The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 194

Chapter 194: If You Are Going to Scam People, Scam Them for as Much as You Can.

The rubbernecking crowd all looked at Flying Naughty Prawn with respect.

This guy really is a courageous warrior who lives for trouble.

Then, they all stepped back simultaneously. They stood further back so that they would not be splashed by the blood.

Han Xiao knew where Flying Naughty Prawn had gotten the information from. This was an impact of Bun-hit-dog's video. To expose some information and increase the curiosity of the players toward his identity and to increase his fame, this had gone through his consent.

The tiny amount of information exposed was of no importance to Han Xiao. The players were not like the NPCs who had a large intelligence network. Without the key information, it was completely useless to know his real name. Instead, the more viral the video became, the stronger his impact grew.

Therefore, Han Xiao had guessed long ago that there would be players who would asked him directly, so he calmed replied with a "hmm" then kept silent.

Flying Naughty Prawn was confused. It did not go as he imagined. How is Black Phantom so calm now that his identity has been exposed?

Does Black Phantom not care about strangers knowing his identity at all?

Or is Black Phantom's identity actually not a secret at all in areas that players don't know about?

This plan didn't work at all.

Flying Naughty Prawn was very discouraged.

Black Phantom was too steady. It was like he did not have a weakness and could not be teased at all.

The crowd looked at each other, becoming even more curious.

What kind of person was he?

Flying Naughty Prawn did not give up. He continued to look for trouble and asked again, "I want to join the Germinal Organization, do you know how can I do that?"

Everyone knew that Black Phantom was against the Germinal Organization. Thus, he asked that on purpose.

Yooo, are you provoking me youngster?

Han Xiao immediately deducted three relationship points as punishment.

Flying Naughty Prawn's face turned green. Isn't this reaction too straightforward? That was completely unexpected!

Han Xiao suddenly had a new idea. With the influence he had on players, maybe he could guide them on choosing a side to join.

So, he paused and said, "A war is going to break out. The Six Nations will come together for an expedition. The Germinal Organization will certainly lose. If you want to commit suicide, do as you wish. If you want to join the Dark Net, I can write a referral letter for you. If you want to join the Germinal Organization, get out of my face."

The crowd got excited, Black Phantom finally had finally given a different reaction, and he had even said information that none of them knew. They started chatting with each other.

"Expedition? The Six Nations and Germinal Organization are going to war?"

"He knows much more than we do. His judgment is definitely reliable."

"Then joining the Germinal Organization would be quite a loss."

The players created a commotion. Only players in Andrea had joined the Germinal Organization. Han Xiao's words would very soon be sent to the forums, and those who were planning to join the Germinal Organization might also change their mind.

He did not want to give up on any chances to harm the Germinal Organization. He had not bothered them for a while, and they seemed to be having a rather peaceful time.


Players noticed a keyword in Han Xiao's words. "He said the Dark Net. That's a hidden organization, isn't it? Can he really help us join the Dark Net?"

Han Xiao smiled, opened up the store interface, and added a new item.


[Referral Letter]: Unlocks the Blood Pact Society.

Remarks: The Blood Pact Society is a subordinate hitman organization under the Dark Net.

Price: 250,000 Aquamarine Dollars


"250,000" The crowd was stunned. This was a sky-high price for them. Nobody could afford it.

Originally, to join the Blood Pact Society, there needed to be a few rounds of mission tests, but Han Xiao had gotten rid of all that. With his relationship with the Dark Net, introducing some players into the organization was a piece of cake.

A few months ago, when Han Xiao bought the Blood Pact Society certificate from Antonio, it had cost 200,000. He had used that as a basis and increased the price by 25%. He felt it was a reasonable price since inflation also needed to be considered.

With such a high price, normal players would not be able to afford, but Han Xiao was not planning to sell a large quantity. He was targeting the pro players from esports clubs who could afford the price with the backing of their guild.

Pro players were the ones who were most willing to become stronger by any means necessary. This strategy would attract pro players, which was beneficial for him in expanding his group of spare tires. Of course, most importantly, it was to earn money.

It's not enough to only have inexpensive and high-quality normal items. There also needs to be a few luxury items with a sky-high price to enrich my store structure, Han Xiao thought.

250,000 Aquamarine Dollars was a price that none of the guilds could afford at the time, but they were rich and could use real money to purchase Aquamarine Dollars from other players.

Now, let's see how many guilds will realize the benefits of joining a hidden new organization.

He was now Fisherman Han, waiting for people who were willing to bite the bait.

'Unbelievable, the most expensive item by far!'

'Black Phantom: Germinal Organization will certainly lose'

Posts with such titles appeared in the forums of Planet Aquamarine, and it immediately attracted players' attention. When they saw the sky-high price of 250,000 for the referral letter, they were all shocked speechless.

"Wow, is this organization made of gold?"

"Blood Pact Society, no idea what they do."

"The price is outrageously high. What's so special about this organization called the Blood Pact Society?"

"Anyone had heard of this organization before?"

This person was just asking randomly, but someone unexpectedly replied, "I triggered the mission to join the Blood Pact Society. It is very cumbersome and difficult. The introduction of it is that it's a killer association, and the benefits are still unknown. However, to me, it's not worth it to spend 250,000 just to skip the prior missions."

The outrageous price of 250,000 caused a wide discussion. The average value of a player at the time was about 3,000 to 5,000, so it was not difficult for guilds to gather 250,000 since the number of players was increasing continuously.

However, most of the guilds didn't feel it was worth it, buying an organization referral letter for 250,000 was too luxurious, the situation was not clear yet, they decided to wait and see.

Han Xiao had quite an influence on normal players, but guilds had always been very logical, considering everything with the benefits they could earn. Other players were playing a game; they were running a business.

Compared to the outrageously priced referral letter, players paid more attention to the information Han Xiao shared about the war between the Six Nations and Germinal Organization. They were in an uproar.

After playing the game for a few days, players on Planet Aquamarine all knew that the conflict between the Six Nations and Germinal Organization was the main storyline, but war broke out when nobody expected it to, an expedition even, which proved that the battlefield would be in Andrea. Many players at the time had yet to even join an organization, and their strength was far from being enough to join the main storyline mission.

In the original storyline, war would only break out a few months later, and every continent played a part in the battle. Thus, players from everywhere had been able to join in. But with Han Xiao's interference, not only did the war break out much earlier, it also became an expedition. The impact players had was minimized from what Han Xiao felt.

Most importantly, most of the players had yet to even trigger the main storyline mission between the Six Nations and Germinal Organization.

Black Phantom said that the Germinal Organization would certainly lose, which made many players hesitant to join them, but there were also some players who preferred the evil organizations and wanted to join the Germinal Organization

However, Han Xiao's influence played its part. More players became hesitant. If they were to join the Germinal Organization, there was the risk of getting beaten horribly, then they might as well join the law-keeping organization of Six Nations.

With just one sentence, the Germinal Organization lost many potential supporters.

The influence that Han Xiao had on players grew as he maintained his image, and his position in the players' heart grew stronger.

The things that he said would become important information for the players.