The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 196

Chapter 196: It's the Tanabata Festival Tomorrow. I'm upset.

Han Xiao was about done with harvesting the players in this novice village. He smugly counted the experiencehe had gotten a huge amount yet again.

However, nobody had bought the referral letter so far, but Fisherman Han was patienthim giving out main storyline missions had already made a storm on the forums. Sooner or later, someone would come.

One last novice village left. Maybe I should delay it a while so that these large guilds have enough time to raise the money, Han Xiao thought.

This time, two players walked toward Han Xiao next to each other. Their IDs were Wind Chaser and Dragon Tail, which attracted the attention of other players. They were rather famous players of the Nine Gates Guild and the Fanatics Guild.

Han Xiao's eye twinkled. The highly skilled players have finally come.

"Black Phantom, we want to buy the referral letter," Wind Chaser said.


Wind Chaser and Dragon Tail had received the funds from the guild of their clubs. A team was the face of a club, so as pro players, they were treated well. They took out 250,000 each.

The players around looked at them with envy. They had never seen such a large amount of money.

"Can't believe someone can actually afford it."

"Large guilds are really rich."

"No wonder pro players are stronger than us. If I had such resources, I would be able to go pro, too."

"You think just anyone can be signed by a club?"

"If we rob their money, we'll be crazy rich."

"Don't be stupid. Putting aside the fact that pro player would completely skunk you, even if you succeeded, the guild will chase you everywhere, or maybe Blank Phantom will kill you first."

The crowd talked among themselves.

He received 500,000 in one shot, then wrote the referral letters on the spot and gave them to the two pro players. He told them the location of a Dark Net stronghold in the Western Continent and said, "Take my letter there, and you can join the Blood Pact Society."

He paused and then said, "Seems like I can trust you. I have some tasks here. Would you like to help me?"

"That's what I've been waiting for." Dragon Tail immediately accepted the mission. He wanted to accept one after another but was notified that only one mission could be accepted.

This had been set by Han Xiaoone referral letter for one mission.

"Shit, only one mission can be accepted. I thought I could accept all of them." Dragon Tail was unhappy.

Han Xiao raised his brows and said, "Leave it if you don't want to do it."

Dragon Tail shut up. If he did not accept the mission, the money would have gone to waste.

Wind Chaser had no choice but to choose the same mission. The two clubs behind them had joined forces to do the mission as a team. Luckily Dragon Tail accepted a mission that was in the Western Continent.

"If you can complete the mission, there might be more things you can help me with." Han Xiao hinted that in order to unlock his 'hidden storyline', first they had to complete this mission.

Pro players were always in a rush. They left immediately after accepting the mission.

Five mission targets, two in the Western Continent, two in the Northern Continent, and one in the Southern Continenthe had to make sure they were all accepted by someone. Fortunately for him, all these continents were part of his schedule.

Although the main storyline mission was A-grade, this was the easiest first round. Han Xiao separated the mission targets into many smaller missions that had a difficulty of around grade D, so the single mission experience quota could suffice for the experience he was rewarding.

In the later rounds, when the difficulty becomes higher, my quota might not be enough by then.

He felt that he needed a way to increase his quota. Levelling up was not an option at the moment, so he had to go for organizations and legendary points. There was no need to think about these at the moment.

Wind Chaser and Dragon Tail were normal pro players, and they didn't have a very good battle record in my previous life. I shall observe for now.

Han Xiao was strict in choosing his spare tires. He was not going to choose every pro player.

Fanatics and Nine Gates posted about their players buying the referral letter on the forums, which was a promotion of themselves to increase their fame within the players. The huge amount of money that they had spent attracted many players' attention, and they were all amazed at what they had done.

Han Xiao's face also showed up indirectly because of the advertisement from these two clubs. The clubs that followed after would also mimic the same actions so that they did not lag behind. Han Xiao guessed that his face would probably appear many times on the forums.

Without stopping, Han Xiao came to the last novice village in the Western Continent. As he was harvesting experience, there were other pro players that used the funds from their guild to exchange for a chance to accept the missions. Normal players could only watch and envy from the sidelines.

Another mission in the Western Continent was also accepted by a pro player. Han Xiao could finally relax and happily sell his abilities, at the same time paying attention to the forums and the Dark Net.

"Hmm? New episode of 'Galaxy Times'. Titled Creation of the Professional League?"

Han Xiao felt wide awake. He had always paid a lot of attention to this show, so he clicked in immediately.

"Hello players," the male host greeted, "this is Galaxy Times, dedicated to sharing first-hand game information. Your gaming career is our top priority."

"Spring, I have been quite anxious recently," the female host commented.

"What's wrong, Autumn?"

"I fell in love with a man. He doesn't speak much, and he's so handsome, but he's never looked at me seriously and never talks to me."

"Don't worry, I think you two suit each other very well."

Female host was surprised. "Really?"

"Of course, he's handsome and cool, you're short and ugly, how suitable."


It was the awkward opening joke again. The style felt very nostalgic to Han Xiao.

The screen was filled with comments.

A lot of players watched Galaxy Times. In less than a month after beginning, they had already become the go-to show for the players. After all, they had the official background, so they had a lot of first-hand information.

They chatted for a while to bring up the atmosphere. Then, the male host said, "Alright, let us get back to our main topic. In today's show, we will be digging deep into the most popular topicInhuman Phenomenonthe news from pro players, and we also invited Li Ge to be our guest. Be sure to stay."

The contents of the show were interesting as always. They started off by going through the progress of players in all various planets while giving some comments on the level leaderboard.

"Currently, the highest-level players are already closing to level 20. Level 20 will be the first class advancement, so I wonder who will receive this honor. The first player to receive a class advancement will be recorded in the books of gaming history as a milestone."

"As everyone can clearly see, the players on the top of the leaderboards are mostly not pro players. The Japanese players have the highest number of players on the list; as everyone knows, their base camp planet is the Lonnie Planet, where technology and magic coexist. They are at the peak period of the civilization, which is very suitable for getting missions and levelling up. There are also quite a number of players from France and America while there are not many from China. Oh, I see someone I know. Maple Moon, do you guys remember? Not long after the official launch, she received more than 100,000 experience points, which was from the first prize pool mission the players have seen."

"Speaking of the Black Phantom, from the beginning of the game till now, he has been the center of attention for the players in Planet Aquamarine, and recently, something has happened again. He continuously appeared in novice villages to give out guidance and rewards, and not long ago, he showed another main storyline mission, but it had a prior requirement of buying an item that was priced at an outrageous amount of 250,000 Aquamarine dollars! If players from other planets want to know how much this means, please move to the currency exchange panel, and look at how many resources can be purchased with 250,000 Aquamarine dollars.

Players from other planets envied Planet Aquamarine. Why did they not have such a great novice guider?