The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 173

Chapter 173: You Can't See Me

After running away from Mag's sights, Han Xiao turned back to the direction that he had come from where the surveillance cameras were destroyed. He changed his clothes and the face on the skin mask, dived into the crowd, and escaped successfully.

He headed to the border, and just as he expected, the border was locked down as special operation units and scouts searched everyone who passed by.

Aren't I so unlucky, getting into a fight with agents when I just wanted to buy some equipment? It seemed Antonio's words had become the truth. He really met people from Ordina's intelligence organization.

Their ability to extract information was undoubted, Han Xiao figured they would probably be able to sniff out that he was Black Phantom from his fighting style. Well, he had no choice since he was running for his life. Of course he had to not held back, or he would have been dead.

Why is it so tough to just keep a low profile? Han Xiao sighed. Exposing his identity was not going to affect him since nobody really knew who he was, but he felt like someone got into trouble because of that. Never mind, it was a small issue anyways.

At least Han Xiao got the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace, he was contented.

Han Xiao knew where human smuggler was. The border being locked down would not obstruct him from smuggling himself out. Although the price increased, it was acceptable to him.

After going to a rural area in Severus and smuggling himself out of the city, one hour had already passed.

The rain had stopped. Replacing the clouds and fog, the sky was sunny and bright.

While on the road with his Hover-shoes, Han Xiao's phone suddenly rang. It was from Bennett.

"Why did the Ordina intelligence organization call the higher-ups of my organization, asking for an explanation and even compensation What the hell did you do on the Western Continent"

Bennet was at a loss for words; it felt like misfortune just fell down onto him from the sky out of nowhere.

Ordina showed him the evidence, which was the recording of the phone call, and Bennett could easily tell that the voice of the buyer was clearly Han Xiao.

Who in the world would say "Okay, I will send one of my men over" then go over himself Even if you want to confuse others, at least don't fight in such an obvious and unique style!

It's very misleading you as*hole!

"Well, it was supposed to hide my identity, but it seems like that didn't work. Anyways, don't worry, it's not a big issue. I only fought some Ordina people, beat up a few agents, and destroyed some a few building, nothing much. The people of Ordina were quite welcoming. By the way, the weather here is not good at all; it keeps raining and feels really gloomy. It's not like the Southern Continent, where it feels like spring and is very comfortable. I prefer Southern Continent's weather much more"

Bennett was stunned. "How did you change the topic so naturally to talk about the weather? Could your skills to change topic be any worse?"

Han Xiao laughed it off and said, "It was an accident, that's all. I've got something to attend to, got to go."

"You as*ho"

Han Xiao hung up the call quickly before Bennett finished the sentence. WhewThat was definitely a misstep. Didn't expect Ordina to be this angry. Did they really have to be?


[Dragged In] Completed

You received 65,000 experience.

You completed the hidden requirementstop Mag and help the mysterious seller to escape within three minutes.


Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and thought, So, this is the hidden requirement. Luckily, I didn't leave the seller behind.

He had actually come up with two plans at the time, one was to not do anything and let the seller attract the attention of Ordina since he was not the target anyway. But he went with the other plan, which was to warn the seller.

Looks like I made the right choice. Han Xiao had a smile on his face. He had hoped the reward to not be experience anymore. Since there were already players, he was not in need of it.


You received bonus rewards.

Character Summon Card: Dion.

LV 30 Special Dungeon Crystal, [Olayna Infiltration Plan]

+30 Relationship with Dion. Trading is now available.


Dion? Han Xiao remembered with joy after thinking back for some time. Dion was a mysterious NPC on Planet Aquamarine; he was part of a hidden organization that kept a very low profile. Dion sold all sorts of rare supplies. He was like a hidden store, and there was no fixed mission for players to meet him. They had to pray to the Goddess of Fortune.

And even if players had the chance to take on the mission, if they did not fulfill the hidden requirement, they would also miss the opportunity.

So, he was the seller Han Xiao was a little astonished.

His phone rang again. This time it was from the seller.

"My phone was tapped. I have settled it, so my calls will not expose any more secrets. I dragged you into this. I heard Mag also took part in the mission. If you did not warn me, I might not have been able to escape. I owe you one."

"Since you are calling me, it means you wanted to repay me." Han Xiao acted like it was not a big deal, but he was laughing with happiness on the inside.

"You can call me Dion," the seller said. "Usually I don't do business with new customers, but you're an exception, I will give you 20% off everything".

"Only 20%?" Han Xiao raised his tone. "Can you give a bit more."

Dion was stunned. Should a legendary killer not be more mysterious? He remained silent for a moment and replied, "20% is a very high discount already."

"Fine," Han Xiao said mockingly.

Not long after, Han Xiao received a messagethe item list of Dion's Store. There were many rare items, and some of them were likely even secret research documents of the Six Nations.

There were even high-tier machines, which included the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace and a few nanotechnology machines that he had seen before from Lei Zhenyu, who had also traded with Dion before.

Han Xiao was very delighted. He had a large sum of money earned from the two Novice Villages in Western Continent, which he could spend in any way he wanted to, and he was in need of new parts to build the Mech.

Quickly deciding with a few mechanical items, Han Xiao asked, "How do we make the deal?"

"Through a meetup, but this time at a rural area, in three days' time. I will give you a location, and I will send someone to pass the stuff to you. My identity is rather sensitive, so I will not turn up due to my own safety. Please understand.

Han Xiao was pleased. He only had one step left to finish his Mech, and once he got the materials, he would be able to complete it.

Han Xiao hung up the call and paid close attention to the other two items that were part of the rewardsCharacter Summoning Card of Dion and a Lv.30 special Dungeon Crystal.


Character Summoning Card: Dion

Ability: "You Can't See Me" (D)Lowers one's sense of existence, making living or non-living things nearby have deviated sense when they are detecting him

Usages: 0/2


It is not an Esper power or pure invisibility but something like a power that adjusts one's self to fit the surroundings. It is a unique power.

It seems to be quite useful, except its name was weird