The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 138

Chapter 138: A Wild Black Phantom (2)


Stardragon's missile-carrying vehicles fired mercilessly at the Germinal troops. The missiles approached with high-pitched screeches, adding to the heavy atmosphere

Ugar did not panic; he commanded the troops to close up the gaps in their formation, with the vehicles carrying multi-barreled machine guns at the front, forming an assault formation. This reduced the area of target, and the machine guns destroyed all the missiles in the area in midair, forming a vacuum, allowing the troops to smoothly sail through the explosion waves.

Huang Qiuming paused.

He had just received news that the battle at Tedramira River was at a heated stage; the strategic team had primarily marked out a few locations where Germinal teams could have gathered. The strategic team advised him to change from the original plan to use Plan B. Huang Qiuming made some rearrangements and instructed the interception ring to leave a gap.

At the same time, Rainy Kim and the others made it to the front line. Large number of soldiers gathered with proper attire and equipment, armored vehicles had their engines running, and elite soldiers were standing by.

"How are we going to join in the fight?" Sleepy Winter asked helplessly.

Rainy Kim frowned and thought for a while before nodding. "I don't know."

Then why are you nodding Sleepy Winter wanted to bang his head against the floor.

Twinkle Fried Rice suddenly pointed to the battlefield and shouted, "Someone is coming! Oh sh*t! It looks like a high-level player!"

The other two turned to look in the same direction. They watched as a buff man led a team of well-armed soldiers on heavy-armored motorbikes to separate from the main troop. They sped toward the Stardragon base while smoothly dodging all the bullets.

Mihawks dodged a series of attacks on his heavy-armored bike, but he inadvertently triggered a mine, and his bike was blown apart. He began to run, at a speed almost as fast as the motorbikes, through the bullets. His task was to deliver the bomb that he was carrying to the Stardragon base.

Superhumans usually fought in assault teams on the battlefields. Mihawks could see that the enemies had sent their elite teams toward them.

He concentrated expressionlessly and adjusted his inner energy to save up for later.

Suddenly, Mihawks instinctively felt that there was imminent danger, he reacted extremely quickly, pushed hard with his legs, and was going to change direction.

But he was not fast enough.

A bullet with blue light trailing behind it hit Mihawks' neck from the side and caused a huge splatter of blood. He was critically injured. He groaned and spat out mouthfuls of blood. There was absolutely no cover on the fields; his only choice was to keep running forward, but his wound caused him to slow down significantly.

A combat fighter, who could fight through gunfire, had been critically injured by one shot!

Huang Qiuming was shocked.

"That was not us. Who's the sniper"

He remembered the suspicious target that had been detected at the start and felt that this shot seems really familiar. He pondered for two seconds, and his eyes widened.

Only a monster sniper could critically damage a superhumanthe Black Phantom that only recently had become involved in underground activities.

Bullet with blue light, it must be him!

What is he doing here? Why help us?

"Commander, what do we do now?" the vice-captain asked.

Huang Qiuming considered and made up his mind decisively "He doesn't look like enemy. Don't care about him; focus on fighting Germinal."

Usually, snipers' skills would be of very limited use in this kind of battle, but when super snipers like Black Phantom came into the picture, it would be a completely different story.

The Stardragon did not know why Black Phantom was helping them, but needless to say, this helped them greatly!

Ugar was furious.

"One shot to critically injure Mihawks, that must be that damned Black Phantom! Not long ago, he got Freire's team too. This monster must have joined the fight at Stardragon's request!

Ugar felt immense pressure when he thought of Black Phantom's kill statistics that had been circulating on the Dark Web. He had been crowned a 'Superhuman killer'way too dangerous. Even though Ugar was stronger than Mihawks, he did not want to have a taste of Black Phantom's strength.

Mistaking Han Xiao for someone on Stardragon's side, Ugar angrily commanded, "Team 3, locate and terminate the sniper. Take the test subjects with you; you must at least divert his attention away from us!"

One armored vehicle left the main troop and sped toward Han Xiao's location.


You have dealt 1,297 actual damage to Mihawks (LV 40)!

You have critically damaged Mihawks!


Mihawks has entered a weakened state. All attributes have decrease 50% for 10 seconds.


Wow, this guy is quite tanky. Han Xiao was surprised. This shot's theoretical damage was 1,600. Taking combat fighters' body attributes into consideration, it would be about 1,300. This had knocked out Bai Jin, who was LV 48, in one hit, but Mihawks was still up and running. Combat fighters are indeed very tanky.

This time [Flaming Will] was not too good; it only buffed his attack by 148%. His Ghost sniper rifle had been maxed out in all its attributes after the strengthening. None of the EXP earned had gone to waste. Han Xiao either saved the EXP or used it to level up skills, talents, and equipment, which were the key to having strong firepower!

After his first shot, Han Xiao activated a new task.


[Tedramira River Warfare (Misc.)]: You have joined in the battle between Stardragon and the Germinal Organization. Since you have chosen your side, see what you can do for your allies.


This was a class C mission. The player had to kill Germinal soldiers and prevent them from escaping. Reward would be based on task performance.

The reward EXP shouldn't be less than three hundred thousand. Han Xiao was satisfied that he could earn EXP by being a busybody.

Han Xiao fired single shots at Mihawks, who could not escape the fate of being swallowed by the explosions and shots. His death was tragic.

This marked the end of a combat fighter who was even stronger than Pan Kuang.

Combat fighters are great in close quarters against few people, but if you want to deal with armies, even if it's not technologically advanced, you must at least be half as strong as Bennett, Han Xiao thought to himself.

Combat fighting makes use of energy. Everyone wants to be a hero, and combat fighting allows fighters to dominate whenever and wherever, without the need of weapons.

However, even though this style of fighting is very strong, one must have gone through the necessary growth. C class marks this line, the level cap for players of in the 1.0 version.

The snipers had greatly weakened the assault team, which had been caught by the counter troops from Stardragon. The assault plan had barely started and was already failing terribly under Han Xiao's intervention.

At this moment, he noticed that a troop had veered off from the Germinal main troop and was moving toward him. He changed his target and started firing using the Red Falcon sniper gun. Because Stardragon was also present, Han Xiao intentionally avoided using the high-explosive bullets.

A sniper rifle could only deal limited damage to armored cars, so Han Xiao activated the portable battery that had been set up beforehand.

Three hundred meters in front of the Germinal troop, four portable batteries transformed into small multi-barreled machine guns. They fired rapidly, and some of the armored vehicles exploded on the spot. The remaining soldiers had to spread out and launch counterattacks on the portable batteries.

Once the team spread out, the portable battery was a lot less effective because it had to rotate and aim instead of aiming at one spot.

The portable batteries did not have defensive mechanisms, even if Han Xiao used platinum as the surface material, and two out of four were blown to bits very quickly. Overall, the result was good. More than half of the vehicles were destroyed, and the enemies were significantly weakened.

At this moment, the troops did something that Han Xiao did not expect. The opened the rear of one of the armored vehicles. Three humanoids jumped out of the car and ran toward the portable batteries at a speed faster than car. They looked really strange, and Frenzied Sword was taken aback.

"What in the world are those things?" Frenzied Sword wanted to use detection on them but was informed that he was too far away.

The three humanoids were well-built and expressionless. There were large amounts of metallic joints and structures inside the arms, legs, and spinal regions. The metal was fixed into the bones at joints, such as in their knees and elbows. As they were running, the metallic joints would have blood seeping out. There was no doubt that every movement would inflict great pain, but the trio seemed emotionless as if they could not feel any pain.

Moreover, there was a layer of thin armor growing from the skin of the humanoids.

Han Xiao recognized the humanoids the second he saw them.