The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Aurora

After a few seconds, the person from Godora replied.

"There are many technologies that can achieve this effect. It also might be a natural occurrence. There are far more weird events in the universe, so don't have to be so surprised. Tens of thousands of species die and come to life every second. We would have to research on it ourselves to know the exact cause."

"That is what we are hoping for," Gu Hui wrote back, "for you to send someone here to do field research."

"Request authorized. Current date: 10th August 688 Galaxy time. Mission has been submitted into the schedule. ETA 7th May 689."

Galaxy's calendar was set by the three biggest civilizations. It is used across the entire universe, but of course, many places had their own calendar, just like the use of dialects. The general calendar would usually only be used in the communication between two civilizations so that time calculation would be easier.

"So long?" Gu Hui was stunned.

"Every activity follows a schedule. The request needs to be queued. I have already received the request from other nations on your planet, so it will be settled at the same time".

The reply of the receptionist from Godora was typical. Gu Hui feel it was quite familiar. He thought about it and realized Isn't this the same tone as government officials pushing things around?

Gu Hui turned off the communication with a sigh.

"Have to wait one year. Who knows how the Inhuman Phenomenon will turn into after one year?" Gu Hui shook his head. "Luckily, the Inhumans are able to communicate and are passionate about being mercenaries. They are controllable to a certain extent."

The highest ranked superiors of Stardragon hosted a meeting. Since there was currently no solution to the Inhuman Phenomenon, they decided to immediately focus on declaring war with the Germinal Organization before the phenomenon grew worse, to prevent the Germinal Organization using this phenomenon as a tool for them making a comeback.

Preparation for the expedition war started again.

Ta, ta, ta!

The military boots stepped on the metal floor. Hila walked in the corridor full of twist and turns with an expressionless face. She did not even hesitate at the intersections. She was too familiar with this placethis place where Aurora was locked up.

At the end of the deep corridor, a thick, metal gate blocked Hila's path. She walked over with light steps, and the automatic guarding guns kept their aim all on her like they were going to open fire at any moment. Two guards stood in front of the metal gate and stopped Hila.

"I have authorization." Hila's tone was cold.

The guards turned around and tapped a few times on the control panel, made sure that Hila had received one-time authorization from their leader, and nodded. "You have one hour."

He opened the metal gate. Light shone from within and brightened the exquisite but ice-cold face of Hila.

A pure white room came into her sight.

It was very simple: one bed, one table, one chair, one toilet, and one bookshelf full of books.

In a bed as pure as the feathers of an angle, a tiny, scrawny body cowered.

Hila walked forward inattentively and stopped five meters outside the room. She reached out and pressed against the glass that surrounded the room. She could not move forward anymore.

The corner of her eyes shook.

The palm pressed against the wall turned into a fist. She clenched her fist so hard that her bones started to turn white.


The blanket started moving. A tiny bald head extended from within cautiously. Her face was pale like she was suffering from malnutrition and had not gotten enough sunlight for a very long time. Her eyes were flashing with surprise as she saw Hila.

Aurora lifted the blanket and stumbled toward the glass. Her steps were weak and powerless. She was only as tall as Hila's shoulders and so skinny that she looked like she only had her skeleton left. The exposed arms from her patient suit were full of needle scars. Aurora pounced toward the glass with happiness. She put both of her hands on the glass and said, "You've come to see me!"

Hila hastily extended her hands and pressed against Aurora's palms across the glass. She endured the lump in her throat and softly asked, "Recently have you been alright?"

"The people in white lab coats have not come as often. The last injection was thirteen days ago already." Aurora's large eyes blinked, and she showed a faint smile.

Hila smiled reluctantly. She looked at the needle scars on Aurora's body, and it felt like her heart was being stabbed rapidly. She knew why they drew blood from her fewer timesit was because Aurora recovered slower. Every time her blood and bone marrow was extracted, she needed more time to recover.

Her ability allowed her to feel one's life force. The life force of Aurora, which had once been as bright as the sun, was now a candlelight that might extinguish anytime.

Her life force was withering.

Aurora sat down and hugged her knees. "Tell me stories elder sister. I want to hear the last one that you didn't finish."

Hila sat down too and leaned on the glass.

"Where did we stop at last time?" she whispered.

"Hmm" Aurora tilted her head and thought about it. "The uncle called Zero escaped from the base. What happened next? Did sis fight with him?"

After a moment's thought, Hila continued the story with a soft and gentle tone.

In the office of the leader of the Germinal Organization, a row of superiors stood in front of the desk and reported the various situations in the organization.

The leader sat straight and tight. No one knew what the expression behind the mask was. His black gloves covered hands overlapped each other under his nose. "The Inhuman Phenomenon has attracted the attention of the Six Nations, but it won't last for long. At least the Inhumans made some time for us to recover. Be prepared, the enemy may invade Andrea any time," he said.

The officers nodded in assent.

The leader looked around and asked, "Where's Cyberlos?"

"There have been breakthroughs in a few projects recentlyhe's busy."

The leader stood up suddenly and left with large steps.

Electrolux was so touched that he was tearing up.

After a month-long ordeal, he was finally released.

It had not been easy!

Although he was trapped in prison, he had been paying attention to the forums, and he knew that the Germinal Organization had captured other players as well. After he was released, he was sent to join a special unit consisting of players; it was called the Inhuman Unit. It was all the unlucky players whose organization was locked due to being brainwashed.

Although he was far behind on levels, Electrolux was confident that that with his Esper ability that had A-grade potential, as long as he levelled up, he would definitely be stronger than other players.

A non-Chinese on Planet Aquamarine player like this was not uncommon. Some casual players did not care which planet was whose base camp; they only chose novice planets to their likings. Every novice planet had casual players from various countries.

It was Cyberlos' idea to put the brainwashed Inhumans into one unit, and it had been accepted by the leader, who felt that undead Inhumans had a strategic value in war.

The leader had assigned a battle instructor to specifically design training and actual combat plans for the Inhumans.

At this time, Cyberlos was in another research lab. He stood in front of a specially designed sealed pod. The research personnel on the side were steadily adjusting the devices. There was an test subject in the pod, and a scream filled with madness and agony could be heard from within.

After some time, the inside of the sealed pod quieted down. Its gate opened, and what was inside could be seen.

It was a man fully armed with all kinds of exoskeleton mechanical parts that were connected into his bones. His skin had all changed into a soft, stretchable metal. With his bald head and machinery everywhere, his body size had grown a considerable amount. He looked like a beast.

This guy was none other than the first test subject of the [Super Soldier Project], No. 1!