The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The Wind Rises

Bun-hit-dog saw Galaxy as a potential television series. As there was limited information online about it, he keenly realized the hidden potential and decided to create a series that introduced and explained Galaxy. Moreover, he himself really liked Galaxy as well.

It was inevitable for many to start a series on a popular game. Normally, as long as the content was interesting, the first person that produced the television series would easily gain popularity through the game.

Wandering around a new player village, Bun-hit-dog had yet to find the starting point for his series. The first episode of a series was the most important, and he did not wish to do it carelessly. It would be great if he could obtain some exclusive information that ordinary players could not get easily.

Han Xiao's appearance made Bun-hit-dog feel like his chance was finally here.

Since the Black Phantom was a hot topic on the forums, many people would be drawn to his television series if his first episode was about the Black Phantom. Who was not curious about this mysterious high-level character? He would then be able to ride on Black Phantom's popularity and make the series a successful one.

Bun-hit-dog, who was among the crowd, switched on his video function, panned toward Black Phantom, and started recording. He then added his own explanation and comments into the footage afterward.

Players were clustering toward him due to the event that happened at Big Horn Village, and that helped save Han Xiao some time. Han Xiao thought he might as well not sell any items. After all, he did not bring any with him. Instead, he went straight to releasing the list of skills that he could teach. The only request was to give five reputation points, which meant.

Wish to change your vocation? Give me some money!

"Black Phantom isn't selling anything? Then how am I supposed to increase my reputation?"

"This Giving him free money?"

Players were stunned and whispers started among the crowd.

Han Xiao was calm and thought he did not want to go through so much trouble in Big Horn Village, since the players all knew that they could advance through him. His offer seemed like he was trying to scam the players, but in reality, it was just a simple deal: 2,500 Aquamarine Dollars in exchange for a chance for advancement. Deal or no deal, it was all up to them to decide.

Compared to the normal route for obtaining basic knowledges, paying 2,500 Aquamarine Dollars was already considered a cheap price.

At the time, Balsas' assistant approached and nervously swallowed his saliva. He was trembling with fear every time he took a step closer, and he was afraid of getting too close to Han Xiao.

"What is it?" Han Xian glanced at him.

"Cough cough, may I know why you are here at Green Valley Ville?" The assistant asked as he braced himself.

Han Xiao took a puff of his cigarette and said, "I'm just walking past here. Don't worry, I'm not here to cause any trouble."

The assistant heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, Alumera welcomes you, and Balsas wishes to invite you into the city so that he can give you a treat.

"No, thanks, I'll just stay here."

Han Xiao declined as it would be inconvenient to communicate with the players once he entered the town. Since there would not be anyone who dared refuse him, he would leave once he had gotten the experience. As such, he did not pay attention to Balsas.

"Al, Alright" The assistant left hurriedly as his heart raced, and he was dripping with cold sweat. The legendary killer seemed to be emitting a scary aura. The assistant was scared stiff even though Han Xiao was just standing still.

Especially his eyes, they were like those of wolverines wandering around the dark forest. One could get goose bumps just by staring into Han Xiao's eyes.

This was one of the effects of having Universal Reputation. When dealing with certain forces, there might be additional effects.

When the assistant returned into the village, Balsas asked, "What did he say?"

The assistant then repeated everything that had happened.

"Just passing by?" Balsas frowned and pondered. He suspected that there were some secrets going on between Black Phantom and the refugees outside the village.

After contemplating for a while, he ordered, "Get someone to observe Black Phantom and report to me if anything is weird. Also, go get some information from the refugees outside. I think Black Phantom is here for them."

On the other hand, all the players had witnessed the conversation between Han Xiao and Balsas' assistant. A question then arose among the crowd.

Everyone was able to detect and know the name of Black Phantom because they had sensors in place, but why would the Balsas' assistant know of him too?

Could it be that Black Phantom was a very popular character on the planet?

The players were all still trying to figure out the structure, background, and the power balances on Aquamarine. They were only able to get a glimpse or two of the world through the maps, which was not helpful at all.

Everyone was suddenly curious about Black Phantom's background.

Exploring the story of the planet and being able to participate in it was one of the joys for this game.

Bun-hit-dog focused on recording the full situation. Hiding his excitement, his instincts told him that this was definitely the best video material. Exclusive information and the identity of Black Phantom could be used as the prelude to the background of this planet.

While Han Xiao was getting a windfall in Green Valley Ville, the world situation was quietly changing.

Stardragon, Hesla, Red Maple, Ordina, Theseus, and Raylenthe Six Nations' wipe out operation against the Germinal Organization had ended, and the subsequent impact was gradually emerging.

The Six Nations had only held three conferences so far. The first was held after the war in the past, when the Six Nations were first formed and the lands were first claimed.

The second conference was held two months after the war. The pollution from the war was affecting living conditions. Since it was a problem regarding the whole planet, all the nations came together to try to come out with a solution.

The third time was five years after the war, whereby the security and defense issues posed by the vagrant warlords were discussed.

The last six ruling nations on Aquamarine did not have a close relationship with one another. If it was not for a worldwide issue, they would never have worked together.

Today, the fourth Six Nations' conference was held. The topic was about the next step in their plans regarding Germinal and whether they should go to war or not.

The conference was done in the format of a conference call, and the leaders from each of the Six Nations joined in.

In a meeting room in Stardragon Tower, the metal door was locked, and the leader of Stardragon was sitting at the desk. On the other side was a big screen where the other five leaders could be seen.

The corner of the conference room was filled with people. All of them were the elders from the military, and Gu Hui was also among them. The conference had already been going on for two hours.

"So, has everyone decided?"

Ordina's leader was emotionless in his tone, and no one was able to tell his stand.

The leader of Theseus stood up confidently and said, "I, Raylen, and Stardragon have all agreed to send out our troops. Hesla and Red Maple object."

Ordina pondered for two seconds. "I give up my vote."

Everyone looked as if they had expected it.

Gu Hui, who was standing by the side, remained calm. There were two that agreed, two that objected, and one that gave up. He had already expected such results. Theus and Raylen were the toughest while Stardragon had a strong grudge with Germinal, so they would definitely not miss this chance. Hesla and Red Maple were unwilling to waste money on war. It seemed that Ordina was the greatest slimeball, always thinking about other things instead.

The six leaders discussed for another hour and finalized their direction. They all decided that the final decision was to be determined by the military forces of each nation.

The screen turned black; the three-hour meeting had officially ended.

The elders who were listening by the side seemed shocked. During the conference, it was decided that the six nations would conduct a large-scale military operation similar to the previous major war that had uprooted the political balance. The six nations would move forward and retreat together, attack the Andrea mainland from six directions, and finally destroy the Germinal Organization completely.

War is coming!