiao folded his arms and watched Fabian's team assemble the truck's front and frame. They also hung up the mechanical equipment in the cargo properly. While they were working, they were shockingly watching Frenzied Sword seductively dancing at one side.

"The item is delivered. I'll get going now."

"Alright, send Matthews my regards." Han Xiao nodded with a smile.

Antonio waved before rising into the sky on his helicopter and disappeared swiftly over the horizon. The Fabian Company was only responsible for the transport of weapons and ammunition and had never taken part in battles.

Han Xiao sat inside the truck and took a look at the detailed map that had been sent over through the Dark Net. He was about to drive off when his phone rang.


"Black Phantom, you're joining in the Germinal commotion?" Bennett asked over the phone, surprised.

"Yes, you should come and play, too," Han Xiao jokingly replied.

"The Dark Net has always been neutral; don't go overboard. The Germinal Organization is a crazy bunch of old hags; they'll attack whoever they see. I'm very frustrated because of them," Bennett said helplessly.

"Don't worry, I've never cheated my teammate."

Bennett doubted his words. "Forget it, anyway, I will need your help with some matters later on."

Over these past two months, Han Xiao had often called Bennett to keep in touch since he had Bennett's number. Furthermore, with Han Xiao's growing fame, Bennett was more than happy to converse with him. Hence, the relationship between the two of them was good.

After pocketing his phone, Han Xiao shook his head, stepped on the accelerator, and drove along the edge of the valley toward the area of his selected spot.

The river flowing through Cloud Valley provided moisture for the fertile soil. The terrain was relatively diversified; there were plains with shallow grasses, forests and hills. The scenery was beautiful; it calmed and relaxed one's mind, compelling people to put down all their hatred and troubles.

Stardragon had a massive amount of land troops lying in ambush in the area, and they were armed with all kinds of battle equipmenttanks, attack helicopters, a coverage array of medium-distance guided missiles, and also a large number of minefields.

The commander of the land troops was a Stardragon official known as Huang Qiuming who had over twenty years of military service. His style was serious and meticulous. The reason Stardragon's higher-ups had decided to use him was because they had taken a liking to Huang Qiuming's stable style. As long as this battle followed the plan, victory is assured.

In the command vehicle's position, Huang Qiuming looked at the map filled with markings and nodded expressionlessly.

"Everything is in order; the first layer of ambush is a minefield. If Germinal do not come in, they will miss their chance to meet with the maritime forces. Therefore, even if they are aware of the traps, they will still have to advance forward. The armed helicopter troops are always on standby; they can attack the minesweeper enemy troops from above, and the array of missile vehicles is always aiming at the edge of the woods. Once the enemy crosses the woods, we can strike"

As long as everything went according to the plan, the enemy would have no way to escape.

The evacuating Germinal troops in the Southern Continent formed a large fleet with hundreds of different tanks; this huge army consisted of all the survivors of the retreating troops.

Lin Yu was the chief commander while the person in charge of the land troops was a white man known as Ugar.

Ugar was well aware that the troops were about to be ambushed. In order to keep up with the maritime forces, they had to pass through Cloud Valley. Hence, they were unable to avoid this confrontation. However, he had already made preparations for it; the evacuation troops of these bases carried with them new weapons, and some were rather formidable, definitely able to catch the enemy by surprise.

All these experimental weapons were important goods, and they even had some secret weapons who had undergone human experiments, specifically, the [Super Soldier Project].

After one big lap, the truck stopped at the edge on the other side of Cloud Valley. The tip-off had shown that this was a route that the Germinal land troops were unable to take as it was very far away.

Han Xiao did not enter the woods and took out a pile of spider detectors, more than forty in fact. They were activated through his tablet computer and started vibrating. They looked like a bunch of troops waiting for orders.

After two months of accumulation, Han Xiao's skills had improved again; thus, his existing machinery had been renewed and strengthened. The spider detector was equipped with a low-level smart chip that automatically detected threats and fed them back to the computer. Hence, there was no need for Han Xiao to constantly refer to the screen. By adding a new drawing SUI anti-radar detection coating, it could better conceal its tracks, which was suitable for designated surveillance.

Han Xiao sent most of the spider detectors into the woods and left a few to advance in the opposite direction to scout for the Germinal Organization's arrival.

While doing this job, Frenzied Sword got off the truck and noticed an extra line of words appearing in the status column.


You've gained [Severe Car Sickness].

30% deducted from all attributes.


"What the hell is this?" Frenzied Sword was flabbergasted. The experience feel he set was twenty percent true. He did not fully experience the thrill of the old driver's driving skills, but the interface showed his physical state truthfully.

"Need me to do anything?" Frenzied Sword asked, thinking he could trigger a mission.

Han Xiao shook his head. "Not at the moment."

Frenzied Sword's combat strength was too low for this type of battle. He would only be useful as fearless cannon fodder.

Various minefields and radar detections had been laid in the woods a long time ago. Anyone entering the area would draw attention. Patience, adequate preparation, perfect planning, and calibrating other mechanical weapons were all he needed to do for the time being.

There were still a few days before the arrival of the Germinal Organization's troops. Han Xiao had been preparing and waiting in the van. Frenzied Sword was by his side, receiving small tasks from him every day.

Even though he thought that Frenzied Sword had potential, he would not groom Frenzied Sword fully. The EXP he gave Frenzied Sword was limited compared to those players in the same period, yet Frenzied Sword was extremely satisfied.

Han Xiao was also reading the forum every day; the players were still as enthusiastic as before. He mainly paid attention to the Aquamarine section to know the progress of the players. It was still the novice phase. After they had grown, there would be a huge event that targeted the players waiting for them, and that was the prelude to the chaos.

Does me disrupting the quest mean that the player's misfortunes will be delayed or will they be brought forward?

Han Xiao rubbed his beard stubble, silently pondering. That was the first time the players had raised the attention of major forces on the planet. He still remembered that the previous generations had caused a ruckus that resulted in an extensive discussion, which was highly praised.

The moon was covered by dark clouds, and there was a thick fog that made it impossible to make out one's own hand.

Spider No.1 was in the plains under the night sky, motionless, and faithfully executing the orders in sequence.


The ground suddenly vibrated, and Spider No.1's sensor felt the tremors. The detector immediately charged toward the direction of the vibrations.

A huge fleet of Germinal Troops could be seen in the distance, and Spider No.1 was right in their path.

Spider No.1 loyally transmitted out an alarm signal in the form of electric waves.

The vehicle was nearing, yet Spider No.1 foolishly remained, not knowing to hide.


The huge fleet rapidly rolled passed, leaving a cloud of smoke behind.

It was not until the smoke and dust dispersed that the appearance of Spider No.1 could be made out.

Its body was covered in dust, yet it was not damaged in any ways; it seemed like the compressed wheels surprisingly did not grind over it at all.

Spider No.1 moved its limbs and turned around before continuing to follow its orders and dumbly following the fleet.