The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This blow made Han Xiao seemed pathetic. However, his Magnetically controlled retractable armor managed to reduce the impact. Hence, it only took 50 HP. He had close to three thousand HP, which was quite good among the other mechanics of the same rank. The power of Liu Cheng's released kinetic energy was not very strong, but it could easily cause repelling and flying effects, and that was the annoying part.

The interface displayed the insidious effect of the poisonous gas. The Hayme bullets were effective, but Liu Cheng's HP and resistance were not low too. He could still explode kinetic energy and rapidly get out of the poisonous gas cloud. It was unrealistic to use poisonous gas to deal with Liu Cheng. The effect of using high-explosive bullets was slightly better, but they were the same as the Hayme bullets, unable to win by just using them. Han Xiao did not give chase as the ammunition he had was limited, and there were only three magazines with high-explosive bullets left.

He took a deep breath to increase his blood oxygen content. He stomped his feet and stopped recoiling from the impact. A deep trail could be seen on the ground. He put both his guns away and put his hands in a stance to ward off the charging Liu Cheng with his iron fists. The kinetic energy of Liu Cheng's iron fists almost smashed open Han Xiao's stance.

Liu Cheng's kinetic energy was able to amplify power, and Han Xiao was vulnerable in terms of power.

An artillery shell exploded nearby; there was a glare, and both men were intertwined in a fight, one attacking and one guarding. This posture resembled a paper-cut silhouette drawing, disappearing in a flash.

Liu Cheng roared and slammed his fists onto Han Xiao's head. The kinetic energy of that action caused a tremor in the air. Han Xiao was beaten to the extent that his head became crooked and his cervical vertebrae cracked bone by bone. He grabbed Liu Cheng's shoulder and refused to let himself fly out because of the impact of that hit. His other hand started the thermo-electrical incisor gloves and aimed it toward Liu Cheng's eyes.

"High temperature" Liu Ching quickly raised his head in alert. The glove glided across his cheek and left a burn, exposing his flesh. The burn stung his nerves, and in that moment, Lu Cheng exploded the kinetic energy within his body, causing a tremendous force to push Han Xiao out.

Han Xiao panted and removed the mud that was sputtered all over his face. Firearms were useless, and this cost him a chance of surprise kill. In addition, it would only enable the opponent to absorb more kinetic energy. However, he still had other types of weapons such as flames and poisonous gas that both could kill and injure.

Fortunately, he is unable to absorb such energy. Otherwise, I really would not know how to subdue him.

Liu Cheng covered the burn on his face, glanced fearfully at Han Xiao's gloves, and immediately turned around to run off in another direction.

Han Xiao froze, and his expression changed suddenly. He hurriedly gave chase.

On a war vehicle, a soldier who was controlling machine guns saw a figure rapidly approaching. He instinctively turned the muzzle around to aim at the figure, and the compressed bullets were hitting the target. However, he was stupefied at the discovery that the target, who should have been shot into a sieve, was unscathed. The warheads dropped onto the ground one by one!

"Don't hit him!" Han Xiao yelled.

It was a pity that the reminder came too late; the surrounding war vehicles fired at Liu Cheng, who absorbed all the kinetic energy. Both of Liu Cheng's eyes were bloodshot, and the amount of kinetic energy was almost overflowing. Liu Cheng's muscles were twitching like those of an agitated mouse. He turned around, and the ground that he had stepped on exploded into a big hole. His whole body flew as if it was an exploded artillery shell.

This was the combined kinetic energy of a thousand bullets!

This speed is too fast for me! Han Xiao's eyes blurred, and he could not avoid it in time. The impact was like hitting a moving train. The scenery in his line of sight fell back quickly, and he resembled a baseball that had been hit for a home run, flying tens of meters. He landed and bounced countless times before falling into a ditch along the sides of the road. His body was covered with mud, and finally, he crashed into a war vehicle, overturning it, before stopping.

He felt really dizzy, and his whole body ached.


Magnetically Controlled Retractable Armor's durability dropped by 132 points!

You received 241 points of damage!


The enemy knew how to bring out the advantage of his ability, which in turn made Han Xiao suffer a small loss.

Liu Cheng I did not hear of his name in my previous life. To think he would be so troublesome to deal with. Ah, he is a Crouching Tiger, a Hidden Dragon; I mustn't underestimate him Han Xiao eyes turned cold as he entered into combat concentration mode, spat out a mouthful of blood, and leaped up once again to fight Liu Cheng.

Enveloped in the flames of war, the two fought fiercely on the battlefield. Bullets whistled passed the ears, and flames illuminated the horizon again and again. The area around the two became free of bullets. Soldiers dare not attack Liu Cheng again, but Liu Cheng could always knock himself against the gun muzzle.

This battle is greatly disadvantageous for me.

Han Xiao's eyes flashed. He abandoned Liu Cheng and rushed toward Green Valley Ville. Just like a shadow, he disappeared in a flash. Avoiding the firing by Green Valley Ville's guards, Han Xiao glided up the wall with a few steps, opened fire with both of his guns, and killed the guards wantonly.

Bullets penetrated each and every person, and blood was splattered everywhere.

Liu Cheng was alarmed and hastily pursued him.

Green Valley Ville was the fundamental point of conflict. Han Xiao had understood this point and immediately adopted the tactic of avoiding the enemy's strength and attacking his weakness. Hence, he did not continue to fight Liu Cheng painstakingly. Unless Liu Cheng did not want this town, Han Xiao would only be led by his nose. In the moments between his fight with Liu Cheng, Han Xiao thought of a strategy!

After changing the magazine, he shot down a few more guards. There was suddenly a huge gust of wind behind him, and Han Xiao twisted his body to avoid it. Liu Cheng swept past a few inches away. Having missed the opportunity, he punched the wall and smashed a huge piece off it. Broken bricks and stones spilled over the ground.

Liu Cheng's body became sluggish, as if he had fully exhausted his kinetic energy.

Here's my chance! Both of Han Xiao's hands aimed at Liu Cheng's head, the high heat from the thermo-electrical incisor gloves warping the air.

Liu Cheng did not show any signs of being flustered. Instead, there was a glimpse of accomplishment.

"You got tricked!"

The strong kinetic energy was surging again, and there were no signs of exhaustion; that was just a feint. This was a long-awaited killing strike that contained eighty percent of his kinetic energy. He soared, and with amazing swiftness, he lifted his knee to knock onto Han Xiao's chin. Once hit, the impact would smash half of Han Xiao's face and fracture it.

Han Xiao flew off the wall with his head tilted up.

That didn't feel right! Liu Cheng was shocked; his knees did not have the feeling of striking a concrete object.

Han Xiao had been vigilant. Just now, in the flash of light, he had used the Electromagnetic Hover-boots to retreat. He was only gently scratched by Liu Cheng's knee, and he was hardly injured.

While he was in midair, he withdrew his Berserk Eagles, aimed at Liu Cheng's eyes, and opened fire.

This attack was fruitless. Liu Cheng went stiff for a moment. He could not escape, yet his face did not change. He knew this bullet was ineffective against his ability.


When the bullet was about to hit his eyes, the bullet lost its kinetic energy as usual. However, the warhead suddenly burst out a dazzling glare.

Liu Cheng covered his eyes and let out a blood-curdling scream. His vision was a vast expanse of whiteness. The stinging pain in his two eyes affected his brain's sense of equilibrium.

Flash bullet!

Oh, the thought of it taking effect right on his eyes, what a sweet feeling!

Han Xiao had been mulling over this attack for a long time!

Han Xiao's hand reached out, and with the help of the wall's chink, he climbed up the wall once again. Taking advantage of Liu Cheng losing his vision, this was the best timing to launch [Overload] and [Flaming Will]. Han Xiao's hands suddenly pressed on Liu Cheng's face. This time around, the attack was definitely the best!

Even if [Flaming Will]'s face was as black as before, the damage later on would still be off the charts!



The damage might have seemed worse than the sniper rifle, but the Thermo-electrical Incisor Gloves relied mainly on continuous damages. It was already considered formidable for a sudden explosive force that was able to reach this level. Liu Cheng was not like Han Xiao; his HP was only around two thousand. It easily reduced to eighty percent in just a short while, and the damage was still flooding the interface!

The burning smell was pervasive. Liu Cheng yelled bitterly and got up. He hurriedly exploded his kinetic energy and pushed Han Xiao away. Liu Cheng's face was severely burned and beyond recognition. His face was a mix of burnt flesh and red blood.

Liu Cheng's eyesight was damaged, and the light and shadow in his vision was distorted. He could barely identify a direction as he fled, staggering, with his teeth tightly clenched.

Han Xiao promptly gave chase, and Liu Cheng's heart sank. He was hoping that Black Phantom would attend to the battle and not chase after him. Fleeing was hopeless; he knew that he would not be able to escape death. He fulfilled his last duty as a bodyguard by holding up Han Xiao. If Liu Cheng died, the Alumera family would surely take good care of his family.

The two of them were soon a distance away from the battlefield, and they pursued each other into the woods.