The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Real Killer (Three)

"If Xiao Jin really worked together with Black Phantom, then the situation is very bad. It would mean he controls a very strong force, he could even seize power with raw strength." Someone said.

Todd shook his head and said, "they won't dare to, if something happens in the headquarters and high ranked officials of all the factions are slaughtered, our men in other places would revenge the enemy till their death, Xiao Jin is not stupid. Also Black Phantom is an outsider, and according to the rules, an outsider cannot interfere with our internal changes.

Lagos sneered and said, "foolish, how would you know Xiao Jin didn't find a better place to go? Is there no organization behind him? His heart might not even belong to Alumera anymore!"

With his eyes closed, Xiao Jin asked, "what's happening in the Home Faction?"

"Lagos is in charge of everything now, they are currently investigating Delo's death but has yet to make any progress. By the way, Delo's mansion was destroyed by Black Phantom during the battle, and so were the clues."

Xiao Jin paused what he was doing and asked, "who ordered to bring Black Phantom to the scene?"

"The team leader that went to keep Black Phantom in control is called Miri, he was killed by stray bullets during the scrimmage on the day."

"Stray bullets" Xiao Jin shook his head, "what is Black Phantom doing?" He asked.

"He did not act."

"Intelligent choice." Xiao Jin nodded and said, "before the truth about Delo's assassination is unveiled, no faction is willing to approach him, anyone that does will become a mutual target of the rest."

Xiao Hai said, "the inhumans are working for him, I still do not know why he can easily order the inhumans."

"Leave him alone, he can't be the real killer."

After a pause, Xiao Jin asked, "What is the Red Island Faction and Northern Faction doing?"

"They are working with the Home Faction to investigate for clues."

Xiao Jin rubbed his temple and let out a sigh, "sigh, dogs that bite surely don't bark"

Se Qi sat in the office, he pulled down all the curtains and made a call and said in a very quiet voice.

"Major General, what should we do now?"

"What are your thoughts?"

"Delo is dead, the leader's position became vacant, there must be a vote for a successor, I will be entering as a candidate, hope you can give me support."

"Sure, I will use my relationship network to help you gain votes of the high ranked officials, when you control Alumera, remember how you got there, don't forget our promise."


Se Qi let out a sigh of relief as he hung up the phone, a vicious and hideous smile appeared on his face, the skin lines of a Sharnuk wrinkled together.

Han Xiao was patient, he stayed in the room every day while the players from Bamboo Rain Guild helped him to gather intelligence, it wasn't much, but at least he was not totally uninformed.

As rewards, Han Xiao was not petty in giving missions to the players in Bamboo Rain Guild then earning their experience points by opening his ability shop, he was making a fortune one way or another.

As mentioned before, as long as Han Xiao's ability level is higher than the player, learning the ability again would increase its level. The Great Technician Han's abilities were all at max level, it was more than enough for this requirement. Players in Bamboo Rain Guild continuously spent experience points in his ability shop, they were willing to pay the price and Han Xiao was willing to let them.

"My Basic Combat is at max level." Bamboo Rain Fly triumphed in happiness, the other guild members all came to check out its attributes.

Bamboo Rain Xuan said in sadness, "mine is only at level seven."

Bamboo Rain Fragrance smiled and said, "that's because you sleep for so long every day, and are online for too short."

These players did not restrict themselves in what they were saying, and Han Xiao heard everything. He had noticed something magical, when the players are talking to each other, the system would usually censor any content that had anything to do with it being a game, but he could hear it, it was definitely because of the interface.

Ta, ta, ta

A steady footstep closed in.

Peng, the door was pushed open, dozens of soldiers stood outside, Lagos stood in the crowd with his hands behind his back and said coldly, "Black Phantom, we suspect that you worked together with Xiao Jin to kill my father, now get up and come with us!"

"Where did you get the confidence from?| Han Xiao raised his eyebrows, Lagos kept a low profile for so many days, now that he suddenly engages, he must have found help."

As expected, Lagos sneered and stepped back, two people stepped out of the crowd, one man and one woman.

'I see." Han Xiao patted his pants and stood up, "seems like you spent quite a lot of money," he said calmly.

The man and woman were a married couple, Luann and Vanessa, legends of the mercenary society, with a position similar to Han Xiao's in the killer society. Their strength was also at the peak of the third tier in Planet Aquamarine, they lived all the way till version 2.0.

Lagos had people contact them secretly, many rejected as soon as they heard they had to fight Black Phantom, they didn't dare to become enemies with Han Xiao. Those who came had absolute confidence, he had investigated thoroughly this time, he knew these two people were on the same level as Han Xiao, and it would be most safe to hire both of them together. Black Phantom definitely could not defeat them head-on.

Lagos sneered and said, "when I capture you, I will make sure you spit out everything you know."

Han Xiao shook his head and said, "isn't it good to be alive?"

"Humph, quite arrogant I see." Luann was a muscular black man, he rubbed his fists and said in disdain. "I heard you are very good at sniping, but now I'm only three meters away, I won't give you a chance to even fire one shot, and how many of my punches can you endure? Be good and disarm yourself, or I will brush the floor with your brain juice."

A third voice appeared from an empty area, "It's been long since we met, Mister Black."

This voice sounded familiar.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows, "Invisible Demon? You're here too."

Invisible Demon did not reply, murderous intent filled the air.

It was not two strong opponents but three. Han Xiao smiled as he shook his head, no wonder Lagos was so confident, he really spent a huge some to deal with him.

Feeling the hostility from the three strong opponents, Han Xiao smiled, the change he was waiting for has finally arrived, it was an opportunity for him to showcase his absolute superiority in his strength.

The players of Bamboo Rain Guild didn't know what to do, they couldn't mess with any of these "Extremely Dangerous" NPCs.


A stream of piercing wind passed by Han Xiao, Han Xiao made it in time to activate his Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor, Invisible Demon's nails scratched on its surface and created fire sparkles. In a few months' time, Invisible Demon increased two levels and became slightly stronger.

Back then Han Xiao could not win Invisible Demon, it resulted in a tie.

But now, they were on completely different levels!

Han Xiao raised his hands, Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades formed a cyclone slashing through the air, numerous damage numbers appeared in the air, wounds opened and blood dripped down, and then disappeared in the next instant. Invisible Demon could retract his skin to hide his wounds.

Invisible Demon was shocked by the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades and backed off hurriedly.

Before Han Xiao could make the chase, a wave of air pressure shot towards him, Vanessa pounced forward with her fists raining down hard. Han Xiao raised his hands to parry but they became numb, his STR was inferior to Vanessa, both Vanessa and Luann were Pugilists near level 60, their STR, DEX and END were all much higher than Han Xiao who was a Mechanic.

Suddenly, Luann caught up quickly, his two fists combined into one and turned into a black meteor covered in flames, hitting Han Xiao's chest armor plate.

With pain felt on his chest, Han Xiao's interface showed a high amount of damage, this was an advanced tier ability of Pugilist, it is a vibration hit that ignores part of the physical armor, players in his previous life called it "Hitting the cattle across the mountain."

Pugilist who learned advanced tier abilities were difficult to deal with, it had given Han Xiao some amount of pressure. Without a change of expression, Han Xiao backed up holding guns in both hands, high caliber bullets shot out rapidly, the power of his firearms increased furthermore as his shooting abilities reached max level.

Vanessa rubbed her hands and emitted a diffused sphere air shield, it deflected the bullets and disappeared.

"Shockwave Blast." Han Xiao frowned, another advanced tier ability, Pugilist was popular all the time, its abilities were flashy and comprehensive.

This time, players of Bamboo Rain Guild fired, although they clearly knew they were no match for the enemy, they knew they had to help now since they chose to side Black Phantom!"

"Careful about positioning, do not close in, Fly and Cool attack continuously, Xuan, don't go too close" Bamboo Rain Fragrance yelled and gave out commands, she had experience in leading a team during dungeons, she used the same strategy when they were attacking dungeon BOSS.

"Inhumans? Luann was annoyed, he covered his eyes with his arm, the bullets were deflected by his protective flames, unable to penetrate his skin.

Vanessa straightaway swung her leg sideways, air blade flew out like a whip and slashed all of Bamboo Rain Guild's players in half through the waist, they turned into white light and disappeared.

Bamboo Rain Guild was fully destroyed straightaway, the difference in strength was too vast.

Within a short moment, Han Xiao picked up his equipment bag full of machinery and dashed into the room.

Luann was just about to follow but Vanessa stopped him, "careful, he's a mechanic, there might be traps," she said.

Luann nodded, he punched the floor strongly, cracks spread out from the center of the punch and the entire house started shaking. No matter what trap Black Phantom had placed, it would all become meaningless once the house was destroyed and the battlefield turned into an open area.

Lagos hastily brought the soldiers to back off far away.


The house collapsed, askes obstructed the vision.

Luann squinted his eyes and saw a shadow jumping out of the ruins vaguely, he immediately dashed forward like a warhorse, his fists punched forward like a hammer, leaving bright marks behind.

"Fall!" Luann yelled.

But the next moment, he heard the buzzing sound of energy and a cold metallic voice.

"Enhanced Mode!:

Bang! Luann felt like he had hit a metal wall no, even metal wall would be destroyed by this punch, but it had only made this indestructible "wall" back off a little more than ten centimeters, and then the metal surrounded his fists.