The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Northern Continent

Han Xiao had unlocked two new abilities and three new talents. [Bat Habit] had been gained from reaching the max level of all abilities in [Night Stalker].

Without hesitation, Han Xiao levelled up all the new abilities to the max as well.


Field Controlling Vision Lv.10: Upon activation, +15% Fire Rate, +20% Range, +22% Field Vision. Lasts 13 seconds.

Cooldown: 12 minutes

Stamina Usage: 300


Lethal Critical Hits: Vital spot critical damage increases from 200% to 250%. Dealing four vital spot critical hits in two seconds has a 0.1% 1.5% chance of trigger a lethal attack.


Proficient Combat: +5 STR, +3 END, +6% Melee Attack, +4% Parry Chance.


Proficient Shooting: +6 DEX, +8% Firearm Attack, +4% Fire Rate.


Bat Habit: Vision will not be affected by the night, able to detect surroundings with sound. When fighting during the night, +5% DEX.


He used about 12,000,000 points of experience to max the levels of these abilities, in which he spent the most points in [Medium Enhancement] and [Meticulous Repairs]. After all, they were the main class abilities of the second-tier class.

There were still a ton of experience points in the interface.

With all these abilities reaching the max level, Han Xiao's strength had increased by at least 20%.

The enhance and repair abilities were the main abilities of Mechanic class. One such ability was [EnergyMagnetic Enhancement], which increased machinery affinity by 33% when it reached max level. Han Xiao clearly felt that he suddenly understood machines more deeply, and the speed and quality of him building machines increased tremendously.

It was just right for him, as his class-up requirement was to build five purple-quality pieces of equipment with a rating of more than 60. Increasing his ability to build machines would help him meet the requirements.

Five high-quality gear in purple grade and the ratings had to be more than 60it was quite difficult. The rating of equipment in Galaxy followed a very easily understood system. Legendary quality low-level gear would not give as many attributes as purple-quality high-level gear. A high level and high-quality gear would be much more valuable.

Han Xiao still had a large number of experience points left after maxing all his abilities. By choosing a suitable mechanical blueprint and maxing its level, it would greatly increase the quality of the final product and multiply the success rate by more than seven times.

Han Xiao contemplated for some time and decided to fuse blueprints first to have more choices.

With more than 100,000,000 EXP, he could splurge on fusing basic knowledge.

Of course, he was not randomly fusing them; he only fused the machinery that he felt would be reliable. After all, there were way too many combinations between the basic knowledge, and with every fusion, the experience points required would double. If he did not use them wisely, even 100,000,000 experience points would not be able to fill this infinite pit.

After continuously infusing tens of times and spending millions of experience points, Han Xiao received tens of new blueprints that spread across various types with different uses. He carefully picked three pieces of machinery for the class change mission.

[Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades], [Iron FistMounted Heavy Mechanical Arm (Can Be Disassembled)], [Mini Maneuvering Equipment].

Not only did these three suit the requirements, but Han Xiao also felt they would be useful to him.

Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades was a weapon that was similar to the Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor. It had a magnetic round metal plate as the body, and a few detachable magnetic blades filling the core with magnetic energy would activate the magnetic chain. The blades would then be dispersed and hover around the core with spaces in between. If one blade was within a certain distance of another, they would repel each other, and if they are more than a certain distance apart, they would attract each other, which provided a medium range combat solution.

The controls of Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades were cumbersome and unique. By using energy to adjust the structure of the magnetic chain, the blades could be turned into different shapes. With the combination of certain gestures, the blades could be used for both attacking and defending in many forms. It needed practice, just like the Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor.

The blades could be put in different pockets and combined together during use, which was convenient for stealth purposes and suited the Viper. This was also superhuman equipment for a Mechanical Pugilist.

Iron FistMounted Heavy Mechanical Arm (Can Be Disassembled) was a type of mechanical arm. Different from the lightweight mechanical arm, the size of it was very huge. It was many times bigger than his arms. Its power source was the built-in motor and engine. As its size was very huge, it had a high requirement of the user's Strength. Han Xiao had to wear Viper to meet its requirements.

Han Xiao chose this because it could be disassembled. This meant that it could be used as part of Viper for enhancement if needed.

Mini Maneuvering Equipment looked like a belt. It could shoot out bursts of air that allowed the user to jump midair, and its fuel was very expensive. There was a fitting device built-in so that it would not fly off without the user. It would tire the user to a certain extent, but Han Xiao was practically immune to it with his amount of END.

The most important thing this device gave Han Xiao was agility. He would be about to make turns in midair and perform all kinds of tricky movements, drastically increasing his mobility.

He had chosen those three pieces of machinery to attempt making purple-quality equipment. He wanted to give his mechanical suit melee weapons so that it would cover the close-range weakness of the sniping style.

The other blueprints such as cannons, land mines, and bombs were not suitable for making a piece of purple quality equipment as there was not much room to improve.

He immediately maxed the level of the three blueprints, which cost around one million EXP, but it was nothing to him with all the experience points he had.

There's not enough materials on the plane. Han Xiao looked at his inventory. He had not restocked in the Western Continent. He pondered for a while and decided to make use of the max level [Medium Enhancement] and enhanced all of his current gear.

As he was keeping himself busy in the plane, it flew at a constant speed toward their destination, the Northern Continent.

One day later, the plane landed at the coastline of the Northern Continent.

Han Xiao walked down the plane. He got goosebumps from the surrounding cold air; it was freezing in the Northern Continent.

Han Xiao rubbed his palms against each other and breathed out a fog of hot air, opened the map, and said, "There are four novice villages in the Northern Continent, too. The highest level players should also advance to LV 20 soon."

The clock was ticking. Han Xiao hurriedly asked the pilot to take off again as soon as the plane was refueled. He arrived at the first novice village in the Northern Continent very soon and was greeted with warm welcomes.

The players in the Northern Continent had been waiting for him for a long time. They had been reading about the players in the Western Continent showing off every day with envy and anticipation; it was finally their turn to show off.

Of course, the players in the Southern Continent were even more upset.

Han Xiao stood in place, and the players queued to give him money and experience points with smiles on their faces. The numbers on the interface kept growing.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out among the crowd. Hao Tian walked out of the crowd as the players around him stepped aside.

"I want to buy the Referral Letter," Hao Tian said.

Han Xiao looked up. he recognized Hao Tiana pro player who had around the same level of skill as Li Ge.

Hao Tian gave the money and took the referral letter, keeping an emotionless expression throughout. He took the mission and left without wasting any time.

At this time, Han Xiao heard the conversation between the surrounding players.

"Didn't Hao Tian finish all the missions in novice village? I thought he left two days ago."

"No, I saw him come back with my own eyes. He stayed till today."

"Probably waiting for the mission from Black Phantom."

"It's not worth wasting two days for a pro player."

"I would wait ten days if I could get the mission from Black Phantom."

Han Xiao's eye twinkled. Hao Tian seems like quite a good choice.